Friday, October 31, 2014

StoryTime: Spooky Stories

In honor of h a l l o w e e n, let's share some spooky stories!

I grew up in a newly built house in a fancy development.
The development was plotted to be built on one of the very few undeveloped areas on Long Island.
As they knocked down all the trees to build the homes, they found a fully constructed long house.
As they started digging to build the foundation, they found bones and artifacts.
You think that would have been enough info for my parents to run for the hills, no??

The house I grew up in was built on a Native American burial ground.
True story!

One night, long after I moved out,  my brother was forced to stay home alone.
He asked me to stay the night and sleep on the couch so he wouldn't be alone in the house.
I regretfully agreed.

I grabbed both of my pooches, a blanket, and a pillow.
I took out my contacts and rested my glasses next to the couch in case of an emergency.
The air was cold and I had shivers going down my spine.
I fell asleep listening to the deep breathe of my puppy, Pip.
Rest in peace Pipster.  He passed away a few months back.  He really was a great dog!

I eventually fell into a deep sleep breathing harmoniously with my pooch.
The night was as silent as a night could be.
All of a sudden I got awoken by someone shouting my name.
I quickly opened my eyes and Pip started barking just as quick.
My glasses were still next to the couch, but I could see a blur floating above me.
I screamed "BROTHER" so loud that he came running out of his bed faster than Flash.
He turned on the light and looked whiter than the ghostly image hovering above me.
I think I squeezed poor Pipster's eye balls out of his little puppy head...
Brother admitted to seeing a figure, although he could not make out a shape.
It vanished once he turned the lights on.

I told Brother to get the dogs, all of his stuff, and pack the car that moment.
Whatever it was haunting that house knew my name and I was totally not cool with that!

That was the last time I ignored my better judgement and spent the night in that house.
The house has long been sold and newly inhabited, but I still remember the fear.
To this day, whenever I see a staircase from the corner of my eye, I imagine a little Indian boy's presence.
The same little Indian boy that haunted my childhood home.

Did you ever have a supernatural experience?


  1. I recall you mentioning that house before. Scary story, indeed.

    1. Yes, it still scares me! Happy Halloween, Miranda. :)

  2. I've missed your "eeps" Jax. Long Island has lots of haunted houses. I had a best friend who had a resident ghost. Scared the bejeezus out of us.

    1. lol...eep!! haha

      Ohhh tell me!! I love spooky stories...until it's shower time. That's when I reflect on them and swear there is a murderer waiting for me to be clean. lol!

  3. I've never seen any ghosts. Went on a ghost tour once, the guy said our cameras would stop working. Mine worked just fine. I took a lot of photos. He stopped in a graveyard and I wandered away maybe 20 feet. My camera's flash hit the side of something at the right angle to unintentionally scare some of the people on the tour.

    The only ghost story I have is my mom's. She said she saw a ghost of a red hand in the hallway when she was little.

    1. I've gone on ghost tours too, and they never come out to play. haha

  4. I've had several experiences! All far too long to post in a blog comment. To sum it up: I've been yelled at, grabbed, pushed, had my ass smacked, been followed, had my stuff move right in front of my eyes, had a photo of a face in the top of a window taller than any normal person especially considering the house was on 4 feet of foundation, had my bed shaken, seen figures to shadows to full out people... Basically, an ancestor in an Indian tribe was a Chief's daughter and medicine woman. My mom's theory is that there is a certain trait the women in our family carry they make us more prone to have things happen. So there's that...

    1. WHAT?! I think a more detailed version of this story deserves a post of it's own. I would love to read all about that. I would be traumatized if that happened to me!

    2. It would make a good post but some of it feels too private because there's a lot of family history attached to it. At the very least, I plan on typing it up for myself and I can copy that to an email for you whenever I get to it.

    3. Ok, fair enough. And, yes, Please!! :)

  5. haha I remember you saying such a tale. Well it didn't try and hurt you at least. When things start flying around the room is the time I'd burn the house to the ground lol sorry to hear poor pip passed away.

    1. Thank you. He really was a good puppy, despite trying to bite people. He never did bite me though! Let's just say he was protective. :P

      Reggie and Pip are biological brothers. Reggie got diagnosed with congestive heart failure, but they are able to treat him with medication. Pip had the same thing, but it happened so fast that there was no saving him. That really was such a sad day.

  6. I had many times ago but usually I dont talk:) I dont like the people think are more crazy that IM:)
    But I believe in it!
    Happy Halloween dear!

    1. I would never think you are crazy. Happy Halloween to you too!! :)

  7. Ah well maybe the Indian boy just wanted to be friends? I read a story about some kid who went on a field trip to Italy and a ghost had been following him around from Italy for years after (who he then contacted with an ouija board). No ghosts follow me around. I guess I am too boring.

  8. Sigh....a little Indian boy ghost would want to be my friend. Hahaha

    Now that's spooky!! I will have to look that story up. :(

  9. I love it when you say, "EEP!" No one can say eep quite like you can. I tell you, it was worth the wait :)

  10. Sorry to hear that the ghost scared you. I wonder what would have happened next if you would have just replied, "Yes?"


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