Monday, October 27, 2014

List: Let's get reaquainted!

Since it's been 2 years since we last heard from each other, I figured we'd play catch up.
...and what better way than a list...

While some things will never change, life always happens and people have to mold.

I didn't grow.  I'm still only five feet tall.  I didn't gain any weight or get crazy plastic surgery.
I still have anxiety and OCD, although it's sort of shifted.
Whoever told me that a baby would make me not care if my laundry is folded into a perfect rectangle totally lied!!
I still live in NY and I still have the same wonderful Long Island personality.
I'm still close with TheViking, Madre, Biff, Sis, and Cousin.
I even still kill bugs with hairspray and scream at the sight of strawberries.

But, none of that means that Jax didn't change!

1.  Long Live the Love Bug
Remember my cute little yellow Volkswagen with the eye lashes?
Yea, well, apparently they aren't appropriate to transport a baby in...
Phooey to whoever invented that law!  Love bugs love children!! now I drive a more mommy appropriate car.
Despite that I feel like I lost a little piece of myself, I now drive the LoveBug's cousin.
Meet Tessa The VW Tiguan.

2.  Move Aside Glamour
Remember when I used to obsess over Glamour and read through the pages like it was holy?
I would take it everywhere and reference articles months later.
Well, something happened...
It started as a fling, but it eventually turned into something more.
I dumped Glamour for Cosmopolitan and never looked back!
Cosmo is just like Glamour, but with just a little more balls...

3.  Priorities
Since MushyFace and My man came into my life, all of my priorities changed.
I'm no longer the most imporant thing in my little world.  She and him always comes first.
I know.  You're thinking that's a good thing, right?  Yea, well, I took it to an extrememe.
I stopped going to school and never got my bachelors.  I stopped blogging to watch them sit.
I left my career for a well paying job that makes me miserable.
I didn't even cook what I like anymore to make sure they are happy with their meals!
But, the good news is, MushyFace, MyMan, and I now all share the #1 priority spot!

4.  I'm Engaged!
No more horrible dates or looking for "the one".
I've been engaged since July 2013 and am due to be married July 2015.
Although I sometimes wish I can still go on a few more man-cations before the big day!

5.  Football
I used to be obsessed with football and the players.
And then Mr. Aaron Hernandez went and got himself arrested!!!!!!
My football idol turned out to be a murderer and ruined everything for me.
I haven't watched a full football game or played on a fantasy team since.
Maybe someone will miraculously prove his innocence soon?  No?  Ok...

6.  The Japanese
I no longer work for the Japanese company I was at when we last spoke.
I now work for a huge company that lays people off so often that I feel like I'm playing survivor!
No worries, my resume is out there and people are biting!
I will get my career back on track and stop working all those horrible hours of overtime.

7.  Boogers?  Who cares!
Mucas, spit, and all those other bodily secretions that used to make me say "bleh, gag, barg"...
...they no longer effect me!
Unless they make their way into my mouth.  Bleh, gag, barf!

8.  Pasta, Pasta, Everywhere
I'm of 100% Sicilian descent.  That means lots of pasta, and almost every day.
Pasta is no longer my filler of choice.
Since I've been living with MyMan of Cuban descent, I bought a rice maker!
Yes, that's right!!  Jax has been cooking rice!!
It's so easy, too.  You just hit the "on" button and it practically cooks itself!

9.  Bedtime
I used to stay up until all hours of the night either partying, blogging, watching TV or playing Isketch.
Now, I'm lucky if I make it past 9:30!
I'm so busy all day long, that all I want to do is  s l e e p...
Although, I'm watching Prison Break.  Wentworth Miller has been keepin me up past bedtime.  Yum!!

10.  Shampoo
Remember when I used to spend huge $$ on shampoo?  I even dedicated posts to it!
Well, that has certainly changed...and for 2 reasons.
The first reason is MyMan uses half a bottle every time he washes his short haired head.
He doesn't even squeeze the shampoo into his hand.  He squirts it right onto his hair.  Ug!!
The second reason is that Suave has made a professional line that's real good and real cheap!
But, no worries, I still use a different brand for every day of the week.
I mean, you need a shampoo to wash out the residue of the previous days shampoo, right?

So...catch me up!!
What has changed about you since I've been away?


  1. omg it's you!! when i saw you left a comment, i thought no way would it be THAT Jax and it was!! yayayyy! so glad you're back and you have the loveliest little family!!

    1. Yes, it's me. :) I'm so glad to be back. I missed all of the fun I had doing this.

      Thank you!

  2. haha with a kid all the nasty boogers and such become the norm, yeah as long as they don't go in one's mouth. Blah to that. lmao, stopped blogging to watch them sit? Couldn't you blog and watch at the same time?

    1. lol, ok maybee I was exaggerating a little bit at that...but it's like these people become a piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe. You feel guilty leaving them to fend for themselves for something as simple as sitting. :P

      and, yes, the stuff does get in your mouth and you aren't even sure how it happens. hahahaha

    2. lol that is a good analogy, tp stuck to your shoe hahaha ewww to it being in your mouth, maybe keep it closed during diaper changes lol

    3. lol glad you approve of my analogy! And, even with your mouth closed, it makes its way in...I swear!! hahahaha

  3. What better way to return than with a list...because we all love lists, right?

    I thought of you when Hernandez turned into a cold-blooded killer. I then proceeded to laugh, but only because I hate the Patriots.

    Good to see you back. I've been away for a while myself. I stopped making excuses for my absence a long time ago. Life happens, no need to apologize for it.

    1. Ah, yes. There is nothing better than the neat, clear way a lists lays it all out for you. OCD much? haha

      Poor Hernandez. I still refuse to believe he's guilty!

  4. I moved all the way from Alabama (where I now admit to being from) to Arizona to be with my boyfriend.
    I, by some miracle, became supervisor of a shoe/fashion store and no longer work in a restaurant.
    I no longer blog on a schedule but I'm trying to get back to it. Being an adult makes it hard.
    I'm 21. Still don't care about drinking but I made a deal with my boyfriend anyways. (I'll drink Smirnoff Ice as long as he never, ever, EVER makes me do a shot again.)
    My hair. It's changed probably ten times since we last spoke. I'm blond now.
    About a million other things but I have to go bring one of my girls (employees) a key so she can open the store. I am fully aware that I will sound like a Madame/pimp but I am very protective of them so oh well.

    1. Eep!! That's some serious juice...we need to chat and catch up. How are you transitioning from such a huge move?

    2. Haha Right?! I sent you an email, or at least tried to, but I'm on my pos phone so it may very well not have sent.

      I miss my mom and my friends, but I like it here. It's been almost a year since I've been here (last November 17). I'm still not use to the different sort of culture here. Here, everyone parties and goes to Cali and Mexico and that sort of stuff. I've only ever lived in the south where people put their family first and don't buy $100 handbags every week. It's still strange to me but I like it.

    3. Dont ever go to NY...a decent bag is no less than $350 lol!! Crazy how each state is so different in the same country.

  5. YOU'RE........ BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. And engaged too! Did you say boogers in your.... mouth?

    2. I am engaged. Due to be married in about 9 months...

      And, yes, boogers in my mouth. That doesn't happen to you too? Lol

  6. My bedtimes are a bit different than back in 2012. I can go to work anywhere from 6am in the morning to 3pm in the afternoon. So sometimes I can stay up to midnight or 1am like I used to, but sometimes I'll be asleep by 9pm to wake up at four. I'm not much of a early bird, but it's not so bad when you plan it out to get enough sleep.

    1. Work is the biggest killer of our beauty rest. Ug!!! Lol

  7. Yaaay you're back!!!

    Let's see...I got a cat. That's pretty huge. (She's getting pretty huge too, sigh...)

    1. Cats scare me...especially when they are pretty huge. Haha

  8. hi! welcome back! do u remember me?

  9. I thought of you when it was discovered that Aaron was a murderous creep. So awful! Boo!

    A steady man and a baby will certainly make you change some priorities...but glad you've discovered that you still need to be you and make time for yourself!

    And...Cosmo has balls? Writing Cosmo on my grocery list.... lol...

    1. LOL!! Yes, it really does. It talks about things that would totally make Glamour turn red and giggle.

  10. Yay you're back! We've missed you so much my dear and can't wait to hear more about your life. Def thought about you when the Aaron news broke...

    1. Thank you!! I've missed you all too. Can't wait to catch up :)

  11. Well, well. It's so good to see you're back. I really missed your adventures. It seems you traded one type of adventure for another.

    Been there, done that. My children's books would be good for mushy face. Lol

    Keep blogging and keeping us up to date. You have a knack for making people smile Jax.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'll have to check out your books. I appreciate the compliment. :)

  12. Wow, Jax! It's amazing to have you back! I'm surprised you have time to blog with all you have going on, but good for you. You certainly are a dedicated blogger. Sorry to hear you are not thrilled with your job, but if you are happy in your personal life I guess it can make it bearable. I also was a big sports fan that kind of lost interest. Though my teams would always lose... they were not setting a good example to follow. But murdering people is not nice either goodness.

    1. Thank you!!! You mean the probability that he murdered someone is unforgivable? Yea, I was worried that would be the case. ;)

      My resume is out there and I will find a job that I'm excited to go to. I will!! haha

  13. Jax! Jax! Jax! I'm so excited to see you're back. Congratulations on your engagement. Funny, the post I did about you long ago showed up in my recommendations bar last week and now, here you are! It's fate I tell ya. It sounds like life has been treating you pretty good and you love being a mommy and a fiancé'. Awesome!

    I'm still an avid Giants fan but Eli has managed to piss me off every single time I watch them play. Grrrr! I want my Michael back on the team. C'mon, Strahan, get out of retirement!!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your mommy adventures.

    1. Elsie!!!!!! Thank you!! I'm so glad to be back. It's funny how the world works. The universe was telling you to get ready for me. :) lol!

      Ohhh I have lots of mommy adventure stories. No worries about that!

  14. can't believe it's been two years already! But time does fly brutally and unapologetically!


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