Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday!: Brother

Yesterday was a very special day.
It was my baby brother's 21st birthday!!
Woo hoo...he's legal now!!  Pop those bottles!!

Happy Birthday Brother!!!

Brother and I have a very special relationship.
We are each other's best friends.
One minute we are acting like clowns and the next we are at each other's throats.
No matter the situation, it's always done with love!!

A list of 10 Reasons Why I Love My Baby Brother:
You guys totally knew a list was coming.  I mean, this is R&W...

10.  Singing
Brother and I have a habit of bursting into impromptu song.
We even had our own radio show growing up.  106.7 ROGER THAT!

9.  Crazies
No matter where Brother and I go, we both seem to attract the craziest people.
We went to the store and a random person randomly says to us "I can't eat soup".  Um, why?

8.  Laugh
Brother can always makes me laugh.  Whether it's pointing out something funny or just telling a story.
He takes his laughs serious!  I got a distressed call from him once saying "Jax, I think I lost my funny!"

7.  Football
He taught me everything that I need to know about the sport.  He's also a Patriots fan!
He was the captain of the football team in high school and pretty damn good at it!

6.  Smart
He's one of the smartest people I know.  His brain is like a damn computer soaking up information!
He's one of those annoying people that aces a real hard test without even picking up a book...

5.  Cooking
He's an EXCELLENT cook.
The guy even offered to make me homemade zeppolis last night.  Holla!!

4.  Lost
He's also pretty darn good with directions and helping me find my way home.
Don't believe me?  Just ask Pat Hatt!!

3.  Leedle
He obnoxiously chases me around while screaming "Leedle Leedle" at the top of his lungs!
Oh, how this irks me, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

2.  Help
He is always there for me when I need help no matter what it is.
The poor guy even helps me keep my coffee in a cup while I drive and African dance in the kitchen!!

1.  Protection
Brother protects me from all the evil men and people in the world.
He's even threatened to bodily harm a man that was 6'6 and a college linebacker.  Um, yea...

What do you love most about your siblings?

Friday, July 27, 2012

LinkUp: Sexy Accents II

I have another treat in store for you guys!
The men whose accents we’ve grown to love have agreed to record a second podcast for us.
Eep, Eep, Eep!  Don’t even act like you didn’t just smile and lightly clap your hands, people!

You guys had some wonderful feedback for their first podcast and a few of you even begged for an encore.
Well, they decided to deliver and even let the audience participate.
We knew those Aussies were a super nice, super cool, and super sexy breed!!! 

Some of you may or may not know, but these guys are standup comedians on the verge of hitting it big time.
How do I know they are on the verge?  Well, I’ve listened to them and they crack me up!!
I think they hit on something great with the podcasts and I’m honored that they chose my readers to help.
Since sexy accents can’t always be the topic for discussion, let’s give them some new leads to make us giggle.
I know, I know…don’t quote me on that.  Sexy accents should always be the topic of discussion…

Here’s how this is going to work.
Everyone that wants to participate should simply leave a comment below.
The comment should include your name (if you want a sexy Australian shout out), where you are from, and a question for the boys to answer.  The question can be about anything.  Something tells me these two aren’t shy, so ask away!! 

I’ll start.
My name is Jax.
I am from New York.
What is a popular Australian holiday?  Are your trips normally within your country, or do you go abroad?
Also, can you please repeat the words delicious and banana?  Thanks!!!!  :0) 

Now it’s your turn to participate in the comments!
Make it juicy, guys!!
Thursday, July 26, 2012

Discussion: The Right To Bear Arms

Normally I like to keep things light around here, but something’s been bugging me.
Since the tragedy in Colorado, everyone’s been talking about our right to bear arms in the Constitution.
Some people feel the gun laws should be relaxed or remain the same, and others feel they should be tightened.
Americans have been granted the right to bear arms in 1971 since the original creation of The Bill of Rights. 

With the presidential election around the corner and all this gun laws talk, I’ve been thinking.
Where exactly do I stand when it comes to the right to bear arms? 

I know that I hate guns and I hate all violence.
What I don’t know is whether or not I think our natural right should be taken away from us.
I also know that a gun free or violent free world is near impossible and very impractical.

That’s when I reached out to a few family members, friends, and co-workers.
I asked them whether they felt the firearms laws should be relaxed, tightened, or remain the same.
These are people whose opinions I highly respect.  They will remain anonymous to avoid potential slander.


I think that gun restrictions should become more strict after the shooting in Colorado.  I think that right now they don't do enough background checks or monitor gun purchases closely enough.  I also think that they should monitor people's purchases online as well.  From what I had heard, the shooter in Colorado had also purchased significant amounts of ammunition as well as items used for explosives online with no problems.  It's kind of scary that you can just do that without having anyone investigate it when purchased in excessive amounts.
Female, 21 Years 

I have the right to bear arms and I have the right to defend myself.  If someone in that audience had a gun who knows how many innocent lives would have been saved.  Law abiding citizens should have a means to protect themselves from the people who snap.
Male, 49 Years 

The process of acquiring a firearm license and then being able to buy a gun is far too easy.  For one thing, the age limitation is younger than that of purchasing alcohol.  The age should be hiked up and the background checks on people should be far more extensive to eliminate instances like these.  More restrictions should be put in place.  The right to bear arms was created in a time when minute men needed to be readily called on to defend our new found freedom.  Those times have long since vanished and there should be greater restrictions established.
Male, 20 Years 

I believe that all law abiding Americans should have the right to bear arms.  Whether we have strict or relaxed gun laws, criminals will get guns.  In the end law abiding citizens are the ones who will get hurt because they have no means to protect themselves.
Male, 33 Years 

Definitely think the restrictions should be tighter. The killer obtained several weapons from different sources.  You would think in this day and age of technological advances, there should be a way to link and track multiple purchases which would raise a red flag that this was not a stable person and that something destructive was planned.
Female, 44 Years 

Gun laws should be tightened and very limited.  Nothing good comes from guns or a household with them.
Female, 35 Years 

Do u think criminals care about the law?  Leave our right to bear arms alone.
Male, 23 Years 

Gun restrictions should definitely be made tighter, especially in NYC, given that a 4 year old boy was just shot at a park in the Bronx.  Too easy to get weapons for sure!
Female, 45 Years 

The right to bear arms is a privilege.  The government should extend that privilege to screened and qualified individuals.  Gun control is the answer.  The sale of weapons and ammunition should be more closely monitored giving close attention to quantity.  The distributor/seller should hold some responsibility to investigate the buyer's intention.
Female, 49 Years 


After listening to everyone’s opinions and doing my own personal research, I came to a conclusion. 

I do not think our right to bear arms should be taken away nor restricted.
Ok, hear me out before you bash poor Jax in the comments!!!

I think that no matter what the laws say a criminal will still gain possession of whatever they desire.
I mean, a man who has no care for another man’s life is really not going to have a care about a law!
That being said, a law abiding, mentally stable citizen should have the right to carry a firearm for defense.
These lax firearm laws are a means to defense and a preventative measure.
People are far less likely to open fire when they know someone can open fire right back.
A wise man once said “A man will not hunt when they know they can be hunted back”. 

Do you think firearm laws should be tightened, relaxed, or remain the same?

***Remember, this is a JUDGE FREE ZONE!  We are all entitled to our opinion so please be respectful.***
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Party Toe

Guys, I did something that I normally would never, ever do!!
I allowed my cousin to drag me to her nail salon for a pedicure.
Yes, that's right!  I totally cheated on my nail for the first time ever in my life!!!!  For shame...

I sat down in the unfamiliar chair, when the nail technician asked me a question.
The problem was, I had no clue what she was asking me.
All I was able to make out was "For free!  For free!"
Eventually I just agreed to whatever it was that she was asking.
I mean, you can only say "excuse me" so many times!!

...and that's how I ended up with a party toe...

I'll be sticking with my regular nail salon from now on.
I'll just confess and plead until they forgive my adultery like behavior.  Sigh...

Did you ever cheat on your regular spot?
Spill the juice, people!  I totally want to know about your "party toe" experience!!
Monday, July 23, 2012

Award: Liebster Blog

Happy Monday People!!!!!
..Oh and what a happy Monday it is...
You see, I won another award and you all know how that makes me smile!

Michael from The World As I See It graced me with the honor of the Liebster Award.
Have you checked out Michael's blog?  If not, you should!  He's very funny and very awesome.

Part of accepting this high honor is to answer a few questions.
Michael listed 10 questions for his winners to answer.
...and I'm totally not one to disappoint...

1.  What happens if a vegetarian get's bitten by a zombie?
They turn into a zombie, of course!
Just because they don't eat meat doesn't mean they are immune to zombie bites!!!

2.  If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
I would love to be a traveling journalist for Glamour magazine.
To get to see the world, make my own hours, and write in my lifestyle bible?  Helllls yea!!

3.  Why is Justin Bieber so popular?
He has that "boyish" charm that tweens go crazy over.  The man who scouted him was a genius.
Ok, so I totally rock out to his song Boyfriend.  I liked the song before I knew he sang it.  I swear!!

4.  Who's better, Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?
I'm sorry, but who?
I'm off to Google for this one...

5.  What was the best period in history to live in?
I think that they all have their perks and downfalls.  I'm very happy to be here right now.
Sure things may be more complicated now, but things were complicated "then" in their own way too.

6.  Who's the greatest person in history?
I have no clue.  It's hard to judge people when you don't know them, but I'd like to make a shout to Benjamin Franklin for discovering electricity and Albert Einstein for figuring out how to use it.
I mean, without it I wouldn't be able to use my blow dryer or hair straightener!

7.  What was high school like for you?
High School was a great experience.  I was a quick learner and very social.
The only thing I wish is that I got more involved.  I loved to work more than doing school activities!

8.  Do you prefer movies, TV, music, or books?
I like them all!!  A good movie is awesome.  I live for a few TV shows.  Music gets me through the day, and there is nothing like a really good book to get sucked into.
If magazines were a choice, I would have totally picked that!!!  Helloo Glamour!

9.  Which superhero would you most like to be?
I would be Phoenix from x-men.  She's real powerful, smart, and super sexy!
For the record, my favorite superhero is the Wolverine, but I wouldn't want to be a man...

10.  If a genie granted you 3 wishes, how on earth did you get them and could I get one?
I'm assuming I got them from rubbing a lamp, and I probably wouldn't share.
Well, would you want me to lie!!??!!

Big thanks to Michael for granting me with this awesome award!!
...but don't think you're all off the hook...

Since you're all a ray of sunshine to me, I grant you all with the award.
Now, pick one of the 10 questions and answer them in the comments!
Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life: Breaking Routine

Every morning I wake up at 5:30am.
From that point forward I shower, go to work, run errands, and then veg out blogging while watching TV.
My weekends are as routine with Sunday dinners at Nanny’s, time with GodSon, and The Viking’s dry cleaners.
Something’s got to give because frankly, I’m bored as hell with this vicious cycle I fell into!!

 Recently I decided that I’m too vibrant of a person to fall into a mundane routine.
That’s when I laid out my life, my goals, and my passions to plan out a new schedule that I’m happy with.
This was surprisingly tough.  When you’re accustom to ways it’s difficult to smoothly transition into change.
You all know what I did right?  Unsurprisingly, I made a life changing list!  …and this time literally… 

10 Ways Jax Pulled Herself Out of a Routine Funk! 

10.  Summer Class
Instead of going home and vegging out, I should make use out of my time.
I quickly signed up for a business communications class.  It only meets twice a week.  Perfect for the summer!
Hello college credits, brain work outs, and possibly meeting new people!! 

9.  Gym
I recently signed up for a year’s membership to Planet Fitness.
I am going to try to get my little butt over there at least three times a week for an hour.
Hello hot bodied men, healthy endorphins, and cute workout clothes!! 

8.  Trips
I already have three trips planned to add some crazy to my life!
One for August, September, and October.
Hello memories, seeing friends, and visiting new places!!

7.  Accessories
My statement pieces have always been big rings, funky belts, and stunner shades!
I’m in the process of adding new, unique accessories to my everyday style.
Hello chunky earrings, sparkly nail polish, and eye popping clutches!! 

6.  Friend Dates
Instead of going home and first cooking myself a gourmet meal at 6:30pm, I’m going to expand my budget!
I’m allowed to pick one weeknight and have an inexpensive friend dinner date with one of my girls.
Hello yummy food, good laughs, and an inviting, friendly atmosphere!

5.  Attitude
I have an awful habit of pretending everything’s peachy when it’s not.  It’s deceiving others and myself.
I’m going to start recognizing when thing’s make me unhappy and work on changing it.
Hello less stress, a happier life, and far less fake smiles!! 

4.  Living Social
I signed up for a free living social account.
Peaches and I are going to scout out different things to do at least once a month through this website.
Hello city adventures, fun memories, and meeting new people!!

3.  Glamour Challenge
Every month Glamour magazine challenges it’s reader to bring an issue somewhere unique!
No more will I be reading Glamour on my couch!  I’m taking on the challenge and reading in hip places.
Hello beach reading, outdoor café reading, or actually going to a local park!!

2.  Hair
When a girl is making life changes, the first thing to always change is the hair!
I got rid of my “sweet girl” hair.  It has been darkened, given a blunt bang, and chemically straightened.
Hello edgy look, many compliments, and quick confidence boost!! 

1.  Saying Yes
When I get in a funk I tend to turn down opportunities to veg out on my couch.
No more will I be declining invitations and making up lame excuses.
Hello new adventures, exciting activities, and forming stronger bonds with people!! 

If you could change your daily routine, how would you do it?
Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ManlyMen: Part Three

In honor of Buddy and I's friendly battle over the manliest men, I thought I'd bring back an old favorite.
...and for those who may have forgotten, I totally won that battle...
It's been a while since I brought Mr. Butler up here to demonstrate things men should or shouldn't do.

The first time Gerard came around he discussed things manly men shouldn't say.
The second time he came around you all got schooled on some very unmanly actions.
I can only imagine what he's bringing to R&W for round three!!!  

This time around Gerard is here to demonstrate things men should avoid doing within the first 5-10 minutes of meeting a girl.  We all know you men can't hold certain things in too long, so we think 5-10 min is fair game!
If you disagree, feel free to let Mr. Butler me know in the comments section.  You know I love to hear it! you all see what I see??  Just checking...

For those of you that don't remember how this goes, I'll copy and paste my old intro.

I don't know what he-man came to your head, but when I think manly man, the first guy that comes to my mind is Gerard Butler.  Maybe it's the sexy scruff, hot attitude, and the rippling abs...  Either way, I want you to picture the sexy Gerard Butler saying the following things in his deep, rough voice. 
...for the sake of this post let's add "or doing the following things"...

The Wedgie
For the love of God, wait until the sexy, single chick you're talking to walks away to pick it!
A real man could deal with the discomfort for a few extra minutes.
I mean, Gerard, almost everything you do is hot but wedgie picking don't cut the list!!

You all know how much I love a good scruff, but one thing really skeeves me.
Men, keep the mustache rubbing, beard picking, and facial hair playing to a severe minimum.
Jax gives you her word that your beard never jumped off your face at the sight of that pretty woman!
You don't see Mr. Butler trying to get beard hairs in his calamari now do you???!!?  Etiquette, men!!

I've seen this in movies and music videos, but recently I've been seeing it in real life.
We all get itches, but can you wait until you find out the girls name before scratching your junk?
Even Gerard knows a real man should wait until at least date #2 before doing this!

"Accidentally" bumping into a girl may be a great, manly tactic to getting our attention, but keep your hands above the waist!  No man should be groping a lady's behind before even saying hello.
Butler doesn't underestimate our intelligence!!  We totally know you did that on purpose.  Perv... 

What "man advice" do you think Gerard would give for first meeting a woman?
Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Friendship: No Shame

This past Friday I got a hair treatment that forced me to sit with awful chemicals in my hair for 3 days straight.  My hair was a greased back, oily mess that stunk of formaldehyde!!  Disgusting is an understatement.
Damn you frizzy hair and this awful NY humidity!!!!

Despite being the hot mess that I was, Biff asked me to join him and his family to a fancy outing in the Hamptons.  We visited one of his family friends, went to to a Greek festival, rocked the famous Cooper Beach, and drove past homes so big we got sick with jealousy!
For those unfamiliar with The Hamptons, it's the summer home to the rich and famous.  Think Revenge!

We all enjoyed ourselves, the environment, and the company.  But, the best part for me was, even though I looked gross, Biff told me I looked beautiful and was seen in public as my best friend!
...and to think I was going to spend Sunday counting down the hours until I could wash my hair...

How does your best friend make you feel awesome?
Monday, July 16, 2012

LinkUp: Sexy Accents

The results are in from Friday's challenge!!!
...and it looks like Buddy will be buying me a yummy lunch.  Hellooo veggie burger...
I won, I won, I won!!  

My picks were:  Gerard Butler, Chris Hemsworth, and The Rock
Buddy's picks were:  Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, and Mel Gibson
Like you all couldn't have guessed... 

The winner by the skin of his teeth is Gerard Butler.
Looks like you all got a GREAT idea of what "manly" is!  Knew I could count on my followers!


About a month ago, I made a fun post about Sexy Accents.
I listed my top 8 favorite accents and you all commented on which ones made you guys swoon!
While there was a real wide variety of which accents you all liked, one stood out amongst the rest! all see where this is going, right??  Just don't say Jax doesn't deliver...

Turns out my readers like a man or woman with a sexy Australian accent.
That's when Lady In Red and I stumbled across two men from Australia.
Being the shy, conservative girl that I am, I immediately pestered these Australian men into doing an audio recording for my reader's listening pleasure.
They were so nice that they didn't even make me beg!!

The stars of the podcast are Michael and Rusty.
Don't know them?  Check them out!  They have hot accents and great blogs!!

All I had to do was give them a list of words to say in their Australian accent.
They were such great sports!  Not only did they read these words and sayings without any questions, but they also expanded on each one making it a real fun listen!!
I totally picked hot words too!  Sexy, strawberry, and rubbing oil on were just a few.

Happy Monday, ladies.
You're very welcome!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Challenge: Manly Men

As usual, Buddy and I are going at it.
Our most recent "feud" is in regards to the manliest male actor out there.
Turns out he has his version of manly and I got mine.
Clearly I have way better taste in manly men than my straight, male Buddy.  Just sayin...

That being said, we turned our friendly argument into a real life bet.
...and we're talking high stakes here, people!!  Loser buys lunch...

Who better to turn to during this grueling competition than my trusty followers?
I'm leaving my fate and lunch money in your hands!!!

This is how the challenge is going to work.
Buddy and I each picked 3 actors that we feel to be one of the manliest out there.
I'm going to keep our picks anonymous and will list them all for you.
I'm only being anonymous because I know my followers will feel obligated to be loyal.  Right?  Right?!?!
Then, in the comments section you can cast your vote for the manliest actor from our picks.
On Monday I will tally all the votes and announce the winner.

Ok, let's get started!!

1.  Christian Bale

2.  Gerard Butler

3.  Russell Crowe

4.  Chris Hemsworth

5.  Mel Gibson

6.  Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Which of these 6 actors do you think is the "manliest"?
Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dating: The L Word

Last week Cousin and I sat down for dinner at my grandparents house.
Right before we began to eat, my God Son exclaimed "I love you mommy!".
Those four simple words triggered a huge discussion to explode across the dinner table.
...and by explode I mean my family is very, very loud...

See, we totally L-WORD each other :) :)
Growing up my parents never said I love you to me or Brother.
Cousin never heard it from her mother nor did we ever hear it from our grandparents.
Don't get me wrong, I know that we all love each other, but it's something that we never say.
We express our love with actions, but never actually say the words.
Besides, showing someone you love means way more, right???

That being said, we developed a slight fear of the word "love" itself.
My ex and I would refer to it as the "l-word" and it still made me uncomfortable.
This is going somewhere...I swear I'm not trying to spill a therapy session on you guys!! 

My cousin decided to end this cold hearted tradition by enforcing the L word into her son.
Now they say "I love you" every morning when they wake up and at night before bed time.
Super cute, but it still makes me wrinkle my nose in awkwardness.  Just sayin!!

This got us thinking.
Are we weird because we don't use the word "love"?
Is this effecting our current or future relationships?
Does everyone else in the world say I love you to friends and family? many questions left unanswered!

Papa thinks it makes us soft and is just unnecessary to say.
Nanny thinks that she shows it way better than she is at telling it.
My cousin thinks we've been mentally scarred for life.
I think that it's meaningless.  Anyone can say anything, but people can only act the truth.
...and this is where you all come in...

Do you use the words "I love you" or do you just show it?