Thursday, June 28, 2012

AskJax: Shampoo

Update:  Check out my guest post over at Miraculous Ladies !!!!

A few weeks back, the lovely Jannine from FashionistArg asked me for some hair advice!
Don't know her?  You should!  She's a total make up and fashion goddess!!  Not even kidding...

You see, Jannine and I have very fine/thin hair which could be difficult to manage.
It gets oily very quickly but can get very dry just as quick.
See where the problem is?
If you don't use the appropriate tools or products, your hair can get very damaged.
Fine hair also falls very flat very quickly.  It's hard to give it life and style.
My options are limp, dead, and lifeless or my natural, frizzy curls!!  Eep...

I hated my hair until I became a self proclaimed shampoo guru!
Some people may argue that all shampoos are the same.  It's not true.
You find this out the hard way when you have very sensitive, fine hair.  It's awful!
My shower holds 30 bottles of shampoo and conditioner.
Each bottle is for a different day.  Some shampoos are better for certain weather or seasons.
...and no, I'm totally not crazy.  I swear...

Jax's Top 5 Favorite Shampoos and Conditioners.

5.  Kenra Volumizing Shampoo/Conditioner Combo
  This brand is great for the spring/summer.  It's also a great choice when you're battling humidity, yet still want to rock straight or wavy hair.  Makes your hair look shiny and healthy while feeling soft!
Oh, and it totally makes you hair smell delicious!!!!

4.  Chi Shampoo & Infra Treatment
This brand is amazing for during the winter or fall months.  It can turn dry, dull hair into a mane with life!  
Tip:  Mix the Infra Treatment with conditioner for extra moisture.  You're hair will shine!

3.  John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner
This conditioner is a gift from the universe!  I apply it generously at least twice a week to my hair for the shampoos that ride solo in my shower.  Leaves a healthy glow without the nasty grease look.
This conditioner is like a magic potion!  Many conditioners can leave you hair feeling dirty.

2.  Shea Moisture Yucca Shampoo/Conditioner/Masque
This set is amazing for anytime that your hair is feeling over processed and damaged.  I use this at least once a week all year round.  It's never let me down and makes my hair feel and look real thick!
This brand is very hard to find.  I've only seen it sold in Target and I've searched everywhere for it!

1.  Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo
This is by far my favorite shampoo.  I use it every other day without fail.  It does everything that a shampoo should do.  It cleans without over cleaning, leaves your hair shiny and soft, and totally makes me smile!
...and it smells like coconut which just happens to be my favorite scent in the world!!!

Some other important shampoo tips is to always purchase sulfate free shampoo.  Sulfates can do serious damage do your hair follicles.  Another thing I try and look for is paraben free.
Paraben is so bad for you that spell check isn't even recognizing it as a real word.  Just sayin...

What are your favorite shampoo/conditioners for your hair type?

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dating: Money & Status

I have this habit of dating blue collar men.
My exes are typically maintenance men and electricians.
There's just something hot about a man who knows how to use his hands!

I've tried dating accountants and financial advisors but it never works out.
They were always boring and talking about boring things such as IPO and the stock market.
Ok, so I totally had to Google IPO the first time I heard a guy mention it...

I was discussing this with my girlfriend recently.
She went on to lecture me about "limiting myself" and "being able to do better".
While I get that money is important, blue collar workers are still capable of bringing it in.
Maybe I am biased.  My father, The Viking, is a shoe repair man that always pays his bills!

The bottom line to this little story is that everything comes down to money and social class.

To me, only dating men that have high paying jobs would be limiting oneself.
To others, dating men without a 6 figure income is an immediate limit to oneself.
How about eliminating both and just date a bum that doesn't work at all?  No?  Ok...

Do you consider income and social status when dating?

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LinkUp: Healthy Eating

Today I am linking up with my girl, Melanie, from Sporkin Down the Road.
She’s beyond amazing and one of my favorite blogging spots.  You should totally say hello!

Her and I were discussing “diets” and how much we hate that term.
Eating healthy should be a way of life, not a forced behavior for a set period of time.
We eat healthy because we want to be healthy, not because we’re maintaining our weight.
Ok, so I’m slightly concerned about bulges in my bikini.  Sue me!  I’m still a girl you know…

On top of our super healthy diet, we try to maintain a healthy lifestyle in other ways.
Such as purchasing organic cleaners, exercising a fair amount, and enjoying our life through fun and laughter!
By not obsessing over our bodies, we managed to make peace with ourselves.
...and our hot summer outfits….

So, what does Jax's healthy eating habits consist of?

I eat little meals throughout the entire day.
Don’t look at me like that!  I like to munch…

8:00AM – 2 Hard Boiled Eggs
10:00AM – 1 Cup Oatmeal
12:00PM – Salad (cherry tomatoes, fresh Mozzarella, blueberries, avocado, craisins, almonds...)
3:00PM – Banana & Grapes
5:00PM – Cereal Bar
7:00PM – Dinner (A home cooked meal including a meat, a vegetable, and a carb.)
8:30PM – Green Tea

Throughout the day I try and drink at least 3 additional glasses of green tea and one cup of coffee.
I’m from NY.  You knew coffee had to be in there somewhere, right??
On top of that, I also try and only eat organic vegetables and fresh meats/fishes.

What are your healthy eating habits?
Monday, June 25, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Did you ever get asked a simple question, but was too embarrassed to answer loud and proud?
Don't lie!!  I know you have...
Those answers are usually what we call a guilty pleasure.

Jax's Top 10 Guilty Pleasures of 2012

10.  Justin Bieber
I like to blast and completely rock out to Justin Bieber's song Boyfriend.
You don't even bop your head to that one?  As if...

9.  Football Players
Nothing makes me drool more than watching sexy football men eat dirt.
How long until football season?  Googling plays on youtube means I'm suffering from withdrawals.

8.  Red Velvet
Red velvet brownies or cookies make me melt.
It's bikini season?  Oh yea... :(

7.  Rachel Roy
A new pair of Rachel Roy shoes make me squeal like a little girl!!!
Shoes may not be a part of my budget right now, but no one will notice another pair on my rack...

6.  Horoscopes
I start each day reading about my sun sign.  I try to even befriend people based on compatibility!
Pathetic?  I know, but I'm totally hooked!!!

5.  Love Spell
Victoria Secret's Love Spell is my piece of heaven.
I spritz it on everything including my hair, my clothes, and even my sheets!!

4.  Accents
hot accent gives me shortness of breathe and slight heatstroke.
Ohh, yum...

3.  Real Housewives
This show is continuously played in the background of my home.
Which one?  Um, all of them!!  Talk about juicy!

2.  Pesto
I am in love with the calorie bomb of pesto sauce.
I put it on everything!  So yummy on pasta, sandwiches, or italian bread.

1.  Wine
At least 3 or 4 nights a week I indulge in an amazing glass of wine.
It goes so well with Real Housewives and a chunk of ricotta salata.  Yum!

What are your guilty pleasures?
Thursday, June 21, 2012

Technical Difficulties

I had a super cool post planned for today.
But, shhh, it's a surprise!!!

Unfortunately, it's going to have to wait until next Thursday because I'm having technical difficulties.
I can't for the life of me figure out how to post an audio recording on a blog entry.
That's a hint there, people...if anyone knows how to do this, please send me a few tips!
I'm a little slow when it comes to technology.  My apologies!!

Aaron Hernandez is my lame attempt at making this fail of a blogpost up to you!!  You're welcome!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Wednesday, June 20, 2012

JaxGame: Horrible Bosses

In celebration of a drawn out hump day, I thought it would be fun to play a Jax game.
Oh, stop rolling your eyes!  You know that you love them!!

As mentioned here, my manager has been out for a while now and will continue to be absent.
It’s good in some aspects, but in other’s I miss her terribly!
Well, someone’s got to do her work.  Sigh…
She’s just a fun person to work with and I really enjoy her company!

That being said, it got me thinking about some of the worst bosses I’ve had to deal with.
…and I’ve really had some awful ones…

For this game, let’s tell a story about our Horrible Bosses!.
I’ll start.

A whopping two years ago, I had a very high priority job.  I used to sell washers.
You know, those little round things with a hole in the middle…Yea, I was a washer expert!

My manager at the company was a real freaky, annoying, pervert.
Let’s call him King Washer.

He used to rub the back of my neck.  Ew…
He used to sit on the side of my chair while I was still in the seat and put his arm around me.  Ew…
He used to openly fantasize about an imaginary, raunchy webcam series starring me.  Double ew…
He used to corner me with milk (ew), and try to tickle me.  Ew, ew, ew!

Then came the final straw.  The final breaking point in his awful King Washer reign.
The man got an iPhone and downloaded an app that he was oh so proud of.
He said “Hey, Jax!  Come here.  I want to show you something on my new phone.”
I should have known, people.  Sometimes I am na├»ve to situations.

On the screen of his phone was a little button that said “push here and hold down”.
I did as the phone said, when some music started playing and words flashed across the screen.
“You’re wearing GREEN panties today!”
That’s when the creepy King Washer licked his lips and said “Well, was it right?”
I know it’s silly. but it was the final straw!  The straw that broke this little camel’s back!!
Two weeks later I was gone and rocking a new job.

What is your Horrible Bosses story?
Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ideas: Bikini Season

Anyone who knows me in real life will tell you that I've been repeating the same thing for about a month now.
I'm like a broken record saying "...because bikini season is here!"
Well, it is!  I'm just reminding all of you and myself...

No one wants to go to the beach all self conscious because they didn't focus on bikini season.
Just a few minor adjustments in your life could make a huge difference when diving into the pool!
For the record, I'm eating a Devil Dog as I'm typing this.  I'll slap my own wrist later...

Photo Credit
Jax's 10 Bikini Season Commandments

1.  Mixed Drinks
Ditch the 1,000 calorie mixed drink and settle for a simple shot of whiskey.
One tenth the calories and gets the job done just as well!

2.  Squat
I'm infamous for doing squats anywhere and everywhere.  Up your game throughout bikini season.
Straightening your hair?  Squat!  Getting ready to tinkle?  Squat!  Washing the dishes?  Squat!

3.  Dance
Try to spend at least one night a week dancing your little butt off.  It's fun and burns calories!
A good night of dancing means that you should be sore the next day.  Just sayin...

4.  Walk
Walk as much as you can throughout the day!  It's great exercise and easy to incorporate into your day.
Walk the dogs, walk around the office building, or just go for a nice walk with a friend!

5.  Dessert
Turn down dessert to trim your calorie intake.
I know that chocolate cake looks totally yum, but save it for the Winter time!

6.  Salad
Fill one of your three main meals a day with a fresh, organic salad.
Hello vitamins, minerals, and a meal that will leave you feeling light and satisfied!

7.  Green Tea
Drink at least three 8 oz glasses of fresh green tea a day!
It's been known to burn fats, hydrate you, and help clean out your system. Talk about  a bikini miracle!

8.  Shopping
Perfect season for plenty of outdoor shopping.  It'll keep you moving and keep you happy!
This is totally different than #4.  I mean, yea you're walking, but this time with a purpose!

9.  Clothes
Dress wearing clothes that are a little bit more revealing.
If you are comfortable in your skimpier outfits, you're closer to being comfortable in your bikini!

10.  Bikini
Go out and buy the perfect bikini for your body type.
Rocking the right bikini is the key to feeling hot and confident!

What are your bikini season secrets?
Men:  Take out "bikini" and replace with "speedo".
Monday, June 18, 2012

Pedicure Party

The lovely Betsy from My Five Men has sent me an invite to another pedicure party!
...and you all know how much Jax loves getting her nails did...

She's hosting a fabulous giveaway and all I have to do is post a picture of my pedicure.

I'm rocking a hot shade of summer pink on my toes.
My manicure is a fun, light pink sparkle UV manicure.
Sorry boys for all the girl talk!  Should I translate for you?

Talk about a fun party!
Not only did I have an excuse to get a spa pedicure, but I got to rock a pair of sandals that I never wear.
I bought these Guess sandals last year, and I have only worn them once.
Why did I buy a pair of shoes that I never wear you ask?
As much as I love these comfy sandals, they are way too flat for my 5' tall self!!!
Wedges are my friends in the summer.
So, thank you Betsy for giving these poor sandals a bigger purpose then just sitting on my shoe rack!

Do you have a pair of shoes that you love but never wear?
Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dating: Grandmother's Advice

Announcement:  R&W will be implementing a summer schedule which will include new posts Monday - Thursday.  Jax will be taking long weekends for the next 3 months.
She's real pale, in need of a serious tan, and craving summer cocktails....

Jax has been single for a whopping 8 months now.
I’ve been on a few dates here and there, but, for the majority of that time I was on a man-cation.
A mancation is a period of time where you swear off any interaction with the opposite sex short of friends.
Well, I’m declaring this mancation over!  I’m ready to get back in the game.

I made this decision a few weeks ago, when I jumped back into the scheme of things real quick.
My eyes are wondering and I’m totally ready to pounce!  Watch out…

I decided that this announcement was so huge, that it was worth a phone call to my grandmother.
She laughed and said “My grandchild.  The one that has the attention span of an ant.”  What gives, Nanny?
Other than her sarcastic comment, she started blurting out various words of wisdom to take to the heart.

10 Great Dating Tips from my Grandmother.
Because no one knows better than Nanny!

1.  Aggressive
Let the boys chase you.  Forget this “hear me roar” nonsense and embrace patience.
It's true that any guy who is genuinely interested will make a significant effort to get your attention.

2.  Eyes & Smile
Learn how to flirt using only your eyes and smile.  Be approachable yet busy.
Makes sense.  Too approachable screams “I’m easy”.  To busy screams “I’m not interested”.

3.  Shoulder Tap
When chatting up a man that you’re interested in, quickly touch his arm or shoulder in conversation.
Men respond to affection.  Got it!  It’s letting them know I’m intrigued without actually having to say it.

4.  Voice Volume
Keep your voice at a decent volume.  Too loud screams aggressive and too soft screams push over.
Nanny says: Ladies don’t yell when they’re angry.  They make their point and then dish the silent treatment.

5.  Confidence
You could be the prettiest girl in the room yet be ignored because of insecurity.  Walk tall and proud.
Confident women usually have a few things going for them, or at least know how to fake it!

6.  Cooking
Always nonchalantly drop hints of your fantastic cooking skills.  Cooking equals wife material.
Everyone always says a man’s stomach is the key to his heart…

7.  Passion
Don’t give it up too easily.  Men like a woman who respect themselves and demand it from others.
Ladies, do the granny panty trick.  You ain’t going to take your pants off if you’re rocking those!

8.  Indirect Demands
Drop hints of how you require chivalry.  Men should open doors and allow you to walk in front of them.
How exactly do you do that nonchalantly?  That will have to be lesson #2.

9.  Schedule
If you like a guy enough to meet up again, don’t be so readily available.  Let him know that you have a life.
Got it!  So create a schedule and then pencil him in.  Easy enough!!

10.  No Exceptions
There are no exceptions to any of your "rules".  Don’t make any excuses, no matter how cute, smart, or rich!
Ohh, you hear that boys???  I can’t let you slide!!  Not even once!

What great advice did your elders pass along to you?
Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dish The Fish

Three years ago, I bought Biff a fighting beta fish for his 20th birthday.
After a long haul in the beating sun, the fish and I made it to Biff's house to give him the surprise.
It was so hot that day I was worried that the poor guy would boil in the back seat!

Biff and I instantly became parents to our little fish that we endearingly named Dish.
Dish the Fish...catchy, ain't it?

Biff took great care of our new family member.
He would feed him every morning, teach him little fish tricks by spinning the water, and wrap the guy in a heated blanket to fight the cold in the winter time.
Nothing's cuter than a man and his fish!

Recently Dish's health took a turn for the worst.
After a fish diagnosis, Dish was believed to have fish dropsy or constipation.
Biff splurged on a very expensive fish medication to cure the dropsy disease.
Biff even cooked the little guy one pea to relieve him from constipation.
Did you know that one pea could solve a fish's bathroom problems?  Neither did I...

Last night I got the phone call.
Our darling Dish the Fish passed away.
Yes, Biff and I legitimately cried over our beloved fish.

Dish on his third, and last birthday.

RIP Dish, mommy and daddy love you dearly.
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ideas: Unique Father's Day Gifts

Father's day is this Sunday and I can't wait.
I'm already planning a fun filled day for the Viking and I.
Do vikings eat pumpkin pancakes?  I hope so because that's what I'm making for brunch!

On top of the day out that I have planned, I always like to get a special gift.
I'm one of those annoying people that can't get just any gift.  It has to be something that took thought!
The poor Viking has been a victim of my gift giving ways.  I'm talking bonsai plants all the way to live fish!

Although I already purchased his spectacular gift, I thought it would be fun to share my ideas.
I mean, why should all that brainstorming go to waste!!

Five Thoughtful Father's Day Gift Ideas

1.  Fire Pit
A fire pit always makes for a manly man gift for all the vikings out there!
Not to mention all the memories of roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories that come with it.
This Fire Pit is from Home Depot and can be found here.

2.  John Pinette:  Still Hungry
This is by far the funniest stand up act that I have ever seen, guaranteed to get vikings to laugh!
John Pinette has other stand ups for sale as well.  They are all just as funny!  
You can find his stand up acts at Target or by clicking here.

3.  Keurig B40
Every viking wants a cup of coffee to grab quickly on his way out the door.
I use my Keurig everyday and love it!  It's a great way to get a single cup of coffee.  Yum!!
I got my Keurig from Bed Bath & Beyond.  You can also find it here.

4.  Acqua Di Gio
I buy this cologne for every single man in my life.  It's my favorite man scent out there!
Even vikings want to smell good.  Luckily Armani can get the job done for them.
You can purchase this cologne through Perfumania by clicking here.

5.  American Bar Book
Vikings love to get their drink on, as long as it's a manly mix.
What better way to educate them on their favorite booze than gifting a bar book with great recipes!?
I have this book from Barnes & Noble.  You can find it buy click here.

What are your creative father's day gift ideas?