Thursday, May 3, 2012

AvengersWeek: Top 10 Favorite Superheroes

In honor of The Avengers week, we talked about our favorite movies and our leave favorite movies.
Quick Recap:  We loved Monty Python and really hated Braveheart!!!!

To continue with our special week, I thought it would be fun and totally appropriate to talk about our favorite superheroes!!  They don't only have to be Marvel comic characters.  They can be any hero that you little heart desires!!  Except for William Wallace...Don't pick him.  Please... 

Top 10 Best Superheroes According to Jax!

10.  Mighty Mouse
This isn't because I'm little.  I swear!!!!
This mouse didn't let his super small size stop him.  He fought his little mouse butt off every time!

9.  Courage the Cowardly Dog
This little pooch was always so scared, yet he did what he had to do to save his old lady and man from all sorts of strange danger!!
Besides, I love to randomly burst out "Muriel"!!!!

8.  Superman
He's a man that is super!  It's true!  Just think of all the amazing super powers this one man's got!
I so rocked Superman everything when I was younger...

7.  Hercules
This is one of my favorite Disney movies!  He went from a zero to a hero!
Ok, maybe his gospel singing groupies makes him a little more appealing!

6.  Phoenix
She's a sexy, powerful red head!!  Her telepathic powers beat most of those barbaric men superheroes!
Sorry, Biff, Phoenix beats Storm this time.  Don't be mad!

5.  Batman
Dark, mysterious, and powerful makes him perfect for cleaning up the scum of Gotham city!
His seductive voice is another power that many ignore.  Just sayin...

4.  Thor
He's a strong, courageous hero with a magical golden hammer.  Yes, please!!
Heroes like him makes me think an alien invasion could be okay!

3.  Yellow Power Ranger 
I spent my childhood playing the yellow power ranger at recess with all my friends!
While all the Power Ranger's kicked ass, the spunk and brightness of the yellow one stood out!

2.  IronMan
This might just be a man in a fancy suit, but he was recently brought to life in a whole new way!
Robert Downey Jr, you're a hero in itself!  You saved Iron Man's reputation!

1.  Wolverine
The Wolverine has always been my favorite superhero of all time.  He was kick ass, had amazing hair, and could heal real quick.  I loved how his irrational anger fueled him to be a great fighter!!!  Besides, he's full of metal!!!!
I still don't get the whole Hugh Jackman is "hot" thing, but he did this hero justice.

Who are your favorite Superheroes?


  1. I don't know whether I have favorite one or not. Spiderman? He-man?
    Bersercules Bibleman?

    1. Oh, I hope he can forgive me!!! I completely forgot about Bersecules. He would be #1 of course. No questions asked!!!!

      He-man and Spiderman don't even make the top 10000 LOL

  2. Hong Kong Phooey number one super guy. Hong Kong Phooey quicker than the human eye. Yeppers, I'm certainly showing my age now!!!!

    1. Hong Kong Phooey? That sounds like me when I sneeze...LOL Quicker than the human eye? Oh My!!! I need to check this out...hahaha

  3. Idont believe in super heroes now ha! i m kidding:)
    but my favorite is superman and secon batman and. Hell boy the red man I fi.d him So sweet a super hero have to be brave and nice too:))

    esperanza only she wants is see the movie you want see!

    1. love this post of course!!!

    2. What would you do to hell boy? Just thought we should clear that up before the naughty minds come to page... LOL

      I love Superman and Batman too. :)

      Of course Esperanza wants to see the movie, we're twins!!

    3. I dont know why I love hell boy:))He is nice lol

    4. LOL Nice is always good :)

  4. Wolverine has always been my favorite or at least tied, as Spiderman I like as well,(Not the stupid movie one of course), as he had great villains. Always liked wolverine because he's always been take no prisoners attitude and quite funny when he goes at them too.

    Sorry but I HATE Superman. The only time he is good is when he is teamed with Batman and they make fun of each other in their usual way, other wise yes he has lots of power but he is just so dull. I like Phoenix but don't like Jean Grey. I remember Mighty Mouse, liked what I watched of it.

    Batman would be higher up on my list. Beast and The Hulk would be there too. That new Avengers cartoon really made me like Hulk more. Always liked Thor, Hercules was a great disney movie, the show wasn't bad either, disney and the live action version. What about Goku? Doesn't he count?

    You know I never really liked Ironman much until RDJ played him, God help me for admitting that, but I didn't and like him better now.

    And then there is Blankman, you can't beat him, he's the best. Just kidding..haha

    As far as power rangers go I was always the green/white one. Tommy was the best..haha. I even have a 3 foot tall figure of the white ranger somewhere sitting about. FYI that show is finally coming out on dvd too, it prob looks soo bad now though.

    1. LMAO Wolverine will forever be #1 :)

      Spiderman is "spidery". Bleh!!!!!!

  5. I loved the power rangers as kid, my favorite was the Green/White Ranger. Speaking of the Yellow Ranger, the original actress Thuy Trang died in a car crash in 2001. Most of her co-stars on the show attended the funeral though, didn't know they stayed close after all those years.

    Speaking of power rangers, it's actually based on a Japanese show called Super Sentai. They take all the fighting scenes, and make new scenes when the Rangers are doing ordinary things. That's one of the reasons why it still comes out, it's been in Japan for decades and it's probably so easy for them to make Ranger episodes using it.

    1. I heard that she passed. Very upsetting and tragic.

      I did not know about the Japanese show. Great fact ;)

  6. Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Nightcrawler, Dardevil to answer your question, but I'm more a fan of the villains Loki, the Enchantress, Joker, just to name few. Great post, and awesome site!

    1. Thank you very much!!! (I love the Joker too...Loki, not so much. LOL)

  7. my hubby is really into these... and my son also. but i cannot say that i am. i do love mighty mouse, though... :) wolverine is a pretty cool superhero. i think my son likes ironman the best right now.

    hope you have a great day!


  8. Is it strange that I only find Hugh Jackman attractive when he's in character as Wolverine? I should probably talk to my therapist about that.

    I'm a Batman and Superman gal myself.

    1. Right? That's the ONLY time he's attractive!! Any other time I picture him prancing about in tights. Just sayin... LOL

  9. Loving the label "Im' honored to extend Jax' seal of approval" haha.

    Cute list! And the yellow power ranger, aw- that takes me back. My little brother was OBSESSED with the Red one, Jason. And he'd always be dressed-up as him when he was about 4, and out on the lawn kicking things "I'm jason!" ha, so cute. I weirdly really like the Power Rangers movie still...

    Superman is definitely hot but oh man do I have a thing for Clark Kent! Ugh- he's almost hotter than Superman!!!

    I don't know much about Wonder Woman but I gotta rsepect her and her outfit is neat.

    I must say maybe my favorite superheroes are "The Incredibles!"- ha, I love all of them.

    (ps i just realized your post yesterday was different than the one you did on Tuesday, I missed that!)

    1. LOL Glad you like the label. LOL

      LMAO Kicking things on the lawn? Adorable!!

  10. Wait for super hero is my daddy!! Good one, right??

    But, fine, we're talking movie/tv....

    Ironman rocks
    I love Inspector Gadget (from when I was a kid) - does he count as a super hero?
    Wonder Woman
    Selene from Underworld (bending the rules because..well...she kicks booty!)

  11. i love that you included mighty mouse. i so loved mighty mouse as a child.

  12. mighty mouse is the man. but i also like flash. who can resist super speed? not me. must be my tendency for flight instead of fight:)

    1. Ehh, wasn't a huge flash fan. But Might Mouse was deff the man!!! :)

  13. Excuse me, but Hugh Jackman so is hot! Not as Wolferine but just as himself. YUM! I also loved Batman and Superman ... hmmm is it because they wear their underpants on the outide, I wonder?!!

    1. Ehh, I disagree on the Hugh Jackman bit. hahaha Underpants on the oustside? Great call!!!

  14. The Ambiguously Gay Duo from Saturday Night Live.

  15. I am right there with you on Wolverine! He is bada$$! The only time Hugh is hot to me is when he is in that role. Then it is serious drool time for me. I HEART WOLVERINE!!

  16. But but..we all know the KIMBERLY, was the first great and ONLY Pink Power Ranger. Jeez you people. No Spiderman in the list? It begins and ends with Spidey.

    1. LOL I liked Kimberly too, but yellow is my favorite color :)

      Spiderman? Bleh!! I hate spiders!!


    My top 5 fav superheroes:

    5. MARVEL - Wolverine
    4. MARVEL - Iron Man
    3. DC - Green Lantern
    2. DC - Superman
    1. DC - Batman

    1. Green Lantern? Didn't see that one coming!!!

      Batman is number one? Decent choice ;) lol

  18. I just got done re-watching Thor. When he took his shirt off I forgot the Hubby was in the room and said exactly what was on my mind. Here's some advice Jax-never do that!!

  19. Superman is atop the list for me. Some people say he is too invincible, but the fact he is so invincible, and chooses to use his powers only for good is what makes him so great. Oh wait...why am I talking about Superman like he is a real person?

  20. what a great list! i laughed when read about Cowardthe cowardly dog. i would get seriously anxious and scared when i saw this show! i think it was definitely not meant for kids!
    on my heroes list... well aside from the conventional and blockbuster known ones... i really liked a show named "Sakura Card Captor" which was like anime. and that little girl was all kinds of awesome and despite being just a little girl, she always managed to save the world!. i wanted to be her!
    XO Jannine


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