Tuesday, May 1, 2012

AvengersWeek: 10 Best Movies of All Time

In honor of the most anticipated film of my entire life, I dedicate a week to The Avengers.
Anyone else "eep" uncontrollably at the mention of that movie???
Brother, Biff, and I have been planning this very day for years now!
We won't go Friday because the theaters will be way too crowded to actually enjoy the film.
We will go Saturday and scream obnoxiously loud over the entire movie while slapping each other as each exciting scene takes the stage.  ...ok, and every time Thor is topless...
We will then go again at least 3 more times to experience this masterpiece in the thrill of a theater.
Any movie worth footing a bill of $12 three times is worth a week's dedication in my blog.

Stage one of The Avengers Week is a list of my all time favorite movies.
I thought long and hard about these picks.
...and I'm not exaggerating.  This list took days of tweaking!

The Top 10 Greatest Movies of All Time According to Jax!

10.  Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Sad thing is I could probably quote every line to this silly movie!
A movie that can crack me up while making zero sense is fine by me!  Besides, it's a classic!

9.  Grease
This is my sad night movie.  Watch this movie while drowning in a tub of ice cream.  It fixes anything.
Besides, who doesn't like to sing and dance along with Rydell High???

8.  He's Not That Into You
One of the few chick flicks I really enjoy.  Full of great stories and amazing advice!!
Besides, it's so fun associating all your friends with each character!

7.  Iron Man
This movie has juicy drama, great action, and Robert Downey Jr.
Need I say more?

6.  The Little Mermaid
You could never go wrong watching a Disney classic about a spunky red head whose bff is a crab!
You have one guess to which is my favorite Disney princess!! lol

5.  The Atonement
I cry at the end of this movie every single stinking time.
Did I mention James McAvoy and Kiera Knightly are in it?  Talk about gorgeous cast!

4.  Legends of the Fall
This is one of the few movies that I can watch over and over again.  Just an overall great story!
This also happens to be the only movie that I like Brad Pitt in.  Just saying...

3.  The Dark Knight
The action and drama of this movie was great, but The Joker stole the show!  Such a great film!!
Why so serious?!

2.  Walk the Line
Everything in this movie was great!  I loved it all from the music to the cast to the traumatic storyline!
I could sing each and every song on this album!  Want me to right now?  Didn't think so...

1.  Dirty Dancing
This was the only easy one for me to pick!!
I could repeat this movie verbatim while singing each song and doing each dance.
The memories I have associated with this movie are endless!!
I even do the dances with my God son!  Loverr boyyyy...comee hereee lover boyyy!!

What are your top movies of all time?
...only 4 more days until The Avengers comes out.  Just sayin...


  1. Ha, interesting! I agree with SOME of yours :P Walk the Line is pretty great, though

  2. I am so with you on the Avengers and on going eep when Thor is topless on screen. He's my daughters current crush. Monty Python and the Holy Grail makes my top ten as well, I've seen the so many times I have the dialogue memorized. My number one movie is Lawrence of Arabia and my number two is Dreams by Akria Kurasawa. And for the pure sake of eye candy it's 300. I wore that DVD out watching it!

    1. Oh, I'm going to have a hard time picking b/w Thor and Iron Man. They are both yummy!!

      Month Python is the best movie ever!!! I give it as a gift often too. LOL I have to see your 2 favorites. Never saw them or heard of them, but I trust your judgement! 300? Gerard Butler..Yum!!

  3. I'm one of those people who don't get the obsession with Avengers, Dark Knights and Iron Men, but I'm with Anne on seeing Thor and Captain America topless, the second one especially :)
    I have a list of my fave movies somewhere at HOLLYWOOD SPY, I posted it a couple of years ago... Ah, here it is, I dug it out for you :)

    1. I'm not a huge Captain America you can have him and I'll take Thor. Even exchange right????? Ohhh, I can't wait for the Avengers!!!

      I just checked out your list :) I only saw one of those movies!! Now I need to add these to my must see list. I mean, you are the hollywood guru!! ;)

  4. My list of top ten movies does not belong on a respectable website like this - Except Monty Python's Holy Grail.... Good call.

    1. LOL Everyone seems to love my #10. Great movie!!

  5. Goodwill Hunting
    Shawshank Redemption
    Blade Runner
    Original Star Wars Trilogy
    Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
    The Dirty Dozen

    1. Would you believe that I haven't seen not one of these movies? Sigh...I'm going to have to watch all of them with the exception of Star Wars or Predator. I just can't do those...

    2. Anyone who can't do Star Wars is just waaaaaayyy to young to understand.

    3. Unless it is the new trilogy then they have good taste for avoiding that crap.

    4. I've never even seen a minute of the movie. I've seen Spaceballls. Does that count for something?

    5. LOL well sorta I suppose, Spaceballs wasn't a bad one either, forgot all about that.

  6. You did a movie post, you know that is going to be a favorite of mine right there. So with you on the Avengers too, I might actually have to go to the theatre and watch that, might...haha...been waiting for a movie like that forever.

    I've seen six out of the top ten of yours. 10,8,5 and 4 have still yet to see. As for the top ten for me, umm there is no such thing, way way way too many. If I started a list I think it would stretch your blog. You know what, what the heck. Here we go right off the top of my head, I know I'll miss a ton, but let's give it a run. Curse me out if you like, but you opened the door...LMAO

    Adventures in Babysitting
    Back to the Future
    Beverly Hills Cop
    Con Air
    Conspiracy Theory
    Dawn of the Dead
    Definitely Maybe
    Die Hard
    Doc Hollywood
    Fast & Furious
    Fast Five
    First Blood
    Homeward Bound
    Hot Pursuit
    Indiana Jones
    Lethal Weapon
    Major League
    Midnight Run
    Mrs. Doubtfire
    My Fellow Americans
    Nothing to Lose
    O Brother Where Art Thou
    Office Space,
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Police Academy
    Remember The Titans
    Say Anything
    Secondhand Lions
    Short Circuit
    The Dream Team
    The Fast and the Furious
    The Fugitive
    The Librarian
    The Negotiator
    The Pelican Brief
    The Postman
    The Princess Bride
    The Road To El Dorado
    The Secret of My Success
    The Shawshank Redemption
    Terminator 2
    Weekend at Bernies
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    1. Just a few that popped into your head, huh?? LOL!!!!! You should deff see it in the theaters!!!! I can't wait to go see it. It's going to be AMAZING. Any word on an Iron Man 3?

      Out of all your movies, I only saw about 6 or 7 of them. Guess I am some watching to do...LOL

      Birdcage is also up there, but it got knocked out by Monty Python. I just couldn't pick!! lol

    2. Hmmm I thinking on it, haven't been to the theater in almost five years though. I may break my streak..haha...and yeah that is just a few for more, I thought of so many more afterward but don't think there should be a part two.

      Only 6 or 7 geez, now you have tons of watching to

      I liked Birdcage, I'm not sure I'd stick it near the top but it wasn't a bad one. Have never watched a Monty Python film that I can recall. Sad I know.

      LOL I cracked up at Roadhouse being mentioned below too, hahaha, Top Dog may as well be added to the list then

    3. Oh and Iron Man 3 starts shooting soon, comes out next year. Has Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce up for villians. Sounds like it will be waaay better than the second on so far at least.

    4. @ Pat -I think I just found my new BFF!!!! Beverly Hills Cop! Dawn of the Dead! Princess Bride! Zombieland - only the best Zombie movie (currently floating in brain at the moment) out there!!! Oh, wait...Shaun of the Dead - I'm always torn between the two of them..

      Have you seen Snatch? Another great movie!

    5. TOOTSIE, I never would have guessed, Cat :)
      But I do love you for putting MRS DOUBTFIRE and STARGATE on the list.

    6. Yeah Shaun of the Dead, forgot that one. Although I still like Zombieland better. See just had to give a list and now you are with the cat and not the I have never seen Snatch yet, will add it to the list.

      LOL the cat like Tootsie indeed. Knew you'd like Stargate as you said you did, enjoyed that one a lot, as I did the show, which you didn't, shame on you. But nothing is as bad as liking The Fountain..LMAO

    7. What is the Fountain? Do I want to know...LOL

      I haven't seen any of these movies!!! Sigh, maybe I'm not as qualified as I thought to write this list. Oh well...LOL

    8. NOOOOOO! Avoid The Fountain at all costs, worst movie EVER! Well maybe there are a few more, but I told you how much I hate Game 6, quadruple my hate with The Fountain. I'll watch Spice World all day long over watching that again.

      LOL yes you need to see waaaaaay more I guarantee your list will change when/if you do.

    9. Jaxy, I mentioned THE FOUNTAIN in my list of best films, that you supposedly read yesterday ;PPP

      Oh, I will kill the cat for sure, he keeps undermining the greatness of TEH FOUNTAIN, even though it's a film filled with eternal love and goodness!

  7. Love your Grease and Dirty Dancing pick but I must add Forrest Gump to the list. OMG, I watched it for the 30th time the other night and cried from start to finish. So many life lessons in that movie!!!!!

    1. Sigh...I watched it too the other night. The TVs on a Forrest Gump kick. I hate that movie!!! Tom Hanks and his voices annoys the crap out of me. And it's just so unrealistic. I roll my eyes at 3/4s of that movie. LOL

  8. my kids and i love watching youtube... and we just happened to see a preview of the avengers. i love your list... i absolutely love atonement and dirty dancing!!!
    have a great day!


    1. Aw, thank you!! And, yes, those two are GREAT movies :)

  9. I have to say we have very different movie tastes, except for The Avengers. I have been anxiously awaiting this for months. Nerd power!

    Oh, and I love Dirty Dancing. But I most assuredly wouldn't call it the best movie of all time. That title surely goes to Roadhouse. Kidding!

    1. LOL When I read Roadhouse I was like, legit??? hahahaha I mean, it was ok, but nothing past that.

      Nerd power is right!!! I can't WAIT for The Avengers!!!!! :)

  10. Well I love Little Mermaid but I love, really love Mary Poppins LOL
    Always I want to be:)
    Love The pelican brief! nice
    love Iron man too and Legends of the Fall I cry a lot lol
    Conspiracy theory
    yes too.
    My problem dear here change sometimes the titles (hate it) for to say the other in spanish:(
    But love a lot of movies, lov ethis post:)

    1. The Little Mermaid is a great movie!! Second place of Disney movies goes to Beauty and The Beast and Aladin. All are great movies!!!

      Legends of the Fall is amazing and makes me cry too :)

    2. Gloria has Conspiracy Theory and Pelican Brief, oh dear she has good taste..haha

      Still like Bed Knobs and Broomsticks a bit more than Mary Poppins, like Newsies too if we are on musical ones. Oh and I do really like Grease, Iron Man and the rest I seen on your list, just didn't think they needed repeating.

      And it's movies so I kind of bogarted your blog

    3. Blogart my page all you want. It's cracking me up!!!

      P.S. I love Bed Knobs and Broomsticks!!!!

    4. It's bogart, but that's an Anne word so I'll forgive

      You do? Oh I watched that movie a whole bunch of times, always loved Bed Knobs and Broomsticks, that right there cancels out Spice World, so you can get your points back for that one..haha

  11. Well, Jax, the only one we agreed on was Monty Python =(

    Maybe Grease...I remember watching it when it came out (yes, I'm that old) and then watching it when I was older and all then innuendos in it and I was so surprised LOL

    1. LOL Only one? Sigh... I'll try harder next time :) lol

      I was surprised about the innuendos too. It's crazy what you let fly over your head when you're just a little kid. lol

  12. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a great movie! Once you see the Avengers movie let us know if it makes your top ten or fizzles out!

    1. Ok, I will let you know. I'm expecting so much that it's sure to fall short of my expectations. LOL Well, I hope not....

  13. i too am excited for his. but i really need to see captain american and thor first!

    1. Eh, Captain America is ok. I'm not his biggest fan. Thor is a MUST see. It was nothing short of amazing and, um, sexy!!

  14. Awesome! I love hearing people’s favorite movies. I believe that this list took you forever because I have NEVER been able to successfully narrow it down- there are so many ways to love a movie: childhood memories, amazing storyline, bad in a good way… just everything, it’s so hard to pick. However, over the years- I have decided that gun-to-head if I had to pick a favorite movie it would be “A League of Their Own”. I love it so much- it has Chicago, Oregon, Sports, Tom Hanks, Girl Power, History, WWII… it’s definitely gotta be my favorite. I think that if I had to pick a second, it would be “The Princess Bride”. My parents introduced that story to me when I was really little and I’m so obsessed with it, it just makes me so happy to watch and is one of THE most quotable movies ever “No more rhyming now, I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?”

    I love Walk the Line too and have you seen “Inglourious Basterds”??? Brad Pitt is awesome in that film but that’s also one of my top 5 favorites. LOVE IT, basically to watch the Nazis get their *** kicked.

    Grease- YES, YES, YES! Never tire of that. Also crack up as I realize what a horrible message it sends at the end “change who you are for someone else!” haha, oh well- I don’t even care. Travolta is so adorable in that (though cuter in Looks Who’s Talking which I also love).

    I love Titanic too, never tire of it and have never been so impacted by a film.

    “The Incredibles” is also always a good movie to watch- it’s d*mn near perfect. And I weirdly love the “Joy Luck Club”.

    Okay, I could go on and on forever… it’s hard to narrow down. And Little Mermaid is awesome to watch as an adult due to the Priest scene- I can never believe that it actually made it in.

    1. Girl, we really are twins!!! I agree with everything!!! Except for the Titanic. I love that movie, but I refuse to watch it b/c the ending makes me sob uncontrollably every single stinking time!! lol

      I also need to check out The Joy Luck Club. I never heard of it! I also need to check out Inglorious Bastards!!!! I'm not a huge Brad Pitt fan. That's why I typically stay away from his films, but I trust your judgement!

  15. Some great films on your top films would include:-
    Casablanca (hopeless romantic in me)
    The Hangover (just reminds me of a trip to Munich)
    Aliens (Guns, aliens...its all cool)
    Blade Runner
    ...but I so hope the Avengers lives up to the hype.

    1. I love The Hangover too. Very funny!! The other ones though, I've never seen! You guys are giving me a long list to watch. I'm going to type it up and cross them off :)

    2. Well if you want I can narrow down the list for you, should be able to pick what you'd like.

      And now I am done bogarting your blog for the night and good luck(not a great movie) Movies just get me going...haha

  16. That is nifty that they got all the A-list actors together to reprise their roles in "The Avengers." Usually what Hollywood would do, is put together a new cast, and ruin everything. Yeah, I think I could definitely suspend my cheapness for a day and schell out a few bucks to see this movie. I have lots of favorite movies, but one of my main favorites is "Excalibur" directed by John Boorman, about the legend of King Arthur. King Arthur is the "super hero" I identify the most with. He isn't the strongest, or the biggest, or especially super extraordinary in any way. It is his courage, compassion, and humility that are his "super powers." Basically, any one of us could be King Arthur as long as we care enough about truth, and justice.

    1. Ok, fine...I agree with the A list actors...but it doesn't lose the movie's credibility. It doesn't...I swear!!!!

  17. PS- John Hughes' films need their own category as I love them all.

    1. Eep!!! Don't give me that strange look as I head over to Google...

    2. LMAO you don't know Hughes? The breakfast club? Ferris Beuller's day off? Sixteen candles, geez hang your head in shame..haha

    3. I saw all those movies...I just didn't know there was a name associated with them!! I'm sorry!!! **bows head real low**

  18. One of mine would totally be Ferris Bueller's Day Off!

  19. Atonement and Grease , rest - maynt be in my list. Mine would include "The mask", "My father is a hero",Noise off, MI series Pixar movies, Kubrick and Chris Nolan movies.
    Saw Pat's list, he just lost one of his fans. I liked The Shawshank Redemption though in that list. "The fast and the furious" - not for million dollars.

    1. The Mask was very funny!! I wouldn't consider it a favorite though.

      I've never seen The Fast and The Furious (unless you count a late night viewing on mute). It just never appealed to me! I'm against the cat on that one too ;) LOL

    2. LOL they are the type of movie that are just made to enjoy and not think too much. They are in no way oscar worthy, but I enjoy 1,4 and 5. They wouldn't make a top ten if I had to choose, but thankfully I don'

  20. Oh man, some people have watched a lot of movies! I'm not HUGE into movies (pretty weird, I know) but I like the epics with great stories!

    1. LOL Yes they have!!! The sad part is that I haven't even heard of half of these. I feel so behind in life...LOL

    2. Yes you should feel such shame for not knowing all of these.haha

  21. I can' wait for the Avengers. You comment about shirtless Thor doesn't surprise me. One of my co-workers said his wife drooled literally while watching Thor. I watched Thor by myself (just happened that way) so I never got to see my girlfriend Daisy's reaction. I guess it was good I saw Ironman 2 by myself, because Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow really wowed me. I felt just like Tony Stark when she step into that boxing ring in the movie. Daisy did see Captain America, so she wants to see the Avengers as well.

    1. Oh, I saw all of them!!! I'm SO excited to see the Avengers!! Scarlet Johannson is absolutely gorgeous and definitely one of my girl crushes!!! Love her :)

  22. My girlfriend is away on a Pharmacy rotation so I'm going to wait until she gets back to go see it.

    1. Oh, when she get's back you have to let us all know how it is!

  23. The Prestige is my favorite movie =)

    1. Oh, I never heard of that one either!! I have to check it out. :)

  24. I just love Grease! I never get tired of watching that movie. I can easily get soooo lost in it while daydreaming. It's a fantastic way to escape from the stresses of life. Believe me, I need an escape route sometimes :-)

  25. i haven´t watched all of the movies on this list, but i´ll definitely keep them in mind as an inspiration!
    i LOVED the little mermaid. when i was little i´d play i was her in the bath tub! -embarassing moment, yeah- but also i was a big fan of Beauty and The Beast (i know all the lyrics and script) and also The Lion King. :) i still love animated films... and having a baby brother has given me the perfect excuse to keep on watching them. one of my newest faves is Finding Nemo!
    to my list i would add: Moulin Rouge (talk about a LOVE story!), Forest Gump (i saw it -again for like the 20th time- while i was in Orlando and cried my balls out!) and August Rush. those three come to mind instantly :)Oh and Avatar!!!

    XO amiga, Jannine

  26. I have to admit, I read Atonement, and it was one of the worst books ever. I totally scrapped all plans to see the movie afterwards. Dirty Dancing and Legends of the Fall were both great. Grease 2 is one of my all time favorite movies (since I was a kid).


  27. You have a great list; it's so rare that I come across someone who agrees with me on 'Walk the Line'. I think the film was a killer, with incredible acting, and based upon a legend. My friend and colleague, who also works with me at Dish, comes over weekly to share movie night with me. We are both movie buffs, so I subscribe to Blockbuster @Home, so I can stream the movie of the week right to my TV. 'Dirty Dancing' is such a classic, that it deserves recognition in the form of being watch this weekend. I miss Patrick Swayze, and there is nothing better after a hard week at work than a great movie night with a friend.

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