Thursday, April 12, 2012

What Makes a Best Friend The Best!

Yesterday was a very special day!!
Biff, my best friend in the entire universe, turned 22!
We are so getting old…
Happy Birthday Biff!!

Biff grew up with Brother and me.  He only lived 1 house away from us.
He’s been part of the family since we were really little.  We refer to him as our other sibling and best friend!
The Jax family couldn't imagine life without our Biff!

Here are 10 reasons why Biff is Brother and I’s best friend!
I can only list 10, but that doesn’t mean that I don't have a gazillion more reasons!

1.  School Lunch & Vending Machines
My two biggest fears in school were getting caught eating cafeteria food and grabbing Snapple from a vending machine.
Biff carried my tray of school Mac & Cheese for me AND collected my Snapple.
Tell me that’s not a best friend right there!

2.  One Liners
I have never met anyone who could compete with this guy’s one liners!
He always has the most perfect thing to say at the most perfect time.
I would list them all, but that would be a whole other post!  You’ll just have to take my word for it! ;)

3.  Jackie Lee Times
For years we would compile our stupidity in a fake newspaper called The Jackie Lee Times.
It would consist of ridiculous updates to our lives, inside jokes, and fake advertisements.
“Get your tan in a can!!!  Oh man!!!”
Not only did we make them, but he STILL has them!

4.  Meat Sack
He was constantly there for me through a borderline abusive breakup with a psychopath a few months back.
Not only did he help me move practically over night, but he escorted me around so the stalker wouldn’t follow.
Oh yea…he also constantly tortured the guy for torturing me.  Ya Meatsack!!!

5.  TV Dinners
When I was hungry he would hand deliver me a TV dinner on his bicycle!
…and when we were done, he would help me hide the garbage in my hated neighbors bush!!

6.  Keyboarding Contest
In 2006, I competed in a keyboarding contest.
Everyone sits in a room and types.  Whoever finishes first gets named the fastest typist in Long Island.
Biff was the only person that came to cheer me on!
He sat silently in the background with his hands up rooting for my little fingers to fly across the keys.

7.  Questions
He seriously answers every single STUPID question that I seriously ask him.
What does your dog sound like when it sneezes?  Choo!
What would you do if you were sitting and Aaron Carter fell out of a tree onto your lap?  Scream.
Is it good if your milk is ULTRA pasteurized?  Let me check google…

8.  Dish The Fish
He has raised a fish that I bought him 3 years ago for his birthday like it was his baby.
I’m not sure why this makes him a good friend, but Dish has lived 3 years and counting!!
You can file that one under good caretaker of animals!  The wiener pooches would know.  Biff babysat them constantly!

9.  Birthday Candles
He still speaks to me after accidently inviting one of the people he hates the most over for his birthday cake.
This dude that he hated spent the night interacting with his family and trying to befriend Biff.
He also lit Biff’s birthday candles.  If only I had a picture of Biff’s face!

10.  The Love Guru
He’s helped me scare boys away.  He’s helped me reel boys in.  He’s kept me sane in the dating world.
Biff has been my personal psychologist since I was about 10 years old.
…and I’m still his best friend…

Despite his constant leedles, impersonations of Sister Act, and his desire ability to control the weather, he’s been my best friend for as long as I knew what a best friend was.  He’s part of the family and expected at many family functions.  I love you Biff and hope that you had a wonderful birthday!!!!  
Now, bust out the Jackie Lee times.  This may deserve a page!

What makes your best friend so amazing?


  1. Getting caught eating cafeteria food was a fear? What is so scary about that?..hahaha

    Inviting hated people over, hand delivering TV dinners, scaring away boys and reaching into the scary vending machine hahaha yep definitely a great friend there. Whoopi Goldberg impersanations too...hahahaha

    And picking on the poor neighbor by hiding trash in their bush mean.

  2. Wow. Happy B'day Biff. He does deserve his own statue in Long Island. I always thought that people like him never existed.

  3. Everyone need a Biff in their life. More people even need to be named Biff. Happy B/D Biff.

  4. What makes my friends so amazing? They bring their own beer.

  5. hey, it's my B-day, today, when are you throwing me a party? :)

  6. aw...that's sweet. Does he have a girlfriend? Are you sure he isn't in love with you? He sounds wonderful.

    I'm with Pat. What's wrong with people seeing you eat cafeteria food? Biff did it! ha.

  7. Guys don't talk about what makes their friends so amazing. Well, he can't fart the star spangled banner.

  8. marry this man! or i will! haha but seriously this post made me so happy! i'd love to have someone say such nice things about me.

  9. What a great friend! I hope he had a happy birthday. :)

  10. @Pat...LMAO Yes!!! I was embarassed so he would carry my tray to the table for me and I would sneak bites. hahahahahaha

    Oh inviting that guy over was PRICELESS. He hates that man, managed not to see him for about 4 years, and then I accidently invited him. When he lit is bday candles, I cracked up!! LMAO

    Oh, I HATED that neighbor!!!!!! He used to tattle on me everytime that I did something. He deserved to get trash in his bush. LOL!!!!

  11. @ThinkingCap...Yes, he exists and he's wonderful :) His own statue?? Ok, let's not go too far!!! hahahaha

    @Manzanita...Yes, I agree!!

    @Barfly...That's a great trait, if you like beer. LOL

    @Dez...I'll throw you a party anytime you want. What would you like on the menu?? I'll even invite your Prince Charming from OUAT!!

    @Betsy...He does not have a g/f. He is not in love with me! We grew up together so we have a sibbling bond. I love him like I love my brother. He is wonderful! And I'm not sure about the cafeteria food, but I'm pretty sure that eating it is like wearing a dunce cap. LOL

  12. @Bama...Well, you should!! Spread the love :)

    @Elle...LOL, whoever marries him will be VERY lucky. But they have to get by me first ;) I approve of you though b/c I know you have great taste in men. LOL

    @Leslie...Thank you very much! I'll pass the message!

  13. Well that is a new one. Embarrassed over cafeteria food..hahaha...although I never ate a single bite of the stuff, didn't even bother with lunch..haha..of course that has more to do with food issues..haha

    You always manage to invite wrong people, send emails to wrong people, texts, lol...someone should take your phone away...hahaha

    Oh now you've done it, egging Dez on. You are going to have to put on the biggest party ever for penguin man's ego..hahaha

  14. I think that's wonderful...the sibling love. I always wanted a brother...never had one!

    you need to set up your comments for replies...then we can chat your ears off. lol. If you're interested I can email you's easy.

  15. 22? could be MY kid

  16. @Pat...LMAO, well sometimes they had chicken nuggets ;) haha Don't take my phone away!!! I need it!!!! I'm always send the wrong thing to the wrong people. Sigh...I'm all for big parties!! Dez's birthday is a good excuse as any. I'll start planning right away! It will be an extravaganza!!

    @Betsy...I have a Brother, but why not have 2? LOL It's double the protection. Straining men through them makes you only come up with 2 or 3 passable men. hahaha Yes, e-mail me how. I have zero clue. I'm always down to chat ;) hahaha

    @L...Well, if makes you feel better, I'm older. I'm 23. Age is just a number homey! :D

  17. a keyboarding contest? Man reminds me of 9th grade when all the kids started destroying their keyboards because they thought they were in a race. I always hated the stupid WPM ratings in the PC programs they made us use.

  18. yeah im not to sure about this, like if your a chick and biff is a dude, how are u best friends? unless you guys do that best friend banging stuff too. then that makes everything way awesome.

  19. he sounds like a fun person to have as a best friend. which is what makes a best friend so great i think. bringing out the laughter and the fun.

  20. I am mucho jealous... I haven't had a best friend in a few years and it makes me sad =-(

  21. oooh, if you get me the OUAT hero I will be your humble servant forever. He really was born specially for me, only he doesn't know it yet :(

  22. Well that is just rude, they never had chicken nuggets here, crummy one horse town..hahaha...look you have yourself a minion too if you can get Dez Prince if you're the cat's minion and he is your minion, I guess Dez has to obey the cat in a round about way..haha

    Betsy is right too, reply could be better.

  23. Really nice birthday tribute! Everyone needs a best friend like that

  24. Biff sounds like a real class act--- we could all stand to have a few good friends like that!

  25. Sounds like you have a fantastic friend! Glad to see you appreciate him! Never take a good friend for granted!

    My best friend is my girl friend! We have so much in common and are always there for eachother! Its great!

  26. @Adam...It was something I did competitevly. It wasn't something that the students were forced to do. In fact, I represented my high

    @Bart...Are you feeling ok? Best friends don't bang!! He's a gentleman!!! Hmph...

    @Amy...He's a great person and makes me laugh all the time :)

    @Krysten...Oh that's sad!! You should try and meet new people. There's nothing like a best friend.

    @Dez...No worries, I got this!! We could double date! I'll bring Ian Somerhalder or Chris Zylka. Yum!! hahaha

  27. @Pat...I don't have minions, I have friends!! LOL Everyone is equal at Raviolis & Waterworks ;) hahahaha I tried to make it w/ the reply funciton, but it doesn't let me reply individually. Do you know how I can do it?

    @Rooth...Thanks! and I concur 100% :)

    @Mike...Biff certainly is!

    @Bersec...That's so nice! I love when bffs, g/fs, b/fs or w/e appreciate each other. It's nice to spread the love!

  28. This is one great friend you have here. I love how you guys put together The Jackie Lee Times and him bringing you food when you were hungry, that's an exceptional thing to do. Friends like this are hard to come by and worth more than gold.

  29. He is really sweet and I think you love him like a brother!! so nice! sometimes I had friends like your! is nice and amazing!
    Esperanza best friends are men! lol

  30. My best friends are amazing (dont have a lot) but always care me, are honest, but when I asked any thing (like you) they answer seriously me) I love my friends lol!

  31. @Anne...Yes, the Jackie Lee times is always fun to look at! We think back and crack up :) They are deff worth way more than gold!

    @Gloria...That so nice that you have friends like this!! I have 2 best friends, but of the 2, I have known Michael the longest. He is more then a friend, he is a brother :)

  32. oh, the cat is spreading his wishful thinking all around the blogozone now :)

  33. and I see Chris is happy to see you, Jaxie :)

  34. I forget to say you I really love this post, the real friends are the best! LOL

  35. @Dez...LOL We'll let the cat wish ;) and OMG TO THAT PICTURE!! I am speechless. All that came out was a deep yum!!

    @Gloria...Thanks lady!!

  36. The cat will have total control!! Count on it..haha..and minions are better than equals...haha

    1. LMAO As your minion I feel obligated to agree with this, but since this is my page, I'm going to have to say you're wrong. Sorry cat ;)

  37. Hmm I see you got the reply working at your sea, although it won't let me use it hmmmm. LMAO the cat accepts your almost obligation as good enough..haha

  38. i like a friend with consistently good one liners and who cheers me on, though no friends have ever attended any typing contests or sessions of mine:) a tv dinner brought by bicycle may not be pizza in a delivery car, but that really might be great friendship. you are lucky to have friend like that. sibling love is beautiful. i've lost touch with some girls i grew up with, which unfortunately happens, especially when one or the other moves away, but the friendship is always still there (via internet:).

  39. My best friend is your neighbor. I help her clean out her bushes, which strangely always have a ton of trash in them. In exchange, she makes me tea.

    I assumed that your neighbor is a woman. I took a cursory glance, but couldn't find any posts on him/her.

  40. Happy birthday to Biff. Anyone that delivers via bicycle and is comfortable with a pink bat gets an A+ in my book.

    Enjoy your weekend Jax.

  41. Quick witted, loyal, and a constant source of amazement. I don't think there are any better traits for a bestie! Have a great weekend, Jax!


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