Thursday, April 5, 2012

What I've Learned Through Blogging!

I’m constantly flipping through the world of Blogs and learning new things.
Through your comments and other people’s posts, I’ve been introduced to all sorts of foreign things.
I’ve read about other cultures, religions, celebrity gossip, good books, and awesome fashion tips.
My favorite findings are the random tidbits unintentionally spit out in between the lines.
It’s important to keep an open mind and soak in knowledge.
To try and learn something new everyday is the best piece of advice I’ve ever followed.

Now what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share the wealth?
Here are a few of my favorite things I learned from all of you!

While this rhyming cat has filled my poor brain with many things, I have to pick just one.
Pat brought out my inner rhyme.
I had no idea that my brain could even work that way.  He gave it a great work out making me his minion!

I am the worst person at applying makeup, especially on myself.
Jannine has saved me the embarrassment of raccoon eyes and ugly makeup.
Did I mention that she’s super nice and amazing to talk to?

3.  Sporkgasm
As you all know, I am OCD and live my life around bleaching things.
Melanie has given me a life changing tip.  Pick one day a week to clean, and stick to it!
She’s always there for some great advice and support, but I can only pick one lesson…

This spunky Irish woman is sweet, funny, and full of words I’ve never heard before!
One of the first words Anne ever taught me was wanker.
Don’t know what it means?  Then I suggest you click on the link and ask her!

I live in a bubble where I think everyone leads a similar life.
Betsy taught me that Black & White cookies only fill the stores of NY.
Ok, so she popped my bubble a few more times than just once, but at least I’m learning!

I thought my apartment was full of anything a lady could ever want, until I stumbled here.
Caitlin introduced me to bar carts and then made me want one real bad!
She’s full of classy DIYs, fun advice, and great fashion tips.

The blogger has taught me countless life lessons.  Despite how much I idolize her strength, I want to keep this light.
Melynda has taught me that the best way to get noticed is to wear a killer pair of black boots.
Want to get your flirt on?  Rock the sexy boots!

You don’t know funny until you check out this page.  He’ll make you LOL for real!
I’ve always loved TheLoveBug and never thought of judging her until recently.
Mike has taught me that a great car is one whose directional clicks at a steady, strong pace.

L is my homegirl from New York, ya heardd!!
She taught me that outside of this state, there are no delis with delicious egg and cheese sandwiches.
I mean,  what do people eat for breakfast if they don't have that?!

10.  A Miusmie
This awesome lady introduced me to one of the greatest things around!
Rooth showed me the pomksy.  Ever since I laid eyes on that post, I wanted that adorable pooch!
She's awesome, crafty, and knows how to pick out great homes.

There are so many other lessons that I learned though the world of blogging.
If I missed you, don't be insulted.  I just ran out of time and room.
I appreciate everything that you all have shared with me and that's why I wanted to share my 150th post with all of you!

What have you learned through blogging?


  1. I learned I have to work harder to make you list one day.

  2. Buahhhh! I think we alwsys learn about all the prople and i learned a lot with you!

  3. @Cal...LOL I like that one. Aspiring to make one of my lists. Love that ;0)

    @Gloria...Aww did you?! That makes me very happy!! I've learned how to make many yummy recipes through you!!

    1. Oh really? You learned with me?? Sweet!
      Seriouly. I love your humor sense, you always make me smile:)

  4. Aww very nice! Hhehhehe I like that anne taught you wanker

  5. Cool list! I have bookmarked for future visits!

  6. You are a rock star my friend. By the way you can rock brown boots too. I seriously want a pair of grey ones too.. :) Thanks for mentioning me kiddo. You just made my morning!

  7. Oh yeah, first. The cat will give you a nice pat on the head for that, minion..hahaha you did impress with your rhyme too, just proving one never knows what they can do.

    Don't tell Betsy that, we'll never hear the end of it. Plus she pokes rather hard when she pops a bubble to..haha

    So that is where you heard of the pomsky, I guess I owe her one too then.

    I've learned so much through blogging it isn't funny. A rant on that would put even the cat's longest post ever to shame. It brings to your doorstep more world views than one would ever think, one of the best choices I ever made was to start the blog. Congrats on 150 too. And yes the cat will admit he has also learned much from you.

  8. I've learned that reading my older work makes me cringe. So I must be improving at a slow rate

  9. I have learned many things through my experience with blogging. I think one of the most useful skills I have picked up thanks to blogspot is filling out those captcha boxes quickly and efficiently. I wonder if perhaps I can do this for a living one day...

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  11. oooh, we love it when Annzie teaches us a new naughty word :) Wanker is a true hit and I use it often along with the bollocks :) You gotta love Irish and British naughty words

  12. @Gia...LOL I like it too :)

    @Nellie...Awesome, thanks!

    @Melynda...Oh, I'm so glad that it made your morning! Grey boots? I'm SO on that!! and Rock star??? Ohh, I REALLY love that!!!

  13. @Pat...A pat on the head from Pat's Cat? I like Anne's fireworks idea better. LOL

    Leave poor Betsy alone!! She's living a life where Black & White cookies aren't within driving distance!

    The cat learned from??? Oh, useful things I hope!!! hahahahahaha

  14. Congrats on 150!! Heartbreaking about no delis, huh? You don't know what you have until it's a good slice of pizza.

    Thank you so much for the shout out and now I've got new people to check out; if you like 'em, I will too.

    Of course, I already know the cat quite well and Anne is my Mistress Hooligan =)

  15. @Gloria...You're making me blush!! Thanks for the compliments :) And yes, I've learned from you!! I actually have a few of your recipes printed out to experiment for easter! I may use your carrot cake recipe to make cupcakes :) I want to use my snazzy new cupcake stand!!

    @Adam...Yes, I believe we all improved on our writing skills. Practice makes perfect!

    @Jimmy...I'd pay someone to fill out those God awful things for me!! lol

    @Dez...Yes we do!!! hahaha Bollocks?? Care to translate while she's away?? lol Someone's got to fill her shoes!

  16. I've learned that everyone hates their hair! That's the number comment I get......or, they could never do that hairstyle/makeup/DIY I did,,,so not true. I'm the biggest klutz!!

  17. @L...Girl, you really blew my mind with that deli thing!! Egg and cheese on a roll is one of my favorite things!! You just can't get the same level of greasy and crunchy making them at home. Sigh...

    and Yes, check them out!! You'll love them :)

  18. @Elle...Girl, you got my hair to grow back!! LMAO I owe you serious kudos for that ;) Ok, so it never fell out...but it just wasn't right!!!

  19. Congrats on the 150th post!!! Let's see Jax - what I've learned from you is that having a positive outlook on life turns bad or awkward situations into hilarious blog posts later. Here's to many many more posts! (And thanks for the shout out!)

  20. I've been thinking a lot about this lately, and I think that the one thing I love most about blogging is all of the different perspectives and ideas!

  21. LOL yes I suppose fireworks would be a btter idea to use, although they could confuse making people think there is a holiday on display.

    Pfft I'm just beating Betsy to the punch. But then she does have to deal with tighty whities in her window view, so I suppose I will cut her some slack..hahahaha

    Yes for better or worse a thing or ten has been learned from you. And since Anne isn't around to help.

    Bloody hell, I have to bugger you up, like some wanker, so you scream blue murder and leave your dogs barking as you then go see a man about a dog. LMAO

  22. I don't always stick to my one day a week, but I'm getting closer to it. Just do the best you can sister. Before you know it you'll be known as the annoying girl who's always on time. :)

  23. i've learned that blogger can be a bitch at times. like 90% of the time. *shakes fist at google*

  24. haha...yes, I've told Pat things about himself he didn't even know yet! lol.

    We have to make our own black and whites AND egg and cheese sandwiches. But that's ok...they are MUCH less expensive here in Ohio. ha. for your package! The postal web says it's being delivered today! yippee!

  25. @Rooth...You're very welcome!! That pomsky was stinking adorable! I want one so bad now :)

    @Leslie...Yes, there is so many perspectives and ideas floating around here. It's hard to ignore them!

  26. @Pat...My very own holiday would be very nice, thank you!! Love your ideas!! LMAO

    Tighty whities?? Do I even want to kno...haha

    LMAO!!! It sounded just like her!!! Now, if you really want to be Anne, you can need to translate it for me b/c I have no clue what any of that means! hahahaha

  27. @Spork...Oh the day I'm on time. I'm trying REAL hard!!! Soon... :)

    @Bart...yes, I've learned that too. hahahaha

    @Betsy...Really?? Oh the cat must've loved that! hahaha Oh so now you're using the money line too?? LOL A home made egg and cheese never comes out the same as deli. I'm not sure what exactly they do to it, but it's GODLY. I just let the mail guy here know. I'm so excited!!!

  28. Oh you are so nice!!! I will have to revisit this post when I'm not at work as they block just about every blog that ends in "" so I didn't get far just now as I tried to visit your inspirational blogs! But I want to!

    You are so kind for the shout-out. And I totally agree with you about blogging and introducing you to a whole new world. I really love the variety and I take away something from EVERY blog I read (obviously, that is why I read them). I feel so much more inspired by life since I started blogging due to other people's words that have allowed me to notice many things I never noticed before. And I love that no two blogs are alike, everyone has their own style.

    For instance, the lists you make every day and the funny quips that come along with them- I could never write like that! And I love sitting down and saying "oh yeah!" about ideas you have that I couldn't ever verbalize in the way that you do.

    Basically, I'm so happy I joined the blogging world- it's been so fun (and everyone is so supportive and nice, even during disagreements- notice that?). And thank you for the shout-out but thank you so much more for allowing me the pleasure of reading your blog!

    I also like to pretend I live on the east coast, so that helps.

  29. Hahahaa figures I mention holiday and you take it as your own..hahaha

    Her neighbor likes to hang them out on the line, enough said..hahaha

    LOL oh I have plenty more ready to use, as after book number four even you will know tons..hahaha...but I won't steal Anne's job and explain, she might bugger me up calling me an eejit and then I'd be cattled.

  30. I've learned that no matter what you do, "The real you washes ashore."

  31. I planted a tree specifically to block my view of the tightie whities. It works great until the fall when the leaves drop. lol.

  32. cool, list. i'll check these out. I've learned that if someone is passionate about any subject, they can make it interesting

  33. Oh I never knew you planted the tree, blogger helping again see!

  34. @Caitlin...Girl, I love your comments!!!! They are always so long and detailed and include a story from your life. They always make me smile :) Especially knowing that what I'm writing is relatable.

    Thanks so much for the compliemts!! I love visiting your page too :) Love how you are able to incorporate pictures and everything else to make a fun, girly post!! If only I was half as crafty as you, maybe my apartment would be decorated much different. LOL

    LMAO Really? Glad that my page helps you pretend to live out East :)

  35. @Pat...LMAO You mean, that's not what you meant!? :( LOL Oh, well Anne will love that part of your book!! I can even deny that when I read your eejit I try to say it outloud. All that comes out is a voice that sounds like the mad professor from Phineas and Ferb!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!

    @Bama...very true!! You can't hide from yourself! Why would anyone want to?

    @Betsy...LMAO!!!! At least it works half of the year. It's the season for the tidy whities to be gone. lol I just got your package!! I love it!!!!! :) I showed all the boys at work. They didn't really care, but I was excited enough for all of them. lol!!

    @Leon...That is very true! I've got sucked into things that way

    @Pat...LMAO, see, more proof!!!

  36. Aw thanks, you really are a sweetheart.

    And I'm sorry that I made you judge TheLoveBug!

  37. I can pretend that is what I meant if you like hahaha...LMAO it isn't that hard to say. But it is no surprise you tried to say it haha...maybe you have a calling in cartoon voices and the eejit is just showing you the way..hahaha

    Pfft Betsy just got lucky on more than one occasion, that is it.haha

  38. I've learned that there are amazing people all over the place... and I've found so many of them through blogging!

  39. i've learned what am amazing community the blogging world can be.

  40. What about me! :( and congratulations on 150! You look like you've been doing this longer.

  41. @Youngman...Aw, thank you!! And for the record, TheLoveBug has a beautiful signal click :)

    @Pat...Ohh, how'd you know I would to say it?? LOL Like you didn't...hahahaha MeeeoooOOwwWw oui oui!!

    @Krysten...That's probably the best thing I've learned through blogger :)

    @Amy...I had no idea either! It's a whole world that no one knows exists except for us.

    @Vacuum...You explored a part of my brain that's never been explored!!! I didn't no squat about vacuums until you!! lol :)

  42. I've learned the resposibilty of keeping a schedule

  43. I REALLY need to visit #2. My makeup applying skills need help ;)

  44. Congrats on making it to 150 posts!

  45. I feel SO HONORED to be in this list! you are the BEST! thanks for including me, and of course i´m glad i´ve been helpful... even if my videos are in spanish lol. at least i know that those darn subtitles are good for something! (they are a hassle haha)
    i might start doing vids in english! you think i should? i did a lil collaboration with a fashion website ( and they asked me to write tips on doing a natural make up look. so i might do a video for them!!

    oh and congrats on your 150th blog post! that´s a LOT. i´m so happy to have found your blog because it´s a good getaway from fashion blogs. i love talking so when i come to your blog i feel like i´m talking to a friend! and that´s AWESOME. keep it going! :)

    again, thanks a lot!!!

  46. i learned different things thrrough blogging.. the most important thing is to appreciate others.. and respect others opinion. though i don't have enought time to look more blogs i tried to read every post and soak what they wrote. i don't comment just to write something because i'm not after numbers of message i got but i love to hear that people appreciate and read mine :)

  47. I've learned that there are fantastic supportive blogging friends like you. Even though I'm in the UK, you are one of my most loyal readers and I appreciate you reading and commenting on my posts. It means a lot to me.

    Your blog is awesome and it's grown heaps. I love the way you write and you always cheer me up. Keep on doing what you're doing.

    Happy Easter. :-)

  48. thanks for the blog suggestions. i also have become a minion of mr. hatt. i don't know how it happened. i thought rhyme was slime. now i rhyme and feel fine.

  49. i learn something every single day i'm on here. lol especially makeup tips.

  50. Some interesting blogs to check out there. I already know what wanker means . I read Americans call wankers small sausages. Which made me laugh.

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