Monday, April 2, 2012

A PeachJax Book Club

Happy Monday Everyone!!!
How was everyone's Palm Sunday?
We ate a lot of yummy food and spent loads of family time.

Have you heard of the new book that's turning lady reader's heads everywhere?
Fifty Shades Of Grey by E L James appears to be slowly taking over the world.
After hearing about it on the news, Peaches and I decided to look into it.
and, ohh, was it juicy!

This book is so controversial that it has women everywhere ashamed to admit that they have read it.  Supposedly, women have been hiding it's cover when reading publicly.
Why on earth would women be ashamed of something as silly as a book?
The pages of this story are filled with all different sorts of sexual desires.
It discusses dominance and submission.
It touches upon topics that many are ashamed to discuss outside their clique.
Critiques have called the book "erotic" and "lady porn".

My question is, if this book is so controversial and embarrassing, why is it so popular?
Peaches spent hours trying to get our hands on a rented copy.
The waiting list for the library copy was well over place 1500.
The waiting list for popular rental sites were also in the thousands.
Sales for this book sky rocketed.
Anything this juicy and controversial needs a permanent home on my book shelf.
We did the only thing we could do.
We hopped on over to Barnes & Noble to purchase our very own copy.
We still have to wait 3 weeks to get our hands on the goods.

Peaches and I decided on creating our very own book club.
And by book club, I mean a very exclusive and selective book club.
Naturally, you're all invited to join.
We will be reading a set amount of chapters a week, and then meeting up to discuss the juice.
Not only will we be reading this, but we will not be ashamed.

Have you or will you be reading Fifty Shades of Grey?


  1. This is so awesome because my bookclub just decided this was our next book as well :) we are meeting in april to discuss, so I will be discussing with you guys too!!

  2. nice idea dear! i dont know about this book and of course NOW I wanna know about it!! what fun idea a book club:))

  3. believe it or not, there has been a huge war around the rights for the movie adaptation of this book recently, and it ended up becoming one of the highest paid ones. I forgot which studio bought it, but it was a price with seven digits. Rather shocking.

  4. I'm not much for commercial fiction, so I don't think I'll read it. But you will have to keep us posted on your thoughts about it.

  5. Hmmm never heard of it but now you have me kind of intrigued as well. Although I really don't think I can read "lady porn" LOL...I'll wait for your thoughts on it.

    I guess that is the whole point get people talking about it and poof, the sales go through the roof. The more you make someone ashamed to read it, the more they are going to read it. As it must touch on what people really think but are to afriad to talk about or say. And of course people like to know they aren't crazy and the only ones thinking about such things, so again they'll read it. Good marketing strategy and 7 figures for the movie, pffft, geez.

  6. If it were'nt for bad porn I'd have no porn at all, gloom, despair and agony on me.

  7. @Nellie...Oh I can't wait to hear what you have to say about it!! From what I heard, it's leaving a lot of ladies all hot and bothered! It's supposed to be a great read...hahahaha

    @Gloria...I think you should get your own copy and join in the fun! It's supposed to be real good. :)

    @Dez...Yes, I heard that as well. I believe Universal won the bid. If the book is steamy, I can only imagine how the movie must beon fire!

  8. @Queen Bee...Oh, I deff will!!

    @Pat...I said it's "like" lady porn. Not that it actually is...hahahaha

    Oh whatever they are doing to market this book is working. Everything is blowing up about it. My girlfriend gave me a book Bound to read last year. Let's say that it's a similar concept except far less juicy. This g/f is just as excited to get her hands on a copy. I went to get my hair done, and everyone was talking about the book. Well, if it's doing anything, it's getting ladies to read! hahaha

  9. @BamaTrav...I'm sorry to hear that! Maybe you should invest in the book :)

  10. I've heard a good deal on this book - do let me know your thoughts when you're finished with it

  11. Like Pat, I am not sure what others would think of me if I started reading this.

    I did read an article the other day about how this genre of book has really exploded now that Nooks and Kindles allow readers to hide what they are consuming.

  12. hahahaha well still "Like" and "is" would prob be much of the same. And if it brings women shame to read, pfft I'll wait for the review on your feed.

    There is the best marketing plan, just get ladies to start blabbering on about it and you can sit back and collect the royalities.

  13. I have no idea why all the uproar about this book. There have been books like this around since the beginning of time. Only most of them have been better written.

  14. Now I'm going to have to wait and see what you think. My fear is that there is so much hype about it that it will be a disappointment.

    Have you read Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty? Now that was lady porn!

  15. I've heard of it and a good friend is reading it and telling me all about it. Lol Maybe I should break down and get it.

  16. I'm currently on my library's waiting list for it!

  17. oh what those librarians must think of the gals on that waiting list

  18. i happened to come across a discussion of this book on Dr. Drew, i was flipping out of boredom 'cause the game wasn't on, it was the randomest thing. most of the women, including Drew's wife, praised the fantasy aspect of the book, others, like that Max player dude, thought it was dangerous. Drew's wife said you should never question a woman's fantasy life. i've fantasized about Drew's wife, so i took heed of that advice...

  19. Yea I agree with Pat. You can let me know how it goes.

    And good job being proud of what you read. Nobody should be ashamed of what they read, write, watch, or do. That's why I'm cool with admitting my love for The Bachelor.

  20. I will check it out... does it have pictures?

  21. I fear I will not be reading this book. The only E.L. I know is E.L. Fudge...and he makes cookies and not books. That is very interesting the amount of hysteria surrounding it. Well, let us know if the book lives up to the hype.

  22. never even heard of it...but grey IS one of my favorite colors! ha.

  23. @Rooth...Yes, I will!! It's guaranteed to be good.

    @Slam...LOL Everyone seems to be agreeing with Pat today. And yes, it's silly how people are hiding behind a kindle. They should share the juice!!!

    @Pat....And if I give a fantastic review, will you give it a read? And don't give me the "yea, I'm #2000 on the waiting list" excuse ;) hahahaha

    @Spork...Does that mean that you read it?! Share with the class!!

    @L...No I have not read it!! But now I am intrigued to check it out :)

  24. @Miranda...Give in to it!!! Break down and get it :)

    @Krysten...I hope you aren't #1500 like my library! Let me know what you think!

    @Leon...I'd bet money that they rented it before all of us! hahaha

    @Phoenix...THat's great advice! From you and Dr. Drew. LOL!!!

    @Youngman...No worries, I am always proud! I own everything I do and am :) And another one to agree with Pat? You guys need to stop doing that!! hahaha

    @Barfly...I'm not sure, but will let you know!

    @Betsy...LOL!! Well, that's enough of an excuse :) I say join in!

  25. Your blog didn't update on my reader Jax!!! I'd love to read this book and I wouldn't be ashamed and hide the cover either. I've got to get a copy of it so I can participate in the discussions and it doesn't look like getting one will be easy. If it's on Kindle though, I can get it.

  26. Ok, you have made me even more intrigued than I was before...How racy could it be? Ha!

  27. I think I'll sit out for this book. Sounds like all those bad romance novels with fabio rip-offs on the cover old ladies used to buy

  28. Cheers - that's the wife's next present sorted out :)

  29. @Jax,
    I read an excerpt. Not shocking, and really poorly written. I can't read it. But I'm an admitted book snob.

    If I want to read something light I go for stuff like The Help or Little Bee. That's my idea of fluff.

    And don't be ashamed if you read it and LOVE it. Scream it from the rooftops. Like when I stand up and yell, "I love the Xanadu soundtrack, and not in an ironic waaaayyyyeeeee!!!!!" :)

  30. nope never heard of it. is it like twilight?

  31. Well if you give it a fantastic review, I may just read for the heck of it. I'm sure the cat won't judge me too much..haha

  32. I've been hearing tons about this book... While it seems hot, it doesn't seem like something I want to read.

    Let us know what you think!

  33. @Anne...none of the good blogs update on my feeder either ;) LOL Blogger has been very selective!! Oh, you're going to join in?? I'm so excited to read this book!! Once I have it in my hands, I'll make a post. Then we can get onto reading the juice! I do believe it's on kindle because I read an article about it on some sort of electronic reader.

    @Kristin...Word is it's REAL racy. Guess, we'll have to see!

    @Adam...If fabio is in anyway associated with this book, I will be very annoyed.

    @G...I bet your wife will love it!! You may want to order it way in advance though :P

    @Spork...This is VERY far out of my genre of books. I like most non-fiction books or something you can learn of. Some of my favorites are The Alchemist, The 19th Wife, and Marilyn Monroe's autobiography. At the same time, I love the quick read and the fun of Harry Potter! I also love the obsessing romance of Wurthering Heights. Ok, so I am a nerd.... LOL!!!! I'll let you know how it is! I would love to take one of your book selections also. :)

    @Bart...I've never seen the movies nor read the books. Couldn't tell ya!

    @Pat...Oh the cat WILL judge!!!!!!! And I'm sure he'll rhyme all about Pat reading the lady porn. LOL

    @Aki...Normally I don't jump on the bandwagons, but this is just too steamy to pass up!

  34. LMAO if anything else it will give the cat a good blog post.

  35. I don't think I should be reading that. Too many other textbooks and papers to look at instead. :|

  36. The hype surrounding this book makes it seem as if its pages reminded the world that sex exists

    So, no I will not be reading the book in favor of waiting until the movie comes out.

  37. I haven't read it OR heard of it but I love a good, juicy read! Reading is all about the escape, I think it's healthy to expand your horizons and explore a new landscape.

  38. @Pat...Exactly!

    @DWeI...I know that feeling. Trust me! haha

    @T. Roger...LOL I hope that's not true...

    @Caitlin....I think you should join in!

  39. Thanks for letting us know Jax! I didn't hear about it. HaHaHa


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