Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Manhattan Chopstick Diet

Tuesday morning, Dayna and Jeffry from WBLI’s morning show interviewed Eileen Daspin.
Daspin is the author to a book called The Manhattan Diet.
I have not yet read this book, but I plan to sometime in the future.
I listened intently to the interview hoping to stumble across a few tips to aid in shedding winter weight.

Being a NYer, I feel the need to shed some light on why Manhattan women are so thin.
Everything in NY is hustle and bustle.
There is no time to stop and indulge in a ridiculously large meal.
Not to mention, the price of eating out is somewhat ridiculous.
Last month I sat down to eat a $22 grilled cheese, a la carte!!!!
I believe we are skinny because we have no money time for anything other than large cups of coffee!
Coffee does has some value, right?  Right?!
In NY, it is drilled in your head that you always need to be doing something.
Free time is wasted time.
…and I somewhat concur…

That being said, Daspin had a few tips that were a little over the top and others that were great!
This author supposedly mixes milk and green tea to substitute ice cream.
Um, no.  Just no.  Now pass me my Ben & Jerrys!
Another tip was to pour water over food before throwing it in the garbage.
If you need to wet food to stop you from eating out of the trash, then you have a whole other problem.
Forget the silverware and pick up chopsticks.
Ta da!!  Genius!!

Not only are chopsticks pretty, funky, and unique, but they are a whole lot of fun to use.
Chances are, if you can’t pick it up with a chopstick, than it wasn’t meant to be eaten.
Think about picking up a solitary grain of rice with them.  I may actually ONLY eat a serving size!
                This weekend I will be purchasing a fancy pair of chopsticks.
I’m going to do a month on the chopstick challenge and let you all know how it goes.
That means, no using silverware and no using fingers.

Will you be doing the chopstick challenge?


  1. LMAO $22 bucks for a grilled cheese? Geez no wonder you're all so skinny. Plus I suppose waiting in line just to get the coffee is bad enough, so you don't want to do it for food..haha

    Free time isn't wasted time as long as you do something you want, geez you Nyers need to slow down a bit.

    Blah milk and green tea, nasty. Dumpster diving in your own trash? Who exactly does that? Are we speaking of dogs or cats here? That is just stupid.

    I'm sure I could grab the chicken nugget with a chopstick and if all else failed stab it..haha...good luck with the month long challenge, I'll stick to my fork and fingers.

  2. OmyGosh!!" and all these lovely reastaurants in NY??
    Oh dear and all is so cost! i know!
    Always amazing me what different are all the USA all the states someones are like countryside,others quiet places, and others like NY..

    1. Esperanza sometimes eat with chopsticks lol especially rice, she made perfect, i cant!!

  3. I would just use the chopsticks to scrape the food off the plate and into my mouth as I tilted the plate up ;)

  4. I bought chopsticks and the only thing it did was make me REALLY FAST with chopsticks. People kinda stare at me at Chinese restaurants ("What that blondie girl do over there flipping chopsticks in air and catching them? she eat very way too fast-- what her problem?"). So, moral of story: chopsticks can make you FAT. I am living proof.


  5. Best of luck with the chopstick challenge! Some of those tips are pretty bizaree. I cannot believe a grilled cheese could cost 22 dollars!

  6. @Pat...Why do you think dirty water dogs and street kinishes are so popular??? LOL!! They are affordable!! We rarely eat out in the city. Very expensive unless it's just at a cafe for something light or for pizza. Yum!!!

    I don't think I could slow down if I tried!! Sad, but it's been beaten into my poor brain!

    That was one of her diet tips. Throw water on your food before throwing it in the trash. What other purpose would that serve other than stopping someone from eating out of the trash?! Bleh, gag, barf!

    Stabbing it is cheating!!!!!! You're not going to try the chopstick challenge with me? :'(

  7. @Gloria...It is crazy how every state is so different! It's like a whole different world a state over. A different accent, different words, and whole different lifestyle. That's why I love road trips ;)

    And Esperanza sounds even more like me!! I, too, am a chop stick pro!! I guess that's b/c I work for the Japanese...

  8. @BamaTrav...That's cheating too!!!!!! I've actually seen the Asians I work with eat rice that way. I still call it cheating though. Defeats the purpose of getting so frustrated that you just don't eat!

    @MOV...LMAO I cracked up at your perfectly typed out asian accent!!! Chopsticks are a skill. Be proud!! Maybe you should test out a different tip from the book :) hahahaha

    @Leslie...Yes, everything's more expensive in the city. It had tomato on it. Does that make it a little better?? LOL!

  9. i will continue to play hockey, eat healthier and drink less beer. im not so much losing weight as i am toning it atm though. i'm okay with this.

  10. holy shit - $22 for a grilled cheese?!?! wtf. chopsticks challenge sounds awesome, though - count me in ;)

  11. LOL I guess they may rot your gut but they are afforadable, and people have the nerve to complain about the prices around here. Maybe they should all go to NY for a week..haha

    Just another habit that can be broken, but yeah when I have something to do it's go go go, then when it it done, it's lazy time..haha

    Yeah I see no other purpose for it either. Must think there is a world of garbage eaters out there that needs such a tip..haha

    I have never ever used a chopstick to eat, so I don't think I'd be very good at the challenge..hahaha

  12. Yeah $22 for grilled cheese makes me not want to go to big city ever again. With the chop stick diet, I would prob spend time sharpening the end so it became like a small spear and then I could lance and eat all the unhealthy food anyway.

  13. AGH. I'm Chinese and have grown up with chopsticks. But you can't eat pizza with chopsticks. Or hamburgers. Does cutting it into little pieces before count?

  14. Girl, you need to come visit me. Sit in my porch swing and stare at the blooming trees and watch the birds building nests. haha.

    I've done both...the city life and the rural. Both have wonderful qualities, though.

    I've only tried eating with chopsticks once and didn't do very well. I would need lessons. Guess you won't be getting lunch from the Soup Nazi..that would be impossible. lol. Although, if desperate, I could eat a Black and White with chopsticks. I'm like Pat...I'd resort to stabbing things. lol.

  15. @Bart...Toning is very important too!!

    @Cheryl...Depends on where in NY. Some places are real cheap, but go to the heart of it, and everything is crazy expensive!!

  16. @Pat...That's right!!! And apparently the min wage is much better to. Smh & sigh...

    Garbage eaters??? Idk, VERY weird!!! I'm sure people do it...but, like, why?! If the garbage isn't going to stop you, then wtf is water going to do????

  17. @Slam...Using it as a spear is definately cheating!! LOL That seams to be the trend here though...hahaha

    @Rooth...girl, I think that's the point. Buh bye finger food!! Trust me...they'll be missed!! hahaha

    @Betsy...I could try, but all that confined energy may make me get all jittery. LOL!! I sit too long and my leg shakes. No more soup for you!!! hahahaha Stabbing is cheating!!!! hahaha

  18. 22 bucks for grilled cheese???
    Yeah. I'd have to eat my food at home with prices like that. That is in-sane. What are your gas prices like?

    Chopsticks are a good tip! I might have to pick that up. And believe it or not, coffee is sort of an appetite suppressant. Someting in it keeps you full. Not for long, but if you have a light snack inbetween meals, that coffee could help keep your tummy from rumbling for a little while.

  19. chopstick challenge is a great idea. I love eating with chopsticks as is! But that will probably allow you to feel your full before you overindulge. What a great idea, seriously.

    I laughed out loud about your "stop you from eating out of the trash" comment... Freshman year of college, I shared my Dorm with my best friend and we had noticed that we were starting to gain some weight the first time on our own... so we used to like eat a bite of something and then hairspray it and throw it away. It makes me laugh so hard now. We'd always be like tag teaming like one of us would say "I can't stop eating this!" and they other would be there in hand with the windex. hahah. Ai yi yi, so dumb.

    And that milk and green tea thing sounds gross!

  20. Jax Esperanza begin so little to use the chopsticks! when I made chinese she go to bring the chopsticks ha!

  21. If you are going to attempt this, I highly recommend a good pair of bamboo chopsticks. The grain holds noodles and other items well. I have porcelain, plastic, and metal ones. They are all useless. :)

    Also, a good ice cream substitute is vanilla almond milk. It kind of tastes like you're drinking a melted milkshake, and is only 60 calories a glass.

  22. I think I'd starve to death... I can't use chopsticks!

  23. Totally off topic, but I got homesick when I read "WBLI" LOL

  24. wow, i have to agree. if you're having to wet your food before discarding it, that may be a whole set of other issues.

  25. 12 quid for a sandwhich?. I hope it was made by Bill Gates and cooked by Tm Cruise. I never eat in restraunts, you can save a fortune (and avoid their calorie atom bombs) by making packed lunches. Then you can stick a snack in for the long bus ride home. If you don't mind eating shoulder to shoulder with hungry commuters who look at your sandwhich like they would kill you for it. The wet food and your reply was h
    so funny. Reminded me of George Costanza eating out of the bin.

  26. i'm already so skinny as it is, if i ever went on any kind of diet, i'd die.

  27. I knew things were pricey in NY but $22.00 for a grilled cheese? My daughter is very into Asian Culture (she speaks Japanese quite fluently) and we have chopsticks along with traditional cutlery. I've seen her eat just about everything with them too. But no grilled cheese!

    Good luck on your challenge!!

  28. @B...Last I paid for gas was $4.04 a gallon, but I don't live in the city. I imagine it would be much more expensive there. I knew coffee was doing something good for me ;)

    @Caitlin...I'm so glad you like the idea. Will you be joining in the challenge??? LOL OH, and Loveeee your story with the hair spray. That is such a great idea!!! I may have to try that ;)

    @Gloria...You prepared her for the challenge from a little girl!! LMAO

    @Spork...thanks for the suggestions!! That is one thing I can't give up!! I need some of my ben & jerrys. It's a must!! haha I'll have to look for the bamboo chopsticks.

    @Krysten...Don't stare to death. lol

  29. @L...Yes, WBLI is GREAT!! Sorry for making you homesick :( I made a post a while back about Elvis Duran wishing diarrhea upon someone. I could've used your support with that one!! hahahaha

    @Amy...LMAO!!! Yes, very odd.

    @Sunders...I'm not sure what a Quid is, but I'm pretty sure that Bill Gates didn't make that sandwhich. But, that is a good one :) LMAO @ George Constanza

    @Phoenix...Then use a spoon!!!! Please don't die.

    @Anne...That is amazing that she speaks Japanese. I've heard you mention that before. Very jealous that she was able to learn that :) As far as eating a grilled cheese with a chopstick, I don't think I could do it either! hahaha

  30. LOL see all want to stab it, the stabbers win!!! hahaha

    I guess even things with food aren't relative when comparing, NY is one big money pit..haha

    Why even put it in the garbage if you are going to eat it too? I mean stick it in a container in the fridge or something, just dumb.

  31. the water over your food thing seems a little extreme. And I hope that was the best grilled cheese you've ever tasted

  32. I need to pour water on my neighbor's trash just to keep from eating it.

    Sorry, but no chance I would ever partake in the chopstick challenge. I like shoveling food into my mouth with a fork too much.

  33. Taking in nothing but coffee served in those little blue and white cups should do the trick

  34. I'm Chinese and I already eat with chopsticks... but it doesn't stop me from eating a lot!

    My plan so far in April has been work out + eat healthy. I have time this week to do workouts... so the issue there will be keeping up once I get busy again. We'll see!

  35. Don't worry, I'm here to support you now! Also, I just saw that the Giants and Pats are playing each other during the pre-season....I immediately thought of you =)

  36. milk and green tea is his tip for replacing ice cream? Burn him, burn him and throw him to the lions :) And pouring water over food in trash? Did he reveal a dirty secret about himself there? :)

  37. I must be a little bit NY as I always have to be doing something...but the $22 grilled cheese seems a bit steep.

  38. I will just use toothpicks to eat. I have a LOT of winter weight to lose.

  39. good luck jax!!! i can't eat worth a damn with them. hahaha hmmm, maybe i'll lose weight that way. :)

  40. @Pat...You started a group of cheaters!! I hope that you're proud of yourself!! lol I agree with the "dumb" part. I don't get people!! But I agree with the author too. If you feel the need to eat from the garbage can, do what you can to stop yourself. For the love of god, run it under the faucet if it stops you from eating the garbage!! hahahahaha

    @Elle...Do the challenge!!!

    @Leon...It was ok. I mean, the diner for $10 is just as good. Actually, my homemade ones are even better and they are FREE. lol

    @Youngman...You're one of those!!!! LOL!! Sigh. Please don't eat out of the garbage. You'll get e-coli!! I kid, I kid. Fork shoveling is fun, but chopstick shoveling is a challenge!

    @T.Roger...I love this little blue and white cups!!

    @Aki...My asian friends said the same thing. Good luck with the work outs. I know that falls last when you're busy.

    @L...Once Football season starts up again, I'll be starting a fantasy football "blogger" league. You should join!!! You can recruit manning and we can have a fantasy off. Let the best team win...hahahaha

    @Dez...FINALLY, someone who gets me!!! There is NOTHING that can replace ice cream. And if there was, it certainly would NOT be green tea and milk. LOL!!

    @G...Nothing wrong with being a little bit NY!

    @CrackYourWhip...That would involve stabbing and being on team pat. Unless, of course, you plan on chopsticking the tooth picks. Then all the more power to you!!

    @Kim...Thanks!!! I'm hoping it works :)

  41. I think your theory on skinniness (is that a word?) is correct. The Eskimos are the healthiest people on earth. They eat seal blubber, but are constantly moving around because if they didn't they'd freeze to death. I see how the chopsticks thing could work. I can't quite imagine picking up a Big Mac with chopsticks. Or even if you could you would probably be too embarrassed to eat a Big Man at McDonalds with chopsticks, that would look ridiculous. Anyway, I am skinny enough as it is, so tell your readers to send all their extra food my way instead of pouring water over it and throwing it in the garbage.

  42. It's nice to be healthy but I honestly don't like women too thin :x
    Also, you can just overcook the rice so it gets sticky and starts to clump together. Easy to pick up with chopsticks ;).

  43. WOW are you really sticking to this chopstick challenge?? i would loose it after a day of probably no eating!!! lol...
    i mean, how do you eat your cheerios? poke the chopstick thru the hole and eat one by one? sounds exhausting! but it might be sufficiently effective to drop some pounds!!
    To me, being fit is a combination of eating a little bit of everything, try avoiding HUGE servings and exercising! i try to go jogging 3 to 4 times a week... that will help keep everything toned and in place :)
    for now, i won´t do the chopstick challenge! haha
    XO Jannine


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