Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How To Scare A Kid

Once Upon a Time...
...which by the way, if you haven't watched yet, do it.  Like right now...
Brother and I were little kids.
We were so little, that we were afraid of almost everything.
and I mean everything...

1.  Mr. Bucket

This may very well be Brother's biggest fear.
This toy tortured him.
TheViking hiding behind a wall pretending the toy could talk may not have helped either...

2.  Are You Afraid of The Dark?

In fact, we weren't even allowed to watch this show.

3.  Swings

I could go on any ride in an amusement park.
Haunted houses, big roller coasters, and ferris wheels were cake for me.
The only thing I refused to go on, was that awful ride above.
My luck, i'd be the one to swing all the way into the parking lot and die.

4.  ET

This little guy scared Brother so bad that I would sleep with an ET doll at night.
Hey, it kept Brother from bothering me in the middle of the night!

5.  Dolls

I can't even look at that picture.  It's STARING me down!!!!
Madre loved porcelain dolls and had them throughout the entire house.
In order to keep us from breaking them, she would tell us they were alive and could cry.
Some days she would even punish them in the corner just so we would think they were real.
Let's just say her evil plan worked.  It worked so well, that I still won't go near the evil things!

What were your childhood fears?


  1. I was sent home from school with a reader about too robbers that stole a pet bird. I didnt sleep for months!

  2. I loved ET, still do. I absolutely cannot stomach the Wizard of Oz. Everything about it was horrid, especially the flying monkeys. Monkeys should not ever be intelligent or fly under any circumstances. They should just throw poo!

    Oh, and I liked Mr. Bucket.

  3. oh my gosh i remember are you afraid of the dark!!! i hate it i never fan of it!!!
    when i was little, well up too now, i don't like seeing clowns. i'm actually afraid of it! thre's something that scares me alot!!!!

  4. I'm so loving ONCE UPON A TIME, you have a tones of great spotlights on the show over at my place with gorgeous pics :) My fave of the new shows!

  5. The dolls and ET freaked me out too. I should have never watched Chuckie when I was younger. I never liked any dolls after that. Lol

  6. Those glass eyes of dolls that stared right through you were supposed to be something little girls loved. phooey. They freaked me out, too.

  7. Love your posts:) lol! Esperanza scared dolls (like the pic) and clowns,she hate clowns(i dont like clowns too)
    In dolls she loved barbies and still she has.
    Ah and she doesnt like ET lol
    but now she love vampires, terror movies,a lot of blood you know lol
    about my son Is reallu special and nice never know whst really scared him lol
    a and both love zombies series!

    1. Uhhhg Miranda make me remember Chucky!still im afraid of Chucky!!!
      I had terror when Chuvky jump!! In any moment"

  8. This little red haird girl in first grade named Michelle Layhay that followed me around all the friggin time telling me that she loved me.

  9. scarey!?!??!?!! lol what, these were some of my favorite things growing up. you be crazy, woman :)

  10. You know that movie with Don Knotts ...The Ghoast And Mr. Chicken? 10 years old...nightmares for a whole year. lol. Still kinda creeped out by old painted portraits, expecting to see garden shears thrust into their necks...and creepy organ music. hahaha.


    no toys!

  11. I love Once Upon A Time!!
    When I was little, I was terrified of the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz... still am!

  12. hey jax! i wouldn't go on those swings either and ET always made me cry. i would cry profusely at bambi and dumbo. i couldn't watch sad movies.

  13. Are you afraid of the dark still gives me the scares and I'm a grown up. (Or at least I think I am.) :-)

  14. @Rinnie...OMG!!! That would freak me out too if I was younger. But I think I'd be more afraid of the pet bird :) lol

    @Crack Your Whip...I didn't watch the Wizard of Oz until I was older. I can see it being scary to a child, though.

    @Meggy...That seems to be a common fear. I can see how clowns could be scary. Are you afraid of the dark was certainly NOT children's show. LOL

  15. Umm, I think it is sad how many of them still are a bit scary to me!

  16. @Dez...Oh, I knew I liked you!!! Once Upon a Time is GREAT!! I'm in love with the Evil Witch. I would love to see more of that mad hatter too ;) LOL!!

    @Miranda...I could NEVER watch Chuckie.

    @Manzanita...I don't get how children could sleep with such EVIL creatures staring them down!!!!!!

  17. @Gloria...maybe Esperanza really is my twin!! We sound very much alike. :) I love gory shows too...not so much vampires...but action and blood makes for a great show!

    @BamaTrav...Oh, that made me LOL!!!!! That may be a tad scarier than the dolls. hahahaha

    @Bart...hmmm, does that include the dolls ;) LOL I kid, I kid.

    @Betsy...I've never seen that movie. Thank god!!!! LOL Although portraits of girls goes right next to those dolls. Staring contests!! haha And, yes, spiders will forever be scary!

    @Sara...I never realized how tramatizing this movie was! My mommy knewsomething when she decided not to let me watch it til I was older ;) And a Once Upon A Time fan too? Love that!

    @Kim...I don't really remember the movie ET. I just remember my brother being PETRIFIED of it! lol

    @B... LOL Certain things are tramatizing dammit!!! hahaha

    @Leslie...I agree!! Mr. Bucket can stay at the toy store ;)

  18. LMAO I guess my Mr. Bucket was broken, he couldn't talk..haha Those swings would be scary at any age, one snap and it's all over. I mean I doubt it would happen and you prob have a higher chance of falling out of a ferris wheel but still.

    haha aliens and their probes, they are just plain scary. Look at that finger, I wonder where it has been to turn that color..hahaha

    Still think it's hilarious how she punished the dolls hahaha I admit they are freaky looking with their dead stare though.

    Besides that troll I wasn't afraid of much that I can recall.

  19. Being in the bathroom when the lights were out - because that's when Bloody Mary appeared! Shudder

  20. I used to LOVE Are You Afraid of the Dark! I was pretty fearless as a kid lol.

  21. brilliant!!!! I honestly think porcelain dolls are some of the scariest things known to man. I have one that my Grandma gave me when I was a little girl and I'm having trouble excusing myself to get rid of it but she's so creepy.

    Are you afraid of the dark was DEFINITELY scary! My siblings and I used to always watch "Unsolved Mysteries" too, THAT was super scary- especially bc the criminal from every story was always still lurking.

    And he was afraid of ET? haah aw!

    Growing up I was mainly afraid of the dark and nighttime, that really got me in a panic.

  22. Those dolls freak me out!! There is a movie that was made about five years ago that had those freakish dolls in them and my sons and I watched it...scared me to death!!

  23. I was afraid of this toy in my gma's house. Who even made this toy? It is pure evil:
    Just finding that link sent me in to the shivers.

    I was afraid of clowns. Still am.

    I always loved scary movies and was never afraid of swings, but I get vertigo if I try to go on swings now.

  24. I love are you afraid of the dark. I'll still occasionally watch old episodes on youtube.

  25. I'm still afraid of porcelain dolls and clowns. I don't know why they're so universally frightening but they are. I was afraid of the closet when I was little, even in daylight!

    My daughter was afraid of water towers when she was little. If we were taking a walk and went within eyeshot of one, she'd start screaming. I got strange looks from people when that happened.

  26. haha well, the movie is supposed to be more funny than scary but it scared me to death. lol.

    oh the portraits! Their eyes follow you! Eew! ha.

    Hey...mailed your giveaway package today...2 day priority mail. So, Thursday or Friday it will be there! :)

  27. Oh I hate those dolls. They're evil!

  28. Holy moly, I feel exactly the same about those swings. I'm not risking my butt on some weak chains.

    and Are you Afraid of the dark used to scare me to death. I got done watching some Korean horror movie last night and wasn't scared once, yet that Nick show still gives me nightmares.

  29. @Pat...The troll in the closet that hated skittles??? Was that you?! HAHAHAHAAHAHA

    You had a Mr. Bucket too? Ohhh, brother still CRINGES at the name. LOL It is freaking looking though if you give it a good look. haha

    It's ET!!!! He's a VERY clean alien. Don't you remember he cleaned up his mess??? lol

  30. @Rooth...the myth of bloody mary STILL scares me. You couldn't pay me to summon her. lol

    @Krysten...watching that mean that you really were pretty fearless :)

    @Caitlin...Oh I would've tossed that out LONG ago. My mom gave me one and I broke up. You can't save a broken Freak things those are!! Unsolved mysteries is AWFUL. I was watching that while studying Friday night and it freaked me out. Where are those people?! Scary what people get away with.

  31. @L...omg, you are brave even trying to watch such a thing. Awful!!

    @Spork...That toy is freaky in a way. Why would anyone make that is right?! If you are afraid of clowns, does that make you afraid of Mr. Bucket?? lol

    @Leon...Oh no, thanks. LOL

    @Anne...I don't mean to laugh at your daughter, but that's pretty funny!! I wonder what it was about the water tower that scared her!! I guess we all are afraid of silly things. To scream and shout at the sight of something is LEGIT though.

    @Betsy...LOL Ain't it weird when silly moves make you scared? And I can't wait for the package. Thanks so much!!

    @Claire...Oh, yes they are!! I love that you all are making my fear seem somewhat normal :)

    @Adam...Ever see the grudge??? That one is a killer!!! It's Japanese though...similar concept. lol

  32. the dolls freak me out too. i recently had a puppy stuffed animal, but his eyes were so big and real-looking that i was forced to make friends with him and stop turning him around so i didn't catch his eyes in the middle of the night. yeah, wizard of oz caused me to lose lots of sleep. what's awful is that you can tell the producers of the movie were really going for that effect: to scare kids. it worked. its popularity has a lot to do with its fearful element, seems to me.

    at amusement parks, i became convinced that most rides would go defective when i climbed aboard:) paranoid? you betcha.

  33. e.t. scared me to death when i was a kid and i've never been able to watch the movie since.

  34. Oh, I'm with Ed on the Wizard of Oz...there were lots of scary things in that movie! What were they thinking!?!? hahaha.

  35. LMAO nope it was not the skittle hating troll it was the Ernest Scard Stupid one.

    Yeah I had a Mr. Bucket somewhere along the way don't remember it much though. You should use the name to counter the leedle..hahaha

    He was very clean but that does not mean he didn't secretly want to take over the world and have his friends probe us all...hahaha

  36. my fave is Prince Charming of course :) Love Josh Dallas so much, such a discovery he was for me. And Jennifer Morrison is amazing, but Lana Parilla is out of this world. amazing actress. You must read my review of the show:

  37. I grew up in the country in Jamaica and at that time there were no electricity. So we used lanterns for lighting. My gran used to sit us down outside on the veranda at nights for story time. She would tell us the most frightening ghost stories ever. We'd then go to bed scared out of our minds!

  38. Vampires and horses were my fears...

    Vampires because I always used to have recurring nightmares about them.

    Horses because I kept getting thrown off them...evil things

  39. My sister and I weren't allowed to watch "Are You Afraid of the Dark" either, but we still managed to watch it every week.

    The scariest one was the one with the clown.

  40. @Ed...Dolls are FREAKY. If the eyes were that big on the doll, it would have to go! hahaha I'm glad that you were able to make friends though. :) Happy endings are great!!

    @Amy...You and my brother!

    @Betsy...I had no idea how many people were afraid of that movie!! Well, I learned something today :)

    @Pat...LOL I know, I was just teasing :) If you knew they liked skittles all along then maybe you wouldn't have been so scared of it!! Trolls are our friends!!!! And for the love of God, I HATE the leedle!!!!!

    @Dez...I'm not really attracted to Prince charming, but I do like the part he plays. I think he does a great job along side Goodwin. I'm going to check out your review right now! I can't get enough of the show.

    @Vacuum...I TOTALLY agree!!!

    @June...Oh my!!! At least she kept you kids on your toes :)

    @G...Horses?? Ok, now that's a new one!! hahahaha

    @Kristin...Clowns and the Wizard of Oz seem to be two winners today!

    @Youngman...You rebels!! ;) LOL Everyone hates clowns today...How about Goosebumps???

  41. As I recall, the AYAOTD show couldn't hold a candle to the commercials and the hype surrounding the show. In other words, the show was OK but their Marketing team was fantastic.

  42. Scaring kids is actually a lot of fun.

  43. Anything death related actually. Even something like skeletons and bones could freak me out.

  44. @T.Roger...I TOTALLY think it lived up to the hype. Have you seen it or just going off what you heard? I would definitely recommend watching :)

    @JDC...I'm glad I didn't know you when I was a kid then! lol

    @DWeI...Oh boy, Halloween must've been brutal for you? I can see how death related things are scary!

  45. My fears in childhood was the psycopathic kids at the school i went to, It bordered a really rough part of the city, so some of it's intake was from that war zone. You never saw so many butterfly knives, coshes, and prescription medicine bottles. On the plus side, they would charge 25p to steal you anything. So art supplies were within my grasp and budget. But it made me nervous being round them simply because they were murderers waiting to be old enough to do it.Erk..Dolls terrify me though, even now.Those staring eyes...

  46. I'm pretty sure I read every single Goosebumps book, and I think I actually still have them boxed up somewhere :)

    Deep Trouble and Phantom of the Auditorium were a couple of my favorites.

  47. Alright I can understand most of your fears but I can't excuse you for being afraid of ET. How awesome would it be to have an alien friend like that who's also a healer.

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