Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book Club Challenge: Part 1

If you all remember from this post, Peaches and I started our very own exclusive book club.
Obviously, you were all welcomed to join!
The first book that we chose was one that was turning the heads of females everywhere.
We picked Fifty Shades of Grey.
It was promised to be dirty, witty, and above all juicy.
I am only halfway through the book, but boy did it deliver so far!!
The juice is practically dripping off of the pages!

There are two main characters to the story.
Anastasia Steele is a young, naive girl that is in the midst of graduating from college.
She's real innocent, super quirky, and absolutely gorgeous.
She's one of those girls that's pretty and doesn't even know it!  Basically, I love her!!
Christian Grey is a young billionaire that is busy running his own company.
He's a real naughty, control freak that is so gorgeous every girl loses her breath.
In the book he's described as so good looking, that his looks should be illegal!  Yum!

After getting to know these two characters inside and out (literally!), Peaches and I began to talk about them like they are our old friends.  We began gossiping about their lives as if we just accidentally bumped into them at Starbucks!  That got us thinking.
Clearly we have an image of who these characters are in our minds.
Besides, word is they will be making a movie out of this steamy book real soon!

Our first book club challenge is to pick two actors that we imagine these characters to be. 
 The physical description needs to match and the personality should be fitting.
My OCD says so!!  Sorry, Peaches, but the brunette male hottie doesn't qualify!  :)

Peaches Picks:

Anastasia Steele as Vanessa Hudgens.
I can't believe I just posted a Hudgens pic on my blog...Only for Peaches...

Christian Grey as David Beckham.
So yum!!

Jax Picks:

Anastasia Steele as Evangeline Lilly.
Absolutely gorgeous without even knowing how pretty she is.  I love her!

Christian Grey as Chris Hemsworth.
Double yum!!!

Did you start reading The Fifty Shades of Grey yet?


  1. Ha! I have not, but I've read like three or four blogs about it lately! Damn it's getting around.

  2. Girl, I'm charging my Nook right now so I can buy the book ASAP. Everyone I know is reading it. Can't wait to dive right in. Excellent choices for actors by the way!!!!!

  3. @Gia...Yes it is!! And it's SO good!! I'm ready to take a day off of work just so I can finish it ;)

    @KeepingItReal...Girl, you HAVE to let me know what you think!!!! When reading it, let me know who your Christian and Anastasia!! (I secretly hate Christian. He's hot, but an ass!!!)

  4. I haven't read it, but I've heard it's very steamy!

  5. Yikes, is it so steamy that you're embarrassed to be holding it in public? Because that's the good stuff

  6. I havent read but i love heard about all read, and I love read of course LOL

  7. Im upset with the cat :( he doesnt like I say dear:( so no more lol
    (only I say dear to my lovely friends )

  8. Okay so unlike yesterday I can find joy today..hahaha...Evangeline Lilly definitely wins for me. Even if she likes blowing houses with people in them and running from the law..haha

    That is when you know a book is good when you can talk about the characters as if they are real people. Even if it is kind of taking the whole imaginary friend thing to a whole new level..hahaha

    You have me intrigued but still hmmm not sure i can bring myself to read it..haha

    Oh dear, gloria is still going on about the dear even here..hahaha

  9. @Leslie...Ohh, steamy is an understatement ;)

    @Rooth...I'm not embarassed. I read it proudly!!! But, many claim to be embarassed. Sigh...

    @Gloria...You need to read it!! You'll love it!! :)

    @Gloria...Don't let that bully of a cat intimidate you!!!!!! You can dear all you please on my page! In fact, I'll dear with you, dear :)

  10. @Pat...Oh Evangeline Lilly is GORGEOUS!!! I've always loved her!!! Her and Matthew Fox made one sexy couple ;) hahahaha

    What's wrong with imaginary friends??? hmmm???? lol Especially if they look like them!!! hahaha

    Read it, Read it!!!!! Be intrigued!!!! :) :)

    Leave the poor dear alone. She can dear all she wants!!! hahahaha

  11. Thanks DEAR sometimes I hate these cat anyway I will try this book, thanks so much:)


  12. I haven´t read this book yet! i´m on the last few pages of the third book of the millenium saga! you know "the girl with the dragon tattoo" that got Rooney Mara to the top? well i´m almost done with that trilogy! each book is 700+ pages long so it wasn´t what you call a fast read!
    i like beckham and evangeline for these roles... :)

    XO Jannine

  13. I am a VERY long waiting list for this book, I can't wait!

  14. But sadly she chose Charlie in real life and I guess Sawyer in Lost life, guess Fox just didn't cut it..haha...interesting how she dated the guy from Lord of the rings and is now starring in the hobbit.

    LMAO so true, although with imaginary friends like them, one may not leave the house..haha

    I suppose I just may have to now. And oh dear I've started something with the dear hating hahaha

  15. I have a day off tomorrow, and I can't think of a more perfect way to celebrate it than this book. I'll let you know what I think of it. :-)

  16. Clint Eastwood and Betty White.

  17. Adorable post!:)

  18. I haven't read it yet but I have heard so many rave reviews on it. Now, after reading is on my must read list. I will also try to see which of your pics fit into my brain for the main character when I read it ;-)

  19. @Gloria...LOL Great, dear! Can't wait to hear what you think :)

    @Jannine...I like them for the roles too ;) Wow, that's a long book!!! How you have time for such a long read? Hopefully it's real good. Let me know when you get around to Fifty Shades of Grey! I'd love to hear what you think.

    @Krysten...I don't know how you're waiting!! You should buy it!! Sooo good :)

  20. @Pat...She chose Jack in Lost life!!!!! Sawyer chose Juliet. Sigh...I'm disappointed in you!!!! hahahaha I read a lot of her interviews. I love her thoughts on life. Just all around admire her. You know she's Canadian, right?? haha

    Dear, you're going to read this book?? Oh dear!!! (The dear is kind of addicting...LOL)

  21. @B...Girl you HAVE to let me know!!!!

    @Bama...REAL funny...LOL Actually, that was sort of funny...hahahaha

    @Anthony...I see you enjoyed Bama's joke. hahaha

    @Simona...Thank you!

    @Preppy Girl...Oh you have to!! You won't be disappointed. Scouts honor!! Can't wait to hear what you think about it.

    @Betsy...Oh dear!!!!

  22. Nope I have to live vicariously through you my friend! When I could see I would have read it in a heartbeat!

  23. @Melynda...Ohh, no worries. I will tell you all about it!! Do you listen to audio books at all? I wonder if it's on there. That would make for a real steamy listen ;)

  24. Where did you get that picture of me? ...what? Christian Grey? Who?

  25. I haven't read this book (and probably never will) but I definitely think your pick for Anastasia Steele is best!

  26. Oh my. I need to read this book. Your picks are great. My friend keeps gushing about these books.

  27. She only chose Jack once they were all umm dead off in la la land. So technically she never chose him in lost life, she chose him in lost death..haha

    Yeah I knew she was Canadian, as she almost didn't get the role on Lost because her passport almost didn't come in time for her to get down there.

    My dear I do not know if I will read your dear book. But I'm sure an oh dear will come from reading it if I do, dear. lmao

  28. @Mike...I apologize. I didn't mean to exploit your personal photographs like that. hahahaha

    @Beserc...You have good taste ;) But you should definately read the book!!!

    @Miranda...Join the club!!! Give in a read them. I swear you won't regret it!

    @Pat...Nooo, she chose jack on the island too right before he died! She just pitied Sawyer and he was always there. Kate and Jack forever!! hahaha Did you just dear me???? How dare you, dear!! LOL!! That's noted for Gerard Butler at some future point and time.

    @Baur...yes it does!

  29. I haven't bought it yet, but I want to. I'm absolutely broke after my trip home so it will have to wait. I don't want to miss out on all the fun though. It's going to have to on my Kindle and not my daughters Nook!!

  30. @Anne...Welcome back!!! I hope that you had an amazing holiday and visit back home!!

    I can't wait to hear what you think about this book ;)

  31. Finally a post I can drool over!

    Evangeline, how I love you.

  32. So I can eep but not dear? Geez too many rules. Oh dear whatever will I do.

  33. @Youngman....Ohh, so now you believe me that I have great taste!! What, no love for Chris Hemsworth? Sigh...

  34. @Pat...Everyone eeps. As you learned, it's an involuntary action.

  35. NO I have not but boy does this make me want to. Not only does it sound all kinds of scandalous but you make it sound so fun to read as well!!

  36. I would join a book club, but I generally only enjoy reading ones iv already read =)

  37. @Caitlin...Ohh, you must check it out!! You're going to love it!!!!!

    @JDC...That's no fun! Don't you want to learn something new?

  38. that has always been my fave pic of Lilly Evangeline :) I've used it a lot of times. Can't wait to see her in THE HOBBIT!
    And Chris Hunksworth is my discovery :) Nobody believed he will rock as Thor except me, and look at him now!

  39. My copy is arriving today!!! I can't wait

  40. I haven't read that one, but it looks like a must read. hahaha

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