Monday, April 30, 2012

BookClub: Dating Your Best Friend

 One of the many questions that Fifty Shades of Grey brought to play involves dating your best friend.

During out first book club challenge, Peaches and I picked what famous actors would play the main characters in the book.  In this challenge we only portrayed Anastasia and Christian.
I picked the gorgeous Evangeline Lilly and the super sexy Chris Hemsworth.
For this challenge, we will be introducing a new character.

Jose is Anastasia's classmate.  They are the same age and the best of friends.
Jose is described as a good looking, nice guy that has been there for Anastasia for years.
Their relationship was described as very comfortable and open.
My pick to portray Jose is the very sexy Latino, Enrique Iglesias.
Ohh, yes I like it!!  Stop know you do too!


Jose is openly in love with the beautiful Anastasia.
In the middle of their graduation celebration, Jose made a move on Anastasia and was turned down.  He was disappointed to find the angry Christian prying them apart.
Enrique Iglesias or Chris Hemsworth?  I wish I had this chick's problems!!

Time passed and their friendship rekindled.
They realized they would rather get passed the awkward and continue with their close bond.

How do I feel about this?
I think dating your best friend makes sense.
They know you better than anyone else and are already dedicated to making you happy.
While I agree that the best relationships start as friends first, the best relationships also ruin the best of friendships.  A friendly bond sometimes never blooms into more than that.

I dated my best friend in high school.
It made sense, but the chemistry wasn't there.
I mean, we were up each others butts every waking moment anyways!
The end result was neither of us speaking to this day.  He was mad that I never gave him enough of a chance and I was hurt that he let it ruin our friendship.
I vote no to dating your best friend.

What do you think about dating your best friend?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Women: Victims of Stereotypes

Happy Friday Lovelies!!
Why is Jax so darn happy today you ask?
She’s still on her Thursday night high after seeing the scorching hot Ian Somerhalder and Chris Zylka!!

This picture was in Glamour magazine last month.  Even Glamour knows eye candy!  Delicious!

Does the fact that he's in a shopping cart mean he's for sale?  I'll pay good money for that!!  Yum!


This post is dedicated to the ladies!
How often do you find that we are stereotyped and throw into inappropriate woman “categories”?
Pretty darn often!!!!  Hmph! 

Men are always going around saying all different sorts of crazy things to rationalize their own stupidity.
They are constantly putting us down and blaming things on our gender.
Newflash boys: We can do almost everything you can do!!!
…and we usually can do it better….
The thing is, the majority of the time we just choose not to.
Why would women choose not to do things that we are more than capable of?
It’s simple!  Men like to feel “useful” and “needed” so we ask you to help us out.
Besides, chivalry and gentlemanly demeanor is expected from the male species. 

You know that bug that was about the size of a period at the end of a sentence?
Well, guess what?  I could have easily destroyed that evil creature myself!!
You know that really heavy box that I asked you to lift for me?
Well, I really couldn’t lift that…
That would be the “almost” I was referring to above. 

Common Stereotypes Given to Women by Men.

1.  Driving
As if our gender has anything to do with our driving capabilities.
We just have a few more things on our mind than you.  Our focus is a little off… 

2.  Weak
Just because we are females doesn’t mean that we can’t handle ourselves in a hostile situation.
While we would prefer to not have to defend ourselves, we aren’t all that dainty.
Besides, aren’t spike heels meant for beating muggers over the head? 

3.  Blabbing
Women are expected to do all the talking all the time.
Just because we are females doesn’t mean that gossiping is our favorite activity.
Ok, so maybe this one is sort of true, BUT I know many men that love to hear the juice too! 

4.  Pamper
Mirrors aren’t always a girl’s best friend!  We don’t all love to pamper ourselves.
Actually, we hate all the time and effort it takes for us to look decent for you!
Why can’t men just appreciate their hot date and not complain about the time it took to look like that?! 

5.  Menstrual
We are grouchy because you pissed us off, not because of our period that ain’t due for another 2 weeks.
Oh, this one IRKS me… 

6.  Poker
Women are masters in the art of the poker face.
You know that stone cold look we give when we saying “nothing’s wrong”?  That’s a poker face at its finest!
Just saying… 

7.  Crazy
Any stupid little thing we do gets us women labeled as “crazy”.
I know women that are crazy.  Date them for a while and then we’ll talk!  Hmph… 

8.  OMG I Broke A Nail!
If a woman gets pissed off that they broke a nail, they are automatically labeled stuck up and prissy.
This is NOT the case.  We are pissed off because that nail cost us 40 bucks and an hour of our life!
Think about that the next time you tease that we broke a simple nail!! 

9.  Math
Women are always told they stink at math.  I challenge you all to a math off RIGHT now.  You’ll lose.
Maybe I’m just bitter because I work in accounting with a bunch of Asian men who always throw “American White Girl Math" in my face.  Back off and watch my computations!! 

10.  Football
It’s automatically assumed that a woman doesn’t really “know” football or anything to do with it.
Women also can’t possibly be interested in fantasy teams either.
Guess what?  I love football and I beat all the boys in my fantasy league! 

What completely untrue female stereotypes have you heard??

Thursday, April 26, 2012

You Ask & I Answer

Guess what guys???
I got tagged by the lovely Aki from 7% Solution.
She's pretty great so I totally think you should check her out!

11 Questions for you to answer:

1. Do you like to read? What do you find yourself reaching for?
I do love to read!!  Lately I have been I reaching for Fifty Shades of Grey.  Now that I finished it, I'm waiting for the sequels to come in so I could keep reaching!  Such a juicy read!!, I don't always read erotic romance...
2. How many hours a day do you find yourself doing blog related activities?
Can I take the fifth on this?  It's a bit pathetic...
I'm on and off of it all day long.  Probably around 4 hours of my day is spent on blogger.  I do multi-task and most of that time is at work.  I swear!!!!

3. Bows or ribbons?
We're talking gift wrapping, right?

4. How often do you do your nails?
Every other Saturday at 3PM.
I take my nails seriously!

5. Do you have a way you do your hair/face everyday or does it change on a day to day basis?
Oh, I have a very long, complicated process to take care of my hair and face.  I wake up at 5:30am everyday to leave for 8am.  You don't want me to talk about that long process!
Besides, I already told you all about my placenta hair secret!

6. Do you have any siblings? Do they blog?
I have a younger brother and an older cousin I consider a sister.  Neither of them blog.

7. Is your health a huge concern to you?
My name is Jax and I am a hypochondriac.
I just publicly admitted that.  It should help in my healing...
I'm seriously a diagnosed hypochondriac.  Everything I do and every free second is spent worrying about my health and how I could improve it.  Sigh...

8. Which popular thing does everyone else love... but you just don't care for?
There are a lot of things in this category.  Everyone loves Uggs.  I hate them.  Everyone loves fast food.  I hate it.  Everyone loves Adele.  Her voice makes me want to claw my ear 
drums out.
I'll stop before I begin on a never ending list, and you all know how I love those!

9. What if someone came and told you your blog name was taken and copyrighted by someone who came before you? Would you fight it or change it? 
What would you change it to?
Well, they came before me, so I'd have to pull up my big girl panties and change my name.  What would I change it to?  
Hmm... <--That's me thinking real hard.
I'd probably take out raviolis and replace it with my second favorite pasta.  Cavatellis!

10. How do you feel about hair extensions and fake lashes?
If I wasn't so afraid of it damaging my natural hair, I'd so rock hair extensions.
I used to rock blue extensions, but I got over that phase real quick.
My lashes are too long for falsies, but I'm all for it for those who like to rock them!

11. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
She's right here!!  In my room hiding under my snuggie!!!
Don't tell her that I told you...

Ok, you're not all off the hook.
I want to know about you.
How would you answer these questions? 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Phermone Parties

Anyone in the mood to party??
I've hosted Halloween parties, fiestas, and even LoveLove parties.
You name the theme, and I've most likely thrown a party in it's honor.
There is however one type of party that I've never thrown nor even heard of.  Gasp!

I've never thrown a Pheromone Party.

So, what is a pheromone party anways?
A pheromone is a chemical produced by an animal that supposedly effects the opposite sex.
A pheromone party celebrates that very chemical!
Well, sort of...

The party itself is pretty simple.
You gather a group of friends to agree to the party.  Then each guest sleeps in a clean, white t-shirt for 3 nights.  After the third night each guest stores their t-shirt in a  plastic bag labeled with a unique number. 
Ok, push aside the ews and stay with me.  Embrace your inner cave man!!
Once the guests are at the party, they will inhale the odor of each bag.  When they come to a scent they like, they take a picture of them with the bag.  At the end of the party, you see who took a picture with your bag labeled with your number.  This is when the guests are supposed to mingle according to the stank test results.  If you miss your opportunity to yap with someone, no worries!!  Everyone's picture with the stanky t-shirt will be posted on Facebook and tagged accordingly.
Anyone else finding inhaling other people's body odor to be a bit of a mood killer??

To make matters a little worse, the company wants all the guests to RSVP by sending a lovely picture of their armpit.  Just raise your arm and snap a pic!!
Um, what?

It is an interesting concept to consider.
I've heard a lot of talk about pheromones being man or women catchers.
While it sounds real strange, it would be interesting to experience.

Here's one of those facebook albums.  You know your dyeing to see who tried it!

What do you think about pheromone parties?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keep The Exes An Ex

There seems to be one recurring theme to my life.
I date a guy.  We break up and disappear from each other’s lives.  Then one day, they show up again.
Hey!  Stop playing the damn violin!  I totally wasn’t complaining…
As flattered as I am that they want to rekindle the spark, what are they expecting?
The relationship crashed and burned for a reason.
…and I know he ain’t trying to just be friends!

As tempting as it is to dip your feet back into their love spell, it’s a horrible decision.
Stop and think about where the relationship went wrong.
You may be able to forget the problems for a short time, but they will eventually creep back into view.
Sure his green eyes are hypnotizing, but he’s still a conceited, stuck up, know it all!!!

This post is in honor of the all people being haunted by their exes.
Kick them to the curb like a bad habit and move on to bigger and better things!
What?  Still not convinced?  Sigh…

Here are 10 reasons NOT to go back to an old relationship!
Of course there are exceptions, but you guys are smart and know that already.

1.  Back Up
Where was your ex this whole time?  Don’t give me that excuse!!
It’s always suspicious when exes pop up out of nowhere.  Chances are they tried to start a few new romances and failed.  For lack of a better option is not why I would want to relight a fire.

2.  Cute Cousin
If you’re looking at them and wondering how their hot cousin is doing, chances are you shouldn’t give this relationship a second chance. 
That doesn’t mean you should go calling the cousin neither!  Just sayin…

 3.  Entertainment
The ex that comes and goes in spurts is usually playing the same game.  You are being used as entertainment between girls.
Be smarter and say no!!!!  Don’t let nobody play you for a fool!

4.  Pancakes
Let someone else make them pancakes at ungodly hours of the morning before work!

5.  Family
Your family watched your relationship crumble and helped you pick up the pieces.  During that process, they are bound to lose respect for your ex.  No matter how open minded they are, they want to protect you from more hurt.
I learned a long time ago to value my family’s opinions.  They know me better than anyone else.

6.  Lies
Rekindling a relationship leads to many lies and exaggerations.
Like they are really going to tell you about the chick they’ve been banging the past 4 months.  Uh huh…

7.  Same Person
While they may have changed different aspects of their lives, they are still the same person. 
I HATE when girls sit back thinking they are going to “save” or “change” a man.  Let him be…
If you need to change someone to be with them, then you should move on to someone else who fits the criteria.

8.  Waste
The energy and time you devote to trying something that already failed once could be applied a new relationship.  Think of all the opportunities you’re turning down while trying to crazy glue an old fling.
Peaches is famous for this one.  “I just don’t have the time.”  Love that!

9.  Cooking
Now you can cook that tomato sauce how you like it.  Throw in all the onions you wants!
The second you found out he doesn't like a sweeter gravy you should’ve known it wouldn’t work… 

10.  Adventure
There is a fun, exciting adventure waiting for you with someone new.

Do you think rekindling an old romance is a good or bad idea?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nerds & Nerdettes

Happy Monday Everyone!!

How was everyone's weekend?
I wanted to apologize for disappearing Friday and not visiting your blogs.
I was plagued with some God awful stomach virus.
I'll spare you all the horrid details and continue with today's post.


This past weekend I was listening to a local radio show.
The host of the show kept gushing on and on about different "sexy" celebrities.
Each and every celebrity she brought up seemed to fall under the same category:  Nerd.
That's not said in a derogatory way, it's simply an observation.  Besides, I'm a little nerd myself!

Being the self proclaimed yapper that I am, I had to investigate further.
Yes, that means I harassed all my close friends and family for their idea of a sexy nerd.
I wracked my poor brain for every well known nerd I could think of.
I came down to one resounding hypothesis.
Nerds are in.

They have brains, good looks, and usually chic style.
They think before they speak and are socially awkward in a good way.
Hey, Big Bang Theory is overwhelmingly popular for a reason!  The people love a dose of dork!

The Nerd Test:

Madre and I's all time favorite show goes first...
The Winchester Brothers from Supernatural.

Dean Winchester
Bad Boy
Played by Jensen Ackles
Very macho, super sexy, and Madre's pick.


Sam Winchester
Played by Jared Padalecki
Super smart, self proclaimed dork, and Jax's pick.  Yum!!!

Next up are the Nerdettes.

The ladies from The Secret Circle.

Faye Chamberlain
Bad Girl
Played by Phoebe Tonkin
Powerful, witty, and dangerously sexy.  This is Madre's pick.


Diana Meade
Played by Shelley Hennig
Beautiful, socially awkward, with brains and a rocking bod.  This is Jax's pick.

Do you think Nerds are in?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Love Bug Is Injured!

Do you see the lovely, beautiful, gorgeous, lady above???
She's the most beautiful car I've ever seen, and she's all mine!!!  :)
For the newcomers, this is TheLoveBug.
Usually my stories about TheLoveBug are happy and upbeat.
Unfortunately, this post is a very sad one.
Sniffle.  Sniffle.

It all started Friday evening.
I left work to sit in bumper to bumper traffic on the LIE.
For those familiar with that God forsaken road, this wasn't typical LIE traffic.
By traffic I mean that I sat in the same spot for over an hour and ten minutes.

As I'm on the phone with Madre complaining about my horrible predicament, I'm suddenly startled by a loud BOOM and a sudden collision into the car in front of me.
It became overwhelmingly obvious that I got rear ended and sent flying into the car in front.
The poor, poor Love Bug.  She practically wailed out in pain!

Being already incredibly irritated from being stuck in the same damn spot for so long, I got out of the car ready to attack.  I looked at the back bumper and was relieved to see minimal chipped paint and no dents.  That's when the lady who hit me came out of the car.
Brace yourself folks.  This is the part that put me over the edge!

Jax:  "There's not that much damage."
Lady:  "Oh.  There's no white paint on your car."
Jax:  "Yea, I don't see any."
Lady:  "You must have reversed into me."
Jax:  "I have been stuck in the same GOD DAMN spot for WELL OVER an hour.  Why the HELL would I EVER want to go backwards, woman?"

Lady:  "Hang on a second."

That's when Lady nonchalantly hopped back into her massive vehicle.
Oh, she's getting her paperwork to exchange information.
That's when Lady turned on her car and started heading for the shoulder.
Oh, she's pulling over.  I mean, we are in the middle of a lane.
That's when Lady continued to drive all the way down the shoulder until she was no longer in view.
Oh, she's driving away.  Yup, that *#$% is driving away.

Before I get angry and start having a hissy again, I'm going to get to the point of this post.
The point is, TheLoveBug is injured and that makes me sad.
Here's to TheLoveBug having a rapid recovery!!

Have you ever had an awful car incident?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Most Annoying Fashion Trends

As you all already know from posts like Do The Cat Walk, I have zero fashion sense.
It was just this year that I decided to try to develop a sense of style.
I still rock my jeans and a t-shirt more than anything though.  Shh, don't tell Peaches!
The past couple of months I spent cleaning out my wardrobe's junk and adding new treasures.

After a lot of work and loads of help, I finally found my fashion niche.
I'm almost as chic as this styling turtle now.

Finding my fashion sense wasn't all about stumbling across the perfect additions to my closet.
It was mostly picking up garments and giving them the WTF look.
That's when Peaches gave me the bright idea of deciding what trends I really disliked.
Now, that's an assignment that I could with no problem!

Here are a list of the top 5 WORST fashion trends according to Jax.
I apologize in advance if you rock one of these trends.  It's nothing personal!

1.  No Pants
For the love of God, when did girls decide to stop wearing pants???
Just because Lady Gaga gets away with baring all, doesn't mean that my eyes should be subjected to you doing it too!!  Please put your pants back on.
And, no, a long shirt barely covering your hoo-hah doesn't cut it either!

2.  Man Uggs
Ok, Ben, I know that the lovely Tom Brady is promoting them, but take OFF the m-uggs.
I can not take men seriously that wear Uggs.  I just can't do it.
Not only do they look ridiculous and awkward, but they look 100x worse in a suit.
This makes me glad that I've never owned nor even tried on a pair of Uggs.

3.  Hair Feathers
This is one trend that I never understood.
While some ladies managed to pull it off nicely, I still couldn't help but picture them as a giant peacock.  With long, colorful feathers in your hair, what did you expect?
Who first looked at a feather and thought "I want that on my head" anyways?  Steven Tyler?

4.  Floppy Hat
Any RHONJ fans out there who saw Teresa Guidice give a verbal lashing dressed like above?
I get that these umbrellas on your head serve as a practical instrument to block the sun from your skin and eyeballs.  I don't get how you are able walk knowing that you have that big, floppy thing sitting up there.  The giant hat is a big no no for me.

5.  The Poof
Living minutes away from Snooki's hometown, do you have ANY idea how many poofs I've endured?! 
 I get that you're short, but there is no way that poof ball on the top of your head is going to help.  Trust me, I only got like 2 inches on Snooki, and it don't work.  It just looks absolutely ridiculous.

What fashion trends irk you?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Book Club: Complete

Guess what guys??
I finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James.
If you remember from this post, Peaches and I started a book club in honor of this romance novel.

What did I think of the book?

Sometimes I loved this book, and other times I absolutely hated it.
While I wanted a small piece of Christian Grey, I had a very rough relationship with him.
While I secretly loved Anastasia Steele, sometimes I wanted to shake some sense into her.
The bottom line is, even when I hated this book, I absolutely loved it.

This book really made me think.
The author made the characters so relatable that I felt like I knew them.
I actually would get angry when these characters did certain things.
Does it make me crazy that I gave a fictional character the silent treatment?  Don't answer that..
This book gave Peaches and I the material needed for heart felt talks about things like depression, child abuse, control issues, and relationships as a whole.

Was the book as juicy as promised?

This book was even juicer than I originally thought.
And, yes, it lived up to it's lady porn reputation.
There was drama, hidden back stories, and loads of kinky sex.
I learned all about the world of dominants and submissives.
The juice was literally dripping off of every single page in this lengthy erotic romance novel.

What was your favorite part of the book?

Anastasia Steele had two imaginary helpers to give her advice throughout the book.
There was her sensible subconscious that was constantly trying to protect her.
Then there was her inner goddess that would gloat every time her man looked at her.
My inner goddess was constantly giving her inner goddess nods of approval.  Ok, and a few winks...
The humor, desire, and passion of Steele's inner goddess was my favorite part of the novel.

You read the book, now what are you going to do with your little book club?

Excuse my inner goddess as she rolls her eyes.  Wait, don't people get spanked for that???
Fifty Shades of Grey is from a series of 3 books.
I still have two more books to go until I finish the series!!

Now, excuse me while I go order the next two books.  I'm dyeing to know what happens next!
And, yes, that was my inner goddess doing a cart wheel while holding pom poms!

Did you decide to join in on the Fifty Shades series yet?


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