Friday, March 2, 2012


Happy Friday everyone!!  You made it to the weekend :)

This morning I woke up and stretched.  I heard a crack and immediately thought that I broke a bone.
I walked into the kitchen to pour myself some OJ and noticed the expiration date was in a few days.  I immediately thought I would spend the day hurling up sour juice.  Classy, huh?
After freaking out that I would be late to work and worrying about whether or not my eyes would bother me around 3pm, I put my glasses into my bag and got ready to run.
That's when I wrapped my scarf around my neck and started to get nervous that a spider had crawled into my scarf during the night.  I shook that bad boy out like a pro and went on my way.

I guess it's safe to say that I am a very anxious person.
What I should be anxious about is having a heart attack from stressing over nothing all the time!
The good news is, I'm not always this way.
Most of the time I can take the pressure of anything and then some.
I actually prefer to be under pressure because then it lights a fire under my ass.
The bad news is, when I get anxious, I get really anxious!
When I start stressing, I realize it right away and try to relax.

I know that we all stress out, get anxious, or freak out over different things.
Here's some tips on how to  r e l a x...

1.  Breathe.
There's supposed to be a special technique for this, but I just try to breathe deep.
Don't do that labor breathing exercise.  It doesn't work for stress.  Just saying...

2.  Clean.
For the love of God, put the bleach down!!!
I find that if I clean or organize something around me, the anxiety starts to subside.
It could be the change in my focus or it could be the order around me making me feel less cluttered.

3.  Bye Bye Google.
I'm famous for googling meaningless nonsense and then diagnosing myself with some rare, fatal disease.
Stay off of Google!
Unless you're looking up Aaron Hernandez pictures.  Then go right ahead.  That should be #4...

4.  Chit Chat
If I feel myself getting anxious over something silly, I'll call a friend or family member and yap about nothing until I calm down.  Poor Peaches and Madre...hahaha

5.  Read
Pick up a Glamour and glow while looking at all the pretty clothes, shoes, and make up.
Pick up a book and focus on a fictional life.
Reading is a great way to get your mind off the silly things running through it.

6.  Robert Downey Jr. Movies
This one's my favorite...

7.  Shopping
Shopping is great therapy for stress!  New things can make anyone smile.
Just set a limit for yourself.  Don't spend $3,000 on a pair of shoes and say Jax told you to so you can relax.  When that bill comes in the mail you'll stress harder than ever!

8.  Wine
The alcohol stops the shaking after hearing about a tornado that killed 12 people in 7 different states.
Yes, I even worry about the weather.

9.  Green Tea
It may not have the some effect as booze, but it's great for relaxation.
The Japanese I work for swear by it.  I call it the miracle tea.

10.  Vacation
If time and money allow, go on a vacation.
Leave your worries home and dive into something you really enjoy.  Go see a place that you've always wanted to.  Make memories that you can laugh about when you're stressing all over again.

What are your relaxation techniques?

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I am the exact same way. I am very anxious, always. haha. I am the same way with expiration dates. Even if it expires that day and I haven't had any of it Ill still feel the need to throw up haha. Have a great weekend.

  2. i tottaly agre with 3.
    people who feel ill start googling the symptoms and they end up thinking they have cancer or something.
    And you shouldnt worry about the weather, people live there because they want to, and they know they have a chance of getting hit by a tornado.
    Personally, alcohol/weed and music usually calms me down :)

  3. I'm not going there Jax. Techniques for relaxation??? Really? You are a brave young lady.

  4. @Barfly...I expected nothing less from you! hahaha

    Brave? That I am... :)

  5. hahaha wow when you get anxious you really get anxious...hahaha, I'll never make fun of the numb toe again....hahahaha

    I totally agree with number 3, stay the heck off Google, I've diagnosed myself with crap before and my cat, was wrong of yeah as much as the urge to look comes, I yank the internet cord out..haha

    Cleaning does work as well, getting everything gone and in order, like it isn't already but hey, have to double check right?

    Shopping and Vacations can cause it too though, especially with airport crap and christmas shopping or something, with all the people in the way.

    I simply tell myself to shut up and then rhyme away or pop in a movie, doesn't have to be RDJ though, thankfully in some cases..haha

  6. Mix hypochondria with anxiety, which I tend to have. My physician has asked me to avoid google when self-diagnosing my symptoms.

    Good suggestion on the green tea. Avoid coffee, it makes anxiety worse--trust me, I'm on my third cup of coffee.

  7. @Pat...LOL It's ok to tease. I know I'm being dramatic half the time, I just get nervous!! charger tried to kill me last night. :(

    Omg, Google is AWFUL that way. When I googled numb toe, it came up as a sign for a stroke, heart attack, or multiple sclerosis. I thought for sure I was a goner!! haha

    Knew you would get the cleaning one ;) But vacations don't cause stress! They cause the good kind where you get plan everything. And shopping, ok fine, but those shoes are sooo worth it. hahaha

    No, they HAVE to be RDJ or it's not the same. LOL

  8. might I suggest number 12: Exercising. It can help take your mind off of everything.

  9. lmfao your first paragraph made me facepalm, like triple face palm. :)

  10. ... I love reading your blog, sweetie!! :8)

  11. @Bart...I made you face palm? That's a win for me!! hahaha

    @DJFunkyGrrl...And I LOVE when you come visit :) By the way, you look hot in your new picture!!! Love it. Have an awesome weekend xo Don't study too hard!

  12. Those chargers should come with a warning attached, "May cause bodily harm, in particular numb toes." haha

    hahaha numb toes really suck though I had one off and on for a week least month, plus a tingly damn arm and face and twitchy fingers, damn pitched nerve in the neck, you can imagine the things I thought I had with that..LOL..stupid google.

    I'll take your word for the vacation one, as never had one...haha...$3000 shoes are worth it? Pffft they better make you fly for that kind of money..hahaha

    LOL even if it's his really crappy ones?

  13. i too am a somewhat anxious person. and agree with the breathing. and booze!

  14. Girrrrrrrl, you know that I am just as anxious as you are. The spider in the scarf thing cracked me up 'cause I'm ALWAYS shaking my scarves out.

    I am with you on all of those, except the wine one of course.

    I find that listening to mellow music helps too. While I'm cleaning, and reading, and breathing. Haha.

  15. Love you tips! I usually try to talk to the husband or a friend; that almost always makes me feel better!

  16. @Pat...OMG!!! Twitching? Tingling? Awful. Mine just turns white, gets real cold, and goes numb. It has to be a circulation problem. But I'm too chicken to go to the dr. LOL I'd much rather worry about what it could be.

    How did you get a pinched nerve? Is it serious?! Did it go away?

    He has no crappy ones! Just to see his face should be a pleasure :) hahaha

  17. @Spork...Right??? Who knows what's lurking in those things. They are pretty and cozy, but they look like the perfect home to some nasty spider!

  18. Cleaning totally works for me. Except then I work myself into a frenzy reorganizing things and then can't find things later on. Which raises my anxiety. It's a vicious cycle really

  19. Wine and sex are both excellent stress relievers, or sex with wine is even better.

  20. LOL I'd be chicken to go to the Dr. too, too many germs floating around in that waiting room..haha.

    Had it for a good 6 weeks, couldn't do much of anything, but it went away. Got it by sitting weird while typing book number four and instead of letting it rest, I kept doing things and screwed it up. Gone now though.

    Right, there are a few that no matter the face in them, are just plain horrible...haha

  21. i also struggle with anxiety. medicating isn't the long term answer, as i have learned. i have gone to two psychics in my life and one said that if i didn't get my anxieties under control then i would weaken myself and become diseased and die. well, that caught my attention:) the balance between a little anxiety that produces action and a leisurely attitude in general is a modern-day challenge. vacation is always a good tonic. have a good weekend.

  22. I used to get worked up and stressed about the littlest things...and was a bit of a hypochondriac for years.
    I don't know what changed, it just kind of faded over time

  23. Hahaha I thought I was the only one doing number 3.

  24. I used to be a very anxious person in my childhood - teen years (and into my early twenties), but for whatever reason, that situation changed. Oddly enough, I now kind of wish I grew anxious more often. Even though it was no fun being worried all the time, it did provide a nice adrenaline rush (I miss that part of it).

  25. Your #2 would be nowhere on my list. Just thinking about cleaning adds to my stress level in ways that you could not imagine.

    I listen to calm music.

    Recently, it has been Bon Iver.

  26. So cute blog dear: congrats!!!
    Check out my blog and if you feel like drinking a sip of ABSOstyle with me, we could followed each other by GFC + Bloglovin’ … ;) I’ll be waiting for you!!!

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  27. Mine is wikipedia. Just reading random articles (not totally random but sorta) for hours

  28. I am also a worrier. I usually worry about the trivial stuff that no one else usually cares about. Normal day-to-day stresses are much more controllable for me.

    I like to dream some worries away by having a dream tell me how to reduce my anxiety.

  29. Great tips Jax. When I need to relax I drink a glass of wine and listen to some of my favourite CDs. Cleaning also helps me to unwind when I'm tense and upset. Especially when I listen to music as I clean. It works every time!

    Have a fantastic weekend. :-)

  30. That's funny. I am also trying to not stress over little things. My homework load is crazy but I worry about it all the time! It's exhausting. I am starting to learn to work hard when I am working on something, but to also completely relax when I am not. :)


  31. I go days without sleep due to anxiety, I suppose, but there is no taking naps during the day as my house is filled with skylights. It's like living in a lightbulb.

  32. As you saw on my post, yin yoga. So awesome! Doctors should prescribe this. Companies should offer a once a week class free to their employees. I think everyone would see the benefits of it if they gave it a try.

  33. relaxation technique u ask? beer till i pass out :)

  34. Aaron Hernandez eh? Most girls I know just go for Tom Brady

  35. firm believer in herbal relaxation ;)

  36. I'm generally a calm and collected person. But if I feel anxious like that, cleaning really does help. Just organizing something and making it better makes you feel like you're in control of something while the rest of your world is in chaos.

    Green tea...I've been drinking a lot of it.

    A long hot bath helps, too.

    I hate spiders. I can't start thinking about them or I'll feel imaginary ones crawling on me! Eew.

    Great tips!

    Sorry about your computer!

  37. There's nothing more relaxing for me than being groomed by attentive females. Breathing is also good if it's not too heavy. Are you a heavy breather or a light one?

  38. love your personal story to segway into these great tips.You give some great tips and I agree that cleaning helps too! a focused project is great.

  39. hello dear! i've missed you and your blog!!!
    well, i think we're the same and i need all of them specially vacation!!!!
    take care. i'm so happy to be back can't wait to see more your post :)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala


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