Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Memories

Happy Belated St. Patricks Day!!!
How was everyone's holiday?
Did you get boozed up to new heights?
Did you shove your face with delicious Irish goodies?
I celebrated with the latter.

My Nanny invited my entire family over to celebrate in the festivities.
She was on point with some yummy corn beef, sweet cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and Irish beer.  My uncle made some delicious Irish Soda bread and brought some real yummy pastries!
We even had green and white cookies as opposed to the typical black and whites.
Basically we ate until we almost popped.

My girlfriend was invited over to join in on our feast, but couldn't make it.  She did ask my grandfather a question that would keep her on the phone for hours.
"You're not Irish so why do you guys make such a big deal out of today?"
St. Patrick was Italian.  Duh!  The poor girl got a whole history lesson.
Irish, Italian, or whatever you are, it's a day to celebrate and indulge.
Just enjoy it and never ask questions!

We are older now, but Brother and I reminisced about St. Patty's day as a child.

We would wake up in our green pajamas and follow the cutout four leaf clover trail all the way to the kitchen.  There we would find green bagels and green eggs.  There were piles of green goodies brought to us by a leprechaun that came to visit us in the middle of the night.  I would open my cream cheese to see it dyed a very pretty green.  Brother would pour his milk into a glass that magically turned green as it hit the bottom of his cup.  Then we would dress in green from head to toe and don our infamous four leaf clover pins.
The Viking used to hide food coloring in the bottom of his glass.  So tricky!
This fun filled morning would be continued with a huge gathering at our Nanny's house.
We loved holidays back then even more than we do now.

How did you celebrate St. Patrick's day as a child?


  1. In England we don't really do the green thing, it is more an excuse to get drunk. I think a few faces are green by the end though.. The corn beef sounds lovely, even though i am a veggie.

  2. HAHA Jax! Glad you had an awesome weekend. I had cabbage and corn beef! There were also a couple of parades here.

  3. Now with that picture how can you not want to leedle..LMAO

    Sounds like a fun time was had indeed on saint me day. But if you stomach explodes from all that food, blame a different your friend will think twice about asking a question to your grandfather again...hahahaha

    Holiday's are always more fun as a kid, I guess it's the willingness to believe in the magic of it or something, that just makes it better. By the time you were through you must have been green head to toe. I never did much for it as a kid as I was too busy waiting for my birthday presents..hahaha

    Oh and green bagels and green eggs, trying to rift off the Dr. Seuss book?..haha

  4. That is so cute. When my kids were little we used to put green food coloring in the toilet water. They used to think the crazy leprechaun came to visit.

  5. Yum! Sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate. Wish I could have indulged. Lol

  6. @Pat...OMG with the leedle!!!! While my brother would be proud, you just made me twitch!!!! hahahaha

    LOL Nooo, Dr. Seus liked ham! We don't eat pig...hahaha

    Yes, we done your name day good :) And the great news, I didn't pop! I'm still here!! LOL Whenever I leave nannys house, I always feel like I need to be rolled out the door....

  7. @Keepin It Real... Omg, That's Great!!!! I'm stealing that idea from you...every holiday my little cheese is going to witness colored toilet water! hahaha

  8. LMAO good! I think I owed you a twitch or two from a while back..hahaha

    That's why I thought you switched it, green eggs and bagels still has a nice ring, although it be harder to rhyme. Sam I am would have to be Sam I fraggle..LOL

    My name is proud of your effort..hahaha and at least her floors are nice and clean too, so no germs as you roll..hahahaha

  9. I love how you guys celebrated as children! So many creative ideas...I wish my kids were younger. Heck, I may do it anyway next year.

    We celebrated with corned beef and cabbage yesterday. I was sick on St. Patty's Day - better late than never.

    Sponge Bob Rocks!

  10. I was always decked out in head to toe green and my mom always made sure that I had the latest and greatest flashing pin that Hallmark was selling that year. We go all green with my girls too. The leprechaun even visits them at night and leaves green treats in a pair of shoes that they leave by their bedroom door. They get lime TicTacs, green shamrock lollipops, green ring pops, mint gum and few gold wrapped chocolate coins. They love it...still at 10 & 8 years old.

  11. @Pat...What?! I don't deserve to twitch!! lol Sigh...You should've never learned about the leedle! Now you can use it against me...hahaha

    Yes, my nannys is the head of all of the OCD freaks. Although, something tells me that my mom is worse than them all. My mom once hit Biff for stepping on the fringe of the rug!! hahah Just be glad we ain't as bad as

  12. @L...You can never be too old for the magic leperchaun to come and say hello :)

    @Preppy Girl...That's awesome! I love to hear stories like that. Next year I'm going to leave my shoes out to see what happens. haha

  13. hahaha I have found your kryptonite, thank Brother for can't escape the leedle anywhere now..hahaha

    LMAO okay that kind of makes us look normal..hahaha

  14. i love memories of kid holidays- the best! all of those things through a child's eyes (especially memories of your own) make it that much more special. My Dad's side of the family is Irish so we always celebrated with corned beef, etc (still went over to his house this year to have that!) but when I was little we also decorated the whole house and what not, it was fun.

  15. Happy St. Patricks day to you to :)) Great Post

    Lots Love Storm

  16. We didn't do anything except pinch people in school. Oh and we made clover cookies one year

  17. Jax, I love your posts so I hope you'll forgive the following, but I must say it for every Irish Person out there:

    It is not, has never been, and will never, ever, ever, EVER be Patty's Day!

    Paddys! With D's!

    Patrick in Irish = Padraig, and the abbreviation is Paddy.

    Patty is the abbreviation for Patricia. We are not celebrating the mass genocide of the Snake Species of Ireland by St. Patricia. All that lady did was give away her stuff and give her virgin body to God. No Snakes in her story!

    So, we either celebrate St. Patrick's Day, St. Pat's day, or St Paddy's Day. No More Patty's!

  18. @Pat...That god damn leedle! I'm going to sue spongebob for mental damage. hahahahaha I will NOT thank Brother for you. He's going to get hit with a shoe in your honor instead hahaha

  19. JOutlaw...Omg, I'm an awful Irish!!!! I didn't know that, but thanks for educating me. Now I know for the future :)

    Guess that's another rantle? hahaha I seem to be good at getting people to rant!

  20. I never got visited by a Leprechaun as a kid! Your so lucky! All I did as a kid is make sure to wear green so the kids in school wouldn't pinch me for not wearing green.

  21. I didn't really celebrate it as a kid... but this year's was awesome! Hope yours was too!

  22. LOL well I think that is quite funny too, but shhhh don't tell him I said that. If he has any thoughts of revenge warn him of the polar bear...hahahahaha

  23. Happy belated San Patrick;) I love your Bob Esponja (lol) the kids still love him!

  24. Belated St Paddy's day...
    I spent it watching rugby and drinking Guinness from 11am until the pubs shut...and then slept through most of Sunday.

  25. Don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day here, but that's no excuse to not drink!

  26. i never did! other than wear green. i totally missed out.

  27. Didn't do much. I don't think St. Patrick's day is a very prominent celebration in Asian cultures. :P

  28. i never celebrated it. (and are you serious about him being italian?? come on. i feel like my italian father would have shook that history into me.) the tradition of green along with your brother is a sweet memory.

  29. Yeah, I've found that it's best not to question St. Patrick's Day as well.

  30. Ooh, you lil green monster... ;) We didn't really do the green thing in UK, but when you're a teen or grown up - there's definitely lots of drinking involved... the pubs were always jammed packed!

  31. i think i might have explained my point on how foreign holidays are handled in Argentina in your Valentine´s day post. maybe, i´m not sure. so unfortunately i don´t have any St.Patty´s stories from when i was a kid. but it looks like you had it good! i mean green bagels? green cream cheese? green cookies? you gotta lend me that madre of yours! :)

    i do remember that i did chocolate easter hunting at my grannys. :) see i did get at least some yum!

    this year i celebrated st patyys by doing an all green eye make up! but i heard some crazy stories on the radio by ppl that went VERY crazy that night.

    XO! jannine

  32. Jax, it sounds like you had amazing parents who made St. Paddy's Day really special for you. Fun!!

    Since my name is Erin, I always got stuck wearing a crown that said "Erin Go Braugh" which my relatives couldn't seem to stop themselves from buying for me every year. Humiliating.


  33. That is so super cool, especially the four leaf clover trail. That's so fun that your parents put so much effort into it


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