Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is in the air...

How is everyone's week going?
Mine has been very busy, yet very nice.
There is just something a little bit different this week.
I could hear, smell, and see Spring everywhere!
It's right around the corner, people!!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons.
It means new outdoor adventures and fun weather.
It means going back to your fun, flirty wardrobe and wavy, wild hair.
There are so many great things about Spring.
But that's a whole different post for when it actually gets here!

This post is all about how I'm excited that it's right around the corner.
How do I know that it's practically here?
Other than the obvious date...
Let me tell you about all the signs that are leaving me giddy!

1.  Weather
It's getting warmer outside.
The sun is shining brighter.
Isn't it lovely?!

2.  Fingernails
My nails are a fun, pink color.
You always type faster when you see a pretty color hopping across the keys.
Hello bright pinks, corals, and turquoise!  Goodbye grays and deep reds!

3.  Lighter Jackets
I finally dropped all but one of my heavy winter coats off at the dry cleaners.
It's time to bust out my lighter, spring jackets.
I'm also thinking about investing in a bright, fun rain coat.  Yess!

4.  Fruits
The grocery stores slowly but surely start stocking up with the yummy spring and summer fruits!
Blueberries, blackberries, plums, peaches, and everything else!  Yum!
5.  Smiles
Everytime Spring lurks around the corner, everyone is suddenly brighter.
Spring brings nothing but laughs, fun, and flirty attitudes!
6.  Pedis
You can now go for the $50 pomegranate spa pedicure and not feel guilty!
Hey it's an investment for the summer time...
It's time to say goodbye to the nasty, tight, dry Winter skin on your legs and feet.
7. Candy
Easter is around the corner and that means that the stores are stocked up with two of my favorites!
Peeps and peanut butter filled eggs are down every grocery aisle.

8.  Car Wash
Fun Fact:  Jax refuses to wash her car in the winter.  Refuses!!
The start of spring signifies a whole season of a clean car!
The weather was so Spring like that I took TheLoveBug for a bath on Saturday.

9.  OutDoors
The start of spring also ignites the little thing in your brain that makes you want to be outdoors.    
I already started taking strolls around my work building during break times. 

10. Clock Change
This is my favorite sign that Spring is around the corner!
The days are longer!
No longer do I wake up in the dark and leave work in the dark.
It was like the sun never rose.
Finally, I leave for work in the sunlight and come home with the sun still shining!

How do you know when Spring is here? 



  1. Spring kind of meshes in for me here. I refuse to wash my car anytime. Lol Thats why I had kids.

  2. LOL I also refuse to wash my car anytime, that's what rain is for..hahaha

    Agree with most of those too, besides the whole pink nail thing, that might make me type or the spa or the candy, okay I agree with half..hahaha

    Love the better weather, no stupid jackets and being able to be outdoors without freezing my butt off. Hate the stupid clock change making me lose an hour sleep, but the daylight is nicer, if it makes you not want to be inside at work.

  3. @Pat...Isnt it funny how we are OCD w/ everything else, but when it comes to car it's like ehhhh! hahahaha (Which by the way, I did my weekly desk scrubbing today and it's super shiny!)

    Have you ever tried pink nail polish? You can't shun something until you try it!

    According to Google, you don't change your clocks. I believe google!!!!

  4. Yeah I always wondered why. Everything I have to clean, have to have everything in place/order etc. but with the car, it's just like pffft who cares. Don't know why, maybe ocd doesn't extend to vechiles.

    I think I will forgo trying that.

    Google is dead wrong. It gave you some bad info there. Another reason why one shouldn't google everything.

  5. spring is also my favourite! this is the season when i feel rebirth, fresh and beautiful hahahaha.. seriously i love spring because of its beautiful weather, bright and colorful flowers its just like leaving behind eveything from winter season :)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  6. going pretty good. pedis looks wrong... and i know when spring is here when i shave my beard and i feel the warm sun on mah face.

  7. i know it when I walk around looking like a dork smiling from ear to ear

  8. @Pat...But then the people with the dirtiest homes have the cleanest cars! Isn't it strange?! Sigh...

    I think you should bash Google a little louder so that it hears you! Wait until the next time you use Google, it'll have it's revenge!!

    How do I know that your not lyeing to me? For all I know it could be 10:42 in your Nova Scotia land and your just sitting there giggling thinking "I got her!". I refuse to believe google was inaccurate!!

  9. When my allergies act up! HAHAHAHAHA Just messin with ya! Jax I got excited just reading all of your reasons girl. I'm going to have a beauty weekend to start preparing. I'm excited too! I love springy cool nail polish :D It makes you SMILE! I started changing out my closet. It's in the upper 80's here. LOL Have a great girl.

  10. I take my car to a wash in the winter, but I was it myself when the weather gets nice.

    It's raining for 8 days straight here, which I'm okay with, 'cause we need it. But I'm paying 10 bucks a day to park closer than my usual free parking. That kinda chaps my behind.

    My car can be dirty outside, but not inside. I can not drive a car taht hasn't been vacuumed, or is dusty inside.

  11. Oh my gosh, when I first read this, I saw "refuses to wash her hair" and though, oh...okay...and then re-read it LOL Now it makes sense. CAR...much better. Jax refuses to wash her car. Phew!!!!

    Sorry, I'm a bit sleepy today...

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Yes, I agree. I love Spring. All those flowers and blossoms bursting into live. You've been tagged!

  14. Yay! I'm so excited about spring too. I agree with not washing your car in the winter; it's a futile process.

  15. I know spring is here when I can turn off my heat and open my windows!

  16. I know it's Springtime when I hate being stuck inside at work because I want to be outside.

    But I love the feeling when it just starts becoming warm outside.

    I feel like there is so much I can accomplish.

  17. i am so looking forward to some warmer weather and to break out my lighter jackets!

  18. @Spork...oh yes, the inside MUST be clean. I would be voted 'most likely to have wipes in their car'. lol!!

  19. @Youngman...I always hate being stuck inside at work!!! And, continuation from last night, I LOVE Mama Sbarros!! Every saturday at 1230 I eat my slice. Yum :)

  20. i grew up in chicago and learned that april was supposed to be warmer but wasn't. so that light jacket i wanted so desperately to wear toward the end of march was fool's gold! i learned, after a long time, it was time to move away from the cold.
    people do smile more in spring. it is downright lovely. a warm days gets everyone outside in a cold weather city, and that's fun thing to experience.

  21. Yeah I no one big time slob that has the cleanest car ever. I don't get it, car gets me to and from. I'd rather have the place clean where I rest my little rhyming bum..haha

    Google was wrong and can bite me! If they haven't heard me rant about them by now, I think I'm safe..haha

    hahaha now it would be fun to trick you, but sadly that hasn't come due. We are only an hour ahead of you. Lord Google was dead wrong.

  22. Spring brings massive pollen here in the south, so everything turns yellowish-green. I had to break down and wash my car today. I wash my car twice a year, whether it needs it or not. Tomorrow I'm treating myself to a pedicure. You have inspired me to get pink polish!!!

  23. LOL So I googled it again to send you the link...and what comes


    I knew you were somehow behind this...

  24. I can tell when the spring seasonal beers come out :)

  25. The birds are singing like mad here and begin their mating rituals and that's the best marker for spring where I live. They won't have those babies until the right time, they know better the changing of the seasons than do we.

  26. LOL that is too funny, see zebras umm grow and are happy when the time zones are known correctly..haha And I just used it too, another point for me because it's an hour ahead in it view.

  27. I start clawing through windows and doors because I want the sun on my face! I'm a sun freak.. It's sad but true. Winter makes me miserable. I'm with you~ I can't wait!

  28. Ok i have to take my comment step by step. "You always type faster when you see a pretty color hopping across the keys" this is probably one of the best things i´ve read ever! you are hilarious (but on point!)!
    totally agree on number 4! on my last trip to the supermarket i got pack of beautiful and tasteful strawberries! SO YUMMY and springlike!
    i´ve already confessed about my pedi-saster! don´t wanna talk about it... sigh. i´m going home in april and i´m definitely splurging myself!
    yay for going outside, washing the car and for seeing sunlight on your way to and back from work!
    GO SPRING! get to new york already!

    XO Jannine

    p.s: i´ve added you to my international favorites blogroll. :)

  29. I found out today when I was greeted by an army of bees

  30. I love to buy all of the new colors of nail polish in the Spring and do manis and pedis on my girls! So much fun!
    Mashmallow Peeps...yum! Try to make smores with them...even better than the original!!

  31. I wouldn't know. My country doesn't have 4 seasons, it only has sunny or rainy weather. :(

  32. Lighter jackets? Pfft. I've been stressing out about getting new tank tops. Arizona warms up so much faster than anywhere else. =(

  33. well I want to believe that Spring is here though yesterday Portland was under a blanket of snow... so... haha. Ugh! I like your car wash fact, that's funny.

    Actually, no doubt- I know when the cherry blossoms bloom. they are all over portland and pop bright pink this time of year- even in the snow.

  34. I know when Spring has arrived when my allergies start kicking in.

  35. I use to know when Spring has arrived because the Cubs spring training games would start being broadcast on WGN radio... But I stopped watching the Cubs, because if I have to watch them lose any more games I am gonna end up on Prozac.

  36. Another great list. I appreciate the effort you put into your answers as much as into your answers


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