Monday, March 26, 2012

A Shoe Adventure & A Pedicure Party

The lovely Betsy from My Five Men was gracious enough to host a pedicure party!
I immediately responded yes!  Spring is around the corner and it's time to bust out the toes.
Besides, who doesn't like to get their toes did??

Luckily, I dished out the doe for an overpriced pedicure that my hibernating feet desperately needed.  My little piggies were screaming for a bright color to wiggle with!
Tutti Frutti is such a fun color to wear in the spring time!

The second I returned from my pomegranate spa pedicure, I slipped on my favorite sandals.
It would be a crime to hide my feet after such a great pedicure.

I bought these sandals in 2006.
They walked with me as I marched in line for my high school graduation.
They stayed under my feet as I ran through the sands of South Beach, Miami.
They even graced my feet as I climbed the steps of a castle in Sparta, Greece.
These sandals were also the finishing touch to my cleopatra costume last halloween.
And, now, they complimented my pedicure during Betsy's pedicure party!
Did I mention that these are my favorite sandals?

Thank you for hosting such a great party!
My toes and feet thank you for making sure that they were all set for the spring.
My sandals send thanks as well for pushing me into digging them out of the closet for more memories.

Do you have a shoe that can tell a story?


  1. Unfortunately I only wear sneakers =/ Maybe I can fancy them up though?

  2. Memories are what life is about.
    Wonderful memories in shoes.
    Don't ever give them away!

  3. Gorgeous, Jax! Love the color! Love the sandals! And your toes look a lot like you know I love them, too! ha.

    I got a pedicure gift certificate for valentines day from the mister. I can't wait to use it!

    Thanks for joining in and good luck in the giveaway!

  4. Those sandals have been through quite the adventure and always brought you back safe and sound, could be lucky too.

    Tutti Frutti is a color too? I knew it was a song title but not a color, guess I'm out of the loop on such feet aspects, after all I used post its..hahaha

    Certaintly look all ready for spring, even though they may freeze if your weather is like ours, first hot now cold, such a pain.

    As far as a shoe story, my one whole pair of 5-7 year old sneakers have been everywhere with

  5. WOW those sandals are chock full of memories. Your toes look great!!! I have a pair of black boots that I have danced in ,laughed in, cried in and had sex in. I ain't NEVAH gettin' rid of those boots baby!!!!

  6. @JDC...I'm all for you bedazzling your sneakers! Just make sure you post about it :)

    @Christine...I don't plan too. They've been around the world with and marched with me during very important events. I'm all for memories :)

    @Gloria...You like my feet?? hahaha Thank you!

  7. @Betsy...Ever see the Friends episode where Joey finds his hand twin? I guess we found our toe twin! hahaha A pedicure gift card is one of the best kind. Make sure you splurge for the leg mask and extra massage. You deserve it :) Thanks for hosting the party!

  8. @Pat...They are very lucky sandals. If you only knew the long list of things the poor babies have been through. My father has had to repair them numerous times. The buckles on them aren't even the original ones. hahaha

    Of course tutti frutti is a color! It's one of my favorites too. That and strawberry smoothie is my favorite. The only type of strawberry that I approve of. haha

    You only have ONE pair of sneakers?! Just one? I refuse to believe that...

  9. @Keepin It Real...I wouldn't give away those boots either. Put them on and strut girl! It's the memories that give certain shoes the oomph. Ok, maybe the spike heel helps a little too ;) hahaha

  10. Those sandals have history! I love them Jax. Pedicures feel so wonderful and I love the nail polish you chose. It's bright, cheery and springtime. Looks good. Have a fabulous week my friend.

  11. Well you can't tell they aren't the original ones. If you feel a hypochondriac session coming on, slap the sandals on, as their luck will help you avoid the imaginary disease..hahaha

    hahaha well even the scary strawberries can be good for something.

    One is all I have, I think they have a bit of air condtioning in them by now too..hahahaha

  12. Those sandals look new, not 6 years old. And your toes look very pretty Jax, pedicures are so relaxing. My old trainers tell the story of many a garden planted.

  13. I actually can't stand wearing basic flip-flops. The noise they make and the loose grip on your feet is too much for me to stand. I do have some that straped on from front to back which are much better.

  14. ha how cute!!!! your nails look great and sounds like you and your sandals have a great history together:)

    I definitely have a favorite pair of shoes- but they are these Ugg-like shoes I got at Costco in college. Since it rains so much here, i wanted shoes that were like Uggs but withuot the price tag so I could wear them in the rain and not care... over 10 years later, I still wear them and they are SO ugly. I wear them into work in the morning before changing into my heels (so much easier to run to my car in those!), I wear them when I go for hikes at my Dad's cabin... I love them and they are disgusting.

  15. ps i got them in high school, not college- I am not yet over 10 years since college! :)

  16. I usually wear my shoes into the ground, and then have to toss them because they've been used too much. Love how your shoes have such a great story!

  17. nice spartan sandals. :)

  18. doh, that was my anon post, missed the submit button.

  19. Cute sandals! And that is a great color. I love orange. Good springtime choice.

    I have so many shoes, and a ton of them have stories. That's why I keep them all in boxes. So they'll keep quiet. :)

  20. @Kim, thanks girl!! I love the color too. So cheerful :)

    @Pat...I wish sanadals was all it took. LOL I've been better though. hahahaha A lot of green tea.. lol

    You only have ONE pair of sneakers for real? I still don't want to believe that! How do you match them with your clothes? What about the sneaker game?! What about for when you go for a run or a walk? How many times have you had them repaired??? This leads to SO many questions!!!!! hahaha My OCD is twitching at this one. lol

    @Anne...Thanks! I've kept them maintained. They aren't the original soles or anything like that. Love pedicures too, untill the scrub the bottom of my feet. Too ticklish...

  21. what a fun idea with a pedicure party!

  22. Not unless you count my boots (which you already know I love) and the shoe I nailed my ex's head with. It was a lovely throw and left a mark.

  23. Those are total goddess sandals, I can see why you like them. :)

  24. hahaha ummm you mean you actually have to make sure sneakers match?..hahaha....same ones for everything, never repaired at all at my hall..hahaha of course I have one other pair of shoes for work, but other than that not a thing. One pair of sneakers for everything, they do the trick though..haha

  25. @Adam...It takes skill to walk in flip flops in silence. lol

    @Caitlin...Oh, I love your boot story. Don't you hate when you fall in love with ugly shoes? hahaha For a cheap pair, they seem to be holding it together. :)

    @Leslie...I do the same, but I lucked out with having a shoe repair man for a daddy.

    @Bart...Thank you! I always hit that silly anonymous button too. Erg, lol

  26. @Spork...Thanks girl! That's cute. Keeping shoes in a box helps keep them quiet, and dust free! :) You're a genius.

  27. I would say that probably my Rainbow sandals have LOTS of great stories!

  28. @Amy...Yes, Betsy had a great idea!

    @Melynda...Your boots certainly do have a few juicy stories :)

    @Lydia...Goddess Sandals? Ohhh, I like that!!!

  29. @Pat...Yes, of course they need to match what you're wearing! I don't even wear sneakers and I have around 8 pairs. Just incase one day I decide to go for a jog. hahaha Ohh, my OCD doesn't like that at all! And only one pair of work shoes? Just one?! Sigh.

  30. That Cat is utterly hopeless Jax. He posted those disgusting toes today and now he says he's only two pair of shoes and he doesn't care if they match his outfit. He drives me and Dez crazy, he does. He's no fashion sense at all.

  31. toe that!

    Yes, I'm getting the whole treatment...and sit in a massage chair and have a nice drink while they work on my toes. Lovely. As soon as this polish is past it's prime, I'm going!

  32. @Anne...Right?? I mean, only ONE pair of shoes???? If shoes don't match, that makes me twitch!!! hahaha Those disgusting toes got to go too. Apparently he has a reverse foot fetish. LMAO Well, good thing he's got you and Dez. Imagine where he'd be w/o you two??? lol

    @Betsy...I've never had a toe twin before. It's sort of a weird feeling...LOL!!!! Enjoy your pedicure. It sounds great :)

  33. It's about that time again when I get the feet all prettied up! Cute idea,...and cute sandals !

  34. LOL oh everybody is teaming up against Pat and the cat, this is not many guys have 8 pairs of sneakers? Huh? Just don't look at my feet and everything will be fine. But then maybe if you feel a new ailement coming on you can see my one whole pair of shoes and twitch over them instead..hahahaha....I have no fashion sense and I admit it. So twitch away over my shoes and white walls...LMAO

  35. Jax, I'm so bad. When I travel, I like to pick up shoes. I've got a pair of sandals from Spain that I will wear until the sole is gone

  36. I do have shoes that can tell a story. I broke my ankle a few years ago, and just after I got my cast off I still had a lot of swelling and had to wear a brace. So, I bought two different sized pair of the same cheap sneaker so they'd fit my differently-sized feet. I wore that set until my ankle fully healed, then switched the bad foot back to my normal size.

    So by that point my pair of shoes was one brand-new sneaker and one really dirty worn-in sneaker

  37. Creativity and neatness are what I get from your shoe stories. I'd get my toes did, but I know I'd end up kicking someone out of my super-human tickling reflex.

  38. Sure, sure, a "Pedicure Party"...

    We all know you girls just chugged a bunch of beers and watched March Madness.

  39. Pretty toes, pretty sandals. I haven't dug my sandals out yet - not really warm enough here. My painted toes are back in socks today!

  40. I only have 1 pair of shoes, so all the memories are mashed into one :(

  41. It was great of betsy to host this little party! Tutti fruiti is a fun color!

  42. What pretty toes and sandals!
    My favorite sandals are not quite so pretty, but they are comfy and feel like they are giving my feet a hug each time I slip them on. Mmm, nice.

  43. @Elle...Thanks girl! I love those sandals :)

    @Pat...Wow, harsh!! Just gonna leave me twitching like that? Fine!!! lol Last time Anne and I try to help you with fashion. hahahaha

    @Rooth...and I believe that makes you my idol! hahaha

    @Leon...That's great!!! hahaha You might win for the best shoe story. I don't think I could've done that. I woulda bought a whole new pair of shoes. Besides, it's a great excuse! haha

  44. @Shockgrubz...Creative and Neat may be a pretty accurate description of me. Wow, who knew my sandals told all ;)

    @Youngman...I'm a lady. I don't chug beer. Psh, I delicately sip glasses of wine. hahaha long as your toes are warm it doesn't matter where they are! Besides, you know how pretty they are under those socks. :)

    @Vacuum...You too?! You and Pat are the only people I know that have only one pair of shoes. Sigh...

  45. @Amy...Yes it was!! Such a cute blog party :)

    @Martha...A foot hug sounds amazing!! Comfy sandals sounds great! Unfortunately I'm short and don't get that

  46. Everyone needs a lucky pair of shoes. Glad your father is skilled enough to make them work again and again.

  47. I still have a shoe with it's sole ripped that I still keep in my dresser. No particular reason whatsoever.

  48. Everyone has a pair of lucky shoes. I wear sneakers most of the time. I'm glad that your dad made them work time and again.

  49. Jax, these are amazing sandals to go with your pedicure. so accents them well. Love it.

  50. i'm the one who gives foot rubs, but someday i'll get pampered with a pedicure:)
    i have a sandal story too. i was in italy visiting a friend (that sounds high class. i'm not. i was visiting family with my mom but took a train to visit a friend for a weekend.) my friend's landlord invited me into his apartment where he hand cut and stitched sandals. the whole living room was stacked with different kinds of sandals and shoes. he told me to pick out a pair. he promised they would conform to the shape of my foot and be the most comfortable pair of sandals i've ever worn. that was 07. and i happen to be wearing them as i type. his website is

  51. HAPPY FEET! :) YAYYY for pedicures!
    especially when they have you sit down in a massaging chair! i´m sure heaven is kinda like that!

    cute sandals!
    when i was younger i wore All Star converse shoes ALL the TIME. at one point in time i owned 5 pairs: black, light blue, hot pink, dark green and burgundy. i felt the coolest kid EVER. i wore them for every occasion! :)

    XO Jannine


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