Thursday, March 8, 2012

Scruff That!

Guess what guys?!
I won an award!!!!
This award is different and extra special because it was specifically made for me!
The lovely Pat Hatt from It's Rhyme Time gave me the honor.
I'm talking hand made it and everything!
The only problem is that by accepting this award, I am offically owned by the cat.
Well, Cat, that's fine.  There's just one thing you need to know....
I have very high demands.
I need health, dental, and vision.  I expect annual bonus checks and an amazing retirement plan.
We'll discuss the minion appreication parties later...
If you don't meet my demands, I'll just start a union!


I wanted to talk about something that's been bothering me.

Have you ever seen a man and couldn't avert your eyes from his sexyness?
The next day, you see the same man, but your not imperssed.
He lost his sexy and you're just not sure if he could get it back.
You stop and think, what the heck is different?!
Ding!  Lightbulb!
The man shaved his face clean.

Sure there are plenty of men that can pull off the naked face and still look good.
Ian Somerhalder, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Justin Timberlake just to name a few!
While there are clearly exceptions, a man's scruff can get the ladies to drool.
There is just something enticing about a man in his natural state.

Don't believe me?
I'll prove it!


Ok, Now do you all believe me?
Don't get me wrong, all those hunks are still yummy, but there's something about some facial hair that drives the ladies nuts!

What's your take on the scruff?
I'm dyeing to know what the men think about this one!


  1. I told you Jax really love your cat award i think is so cute!!!!
    lovely men dear but i love more old lol

    happy women s day!!!!!

  2. LOL well you have to pull your weight too and get to Crack scouting, as with your daily thinking of finding some new disease wrong with yourself, even with free health care the cat would go broke..LOL

    Hmmmm can't say I find either attractive, prob a good many women seem to whine with a little hair too. For me I'd be more than happy not shaving a day or two, as that's just a pain day in day out, as long as the hair doesn't start growing off my face, then it's goodbye time of course, I can see the attraction to scruff, guess it's good I can grow it back in like 12 hours after I shave, win win either way..haha

  3. i can tell you from personal experience my peak sexiness is achieved 2-3 days after shaving. Probably around the Matthew Fox range. And trimming doesn't quite generate the same effect. It's a widely-believed fact.

  4. I prefer sporting scruff, (a)because I don't enjoy the act of shaving and (b)because I think I look better.

    But unfortunately I have to shave because of work.

  5. @Pat...There's a nice maintenance man that works here with a perfectly round bum. He LOOVVEEESSS to show his crack. Would you like me to give him your business card? hahahaha

    I've never a woman whine about a little hair before! Except for my grandmother. She thinks it looks dirty..but we won't count her! 12 hours? Not bad! hahaha

  6. Congrats on your award, Jax! :)

    Oh yeah,..a little scruff makes me weak in the knees. Not to be confused with itchy knees. Weak in the knees is good. Itchy is bad. lol...

  7. @Leon...I agree with this! Most men his peak sexiness around this time. Kudos to you for making sure you get your sexy back!

    @Youngman...Every man looks better with a scruff! Is your boss a female? If so, you may get a raise for rocking a subtle scruff.

  8. @Betsy...For the love of God with these itchy knees! Did that cat wish fleas upon you too? If so, I say we revolt against him. I already threatend to ship him a lovely box full of bed bugs.

    and yes, a scruff deffinately causes for some serious swooning ;)

  9. Congrats! Boyfriend has scruff. I love it.

  10. I am honestly not a scruff person. But then again I am booooooring and a traditionalist. HA

  11. LOL see you are already scouting them out subliminally for the cat, guess you are earning your keep..hahaha

    Oh I've heard a few whine, and whine some more. But then they are crazy nutjobs so who knows..haha 8 hours if I'm lazy and don't shave the best..haha

    Wow this itchy knees thing is catching, the cat started something that won't stop. The fleas are doing a knee hop..hahaha

  12. Excellent choices. They do look better with scruff. Lol love that award, btw. Too funny.

  13. @Pat...I'm a subliminal crack scouter? Oh my! I think I may need to get a cat scan. I'm starting to worry myself..hahahaha

    I refuse to believe that any woman whined about the scruff. They should be exiled to a scruffless land. Psh, then we'll see them REALLY whine! Sigh...

    Stop with the itchy knees!!!!!! I'm already off today. There is a huge solar storm out there. I feel it tightening my lungs and pounding against my skull. LOL!

  14. @Elle... Of course I am ;) I know my scruff!

  15. No, my boss is male.

    But he has a beard.

    Perhaps I can just tell him that I am growing a beard, but keep it perpetually trimmed at the 3-4 day scruff range.

  16. @Youngman...Feel free to use my blog entry as support to your valid argument. It holds higher ground than a doctors note.

  17. haha a cat scan, that was good, you're already accepting your minionship too..hahaha

    Hmm that would solve all problems, as it would keep the crazies away as well.

    Geez, you need to move some place with no weather what so ever. Petsy brought up the fleas not me, remember Pat must go shoot his co-workers..hahaha

  18. LOL We just need to find an island where none of the men have scruffs. Then off they go!! That would solve the problem of crazies coming onto you and them annoying me w/ their hating on Scruffdom.

    And why are you shooting co-workers?! Pat, PUT THE SLINGSHOT DOWN!!!! You're going to get fired. Sigh...

  19. I like the look of scruff. However, as someone who dates a man with a lot of hair, I do not like kissing a man with scruff. I go to great lengths to keep my face moisturized. All of that can be rubbed off in one fell swoop by human sandpaper face.

    Also, that first guy is wearing one earring. That is one of my many man peeves. NO WEARING ONE EARRING GUYS!

  20. DAMN girl you nailed it with those three dudes and the scruff. WHOO HOO!!!!!! However, my man's scruff is totally gross. It comes in partly gray, partly red, and partly blonde. He needs to shave that shit off before he even thinks of gettin' any lovin'!!!!!!

  21. congrats on your award. and i'll admit, i've always like a bit of scruff.

  22. Yea, I will certainly print it out and hand it to him. He will love it, I am sure of that.

  23. Awesome award!

    I totally agree about the scruff too. I freak out if Cade shaves lol

  24. I want to argue with you about this one, but I loved having my beard! Not scruff, cause as a Ginger we just don't get that. But I was proud of my Ginger Beard!

  25. Send them to the island of the Gawker, after we get off and let them see his big eyeball, that will scare them straight. Damn, I guess I should really keep the scruff more, that seems to be the consensus.

    I shot them real good too!..hahaha...We had a team building afternoon where everyone in the office went and played laser tag, arcade games and such too. Sadly I got my rump kicked at dance dance kind of work day..haha

  26. Oh dear god you're right... I need the scruff on a man
    btw congratulations on the award yay

  27. Congratulations on winning Pat's manga cat thing award.

  28. The Gawker is in cahoots with the Maloika?! Get me off that island quick!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

    Of course you should keep the scruff, would I ever steer you wrong? What would you do without my blog?! haha (The answer is cry. Obviously.)

    Ohh, that sounds like so much fun!! Did you win at laser tag?! At least you put the slingshot down... :)

  29. I'm with you girl! I like a little man scruff. I was thinking of not shaving myself for awhile but Phil seems to think it's not as sexy for a girl to walk around all hairy. I had to go by a new razor. Sigh :)

  30. LOL you know I never thought of that, but I may have to work Maloika into it.

    You steer me wrong? This coming from the person who made up Pat and the Cracks...hmmm...want me to answer that?

    Yep won the first two games, third game they were all mean and kept coming after me, some of those older women can really move fast..hahaha

  31. When I first met the wife she really like my then grungy scruff look...but after we got serious it all had to come off... ascetically it might be cool but sometimes practicality takes over

  32. Congrats on winning the award. Yea, that scruff look is kinda nice, but it depends who is wearing it!

  33. Congrats on the award! I guess scruffs kind of depends on who is the one wearing it.

  34. @Pat...Pat and The Cracks may be the best thing to ever happen to you. How can you say that's steering you wrong!!! hahaha

    Aww all the women ganged up on you? Good!!! Sometimes we gotta show the men how it's done ;) lol

  35. I dig the scruff. Gotta say. There's something good about imperfection.

  36. Jax,
    I plan on reading your posts and commenting as I should. I want my favorites to know why I have been scarce and see you have already read my Thursday post. A reminder to you.. barfly is Billy. It is all fine now though. Thanks.

  37. congrats on the homemade award!!!! awesome.

    and so funny, i love my bf with scruff- lovvveee. he's basically kept it for 2 years bc of me. last night he came out of the bathroom bald-faced and smiling. I instantly started saying "nooooooooooo!" while he cracked up. he said he missed his bald face and wanted to see it. Ugh! waiting for it to grow back. :)

  38. OMG now i want to marry Jake Gyllenhaal! with or without the scruff that guy is SO HOT! lol
    my man looks like a 14 year old if he shaves completely, so he never does that! i don´t want to be looked at like i just picked up my bf from highschool!! that would be so bizarre (and lame).
    you have a point Jax!!!

    XO Jannine

    p-s: congrats on the award!

  39. I believe! I believe! HAHA THanks for the eye candy. They do look better WITH scruff. HAHAHA

  40. congrats on the award. i shave about every four days, and that's what i'm doing now. yeah, i like to read a few blogs between shaving sections of my face to let the blades cool off. i have very sensitive skin:)


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