Friday, March 30, 2012

The Power of An Eep

It's Friday morning and I'm still feeling the effects of my Thursday night high!
Do you watch The CW on Thursdays?  Well, you should!
Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle are on FIRE.
Don't believe me?  Check out my two favorite characters...
You're welcome, ladies!  Happy Friday ;)

Just shake off the high.  It wears off.  Eventually...


During a very dramatic series of text messages, I responded to my friend with my famous line.
I said "eep"!
What does it mean to eep?
An eep can mean a million different things.
It could be happy, sad, mad, surprised, or just because you ran out of something to say!

Since it's Friday, I thought it would be fun to do a silly post.
Here's a list of things that make me eep!!

1.  The Pictures Above
Excuse me as I scroll up real quick...
Yup, they definitely make me eep.

2.  RussianHatMan
Every time this scary, large man that I work with says creepy things to me.
That's a whispered, I fear for my life eep.

3.  Spiders
Spiders, and probably large crickets, scare the ever loving crap out of me!!
Bug eeps are more like "eep, eep, eep, eep"!!!!!!!

4.  QueenBrittBritt
Hearing an old school Britney Spears song on the radio makes me real happy.
A Britt eep is more like a high pitched squeal.

5.  Braveheart
For the love of God, this movie is the most dreaded movie in the world of Jax!!!
This type of eep is long and deep.  Maybe it's more of a groan...

6.  Hawk
There is a hawk that stares me at like breakfast every morning from the top of my office building.
Eeps to a hawk are long and loud.  They scream, please don't peck my eyes out!!!

7.  Rain
Every time I spend hours doing my hair and then look out the window to see rain.
Rain drops make me eep, cry, then hide under an oversized hooded sweater.

8.  Messes
Walking into an untidy home is very unpleasant to my OCD.
That one's just a simple eep!

What makes you eep?
Have an amazing weekend!!!!


  1. I think "eep"-ing is sort of the Jax equivalent to getting your "jimmies rustled." The urban dictionary defines "jimmy rustling" as "a term used in many different occasions when strong emotional needs are met. These emotions can range from sexual emotions to hateful emotions." Let's see... a time when I got my jimmies rustled and I said "eep"...umm,... I will get back to you on that...

  2. those are some seriously lickworthy abs and nipples :)

  3. Hmmm, Jax...I have been having some serious trouble commenting on your blog lately. It doesn't seem to work. Anyway, I said sayin "eep" sounded a lot like getting your "jimmies rustled" and yesterday I said..umm...well I don't remember now...sorry. Welp hopefully my comment will work this time...

  4. Well hmph blogger does not like me here today. Second time trying to post a comment. Is the eep some sort of test? After all according to your manly post aren't guys not supposed to eep?..hahaha

    I think the Braveheart one would prob be more of a groan, as eeping is more sporadic, a 3 hour or so one would be a groan...hahaha

    Peaches has the straw sucker and you have the Russian hat guy, quite the office..hahaha....if you armed yourself like you do to take down those spiders, I'm sure the hawk and the Russian would run away...haha

    I agree with the last one fully, but mine is more of a nose curl. Same when people put their germy mitts on my stuff at work..haha

  5. @Dez...I like your style!!! And apparentl you like mine... ;) hahahaha

    @Jimmy...I received the e-mails with your original comments. They did make me CRACK up. I swear it's blogger giving you a hard time and not me! Your comments are always welcome :)

  6. @Pat...LOL The eep is not a test. It just happens to the best of us!! hahaha

    RussianHatMan isn't Russian. He's from El Salvador. He just wears a Russian army hat everyday. And if you only knew about him. You would eep too!!!!!! LOL

    And as far as the hawk goes, I swear it can pick me up and fly me away. It's GINORMOUS!!

    You nose curl instead of an eep? That's no fun! hahaha

  7. everyone seems to love the vampire diaries. i may have to finally check it out.

  8. I don't like bees. I just had one right in my face the other day with some more bee cronies.

  9. The blog chick is cute, those guys....well, they aren't. :P

  10. WHEW, that first picture is a serious EEP, but since he's young enough to be my son, I'll stick to fantasies of a threesome with Brad Pitt and George Clooney being my ultimate EEP!!!!

  11. I see your eep and raise you one "iiieeee" or "blargh." I seriously write so many nonwords while texting, I'm shocked anyone ever understands me. My favorite is "nastastic," for when something is so nasty, the word nasty isn't quite enough. Or so nasty it's almost back to fantastic.

  12. @Krysten...My thoughts exactly ;)

    @Amy...I'm just reccomending the lead actor, not the show! hahahaha

    @Adam...So you eeped??? I didn't hear the eep!!

    @BamaTrav...Oh they are certainly VERY cute! hahaha

    @KeepinItReal...Brad Pitt? Not a fan. But Mr. Clooney, yum in a sexy older man sort of way! hahahaha

  13. Haha. I love this!
    Caaaa-ute boys. I'll need to start tuning into that ;)

    I always do my hair on rainy days to! What gives?!

  14. @Spork...LMAO!! I may use that one ;) I really like it!!!!

  15. LOL fine I guess I can add the eep to my vocabulary if you like..haha...after the french meow you got me going on, that is actually a pretty tame one..hahaha

    hahaha oh so he's just a wannabe Russian. Maybe I need him to get the eep in me to come out..haha

    That hawk must enjoy waiting for you each day, animals know when you're afriad and love thinking they are superior..haha

  16. @RecentlyRoached...Girl, I know that feeling!! It's like the universe doesn't want us to have nice hair. Thank god for the drawstrings on a hood. Tie em so damn tight all that shows is your nose. LOL!!!

  17. brilliant, you do a great job thinking of posts that my meager mind could never piece together!!!

    The hawk probably thinks "eeeep" everytime you almost drop something but then don't.

    The bug eep one cracked me up.

  18. @Pat...MEeeeeOOoowWW Oui Oui!! What's wrong with a good eep? LMAO

    RussianHatMan would get you to eep. I promise you that one. Maybe I'll share with you a few stories. But they are so awful that I don't want to remember. He's the one that played me with the blue st. paddys day shirt under my sweater.

    Oh that hawk must get a real good kick outta me! The first time he stared me down, I saw a co-worked. I screamed for help and ran. She came to my rescue thinking I was about to get mugged. Only to find out it was a perched hawk.. She never lets me live that one down..I called security, but the building said that the best they could do is call the town. Useless!!!

  19. @Caitlin...LOL Either that or the hawk thinks of my eep as some sort of weird mating call. hahahahahaha

  20. Braveheart made me laugh. I remember watching it with an ex (who is not English) she kept hitting me and saying English people were evil. The film is a historical pick and mix with an agenda. Spiders i hate, the large ones i don't mind its the tiny fast ones who run around like Usain Bolt brrrrrrr.

  21. Seeing shirtless dudes on your blog makes me eep, and not in a good way. I should be used to it by now.

  22. EEP to Brittany - I agree 100%. You read my blog. You know what I think of her.... Why no pic of Brit?

  23. running into a possum at night makes me go eep. certain things in politics make me go eep. or more like, blaaaaah. looking at my financial situation makes me go eep:)

  24. well, HAPPY FRIDAY TO MEEEEEEEEEEE! thanks for the pics!

  25. LMAO you do that too well, it is scary to the cat..hahahaha..nothing wrong with a good eep or sometimes a bad eep as you run away.

    I trust you with Russianhatman, so he was the one. geez scary and sneaky, that is a combination that would make anyone eep when they saw him.

    LOL can't say I blame her for not letting you live that one down. That is right up there with the egging yourself, will forever be remembered...hahaha....the poor hawk just wants to keep you alert..haha

  26. Today I went "Eeeeeep!" because my company just announced they are taking all of us to Vegas in August for the weekend!

  27. Bloggers finally letting me comment. The glitch made me eep, but in captial letters EEEEEPPPPP!!!!

    I'm with you on Braveheart. It was horrible what they did to the Scots in that movies, pissed most of the country off with it too.

    This is girly, but, the sound of a baby laughing makes me go eep. It's one of my favorite sounds in the world.

  28. @Sunders...Braveheart doesn't make me laugh. It makes me scream!!!! hahahaha Oh I HATE all spiders. Bleh!!!! we're both eeping ;) hahaha And yes, it should be expected by now!! LOL

    @Barfly...she hangs above my bed on the ceiling. It's love!

    @Ed...All of yours are great. Especially the financial situation. It's best not to look at that one. hahaha

    @Elle...You're very welcome. I know how much you love Ian ;)

    @Pat...LMAO nothing will beat egging myself. Oh what an EMBARRASSING day. Sigh..Eeps are a way of life. We should embrace them ;)

    @Claire...OMG, that's the BEST eep that I heard yet. Congratulations!!!!!

    @Anne...Thank you for joining me in the crusade against Braveheart! I HATE that god forsaken movie. and you can be as girly as you want here. That's what my website is all about :)

  29. I don't think I have ever eeped. However occasionally because Elisa and I are slightly retarded we will text each other and simply say "R U?" It started because she accidentally sent me a text and that is all it said. My response? "WHY yes I am thank you for asking."
    Now you know how dumb we really are :)

  30. I make this sound too, and in about as wide array of contexts too.

  31. I think I go "eep" when I want to make fun of my girlfriend when she says it.

  32. Messes are the WORST, speaking of, my closet is calling my name today.


  33. i hate you when you post these hooottt men!!! hahahahaha
    i hate because Vampire Diaries is not air anymore.. i have to buy dvd if i still want to watch it :(
    anyway wish you a great weekend!!!
    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  34. Apparently I'm not the target audience for this post.

  35. @Melynda...hahaha That reminds me of my g/f Peaches and I. She'll send me jibberish and I'll write back "Bless you". hahaha Love you and Elisa! Too cute :)

    @Aki...I knew others did it!!! hahaha

    @DWeI...Eep isn't something to make fun about! Eeping is natural and a way of life ;)

    @Lissy...yes, clean out that closet! hahahaha That's my first place that ALWAYS has to be clean.

    @Meggy...For Ian, I'd buy each season TWICE. He is VERY fine!!!! hahaha xo

    @Roger...and why not? Just try the eep!

  36. Guys in shape but I dont quite think the eye shadow suits him.

  37. i eep when i begin a youtube comment, trying to sound all memey, with "that awkward feeling when you don't want to tell the uploader that he's wrong"...and then i have that awkward feeling because i was wrong about him being wrong...

  38. for some reason this reminded me of Eugene the Jeep from Popeye...
    Maybe you should write a song..."things that make you go eep!"


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