Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pizza, Pizza!

Earlier last week, I learned of something spooky!
Supposedly at a local Pizza Hut in Centereach, NY, a man or woman was murdered.
Their spirit was left behind to haunt the fast food restaurant.
According to employees, the spirit can be found knocking down supplies or lurking in the bathroom.
Ok, hold up!  The ghost sits on the bowl?  Do ghosts even have bowel movements?!

Supposedly, I live 30 minutes away from a haunted Pizza Hut.
And you all know already how I feel about Pizza Hut and Dominoes!!

I've been known to be gullible, so I decided to venture amongst the world of Google.
It turns out that my friend's story appears to be accurate.
There was just one problem!

There are a ridiculous number of haunted pizza huts throughout the world.
Don't believe me?  Look it up!

I stumbled across many, but here are a few that I found the most interesting.

While they all have stories that are pretty similar.
A man or woman passed away before the location was an actual Pizza Hut.
Their spirit remained and continues to haunt the fast food restaurant.
Employees are witness to things falling off shelves, figures in restrooms, and random dinners being set on tables throughout the night.
Of all the places to haunt?  Pizza Hut?  If anything, I'll be haunting a Carvel or a Cold Stone!

This got me thinking.
It can't be that all these Pizza Huts are haunted!
I think this is some genius ploy planned by Pizza Hut personnel to get Supernatural loving customers to come in and grab a bite.  I mean, think about it!  How many people go out of their way to witness something like this?  I know of many!

What do you think of the Pizza Hut hauntings?    


  1. genius plot ? or clumsy manager who keeps getting relocated...

  2. The ghost in the bathroom reminds me of moaning myrtle in harry potter. :P

  3. i dont now dear but we have pizza Hut here too, who knows maybe are some histories here:)

  4. Oops, Sorry, I posted this comment under your last post..

    "I thought I saw the ghost of Dave Thomas (Wendy's) once. Turns out it was really him. He's one of those guys I always got confused with being dead or alive. Like Bob Hope."

  5. LOL wow I never knew ghosts liked pizza so much. The Winchesters aren't doing their job, you need to call them up..haha

    A lot of it has to be a ploy though, there is no way that many pizza huts can be haunted over the world. It's a good ploy though, get all the ghost hunting crazies to come to your store and then they'll eat while they wait, eat and eat some more all day long, as they wait for the first sign of that ghost. Ghosts = money, and that is prob what it's all about.

    Or maybe pizza huts just have nice shiny toilets that attract ghosts. Maybe the toilets are a doorway to the otherside and the ghosts have to wait for someone to flush so they can jump in and go down with things that a brown..hahaha

  6. @Pat...I think you should find out the stats for percentage of pizza huts that are haunted!

    The Winchesters are going to take the job? I'll be at pizza hut and not moving. Please bring me shampoo. hahahaha

    It has to be a ploy!!!! I'm waiting to get hate mail from the Pizza Hut CEO. LOL!! But, I mean, I was so shocked to see that many. It can't be legit. It just can't! The world figured that Pizza Hut is the antichrist and their sales went down. So they decided make up fake hauntings in random states and hope that no one put two and two together. Sigh...

    LOL @ pizza hut toilet bowls being the gateway to the other side. hahahaha I laughed so hard at that, that you get 1/2 a bonus point :)

  7. WHAAA? They're blaming a ghost for the weird things that happen at Pizza Hut, not the cracked out high school kids?

  8. now i'm going to have to check out the pizza joints around here to make sure they're not haunted before i go eat there!

  9. hahaha I may have to look for that stat, be interesting to see. I wonder if anyone actually went around and tried to compute it.

    LOL I'll remember to bring two kinds too.

    I think it is as legit as half the population falling off a roof. You busted their grand scheme, you better be prepared for the hate mail..lol...added another job title to your resume, you're a myth buster now..haha

    haha geez the things I get points over. Scary when you put them side by side, but that's 2.5 haha

  10. Ha too funny! Definitely sounds like maybe some kind of legend that's been passed down from pizza hut to pizza hut. It could even be like a tradition to have employees trick the new ones by setting up things to look like the ghost. We used to do that to newbies at Starbucks all the time!

  11. That's like one of the most insane things I've ever heard. Seriously. Pizza Hut? Really?! I'm off to google :)

  12. Well, I won't have to worry about that here. Practically all are shut down. HAHAHA Sounds like a piss poor marketing scheme. Great post Jax! Have a fab day my friend.

  13. I think it is all of the customers who are trying to give payback for eating that yucky pizza they serve! I'm with you...bring on the REAL pizza!!

  14. Brilliant marketing!!!! Now damn you Jax I can't tell my kids about your post because they will want to go to every Pizza Hut in town which causes me to have severe gastrointestinal problems and I will be forced to visit one of their haunted bathrooms.

  15. That is COOL, I totally want to go visit that Pizza Hut!

  16. @KeepingItReal...Please visit the bathroom, please!!! Then tell me all about it...meaning the hauntings, not the "bathroom"...hahaha

  17. @Pat...that's right! I'm onto them!! Jax: TheDateAlong, ISketch Extrodanaire, ProudDirector of Pat and The Cracks...and now: MYTHBUSTER!!!


    Yes, you have a whopping 2.5 points. Doesn't that make you happy? You can cash them in once you get 2500. This is very similar to the rewards program on my credit card...LOL

  18. LOL proud director of Pat and the Cracks, not sure I'd be proud of that..hahahaha...giving yourself a title with the ISketch extrodianaire too..but I guess I'll agree and missed the text school one..haha

    Yep oh so happy, what do I win at 2500 points, a whole $5 gift certificate like those credit card rewards, spend $3000 and get $5,, pffft those reward programs are so sad.

  19. The only thing Pizza Hut is haunted by is crappy sauce and subpar dough recipes.

    I lived in a haunted house once. It didn't scare the three of us that lived there, but it scared a lot of our friends.

  20. hmm i´d rather believe is a whole marketing scheme than actually thinking there are ghosts. that gives me the creeps! lol
    and they´re very good at marketing. their previous commercial got glued in my head and i was singing it all day long!! "for just ten dollars now you get to choose, any pizza, any topping any crust...!" it was this cool guy with his guitarr singing it! so good lol.

    next time i go to new york i´ll be your beauty consultant! sounds like fun! :)

    XO Jannine


  21. Creeeepy.

    That's definitely a moneymaker though. Think about how many ghost hunting shows there are!

  22. I wonder if the Little Ceaser near my house is haunted? Because that place sucks

  23. I have to wonder how bad a person life would have to of been to wind up haunting a Pizza Hut. That's why I'm having my bones burned and salted when I die, I don't want to come back.

  24. lol americans are so gullible. i think its all just a marketing scheme.

  25. If its true then it's pretty interesting! I love ghost hunting but not alone! :-)


  26. Its just incompetent employees screwing up and blaming ghosts!

  27. @Pat...Five bucks?? What do you think this is?! A Bank!?

    You will get a very nice congratulations for accumulating 2500 points on my page. What's a greater honor than that? The correct answer is nothing! :)

  28. @Spork...I lived in a haunted house too!!! Typically, I wasn't afraid. Except for a few occasions. I wrote about it once...I'll try to find it for you :)

    @Jannine...I can't wait for you to come! You need hurry though, because I have some Ann Taylor coupons that expire on the 25th. hahaha

  29. LOL wow you're more harsh than those credit cards..hahahaha...but I suppose at least you give the cat such a honor...haha

  30. No amount of ghosts, goblins, werewolves, zombies, or aliens could keep me away from my beloved Pizza Hut!

    I'm only half kidding, because I know how much you hate the place, but I really did go there the other day.

    I have actually been touched by a ghost before, so I am very interested in haunted places.

    Either way, I think it is a brilliant marketing scheme.

  31. My last apt had a haunted bathroom. I've had several friends say they heard a little girl laughing when they were in the bathroom. She never bothered me but would randomly flush the toilet. I never heard her laugh and I never felt scared. I just felt it weird that friends who didn't know each other or had never met, tell me that.

  32. Wow who new ghosts LOVED pizza that much lol.. I think you are right with the ploy thing... but I have to be honests ghosts do freak me out a bit :O


  33. @Youngman...I don't understand why PizzaHut exists!!!! You might as well put ragu on your pizza. I'm disappointed in you, especially since your minutes away from the motherland of the best pizza in the world. Sigh...

    Touched by ghost?! I want to hear about this!

  34. It’s a bit of a coincidence don’t you think? I should check out the pizza huts in the UK to see if the ones over here are haunted as well! :-)

  35. Whoops!! Typo - should be Pizza Hut. To think I'm a Literacy Teacher as well. What would my students say? I put it down to tiredness. It's been a long day! :-)

  36. @June...No worries, I won't tell them if you don't! :)

  37. Gosh, I would like to think there was a better place to spend my afterlife than a Pizza Hut. However, I am kind of a sucker for visiting haunted places. I wonder if there are any haunted Huts around me?


  38. You'll know it's haunted when the pepperonis start whispering to you.

  39. What, then, is the "motherland" of pizza that is only minutes from me?

    And regarding the ghost: I have written about it before. Perhaps I will publish it on my blog one day.

    It was in an underground tunnel of an abandoned insane asylum called Pennhurst. Pretty crazy, and changed my worldview for sure.

  40. @youngman...You mention the GSP so I assume you're from NJ. Which means, you can't be more than 40 min to an hour tops away from the city!!! That's pizza HEAVEN right there. Step away from pizza hut...

    or you could really venture out and make your own! Just get a pizza stone and you're set. Yum!

  41. I'm in South Jersey at the moment, so closer to Philly than "the city" which you speak of.

    But just like Michael Scott, anytime I go to NYC, I always make sure to stop at the best pizza place... Sbarros!

  42. i like the dark kansas website, with just that one sentence about the haunted pizza hut. another one had a sentence or so, but that dark kansas theme is how i should have designed my blog!
    hey, didn't you have ghost issues in your childhood home? i don't ask this accusatory. i mostly hear spirits at night, or so i think. it's mostly comforting. just saying:)

  43. haha i'm not opposed to being open to ghosts! but this doesn't really sound like it.


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