Thursday, March 1, 2012


Do you see that crying sheep?, I did not just steal her placenta...
That's me today.
Why?  Well...
I lost my buddy.

Ok, let me explain.

AReliableSource and I are buddies.
Everyone knows that we are buddies.
In fact, people feel the need to remind us of this several times throughout the day.
Pshh, like I'd forget my buddy!

Well, yesterday, AReliableSource and I had a falling out.
I didn't know what to do!
I was borderline heart broken.
That got me thinking... 
what do I do as a pick-me-up after a rough day?

After a rough breakup, huge fight with the family, or a falling out with a friend, I have always had the same pick-me-up routine.

It starts with a never ending marathon of Dirty Dancing.

While finishing off a whole entire pint of Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

Then rinsing it down with a nice bottle of red wine.
Blackstone?  Yes, please!

After all the sugar and alcohol hits my bloodstream, I then feel the need to dance along with Baby.
Lover boy!  Come here, Lover boyy!!  Babbbyyy....

What is your pick-me-up routine?

P.S.  AReliableSource and I are back to being the bestest buddies.  He practically begged to have me back in his life.  How could I stay mad at that??  Besides, how long could I stay mad at him for calling in sick?  Well, I lasted a full 20 minutes.  I even gave him the stink eye for some of that time!


  1. Dirty Dancing is the ultimate curl up and forget about the rest of the world movie! love it. I will probably be 80 years old in a retirement home STILL watching it lol

  2. Strange, girls and guys may actually be from the same planet. When I get depressed, I usually pop in a action movie, get a bowl of popcorn, and drink the best beer I can find.

    In the end, perhaps the best solution is to leave the situation and let it cool down.

  3. hahah good solution, and i'm glad you guys are all better. I'm not sure what I do, besides drink wine. That is definitely involved

  4. my pickup routine would include lots of weed and siggarettes alcohol pizza and movies haha, no icecream though

  5. my routine normally involves working out, beating something up, playing video games and then lots of ice cream..... Yes, boys use ice cream too! It makes everything taste better.

  6. God Dammit! That previous post was not anonymous! It was me! Me I tells you!

  7. Damn It! You made it so I couldn't use my placenta joke, hmph, how rude...hahaha

    Dirty Dancing is a good one too, don't even get me started on that garbage sequel they made or the piece of crap remake they are making though. Dairy, ewww. hahaha do you grab your vacuum cleaner and dance along with Baby?..hahaha

    I have no idea what I do, I don't really get depressed. If I feel the need to rant I usually grab a videogame, shoot a bunch of people, tick them off so bad they call me names and then I rant back at depressed or angry I try not to be at my sea and just let it go.

  8. LOTS of chocolate and something called Mokai (thats like a cider drink)

  9. Can I buy you a drink? no? How about some mozzarella sticks?

    thats my pick up line.

  10. @OSXG...I have to google that! Sounds delicious :) I love to try new things.

  11. @Pat...Sorry for squashing your placenta joke. I just couldn't let you say it!!! Especially since I plan on using it tonight to be all shiny for the weekend.

    I only do the vaccuum cleaner dancing to my Ray Charles album or Mrs. Doubtfire. LOL!! But the Loverrr boyyy part is my favorite. Oh and the end when he leaps off the stage. I jump off my bed instead. haha

    You don't get upset, even if you lost your buddy?! We're talking BUDDIES here. Sigh...I guess virtual violence is as good a way as any. Problem is, there's no violence in your new favorite game. Unless you select the "hit" button instead of a wave hello next time!

  12. Jax - you remind me of Jess on New Girl with her obsession with Dirty Dancing! My pick me up? Shopping - oh I know it's bad!!!

  13. That sounds like a perfect day minus the tiff.

  14. I suppose you want to shine for your godson's big day, I don't think he'll notice though..hahaha...still ewww and knowing what I was going to say, hmph, I need to be sneakier.

    LOL well Mrs. Doubtfire just calls for it and hit the road Jack works well as you suck up those germs hahaha...So if it happened yesterday that means you leaped off your bed on leap day..hahaha

    No, I really don't. Life goes on and the whole being negative and down thing doesn't really work for me. Came about that way of life a long time ago and stuck with it ever since. Not to say I don't get ticked off time and time again though but a good rant works for violence at all, I'll have to try that hit button out..haha But I don't know, I was able to tick that one guy off with my great art skills..LMAO

  15. Your pick me up routine is damn near perfect I should say.

    My pick me up routing is Better Off Dead, with swiss orange chip ice cream from Gunther's, followed by kitchen sock dancing to my iPod.

  16. @Pat...Of course he'll notice. He pets my hair!! He'll rough up then I say "Do niceee" and he pets me. LOL

    LMAO Hit the road jack to sucking up the germs! I never thought of that. hahaha

    I didn't yesterday, but now I wish I did! I could've leaped on leap day. Now I have to wait four more years. Sigh...

    You ticked someone off last night?! Did I miss it!! Details! It sounds juicy. And ok, use the hit button, just don't hit me! That "zee" guy was annoying me last night.

    P.S. Where is my drawing award that you promised :(

  17. hahaha well the cat can relate, Pat pets him too with no need for shiny goo...hahahaha

    That's my favorite one of his, plus in The Dream Team movie, which makes it all the poor better for me..haha.

    Well just keep practicing in four years you'll be the best leaping leaper on leap day ever.

    It was that zee guy that I ticked off, least it seemed, as he couldn't get my art, if you can call it that, lol and he lost out a couple times. Yeah, either way he was very very annoying.

    Hmmm in the mail? cat keeps his word, it will come due. And changing your name on me again, geez, first shortening it and then going completely Jane Doe on me..haha

  18. That sounds like the perfect pick-me-up routine! I might have to borrow it next time I need to smile :)

  19. I'm afraid mine involves a lot of those things too!

  20. My pick me up usually involves a screwdriver and watching discovery I.D. Or, if I'm feeling particularly bad, I lock myself in my bedroom with a book and don't come out for awhile.

    But I'm glad you were able to patch it up. We all need buddies!

  21. Jax, I'm glad things resolved quickly. HAHAHA Mine usually last much longer. But a pint of ice cream always helps. HAHAHA Hope you're having a great day! ((HUG))

  22. Well apparently my pick me up is to get a book published! Thanks for putting my button up girl! That means so much to me! I'm sorry you have lost your friend. Maybe you guys can make up?? I hope so it's hard to lose friends.

  23. I go down the pub and fail at the pub quiz, even with access to google. I drink too much and end up kissing someone who has a large husband. Such as happened last week -urk.
    Luckily he saw the funny side, as i am still able to type.

  24. I've never seen nor heard of The Dream Team!? lol Unless that's the Ray Charles movie w/ Jamie Fox, then I've seen it several times.

    In the mail?! Why do I feel like you're a lying cat again!? And I'm not talking about the lying cat that CreepyCupid likes! hahaha

    What do you mean going completely Jane Doe on you? I just got rid of a few letters at the end! Maybe tonight I'll play as TheNinja just to really throw you off ;) hahaha

    and psh, tell Zee to go suck an egg! He/She/It probably wasn't even mad. Just trying to push your buttons.

  25. now i feel like ice cream and wine! :) yummmm
    i´m glad to hear you guys are at peace again :) i have a very very good friend too, and after being friends for like 4 years we kinda drifted apart (or he cut me out of his life haha) and then like 2 years ago he re-appeared and wanted to be friends again. and of course i said yes! it´s been wonderful to get him back.
    good friends are so important! :)

    XO jannine

  26. Geez don't know what you're missing with that one, it's set in NY too, so there you go..haha Yeah I've seen Ray a few times too.

    LOL Creepy Cupid and the lying cat, I'm not sure many, thankfully will get that..hahaha But I do have an idea for it, so it will come due.

    Well you posted anonoymous and not as you, so went all Jane Doe, as in no name..haha...TheNinja, now you just ruined it..haha

    Hmmm but if I told he/she/it to go suck an egg, it might offend those who've already sucked on an egg, thanks to egging themselves...LMAO, so I'll use lemon instead.

  27. My pick-me up?
    One word
    ...everything is better after half a bottle

  28. Glad to see it all worked out in the end!

  29. Don't worry, time will heal all wounds.

  30. I sit and mope for 24 hours and be absolutely miserable.

    Then I'm back to normal.

    It's either that or I take a walk where I talk to myself for as long as it takes for me to get better.

  31. To get a good pick me up, I like to smell flowers. It sounds girly, but that's only because we've assigned gender specific activities that all should enjoy. haha.

  32. My favorite pickup line, hmmmm, that's tough.... but here goes...."Hey baby, how much for a half and half?".

  33. Your post make me smile ear to ear.It is sweet sweet and sweet
    Just found your blog.Following it.
    Care to follow back?

  34. I try and take out my anger at the gym either lifting weights or doing cardio.

    Getting out once or twice a week gives me something to look forward to, which usually gives me enough of a pick up to get through most situations.

  35. music+dance parties make me feel better. and doing my makeup and hair, as weird as that sounds.
    speaking of hair...yours is thin you said. fine? oily? coarse? i wanna make sure i give you the right advice. mwahhhh.

  36. haha love the ice cream part... i always watch something funny to get my mood back on top :P

  37. hahah how funny. My pick me up routine is the gym and "Friends" DVDS.


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