Monday, March 5, 2012

Party Rockin!!

As many of you already know, Saturday was my Godson's birthday.
He turned 2 years old.
My cousin and the rest of our family planned a huge birthday party for him
The theme was Sesame Street.
That boy loves his Elmo!
Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!!!

The entire house was decorated in festive Sesame Street goodies.
Matching colored streamers hung from the walls and ceilings.
Balloons could be found in every room.
Turned out the balloons were the kiddies favorite part.  I've never seen so many different balloon games!   
The "party table" was bedazzled into an Elmo throne.

My Little Cheese rocked his Elmo party hat while getting into the party groove.
He's even adorable in a blurry picture!  He doesn't stay still long enough for a good shot.

The kiddies played a very competitive game of musical chairs.
They followed that game with an even more competitive game of Pin The Nose On Elmo.
Baby boy innocently pinned the nose right between Elmo's legs.  That was a good laugh!

Then came the Sesame Street pinata.
I'm pretty sure a few kids lost limbs diving for that candy!  Adults had to go referee. 

 After stuffing our faces with enough food to feed a small country, the real entertainment came.
There was face painting, party music, and party games.
A clown came to visit and spin all the babies in a giant parachute.

After the clown came the special guest of honor!
Elmo came to wish my little Cheese a very Happy Birthday!
One of BabyBoy's little friends asked Elmo "Do you know where the cookie monster is?"  LOL
After all the entertainment left, and we were given a good 2 hours to digest, dessert was served.
I must've overcooked the brownies by an hour because they were rock solid!  Fail...
There was brownies ice cream, donuts, cakes, and cookies!
The birthday cake and cupcakes were all in honor of our special guest.

 Nom, nom, nom.
BabyBoy cut the cake for good luck.  

  The party was a lot of hard work, creative planning, and network connections.
I mean, how many people have the hook ups to get Elmo to show?
My cousin may be the best mommy ever... 
 Most important, my Godson had a great time and really enjoyed his birthday.

How was your weekend?  


  1. You are the absolute :-)

    What a darling party

  2. Wow when you guys throw a party you really go all out. LOL pin the tail between Elmo's legs, hahahaha and candy scramble must have been fun to watch too, as pinata broke.

    I don't think I've ever seen that much sesame street in one spot. You could put on your own tv special..hahaha

  3. @Pat...Of course we go all out!! I told you think My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Minus the twin in the neck... LOL

    I should've taken a picture of all the food. That would've really blown your mind!!! If I wasn't too busy serving and cooking, I would've remembered to do that. Trust me when I say that we had 4 huge trays of different pastas, 2 giant trays of chicken parm, 2 trays of sausage and meatballs, roasted chicken, mac & cheese, corn, eggplant parm, sausage & peppers, a giant salad, and a shit load of different breads. The entire kitchen was lined with trays of food...

    and don't be jealous of my little mush's giant Seasame Street themed party. You'll be getting your own huge Creepy Cupid surprise!! The big fat man with arrows and all ready to sing you an extra special version of Happy Birthday!!! :0

  4. HAHA!!! I love the theme. What an awesome birthday party. Glad he had a blast. That's what it's all about! Thanks for sharing the pics girl. LOL at your brownies. I have a post later this week about that, you'll find funny.

  5. Where's the cookie monster? I hear he doesn't care much for Elmo. He started serving veggie party trays during get-togethers and it's been a trainwreck ever since.

    Nice party btw, It's pretty neat you got Elmo there.

  6. haha I will not doubt your movie reference again.

    Wow, you could feed a small army indeed. Oh and when it comes to food I trust had chicken too, bonus points for that..hahaha

    I think I would much rather have Elmo, he may be red and furry but at least he isn't scary..haha or will shoot me with arrows. I cringe thinking of creepy cupid's singing voice..LOL

  7. @Pat...Yes, we had chicken. Yay!!! Bonus points for me :) Would you eat chicken parmagian?

    Well, Elmo got pooped out after our party. Besides, how many strings do you want my cousin to pull? Besides, I am sure that I can convince CreepyCupid to rock something red and furry for you ;) Word is red is his favorite color!

  8. Never tried it, but then chicken is chicken I suppose, never know.

    God, I read it as Elmo pooped after the party..LOL...and oh such a horrible thought you put in my head, need to hit the erase button on that one. I'm sure to send Moody Mime your way

  9. Looks like he had a blast! Those Elmo cupcakes look amazing. I want to eat one!! So happy that you were with him to enjoy such a special day!!

  10. @Pat...You should try it because it has calcium. Plus, it's so yummy. Anything parmagian is my favorite food! But it has to be made right or it's not the same. So maybe you shouldn't try it unless you get a good reccommendation from someone.

    Tell Moody Mime he's welcome over whenever he wants. Word is he has special powers to keep creepy cupid away. Not like I'm in danger anyways...word is CreepyCupid is longing to shoot an arrow into your applebottom!!!! hahaha

  11. The Elmo cupcakes ROCK!!!! Very impressive that Elmo himself made an appearance.

  12. Not gonna lie, Elmo is pretty baller.

    Sorry about the brownies, but it looks like a fun party nonetheless!

  13. What a great time! He's such a sweet boy. :)

  14. I was the anonymous poster a second ago; I clicked the wrong button!

  15. those Elmo cupcakes look amazing

  16. Food and Pat, God only knows how that would go over at our mat..haha..and doubtful any recommendation would come, as eating all the same stuff has made those stop..haha, except one stupid pain in the butt person at work.

    Applebottom..hahahaha haven't heard that one in a while. Pat and The Cracks could have PG shows and be Pat and The Applebottoms..hahaha

  17. Aaahhh! The party looked like it was good fun. Yes, it’s hard work planning and hosting kiddies’ parties, but it’s always a laugh when it gets going. I think the worst part is tidying up at the end of the party.

    Well done :-)

  18. Nice sharing Jax, sweet of you!:) Sweet even though you overcooked the brownies!hahaha..

    Anyway, Belated happy birthday to your godson!:)

  19. aaaaawwww! i love kids. and planning parties.
    and i've never swung at a pinata.
    and this concludes today's random thoughts.

  20. eww! Elmo is kinda creeping me out.

  21. Aww, that looks like a really fun party!

  22. @Pat...well you said that it wasn't a grape, so it had to be an apple! Unless it's a cantaloupe...but we won't go there! hahaha

  23. Anonymous is me!!! Damn these new buttons. Sigh...

  24. Not bad for a party with no strippers.... Kidding Jax....sort of...It's awesome you have such a strong family network to be around.

  25. A clown and an Elmo appearance? Wow, it's only going to get tougher to top each year.

    Speaking of, if his next party is to be better than this, I think you'll need to start planning now.

  26. so fun!!!! I want a little one in my life (mine or someone else's) to do these kind of things with- darling. I'm so glad you all had a good time. I want one of those cupcakes.

  27. I want that cake! What an amazing party! Hope your godson enjoyed!

  28. Wish i had an aunt who did such things. Elmo looks like he had one cup cake too many though. Don't you find clowns terrifying?.I keep expecting them to start waving a knife around

  29. belated happy bday to your godson!!! i'm sure it was fun!!!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  30. An Elmo themed party? Genius, perfect theme for me next year!

  31. my goddaughter is three in a couple weeks. it is a blessing.

  32. i thought i left a comment on this post, but i just realized i didn´t!

    your godson´s party was awesome! i´m sure he enjoyed it a lot... specially when Elmo joined the party! :)

    next year let me know and i´ll stop by and make use of my good 2 years of kids B-day experience! :) -my only pay would be some of that delicious dishes!-

    when i was a Birthday entertainer, our main focus was girls-only bday parties... those lil girls would go crazy happy when we arrived. we brought lots of colorful costumes and all the latest music (it was high school musical, hannah monatana, and a bunch of local music too back then) and we would dress them up, put on all kinds of glittery make up on them and have them dance their lil bums off to all the coreographies from the shows/movies!

    it was very cool to see them enjoy so much and have fun!!

    XO JAnnine


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