Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Nineties Kid's Favorites

Saturday Brother came home from college.
We put on a movie that we loved as kids.
As The Lion King blared through my mother's home, Brother and I screamed sang along.
At the end of the opening number, I ran, leaped, and Brother raised me like baby Simba.
Ok, we're just a little weird...

After that run in with our childhood, we just sat around talking about the other things we loved.
We grew up in the nineties, so you can probably guess what my top ten favorites were!
Game on!  Keep score, but don't cheat!


1.  Spice Girls
I still love this band!  I straighten my hair to Wannabe and Spice World every morning.
All my g/fs and I used to play Spice Girls.  I would always be Ginger Spice!

2.  Furby
I remember the Christmas that I got my Furby.  I was so stinking happy over that little guy.
Dum dee dum da dee da doo....Furby owners will get that!  lol

3.  The Headless Knight
Did you ever see the Kenan and Kel movie called Two Heads are Better Than None?
This was Brother and I's favorite movie growing up.
We may have watched it about 1000 times and could probably reenact the move verbatim.
Thanks for the ketchup!!

4.  Oregon Trail
Brother and I spent hours, and I mean hours, playing this video game.
How mad did you get when your wagon overturned right towards the end of your journey!?

5.  Tamagotchi
I loved my little virtual pets like they were real.
That little egg shaped game was my favorite necklace for years!

6.  Guiding Light
Every night during dinner my family would eat and watch Guiding Light.
Yes, Madre created an 8 yr old and a 5 yr old that was addicted to a soap opera!
RIP Guiding Light

7.  Pokemon
I was addicted to the trading cards, the video game, and the TV show.
Sad part is, when I get the urge I still bust out my gameboy just to watch my Abra evolve.
Pathetic?  Ok, leave me

8.  Lisa Frank
I think that I owned every single thing that Lisa Frank ever put out.
I had the stationary, stickers, pencils, folders, and God knows what else!
I still eep every time I see Lisa Frank stuff.  What happened to her anyways?  She was so popular!

9.  Beanie Babies
Madre used to bribe Brother and I to go shopping by agreeing to stop at Noodle Kidoodle to get the latest Beanie Baby.  We used to line them up around the living room and play pet shop.
I would be the store owner and Brother would be the customer
I'm pretty sure that if we had time, we'd still play this today!

10.  Aaron Carter
Of course 11 year old Jax had a man to fawn over!!!

Growing up, my man was Aaron Carter.
Oh, I thought he was it.
...I saw him live for my 22nd birthday.  Let's just say that he's not the man he used to be!


So, that's it guys!
My top 10 favorite things from when I was a kid.
Were you able to guess them all?

What are your favorite childhood memories?


  1. Hi Jax thanks for sharing, love reading all your favorites, I can relate with some of them when I was on my early age too,lol.. :)How I love reminiscing my favorites too. Thanks for bringing back favorites Passing by to greet..:) Have a wonderful day! :)

  2. I was born in the 70s! Wow, writing that may have just aged me. I did love Beanie Babies as a young adult though. I saved most of them in those big plastic storage bins at my parents' house and now my own girls play with and play pet shop :-)

  3. ohmygod! the kids were crsxy by pokemons and still they play in pc (lol)
    Esperanz had a ferby and tamagoshi lol and they loved Kenan and Kel well you know me alone with twind id true my kids saw a lot of this stuff:)

  4. @Sagittarian...I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Isn't it exciting to reminise? There are so many things that I didn't have room to include. Oh well, there's always room for Part 2! Have a great day. :)

  5. Spice Girls, Oregon Trail and Lisa Frank were definitely favorites in the 90's, as was Saved by the Bell, New Kids on the Block, and BOP magazine!!!

  6. hahahaha well since I'm around the same age I can relate to just about every single one. I hated the dumb spice girls but I heard their songs so much it isn't funny..haha..they were everywhere, that movie was God awful though..haha

    Those virtual pets kept dying on me..hahaha...and yes Pokemon I was a fanatic, when I got my charizard card that was worth like $1000 bucks then, where as now it's worth what $ was over the moon..hahaha The games were great back then, now there is just too much crap in them. Well watching an Abra evolve beats trying to get that stupid magikarp up..hahaha..still have tons of those cards in the closet too..hahaha

    Still haven't seen that Two Heads movie, never heard of Oregon Trail, the computer one I was addicted to was some dragon thing, forget name at the moment and the incredible machine. Blah I remember Aaron Carter too, blah again..haha

    Lion King is still a favorite, but I'd say Aladdin is mine if I had to pick one. Disney movies now a days can't touch the older ones.

    Only other things I can think of were pogs and of course Ninja Turtles, sadly I had ninja turtle everything and Full House was a favorite to watch too..hahaha

  7. @Preppy Girl...I still have all my Beanie Babies too! Its a great thing to pass down to the kiddies :)

    @Gloria...Oh I really LOVED Kenan & Kel!!! Everytime I see orange soda I can't help but bust out Kel's infamous line. LOL

  8. @Cheryl...Omg...YESSS to Bop magazine and Saved By the Bell!!!! I LOVED those things. I was never into NKOTB though. I was too busy obsessing over the lovely Aaron Carter. hahahaha

  9. @Pat... There will be no dissing the Spice Girls on my page!! lol And that movie kicked ass!!! I still rock out to it time to time. :)

    I had a hyrogliphic Charizard! I had no idea it was worth so much...LOL I just wanted an Alakazam. :( I never got it tho. lol

    You have to see the two heads movie. It's GODLY. It's so stupid that you'll pee yourself from laughing so hard. Brother and I still imitate that movie. LOL

    I'm not a Lion King fan at all. I just wanted to dance around, so I did. Next thing I knew, Brother scooped me up like he was raising a baby lion cub to his pride land. LMAO My favorite was The Little Mermaid!! Always was, and always will be. :) Loved that girls spunk! haha

    Ohhh, we had pogs! hahaha I remember those, but they weren't really a favorite. I did have one prized pog that had Sister Sister's Tia & Tamara on the front. Loved that show. LOL I really think I need a part 2 to this. hahaha

    and as far as Aaron Carter goes, I was convinced we were getting married. After a few years, I moved on to bigger and better, Nelly! hahahahaha

  10. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. It's hilarious to think about what we loved when we were younger!

  11. HAHA! I loved the Spice Girls too. I was an 80's girl, so everything was Duran Duran. LOL What a phase!

  12. Thanks for your sweet words and twitter rt. it all means just the world to me.
    So many things on is list I loved. Haha

  13. hahaha I guess we all have our faults, I'll take the hit and say my movie tastes just aren't up to snuff with yours and that oh so great Spice World movie...hahaha

    Yeah if only I would have been smart enough to sell it then..haha...I have like 10 Alakazam's at least..haha

    LOL I will add it to the list, doubtful I can find it around here though, prob Amazon I'll have to go to.

    You don't like Timon and Pumbaa...hahaha....The crab was the best, Under the sea, have most of that song memorized in my head..haha

    Forgot all about that show, seen that one too. Never had a pog of it though.

    Thank God you went with RDJ, at least I can stand him, those other two blah...hahaha

  14. I am still obsessed with the Spice Girls -- and Britney Spears. #sorryimnotsorry
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. Wow! I grew up in the nineties and I didn't even know half of this stuff existed!!

    So you're a Ginger Spice eh?

  16. I LOVE that you and your brother did that lift. That's the kind of thing my family does.

    Now I want to go see if I can download a version of Oregon Trail and play today. When I worked in daycare I would play while the kids were napping. I got alarmingly good at hunting squirrel.

  17. @Leslie...No problem! This post was actually loads of fun to make :)

    @Kim...Girl, the Spice girls kicked ass!!! hahaha I'm not that familiar with Duran Duran, but I'm sure they rocked ;)

  18. @Pat...Psh, you gotta get your movie taste up to par! hahahaha

    You have TEN!!!!!! Omg, you should send me one for my collection. lol I kid, I kid. God knows where that thing is now. hahaha

    Quickly, run to amazon a get it!! It's sooo good. You'll thank me when you watch it. If you don't pee when they see "Thanks for the ketchup" then we have a problem ;)

    Ohhh, RDJ is GREAT hahaha. What? You don't like Nelly and his bandaid?? I think I just liked to piss my dad off...LOL Either way, the inside of my closet doors was wall papered with all different pictures of Nelly!

  19. @Elle...Girl I can't even describe how excited I was for you. I was going to shoot you an e-mail, but it slipped my mind. It's so well deserved!

    @Bonnie...Don't be sorry. I sleep with Queen Britt Britt plastered above my head. #ImInLove hahaha

    @Berserc...Well, good thing you have my page for reference. There are so many things I couldn't include. They'll be a Part II. And, YES, I was ginger spice!! I had her hair cut, dressed like her, and everything!

  20. @Spork...Girl, I secretley loved our little dance too. hahahaha Ohhh, if you find a free version of the game, let me know!!! I would so play that again. hahahaha Like I need another thing to distract my mind with! hahaha.

  21. I remember headless night. That tv movie was pretty good, I wish I could see it one more time.

    I wasn't into the furby craze

    I played a bit of oregon trail in school where that's the only place we had a PC.

    and pokemon, I had pokefever as well. I even went to the tournaments where they handed out the "official" badges.

    the only beanie babies I got were from happy meals

  22. hahaha okay I suppose I could up my tastes, I'll run it right after I run Braveheart..hahahaha

    I know where mine are, I'll have a look to see if I have that many for sure, the next time I go for a visit. Plus I always know where everything is..haha

    Hmph no wonder I never saw it, neither amazon has it, downloading it I will have to do. LOL if I pee myself then I think I have more of a problem...hahahaha

    Yes RDJ is wonderful when compared to those two for sure...haha...and you pissing your dad off, go figure..hahahaha

  23. For me it's or playing outside in the mud (it's always pissing rain in Ireland) Music as Zep, The Who, Joplin, Hendrix etc. Horse races and greyhound races are a memory for me too. Mom had a racing greyhound called Loll's Surprise. And no, we didn't treat the dog badly he lived with us till he passed of natural causes.

  24. WHEW, I grew up before there was electricity or running water but my kids sure did enjoy those Beanie Babies.

  25. i love watching all the great movies from my childhood!

  26. First off, you just made me feel horribly old...moving along....

    My boys love, love, love The Lion King and watched it this weekend too!! Well, one of them did with their little sister. I heard that song all weekend. *eye roll* Drove me nuts.

    They also ended up throwing away their Furby because they swore it was possessed. It kept coming on in the middle of the night and scared the pants off of them. hahaha

  27. @Adam....You saw the headless knight????? Omg, that's so exciting!! I never meet anyone that know what I'm talking about :)

    @Youngman Brown...Nintendo was great! I loved my little yellow hand held gameboy :)

  28. @Pat...Oh noo, the world needs to boycott Braveheart!!! I think I may need to make a post telling people to do so. lol

    You found it on download? When are you going to watch it?! And LOL @ peeing yourself!! It is funny enough to make you tinkle. hahaha

    Me? Piss my dad off? I would never do that!!! **Bats eyes innocently**

  29. @Anne...Sounds like you have some amazing memories! I had to google grey hound racing to get why you would need to clarify about how they were treated. That's not very popular here, but it's good to know that your pooch was well cared for :)

    @Keepin It Real...Does that mean you used an outhouse? Yikes!

    @Amy..Me too!!

    @L...Aww, didn't mean to give you an age complex! lol So your children watched on TV too? Does that mean we were singing and dancing at the same time?? LOL!!! and about the posessed Furby, I'd have to agree! hahahaha

  30. such great memories!

  31. I'd forgotten all about Furbys. One of my favourite childhood memories is going to the chocolate factory my dad worked in on Christmas Day. He was a boilerman there and dropped in to check everything as okay over the holiday and took me and my brothers. It was like having a whole chocolate factory to ourselves and ran around on top of the boilers.

  32. Silly putty is pretty far up on my list. I'm sure parents hated how that stuff would get stuck in everything

  33. hahaha now that'd be quite the post. Top ten reasons to boycott Braveheart. don't go spoiling the ending for everyone..haha

    Yeah I found it to download, not sure if it is legit or not though. Will see soon enough. I'll be sure not to drink and go before I watch it though..haha

    You, pfft, never. "rolls eyes"

  34. @Jas...Thanks!

    @Tony...That may be the coolest thing that I've ever heard of! I sort of wish I knew someone that worked in a chocolate factory!

    @Rooth...Oh I hate silly putty! That nasty goo was just bleh. lol

    @Pat...LMAO I'll try not to spoil that God forsaken ending. Hell, maybe I'll even make my own ending. Screw with all of you! lol Omg, yesss...Let me know when you download it!! And if you really do pee yourself, I expect to hear about it. LOL

  35. I have a friend who is my sister's age (much older than you), who is 6 years younger than me. Evidently boys used to masturbate to Smurfette at one time. What happened to Farrah Fawcett?

  36. Patt I remember the lyon king you are so cute:)))

  37. Oh wow haha, your post just made me nostalgia so hard. I guess my favorite childhood memories were all the good old cartoons from Cartoon Network.

  38. Love this post - its so true! Totally remember Aaron carter and ferby!and who...I mean who can forget the Spice girls!! LOL

  39. I grew up in Jamaica. I remember the freedom of playing in big open spaces surrounded by lots of fruit trees and running around in the glorious sunshine. Even though my family didn't have much, we were really happy. I'll always treasure those memories.

    The Spice Girls were fantastic. loved their songs. :-)

  40. what a lovely post!! i also find myself remembering stuff from elementary school... it´s just so much fun to reminisce and dig into my memories.
    YAY for spice girls!! i was posh, but only cause i had brown hair lol... i thought Mel B was AWESOME! those tamagotchis were so popular and adictive they prohibited them at my school... kids wouldn´t pay attention in class only to feed their lil munchkin!
    my sister and I played with "my little Ponies"... i remember braiding and brushing their multicolored neon hair :) and our favorite movies were Lion King and Beauty and the Beast... we knew the whole script to the point it was almost obnoxious to watch the movie with us!
    in Argentina, Furbys came out too, but they were VERY expensive... so i didn´t own one. but one of my friends did. i remember pressing that gremlin´s tongue to feed him. i would laugh out loud with my friend when we heard it make noises!

    my sister and i played a lot in our backyard... we had swings so we invented all sorts of games when on them (we pretended like we were in a spaceship, lol). we also made natural perfumes by mixing and squishing flowers and plants (they smelled horrible)...

    my man crush was also a Carter... but it was Nick, not Aaron! sigh...



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