Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm Free!

Thursday nights are officially filled with hot, sexy men all over again.
Here are some sizzling pictures to continue my high.  I like to come down slow... Yum!
Introducing Chris Zylka and Grey Damon from The Secret Circle.
And back for an outstanding performance, the lovely, Ian Somerhalder.
Pictured in that order...You're welcome ladies.  Happy Friday!


Guess what guys?!
We all already know that it's Friday!  Sigh...
I'm on Spring break starting today!
That means, after working over a 9 hour shift and being awake at 5am, I get to go home.
I don't need to lug my little butt to school to sit and listen to my professor yap about numbers.
I have a whole weeks worth of nights to do as I please.

The real question is...
What should I do with all that extra free time?

I could spend the time staring aimlessly at the TV while shoving my face with a few of my favorite things.  That would include mounds of chocolate, tubs of ice cream, and peanut butter straight from the jar!

I could go back to The Melting Pot for some yummy fondue, my favorite fruity cocktail, and to eye down scruffy men from a distance.  I just want to look!  No worries, I'm still on that mancation!

I could dress up as an ewok and take a stroll around Manhattan.  Ferraras is one of my all time favorite places to go for a delicious cappuccino, amazing canoli, and a shot of lemoncello.

I could spend some much needed quality time with my really good looking family.  Aww look at the little baby boy...I think we scared him...  Ok, fine, we don't really look like this.

Or, I could always pretend I'm in Paris (oui oui) while talking to Biff who's at Niagra Falls. A few extra hours doesn't leave enough time for me to actually hit up Europe.  Bummer.

What are your exciting plans for Spring break?
Have an amazing weekend!!


  1. If you could have taken the week off of work you could have had a proper Spring break and hit the beaches. If the weather holds, I'm grilling hamburgers and hot dogs tonight then relaxing with the hubby.

  2. Wow, you must be glad to finally have some time off. I wouldn't advise you do the thing where you dress up like an Ewok... I think the Empire is still sore at the Ewoks for opposing them in that battle in "Return of the Jedi", and they might send Bobba Fett or some storm troopers after you. That's what they get for listening to C3P0.

  3. I agree with not doing the ewok thing, you might get pelleted with rocks, many star wars fans hold a grudge against those furry things..LOL

    Heck no wonder stinky bum is scared, I'd be too if I saw all those scary people looking at me...hahaha

    I know what oui oui means, that's two! that you still have to work for spring break, but at least you get the evenings off for a change. Don't know how you do it, but I say you earned the right to veg out and do nothing. Or you know if you get the right mix of fleas on you knee and shampoo maybe you'll skip the island and be sent to Paris..hahahaha

  4. @Pat...ok, I have a secret...That's really me in the Ewok Picture! I was VERY cold walking around Little Italy in Manhattan. Someone told me that night that I looked like an ewok. I had no idea the insult they just dished out to me until now. :'(

    Awww do you see my little cheese crying? Poor little sugar bottom saw us all deformed and bursted out the hysterics. Then nanny came and smacked my cousin and I for scaring an innocent child and laughing about it! hahahahaha

    You know oui oui? (1/8 of a point for you!) Should I give you a "French Word Of The Day" lesson? LOL Or I could just ship you my drive and learn french discs. The songs on there are so catchy! hahahah

  5. LOL well when you are cold, I guess it's better to look like an ewok then freeze to death. Depends on who was saying it if it was an insult or not, die hard star wars fan and yep big insult..hahaha of course you could be a fake furling, but that's a whole other show.

    LOL you got smacked hahahahaha serves you right for scarying the poor little guy.

    hahaha french word of the day, I wonder how much we could blab about's all we need, the cat rhyming in french..haha..I never learned by song though, maybe I would have paid attention that way and not cheated my way through it..hahaha

  6. i love the paris shot. i need that, only with the hills of mars in the background:)
    the martini shot is a quality friday photo. i love going out on friday, when i have the money, which is not these days:) i love getting together with people and having drinks and dinner on friday after work, when i have work, which isn't these days:)
    that carnival mirror shot is a riot:)
    hope you have a great weekend.

  7. @Pat... LMAO Yes, I'll take the ewok look over freezing my little behind off. LOL!

    That's funny that I got smacked? And it serves us right?! Not nice!! We were just trying to take silly pictures with my mini sugar cookie. How were we to know he would get so scared?! LOL!!!

    LOL Well, I don't speak French. But I do speak Spanish and Greek. Care to learn one of those languages? I'll have a better word variety to use than French. hahaha The cat could rhyme in a different language every day! lol

  8. Yay for your spring break! Enjoy your free time. :)

  9. LOL well it's just a funny thought. Did you look at the pic? You'd give the cat a heart attack if he saw that...hahahaha no wonder stinky bum was scared.

    hahaha each day of the week a new rhyme in a new language, oh that would surely get some people know three, impressive, makes up for the few Canadian ones you missed..hahahaha Spanish is one I always wanted to learn though.

  10. When spring break hits for my kids it's just extra work! They bring all their friends over and destroy the house! Yikes! I also think I just gained 10 pounds READING this post! Ah to be young and eat whatever you want again! Sigh

  11. Meowwwwww. I love Spring Break. I had mine last week, and it went WAY too fast.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. oh i miss spring break!!! you are so lucky you even get to field these options! I say walk around like an ewok in nyc. sounds hilarious and also fun.

  13. out of all the pictures to choose from you decide on THAT one. I believe a redo is in order =)

  14. get drunk, slam bitches, make paper

    and thats as ghetto as i go.

  15. @Pat...The cat would not have a heart attack!! That picture isn't all that awful. Did you read the caption? My Good Looking Family. That pic is all about the good looks!! hahahahaha

    You will forever call him stinky bum, won't you? LMAO

  16. @Biff...well it's not like I have a great assortment of pictures of us pretending to be in another country. I do have the one of me pretending to have a mustache under the eiffel tower and you pretending to be suba diving... But you were twitching in it. LOL

  17. hahahaha the cat is scared of his own shadow though, so you never know.

    LOL you got that engrained into my brain now so yep!

  18. Have an awesome spring break! This weekend I have a wedding, and next weekend I go to Santa Cruz. I am pretty excited to get out of town.

  19. Looks like you are spending Spring Break playing with Photoshop.

  20. I think that you should have disclaimers in some of your posts that says "Men, don't read!" then post your pictures of dudes, then say "Okay, men, it is once again safe to read."

    My break started yesterday. One of my friends is here already and the rest come today for party time, very nice!

  21. LAWD, those dudes are HOT!!!!! Even though he's young enough to be my son, I'll take bachelor #3 sans wife beater. You know my goal in life is to be a cougar!!!! Have a wonderful spring break!!!!

  22. Yummy guys - but made me feel old, like a lecherous old woman!! LOL You made me panic thinking Spring break was upon me and I'd forgotten. Thanks god, our SB is not til April!

  23. I love some eye candy on a Friday night!

    That's one of the best things about the city. You can dress however you like and no one will think twice about it.

    That poor baby boy does look scared LOL Good times, good times.

    Enjoy your break from school. To bad you couldn't get one from work too.

  24. Enjoy your spring break. Lucky you! I have to wait for the Easter holidays. Two more weeks to go and then I get two weeks off from college. Yippee :-)

    Have a fab weekend!

  25. oh i'm sure you'll be a busy girl for this spring so enjoy enjoy :)
    pretending to be in paris isn't that bad either hehehehe..
    have a great weekend my dear!!!!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  26. So many men, good thing I don't feel anything otherwise something would be very wrong.

  27. Dressing up as an ewok...hmm, that would be

  28. Yeah, I'm not feeling anything from the pictures of those guys there. :\

  29. Hmmm, maybe I would be sleeping and sleeping all day! lol.. lovely photos here.. :) Especially the ewok dress here..:) love yah!!

  30. Couldn't stand the secret circle, but Vampire Diaries is a guilty pleasure of mine. Not sure what that says about me...

  31. i wish!! i did have a nice weekend and pretended i was at a beach

  32. Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have loads of fun! Take care, and enjoy everything spring break has to offer, Jax!

  33. I like the line about washing one's mouth out with chocolate.

  34. Im totally not looking at those hot guys. >_>

  35. I love The Melting Pot. I went there for my last birthday. So much fun. The best is dessert. Can't wait to hear what you have planned.

  36. What is a lemoncello?. It can't be a cello made of lemons?.Because that is impractical, where would you put the strings~?. Maybe you could organise a fruit based musical act. Reminds me if that bad joke. 'How do you crush a pineapple?'. 'Tell him he has no friends'....

  37. I'll just have to live off the stories of everyone else's spring breaks (I hope you had a nice one). Though the hot temps recently in the NE have been more than welcome.

    Have a good Tuesday Jax.


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