Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Houston, We Have a Problem!

I had a totally awesome post planned for today.
You see, I did a blog swap with the lovely Morgan from Stars, Stripes, and a Military Life.
I got paired up with one of the most amazing people ever.
& I don't use the word amazing lightly...
Chloe from Life As We Know It was assigned as my partner.

It was a true colors blog swap.
All you had to do was tell your favorite color and list a few of favorite things.
Then read your partners choices and put together a real fun basket of goodies.
Bonus points for whoever can guess my favorite color!

The package I received from Chloe was so amazing that I wanted to take a picture of everything that she sent me, with a gigantic smile on my face.
Here's where the problem comes in.
My computer is sick.

My poor little laptop took a coffee bath.
The coffee bath ruined its motherboard.
I'm not sure what that means, but I'm pretty sure you don't mess with someone's mama!
Since I purchased some fancy little protection plan, my friend will be back up and running soon!
Until then, I have no laptop with a camera in it.
I'm on a loaner right now.  She's an oldie, but reliable.          

Next Tuesday I will finish this post and share with you all the goodies I got.
& believe me, they were goodies!

Thank you so much Chloe for taking so much time into planning and personalizing my package.
I'm really touched by all the little details you took time to include.
I'm sorry this post doesn't do your package justice, but I'll make it up to you next week!


  1. Sorry by your computer dear!

    My camera die is terrible!
    Hope your dsy going better:) xxxx

  2. Dear jax sorru by your computer!

    My camera die!

    Hope your dau going better!

  3. If it's any consolation, my laptop has been dropped so many times. i can see the motherboard because it has a huge hole in it. Hope it gets fixed.

  4. Ouch a coffee bath is never good. A relaxing dip in rice isn't going to soak that mess up.

    I once spilt soda all over my Nintendo 64. It didn't ruin it, but man the sticky goo never comes off.

  5. I've spilled stuff over the floor, I don't know which one was the motherboard but none of the boards seemed to be

    Doesn't your phone have a camera in it though?

    Sounds like a fun little swap too, and your favorite color, hmmm there does seem to be a lot of pink around here.

  6. @Pat...Reallll funnnyyy Pat!!! That's probably b/c all of the motherboards minions took the soaking for her. Hit the motherboard and I'm sure a gaping hole in the floor will suddenly appear. I hope the people below have carpeting or you might break a bone! lol

    My phone does have a camera, but it's not the same!

    Nope, not pink! I do like pink though. I chose it for my blog b/c it's fun and bold. But it's not my favorite color.

    Can I retract bonus points for every bad guess? lol!!!!

  7. No wonder my husband tells me not to eat or drink near the computer! I'm a spill happy sap too. :-)

    Sorry about your computer loss. I'm sure it'll be all fixed up in no time. <3

  8. I hate it when I do stuff like that. Good to know I'm not the only one that does this stuff. lol Not laughing at you, just relieved. I thought I was alone in this world.

  9. LOL there is no one below but the parking garage, so I'm safe from causing the old people to fall down. Apple juice breaking a hip for that I'd get some lip..hahaha

    Not the same but it still works, my aren't we fussy...haha

    Hmmm okay double or nothing...and for all the bonus points, Yellow. Damn, I'm good...haha

  10. @Pat...That would stink if the mother board exiled you through the floor and right onto a car. I wouldn't mess with her! lol First floor? That stinks! Now if the whole apartment building collapses you'll be a goner for sure. Sigh...

    You cheated!!!!!!! You clearly went to Morgan's website and researced it. Just for that, you lose triple points!!

  11. I hate it when that happens...

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your computer. :( What a traumatic experience.

  13. Super glad you had fancy protection to get it fixed. I have a janky old laptop with no battery that has to be plugged in at all times. But it was free so I'm making due 'til I feel like investing in a nice new baby.

  14. Oh no, your poor computer! That is such a bummer!

  15. LOL even worse, right outside my bedroom window is the buildings oil barrel, so if that decides to go boom, I'm toast. The cats and I will roast.

    LOL nope I did not go there. You just lost quadruple points for figuring wrong...haha For I just had to sit and think a moment and recall what you said from my brain hall.

  16. I've done the coffee bath! The worse! I hope it recovers soon!! :(

  17. Lies!!!!!! I never said yellow to you before. I refuse to believe that.

    I still think you cheated. If only there was a way to find proof!!!

    After all, there is a such thing as a lying cat... hahaha

  18. Hahaha oh but you did say yellow before, I just had my wires crossed from all the pink, but pink and purple were the colors you like the wear, where as yellow is your favorite. I enjoy my memory at times..hahaha

    I guess with such recall I could be a cheat, still the lying cat is all yours, constilation prize for suffering defeat..haha

  19. I hope you're laptop gets better soon, I'm really looking forward to the post! And also, I've ruined my motherboard 3+ times so I'm sure there should be no long lasting damage <3

  20. i'll be honest, needs some modeling pics up in here :)

  21. I wouldn't doubt that your favorite color is pink. I could be wrong, but since your words are that color, that's what I'm going with.

    I look forward to the pictures of the goodies!

  22. hey this blog swap sound cool! i want goodies too lol!
    i'm sorry for your laptop, i've been there and i know its terrible feeling not to use it! hope you'll get new one soon or fix it!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  23. Ohhh nooo Jax! Another blogger was just saying her computer went kaput! She had to get a new one. Girl, tech doesn't give you any notice at all. It can be so frustrating. I know they understand and I can't wait to see your post. I LOVE how you worded the shoe analogy on my blog. LOVE IT! Some do look hot and aren't worth a damn. LMFAO!!! Girl you are a riot and are so down to earth. I look forward to visiting your blog everyday and thank you for visiting mine. Hope you're having a great day. ((HUG))

  24. Oh! And you could never let any of us down girl. NEVER! ((HUG))

  25. @Pat...Hmmmmm, I'm still not convinced! Just b/c you hit the nail on the head, doesn't explain how you got there. LOL Maybe if you let me survive the wrath of TheGawk I'll be convinced!! hahaha

    P.S. I meant to text my cousin to play isketch. Instead I texted my ex w/ the same name saying "I'll be there at 9. What room?". He just texted me back now asking wth I was doing last night?! OMG How embarassing!!!!!!!!!! Somehow I blame the cat for this mishap. Sigh...

    At least now I know why my cousin didn't get back to me. :(

  26. oh no! that's like my worst nightmare. I hope you can get it fixed

  27. hahaha and I thought you had a good memory, the cat is taking away points for Gawk will be upon you, whether you survive, who knows..haha

    LMAO hmmm I can see how that would be taken sooo wrong..hahahahaha...the cat can shoulder the blame though, as you gave him a good laugh at his show.

  28. @Shock...No, it's not pink! I'm fond of pink, but it's not my favorite :)

  29. My condolences on the demise of your computer. It's horrible to be without a laptop, I can't stand using a PC myself and hate to use someone else's computer. Hopefully yours will be back soon.

  30. @Pat...Really?! I knew you would find my tramatization humurous. My poor repuation just went down the tubes!! hahaha I tried to explain by responding "Totally just texted the wrong person. I was playing isketch. Sorry". He didn't even answer it. Totally doesn't believe me...Cat!!! That wasn't nice!!!!

    One good thing came from this. I remembered to delete his number from my phone. hahaha

  31. ^^^^ That's me!!!!!!

    I hate these new buttons. HATE them.

  32. Losing a computer is like losing a piece of yourself.

    It makes me shudder thinking about losing all the various things (writing, documents, pictures, music) that I have stored on my computer. It has happened before, and its a wonder that I don't back it up more often.

    Sorry about your misfortune, and looking forward to the continuation of the post.

  33. Yeah these new buttons are very very stupid. Blogger always has to screw things around when it's just find to begin with. But I think I can tell it's you by now..haha

    LOL can you blame him? If you would have told him a rhyming cat made you do it, he would have sooo believed you then..hahaha....see the cat is helpful now you have one less number to confuse you, more points!

  34. i have taken my laptop's health for granted. i have dropped it a few times. then my friend told me his died after dropping it once. same brand as mine, a macbook. so i've been grateful for the ol' motherboard lately. looking forward to the colors.
    yellow is what you like. happy to capitalize on that today:)

  35. blog swap? sounds fun! can't wait to see what was in that package!

    cindy || design3rd

  36. Ouch I lost a laptop last year in a fire... which taught me that blogging, bonfires and bourbon never mix well

  37. My laptop is about to die out, about time I got a proper PC.

  38. I'm so happy you liked all your stuff! I had a wonderful time putting it together :) I posted my pictures and I def colored my toes and my wallet is now in my purse :) The candle is in my bedroom and the gum is in my pocket! LOve it all ! I hope we can do it again!

  39. Ahh nope electronics do not like liquids lol!

  40. Coffee will ruin the computer every time. Didn't it realize you were only trying to share? Lol

  41. you know- sh*t happens!! you are sweet to be so sad about it :)

    haha I liked what you said about "I don't know what that means but I know you don't mess with someone's mama!"

  42. Lovely blog!

  43. Hey !! did you ever get your computer fixed??? hope you had a good !

  44. Let's e mail, I'm bored. shhhh..

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