Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Happy Tale

After yesterdays depressing and dramatic tale about my beloved Omlette, I figured that I'd switch to a happier note.

Three years ago I had a pet snake named Captain Jack.
My snake was tiny and only ate pinkies.
For those who aren't aware, pinkies are frozen baby mice.
It was hard for me to feed my snake a frozen carcass, but I manned up and did the job.
One day, I realized that Captain Jack outgrew the tiny, frozen mice.
I had no choice but to do the deed I was dreading.
I had to feed Captain Jack an alive adult mouse.
As I bow my head in shame...

I went to Petco to purchase a surprisingly cute rodent for my snake to chow down on.
The clerk asked me to pick which mouse I would like to use as feed.
Sadistic much?  For the love of God, just grab one and don't let me see!
That's when she grabbed the most adorable black mouse.
I took a closer look and realized that the mouse only had one eye.
Great!  Just what I try to feed a one eyed creature to something!
I immediately fell in love.

I named that mouse Poo.
I kept him in a pimped out chinese food container and took him everywhere with me.
I bathed him.  I played with him.  I even built him a mouse play pen.
I gave that one eyed mouse the best damn life I possibly could!

Then came the day that I dropped the Chinese food container in my car.
Poo was let free.  He took advantage of the freedom and scurried under my dashboard.
After hours of trying, I couldn't catch him.
That's the thanks I get from saving him from being a reptile's meal!
He lived in my car for days!
As I would drive he would taunt me by brushing up against my feet and then running away!
I didn't want my poor little Poo to die, so I would leave cheese in the back seat for him.

After about a week, I gave up.  I realized my car was his new home.
TheLoveBug got a pet!!!!  Traitor...Stealing a pet has to be against girl code!
That's when I accidentally left an open water bottle in the cup holder.
The next morning I found Poo in the water bottle swimming for dear life!
God only knows how long my little baby was swimming away.

I immediately scooped him up and gave him the biggest mouse hug my hands could muster.
Jax and Poo lived happily ever after!

Now that yesterday we shared the sad...
What's one of your happiest pet stories?


  1. OMG I literally can NOT stop shaking. I would NEVAH go near a snake or a mouse. The fact that you had BOTH as pets will give me nightmares. I saw a snake in my yard once and screamed so loud the neighbors thought I was being attacked. If I ever saw a mouse in my car I would probably have a heart attack and die instantly. YOU are a brave, brave girl my friend!!!!!!

  2. You remind me of how Rocky Balboa had a whole zoo of animals in his apartment. There is a Billy Joel song called "Captain Jack"...though I don't think it would have been a very good theme song for your snake.

    I don't have any happy pet stories which is kinda pathetic...

  3. well I think only yoi go yo buy a mouse to a snake am feel in love of the mouse lol

    the only pet we dont had at the an snake!
    Esperanaxa had two mouses, one i think was eaten by the dogs and the other had a nnormal death lol
    anywau all the pets are buried in my yard lol

  4. LOL the lovebug had a pet that is pretty funny. I'd be afraid Poo would chew the brake cables or something. No wonder he wanted out of there though, after seeing Captain Jack chow down on his rodent buddies, I'd want to run too..hahaha

    You sure go all out for your pets, a shiny fish, a traveling mouse and feeding live bait to your snake, sometimes it may not turn out so well though, like poor Omlette..hahaha...of course the cat can relate, as he is spoiled to death.

  5. Poo, what a lovely name :)
    I've always had at least one pet, sometimes even up to 20 :) but that was back when I was growing up on a farm :) Now I have three cats.

  6. that's one reason why I could never have a snake. I don't like the idea of a creature being stuck in a doom situation with no escape.

  7. @Keepin It Real...Aww, some snakes are so pretty!! Ever see a coral snake? The milk snakes aren't poisonus and they are gorgeous!

    @Gloria...Aww my twin loves mouses too?? I think they are so cute!!! My poor little one eyed Poo! He's burried in my grandmothers bushes. I ended the tale with him being rescued from the car. I wanted it to end on a happy note. But, really? The dog ate the mouse?!

    1. Yes we suspect that a day we go out of home we cant findg the mouses and we find only one snd the room look like a battle! Was terrible!!!

  8. @Pat...Well, a few months later Poo had an awful fate too, but this is a HAPPY post!!!! Poo even grew up to be the mommy of two baby squirrels that I rescued. Poo was a good mouse. The Love Bug never stole one of my pets again! My cousin (Stinky Butts mommy), was driving passenger when Poo came out to say hello. Ohhh that was FUNNY. Want to see a girl freak? Don't tell her there's a mouse in your car and you'll get the job done! hahahaha

  9. @Dez...Pets do a great job making an apartment feel less lonely. 20 pets at once though? I don't think I could handle that. Did you have a pig on your farm??? I want a pig sooo badddd!!!!!

    @Adam...Yes, it's very sad to do. I ended up giving Captain Jack to a home where he could eat live mice galore. I couldn't handle the live mouse thing. It was too much!

  10. hahahaha yes that would surely do the trick. But Poo was just trying to be a gracious host and came out to say hello..haha

    Hmmm you kind of scare the cat, it seems all your critters meet up with an awful fate...LOL

    Poo was quite the little mouse, taking care of squirrels too. Funny how animals adapt and play mommy to other babies, even if they aren't their own species.

  11. snakes, why'd it have to be snakes? I hate snakes.

    -Indiana Jones

  12. LOL Jax! You are good girl. I couldn't have or feed a snake. HAHAHA One of my friends had one and it gave me the heebie jeebies. HAHAHA I love the one eyed mouse story. I thought one of my dogs ran away. I panicked, cased the neighborhood, called out her name, and had everyone looking for her. I sat on my back steps and cried. Then I heard this wimper. Missy had lodged herself underneath the steps (pudgy ass) and couldn't get out. She was stuck. LOL Covered in dirt and leaves, I gave her a good bath and was so thankful I found her. Pets!!! LOL

  13. Thats a very cute story! and I'm glad you didn't feed your snake Poo!

  14. @Pat...I agree! Poo learned very well from her/his mommy :) My little one eyed stinky butt! You should seen him in the bath tub. Poo looked so cute!! Now I want another mouse...

    The cat should be afraid. Maybe one day I'll tell you how Poo and her two baby squirrels passed. No, I really am a very good pet mommy! I just love them to DEATH. Sigh...

  15. @Bart...LOL You don't like snakes?

    @Kim...I almost cried reading your story! That's very funny that her big butt got stuck under the stoop. I wonder how long she was stuck for. Poor girl...

    @Berserc...Yes, me too!

    @Gloria...OMG!!! The mouse put up a FIGHT! It's like Mighty Mouse. Good for the mouse though. What was his/her name? You guys are making me want to get a new mouse...

  16. Again, I have to laugh because we share yet a common pet story, except I didn't save my rat - I went the other, I'll spare you the details. Let's just say my snake was fatter at the end of my tale. So was her tail for that matter =)

  17. haahhaha, I love this! Honestly, I think domestic rodents are SO cute, I could never feed them to a snake while they're alive. Honestly, never (not judging, it would just be too hard!). I'm also okay with snakes but I wouldn't own one just for that reason alone!!

    Your stories are so funny, I love that you found him and saved him from drowning!

    The building I just moved in to is perfect except it is no pets and I had already gotten amped up to get a pet on my next move. When I realized I had to give up my Cat/Dog dream- I asked the Landlord if I could get a caged hamster (but I really meant rat but to non-rodent people, hamster is less-threatening). She said no! All I can get is a fish in a bowl. I don't even get why they care :(

  18. that is definitely a reason i could not have a snake. the poor thing would starve if it lived with me!

  19. You are pretty amazing for letting a mouse live in your car. A mouse probably wouldn't survive in mine - I don't keep anything it and clean the crap out of it every month!

  20. Haha and THAT is why I couldn't have a snake, I'd fall in love with its food!

  21. LOL the cat saw the capital DEATH and ran for the hills..hahaha....if you tell me be sure to do it when he is out of sight.

    In the bathtub you say. I hope you didn't mistakenly bleach it while he was in there..hahahaha...speaking of the bath tub, saw a video yesterday of cats playing with goldfish in the bathtub..hahaha...I guess they do it for a snack, hmmm maybe the viking funeral down the loo is a better way to go.

  22. Is that why I always get little black pellets that I can't identify in my pork fried rice?

  23. I think it's funny that you're writing about pets today. I wrote about my pet today. You should go read it. Seriously! Go!

  24. I once had a mouse named Squirt. Well squirt was a mouse with a bristled back, anyway, he was in his play wheel at bedtime and I stuffed a piece of paper between the wheel and the wall of his mouse habitat and somehow during the night, he escaped. After looking for him for a while I gave up. My girlfriend at the time, it was her mouse, started cleaning the litterbox guessed it, he had been killed and buried and she started screaming and....hahahaha.

  25. i was a little concerned for Poo towards the end of that story. nothing is more tragic than an accidental mouse drowning

  26. I did have a piggy :) and sheep, and chicken, ducks, cats, dogs, even a horse once...

  27. How did you feed the snake? Poor little mouse; I'm glad you saved it!

  28. You sure lead a very interesting life! :)

  29. @L...You are such a strong woman!!! I couldn't do it!! I was more comfortable serving my Captain Jack a frozen dead carcass after running it under warm water. LOL My g/f used to tease that the pinky looked like a frozen gummy bear. Yum....hahahaha

    @Caitlin...Really, girl? You can't even have a damn hamster?? Wow...I would do it anyways and just not tell. My old apartment didn't allow pets either, but I had every reptile known to man. Oh, and a mouse....LOL

    @Amy...aww don't starve the poor guy!!!

    @Rooth...My car is the one thing that I don't spend ridiculous amounts of times cleaning. Kudos to you for being OCD about it. I wish that I

    @Krysten...That's a very true story. Mice are too adorable!

  30. @Pat...LMAO aww did that scare the kitty???? hahaha and omg at that video!! People put FISH in their bathtub??? Those pooping machines is where I draw the line!!!!!!! And then you step your BARE feet in the tub when you take a shower?? I don't think soo....

    @Barfly...Doesn't that explain an awful lot??? LOL

    @AliciaMarie...Twins? Parallel Minds? I think sooo!!!

    @BamaTrav....Omg, the cat KILLED the poor little baby??? What a story!!! This was supposed to be happy pet stories...LMAO and you're poor, poor girlfriend. Probably scarred for life... :) Thanks for the new follow!

    @Leon...This was a very dramatic story. The adventures of Poo! hahaha

    @Dez...I want a pig!!! Did you ever hear of micro pigs? When I get my own house, THAT is going to be my first pet. I've always wanted one :) I love it to death, like Poo!

    @Leslie....I gave the snake away. I couldn't bare to feed it live mice. Way too sad!! Such a beautiful snake too...

    @Nolens...That's what I've heard ;) haha

  31. Oh, that is just TOO funny! Didn't lovebug smell like Poo's poo? lol. Glad you rescued him before he drowned. Oh dear.

  32. Aww that was really sweet. I don't think I can bear to feed an animal to another one.

  33. You are much more brave than I am Jax. After I felt a critter run across my feet while driving, I would have been dancing and swerving.

    My happy pet story was with my Springer Spaniel Sara. She was given to me as a puppy and we grew up together. Without her constant need for walking, I would never have bumped into my future wife. Funny how some things just happen.

  34. You have such a kind heart that you saved him. I really liked this post :)

    On another note, I always find it fun to scan other blogger's comments section to see what incoherent, more off-topic-than-on comment that Bart graces them with.

  35. @Betsy...No, it smelled like Swiss Cheese. LOL

    @Zyu....It's a VERY hard thing to do!

    @Slam...LMAO Yes, well I knew it was Poo. No need to fear. And I love dog stories :)

    @Youngman...LOL!!!!! Yes, I love his random comments. He did a good one on Wednesday's post. I'll give him props for that. Typically, his comments are a little off. One time he told my NINE year old cousin that she needs to get laid. Um, WHAT?! hahahaha

  36. Ha, youhave the worst luck with pets.Maybe the mouse was attempting to learn to drive or taking mouse mechanics lessons?.

  37. too funny. one-eyed animals are so pathetic and lovable. there was a one-eyed puppy in the animal shelter and i thought he would be adopted right away. well, no one wanted him. but the staff loved him so he lived in the shelter for about five months. it was terribly sad. i could tell he gave up hope. then i went on a trip and when i came back a month later he was gone. euthanized, i figured. but no. staff told me that some buff dudes fell for him and adopted him.

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