Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fate In a Palm

Quite a few weeks back, a guy at work was talking about something that he believes in.
This guy makes life decisions based upon the lines in his palms.

Being the obsessive freak that I am...
I taught myself what every little line on the palm of your hand could possibly mean.
Then I read my own future.
As it turns out one of my two life lines was very short.
...and then I bugged out.

Above are the basic lines that supposedly predict your future.
According to Chinese palm readers, the right hand is for a woman and the left is for a man.
According to American palm readers, the left hand is the future you were born with and the right hand is what you made of your future.
Thank God for my short life line being on the left.  I really would've panicked if it was on the right!

After learning that my palm halfway predicted a short life, I freaked out.
I started peaking at peoples hand's at everyone opportunity that I got!
Even my baby Godson tugged my pants and showed me his hands!!  It was adorable.
The more hands I read, the more convinced I became that it was a definite outline of my future.

Then, my grandmother showed me her hands.
My nanny does not believe in this mumbo jumbo, and refused to show me her hands originally.
As she showed me her hands, relief finally came to me.
According to my grandmother's life line, she should have died around the age of 20.
My nanny is almost 70 and is very much alive!
Thanks to a short line indented into my grandmother's palm, my brain was finally at peace.

That's when i broke up with the palm reading like a real nasty boyfriend.
I'll never look back again.
From this point forward, I make my own future.
Grooves in a palm was a very silly thing to get worried over.

Has a silly thing ever frightened you?  How'd you get over it?


  1. haha so how do you tell how many years it is supposed to mean anyway? Measure it?..haha

    Yeah it is a bunch of mumbo jumbo indeed. But your foot life lines, now there is the truth..LOL...just kidding, it's really your rump, that's why it's so expensive..haha

    Not sure what silly thing has bothered me at the moment, but there has been a few and the best way I got over it was just to do it. Can't say I ever feared my hand..haha

  2. hi, i was wondering what was my palm lines means..:) Hmm, thanks for sharing cool and informative post..:)

  3. @Pat...LMAO, never feared your hand? That's ok. Send me a picture of your hand and I'll read it! I know exactly what I"m doing and would never lie to you!! hahahaha Hey, at least I didn't pretend to be rumpologist ;) LOL!

    But, wait, can you really read a foot?!?!?

  4. I never put much stock in palm reading...Heck, by the time I hit 70, I'll probably have so many lines in my hand, I wouldn't know which ones to read anyway (assuming I can still see well enough to read)... :-)

  5. How come your hands know what's going on and not your brain? I'm with your grandma, it's mumbo-jumbo.

  6. It doesn't even look like I have a lifeline, it's so faint. I'm not worried though, I checked and I'm still breathing!!

  7. Try toe reading. :)

  8. @GC...Sorry, but I can't!!! I refuse to click that link. Are you trying to give me a mental breakdown? My luck, my toes will tell me I'll die in 5 minutes. Sigh...

  9. I never used to get frightened by silly things but the older I get...the more I do. Something about sensing your own mortality.

  10. I don't have a fateline. So I guess this wont work for me!

    I've never gotten frightened by anything silly, but I have felt silly watching frightening stuff!

  11. Not so much me, but I grew up in an area and had many Indian friends (Native America some prefer), and I learned not mention the "little people" ever...

  12. i too have a relatively short life line. which is probably relative to the fact that i can't even find my health line!

  13. OMG i got frightened very recently! i was feeling dizzy and woozy for a few weeks... to the point i started freaking out! so i went to a medical center and saw a doctor, drew some blood and waited. when i talked to the doctor i couldn´t believe it! i was just dehydrated! that was it... no anemia, no weird blood pressure, no strange disease lol. so all i had to do was increase my fluids and that was it. felt great ever since.

    XO Jannine

  14. Aren't grandmothers the best at setting us straight?! My grandmother used to call me out on my crazy all the time ;-)

  15. I don't believe in palm reading but I do believe that some people aren't really psychic, but have an intuition most of us don't because they can utitlize a larger part of their brain than the rest of us.

    I am deathly afraid of clowns. I got over my fear of midgets, but the clown one still reigns supreme.

  16. I got my palm read on the Jersey Shore years back. At the time, I was OBSESSED with this guy who didn't like me at all (so obvious now... back then I was like "he's just busy with soccer.." ha). This palm reader somehow used my hand to indicate that this guy WOULD like me soon and I got stupid excited about it. Yes, that never happened. Palm reading is stupid! ha. Funny how your Grandma reiterated that to you by her lines.

  17. @Jannine...I'm so glad that everything is ok!! It's crazy how our minds trick us into thinking these awful things are happening instead of just telling us to drink a water bottle! hahaha

  18. i've been into palm-reading for years, since it's a big asian thing, lol. my hands are so "worked" that i have too many lines everywhere... almost grandma-ish.. so it's really hard to make up what is what... i'm pretty strong-willed, so i guess i've learned to overcome a lot of my frights... especially being alone in the house. i overcame by getting an alarm system and keeping myself preoccupied... probably by blogging, lol!

    have a nice day!

  19. didnt this always end up with spit in the palm of your hand and a slap across the face. i'm on to this witch craftery :)

  20. I'm the real life Charlie Brown. I'm afraid of everything.

  21. I was at a funeral when I was younger, and at the reception I was sitting next to an old woman who was apparently a palm reader. She told me that I had one of the longest lifelines that she had ever seen.

    I still don't believe in any of that stuff, but I always brag about this fact anyway.

  22. yes Jax! silly mind...
    you´d be so proud of me! i just treated myself to an AMAZING mani-pedi! i feel like a nice pretty lady again! and what better day to do it than on the first day of spring. i´m sure it´s a good thing!


  23. Great post! Love your granny. :)

  24. Hah, Asian people have all these crazy superstitions and if I listened to all of them... I'd be a crazy person in an asylum somewhere

  25. hahaha I'll scan my hand at work some night when no one is there and send it along haha

    Yes I'm sure as said with the toe link there are many that can read a foot too, seems there are rules for almost every part.

  26. That's some scary life line is tiny.

  27. Meh, I try not to let silly things bother me. Followed!

  28. It's easy to get over once you realize that it's no big deal after all.

  29. @Pat...Please do!! I'll give you a nice in depth reading! I won't even charge you. hahaha But you'll have to cash in 3 points ;) LOL

    and omg, with the toe reading. I refuse!!! haha

  30. silly things frighten me everyday:) hmmm, chinese have thousands of years of history, america hundreds of years. think i'll go with the chinese:)

  31. that is so interesting. sometimes "horror"scopes get to me. hahaha i try not to let them bother me, but if by chance something happens i'm like SEE! hahaha


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