Friday, March 9, 2012

The Dangers of Sleep Walking

Since it's Friday, I wanted to do a fun post!
As opposed to the seriousness of yesterday's scruff discussion...
How many of you sleep walk?

As ashamed as I am to admit this, when I am stressed, I sleep walk.
...and you all know how often I stress...
I could go months without anything, and then BOOM, there I am walking in my sleep.
Sometimes it's harmless and silly, but other times it's very dangerous!

Sleepwalking is all fun and games when you explore your bedroom and then hop back in bed.
Sleepwalking can also be scary when you make you way over to things like the knife drawer.
Let me tell you guys two stories....

I Dreamt I was a Salad

About three years ago I fell asleep in my bedroom while TheViking was passed out on the couch.
Around 2am The Viking was awoken by me stumbling into the kitchen.
He saw me grab two bottles of God knows what and then march right back into my room.

That following morning I woke up to a familiar odor.
I opened my eyes and saw red splots like when the horsehead was found in The Godfather.
For the record, TheViking found me like this in the moring and decided to just let me sleep!!

Turns out I grabbed balsamic vinagrette and carpet cleaner in my kitchen escapade.
The vinegar was to poor all over myself and my bed.
The carpet cleaner was to use as a cuddle buddy.

I dreamt My Eyes Were Dirty

About a year ago, I stumbled out of my bed like any other morning.
After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I proceeded to put my contacts in my eyeballs.

The second that little sucker hit my eyeball I felt an unbelievably strong stinging pain.
I'm talking like someone was holding a blow torch to my eye ball!!
From the pain, my eye started spazzing and I couldn't get the little bastard out.
It was awful.
After running my eyeball under water and using my nails to claw the contact out, my eye was free.
I couldn't see anything.  In fact, I couldn't even open my eye.

I picked up my contact lens case to see what the hell was going on, when I smelled the problem.
There was alcohol in the little cups where my contacts slept all night.
I must have woke up, ventured to the bathroom, and filled my contact case with rubbing alcohol.
For the love of God, why?!  What the hell could I have been dreaming about that led to this!!?!
I just thank the Lord that it wasn't my go to cleaner; bleach!


There you have it!
The best and the worst of Jax sleep walking.

What are your sleep walking stories?
Please share!  I could use a laugh this weekend. :)


  1. Wow, sounds like a rough morning already...rubbing alcohol :-(

  2. oh, hehe...just noticed that the contact debacle was a year ago and not this morning. :-)

  3. As for sleepwalking, I once walked down a flght of stairs, once (when very young) was supposedly playing basketball (shooting at nothing I guess)..those are about it for me.

  4. LOL I thank God I don't do this, I'd be afraid I'd lysol myself to death or something..hahaha

    It's just one quirk after another with you, isn't it?..hahaha...I suppose though if you need a cuddle buddy carpet cleaner can work, not my first choice though as the vaccuum cleaner might get jealous..hahaha

    No wonder you're paranoid, not only could there be a spider in your scarf but you could have put something deadly in there too..haha

    Hide all the sharp objects and cleaning supplies or put locks on the drawers..haha...maybe a bell around your neck so you can wake yourself up..LMAO

  5. before i gave birth i used to talk while sleeping then my baby came he just changed everything. but he's our trouble right now hahahaha lol.
    have a nice weekend my dear!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  6. Hi jax, great post!:) Never experienced it yet..:)Thanks..:)

  7. I once woke up in the garden, even though i went to bed inside...
    I guess it was to warm, i woke up like wtf :/

  8. Oh my God, you're dangerous when you're sleeping. One night you're going to get the urge Chinese take-away, get in the car and drive there in your sleep. I can picture you waking up behind the wheel covered in soy sauce and noodles and wondering what the hell happened.

  9. An old girlfriend would do the same thing but also talk in her sleep. Sometimes I would find her on the floor in the morning.

  10. @Pat...LOL Don't lysol yourself to death! hahaha

    This isn't a quirk!! Besides, I haven't done it in months, that I know of...haha LMAO The carpet cleaner makes a far better cuddle buddy than the vacuum. It's more "my size". Don't worry, if it was you, you'd cuddle the lysol. lol!

    Ok...talking about deadly scarves...I have a story from last week. I dropped my scarf off to get drycleaned. When I picked it up from the cleaners, I immediately put it on. I was playing with the fringe at the end of it when I got stabbed!!! Somehow a sewing needle got caught into the end of my scarf!!!!! The pressers are clearing trying kill me. What if that hit my juggler vein?!

  11. @Anne...Omg! That sounds like a nightmare? Noodles and soy sauce in my hair?? If it comes down to my hair being in danger, I may need to lock myself down...hahaha

  12. When I was a child I walking sleeping sometimes is dangerous really!
    One time my Dad find my in the door ready for go out in payamas of course (I had about 12) poor dad and Mom they always be afraid with me with this! Now Im so tired all the time I cant walk at night (lol)

  13. Oh my! Those are some very entertaining sleep walking stories, but I'm not sure if I should laugh or worry about you.

    I've never slept walked...that I know of.

  14. just sleep on walk into my room ;)
    lol jk i dont think i've slept walked recently. but i did have this nightmare not to long ago where i was raping and my arms were flailing like one of those faggot enimem rappers and well i somehow hit myself in the face with my and thats what woke me up. that was about 3am, didn't/couldn't go back to sleep after that

  15. my husband doesn't necessarily sleep walk, but he does some strange things occasionally when he's in that in between stage of sleep and awake.

  16. I have to say I'm REALLY glad I don't do this. It was just add to the laundry list of other stuff I do that is crazy pants. You might need to start locking yourself in your bedroom at night. :)

  17. I have only done it once that I know of and it was the summer before HS. I had watched one of The Nightmare on Elm Street movies and I found myself in my basement looking for a boiler to help save my friends. My mom heard all of this and walked me back up to my room and tucked me in. She said she got down just in time because I was messing with the hot water heater and could've gotten really hurt.

  18. Wow thats so crazy! I'm glad nothing really horrible has happened!

  19. I don't sleepwalk. And I'm kind of glad that I don't. This sounds dangerous!

  20. The only time in my life that I was ever known to sleep walk was a couple years ago on a family vacation to New Hampshire.

    My dad came upstairs to find me pushing the bed around the room. I was apparently looking for the door?

    And I feel your pain re: your eye. Read my post entitled "My Eye" lol.

  21. LOL I'll try to rerain from doing so

    So it's an ailment then? thanks to the cat's rhyming and the protection of the Cracks you haven't been stressed out enough to sleep walk..haha...LOL then I'd prob wake up an spray myself in the eye with it, did that once too, such an idiot

    Yeah all it would take is one prick of the juggular and you'd be toast. But you once more twarted that small lifeline of yours by surviving..haha...still that eyeball seems to have it out for you..hahaha

  22. @Bart...You had a dream about raping someone??!!! Let's pretend like you didn't say that. Don't get offended if I go against your advice and sleepwalk in the opposite direction of your room. hahaha

  23. @Pat...It is an ailment!!!! When I lived with my ex, you can imagine how horrified he was when I would just walk around the house doing God knows what. LOL Thank goodness I seem to have been cured. Then again, I can only think I'm cured b/c I live alone now...

    Damn day I won't be his/her/it's main target!!! But see what I mean?! Who gets a needle radomnly misplaced in their scarf...well, maybe that's my punishment for dry cleaning a scarf...

    I found a new Walmart video with cracks galore. I have to remember to send it to you! It's right up your alley. You need to create a new video: Pat and The Cracks strike back!

  24. LOL oh I don't know, it be kind of fun to have a video camera handy and record what you no germy people messing with your nice clean place, so you don't have to sleepwalk and clean things up..haha

    Yeah the odds of that have to be rather large, someone may be out to get you or as you say telling you not to dry clean a

    hahahaha what am I now? The go to guy for walmart crack videos?..hahaha....Pat needs more cracks before he can do that, stealing them he might get sued..haha

  25. That is pretty dangerous! Luckily I don't do anything like this but it must be scary!

  26. I'm quite glad that I don't sleepwalk.

    Hopefully, you don't hurt yourself any more seriously than you already have.

  27. have some graphic dreams!! I do not sleep walk and always wonder how it affects a person's life..Hope you stay safe! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    Let's Twitter Together
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    PS. I am following yu to stay tuned for more such fun posts! If you want you can follow me back too!

  28. I've never sleepwalk, or at least I don't think I've ever had. I do get very vivid dreams however, and I always seem to be able to remember even the smallest detail.

  29. I feel really stupid when I wake up while sleep walking.. I'm like what in the world why am I not in my warm bed haha!

  30. I shouldn't laugh but those were funny examples. I often dream of talking about my Hello Kitty movie at a Pizza place until Tom Cruise drives into the restraunt and wrecks the place. It's like he doesn't want the movie to be made or something.

  31. haha i can´t get enough of you! this is HILARIOUS, for the record i´m not making fun of this... but let´s be honest... considering its there and there ain´t much you can do about it... at least lets have a little laugh right? i´m sure The Viking does! lol...
    i felt sorry for your eye!! but i laughed out loud with the salad story. :)

    i´m lucky to say i don´t sleepwalk. but i´m pretty sure that if i did i would probably dance on my sleep. :)

    XO Jannine

  32. I have sleepwalking stories but I only tell them over a LOT of alcohol

  33. i think sleepwalker you is trying to take waking-world you out

  34. I sleep talk but it's mostly incoherent mumbling.

  35. Wow, you are a very wierd sleep walker!

  36. ouch that's one of the reasons I don't get on with contact lenses

  37. Oh my hell! I sleep walk too! It's horrible! Sometimes I get up and eat. I wake up with food everywhere. Once in college I was dreaming about missing class. I jumped up and grabbed my coat and ran out the door. No pants no shoes! Thankfully my roommate caught me before I went outside.

  38. I'm glad I don't sleep walk. I can't even run in my dreams. Every time I need to run in my dream, my legs feel like concrete.

  39. OMG'd Jax! HAHAHAHA That burning eyeball story got me. I don't sleep walk but it's sometimes hard for me to wake up thoroughly. I once put toothpaste instead of hair cream in my hair. LOL Hope you're having a great weekend.

  40. i heard sleepwalking is from stress! maybe you're walking toward ian or rdjr in your dreams? ;)

  41. Wow, you are a very wierd sleep walker!

  42. Oh my goodness - you are a danger!

    Inspector Climate (my husband) is a total sleep walker! It's absolutely hilarious and a bit scary what he does. Truly.

  43. That's crazy! I knew a sleep walker, she would always pull down her curtains so the doctor told her just stop putting them up in the first place...

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  44. That's crazy! I knew a sleep walker, she would always pull down her curtains so the doctor told her just stop putting them up in the first place...

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  45. i used to sleepwalk when my anxieties were on overload. this happened as a kid between 9 and 12. they were funny for others to see, mostly. sometimes they were more like panic attacks. when i slept at a friend's house i worried that i might skid around the house at 3 a.m. naked and balling. thankfully that never happened. our sleep walking selves are like these other people we become and have to account for the next day. it was weird to see my family's faces the next morning and know that i had been sleepwalking and i have to learn of what i did. further anxiety!:)

  46. I'm glad nothing bad happened!


  47. I don't think I have ever sleep walked, and after reading your stories, I am kinda happy that I don't:) Although it did give you some very entertaining stories:)


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