Monday, March 12, 2012

Celebrate Good Times!

How was everyone's weekend?
Mine was hectic and crazy.  Just the way I like it!

Yesterday was also a very special day!
It was my best friend's 26th birthday.
Happy birthday BooBoo!!

We have been bests since we were very little.
We grew up around the corner from another.
That means endless amounts of girl time!  Don't be a jelly belly!! 

To celebrate, we all went out for a crazy lunch and ate the most delicious tiramisu cake I've ever had!

How absolutely adorable is she?!

  I know what you're all asking yourself!
Why do you love this girl so stinking much?
Why?!  I'll tell you why!

1.  Cleveland
I wanted to drive 13 hours to see a basketball game.
We don't even like basketball! 
She was such a good friend she agreed to go, short notice and all.
She didn't just go, but she dried my only pair of socks on her curling iron, risked getting murdered at Big Daddy Dons when TheLoveBug gave out,  and didn't even get mad when we missed the basketball game!

2.  PizzaMen
After school, she would entertain me for hours by ordering 5 pizza pies just to see who would come first.
Our pizza men races were a classic!

3.  IceSkating
When we were younger, she would hang out at the ice skating rink with me every Friday.
We never even put on skates!
But the guy at the rental counter was so cute!

4.  Hugs
She showers me with hugs and shrieks every time she sees me. 
Even if it's 3 times in one day, she gets just as excited.
My BooBoo always makes me feel special!

 5.  Sleep
During our million sleepovers, she would make a bed on the floor out of couch cushions and a snuggie just so I could take over my bed.
She didn't even complain when I stepped on her in the middle of the night to go tinkle.

6.  Cheese
She joined my father and I on a late night road trip to the Outerbanks in North Carolina.
I fell asleep.
She stayed awake to keep my dad company and feed him cheese.
The fact that she even brought a whole buffet for us was amazing!

7.  Habeebee
After a rough break up 3 years ago, she stayed up all night with me to cheer me up.
She even dressed herself in silly clothes and danced to make me smile.

8.  Snow
One drunken night, I lost balance and started to fall into the snow.
She grabbed me and took the fall for me.
Sacrificing your hair?  That's love right there! 

9.  Supernatural
During stressful nights, she'll stay up with me painting our toes and watching Supernatural.
I'm talking, stay up all night! 

10.  Kidnap
One night I couldn't sleep and I was bored.
It was 2 in the morning and I had nothing to do.
She woke her butt up out of a dead sleep just to come over and watch a movie with me until I passed out.
Beauty sleep means nothing with our friendship!   

When most friendships fizzle over years, ours got stronger.
We have so many crazy stories and fun times in our memory vault that it's impossible to list them all.
I love you girlie and hope that you have a great year!

Why is your best friend your bestie?  


  1. That is so absolutely precious!!!!! Tell me how you dry socks with a curling iron?????? I'm cracking up at the thought. Oh, and the pizza races are cool. I used to get wicked hangovers. My bestie would bring me a diet pepsi, one of those cold eye compresses with the eye cutouts, and 3 Advil and wait until McDonald's opened for lunch and would drive to get me a double cheeseburger and large fry. Now that's a good friend!!!!

  2. Awww what a nice post for your BFF! Happy Birthday to her!

  3. I will forgo any girlie crack, as that was such a nice post. To do all of that and not complain one bit, she has to be a great friend.

    I mean getting stepped on, taking the fall for a drunk, being kept up all night and on first sight getting the shrieks, what more could one ask for?..LOL

    I'm more of on the fizzle train..haha

  4. @Pat...You can't make a girlie crack to a girl!!! We are supposed to be girly :) hahaha

    She did get stepped on. Pretty hard too. That poor girl...what I put her through is pretty rough! LOL!!

    I wish I could be half as good of a friend as her. I called her at 2am to come over and keep me company and she comes. She calls me at 2am and I shut my phone off....Sigh! But that's so early....hahaha

  5. Well I guess you are short and may be harder to lift your legs over her at night, plus when you gotta go you gotta go..hahaha

    LOL I suppose when you stay up all night worrying about pop's, you need your sleep..haha and at least your honest about it. She must have the patience of a saint though.

  6. @Pat....LOL I coulda leaped over her, but I didn't know she was there. She would fall asleep in the bed and then climb out in the middle of the night. Apparently I would beat her up in my sleep. I guess you can add that to the list of her patience...

    That was a scary pop!! How was I supposed to know it was the heat? It could've been a mass murderer warning me of his midnight attack!

  7. hahaha one way to get the bed to yourself, kick the crap out of whoever is in it with you..hahahaha....yes another to add to the list.

    How much are you paying her to remain friends with you? LMAO

    Mass murders generally become mass murders because they don't warn people of their attack, so I think you were safe there...haha

  8. @Pat...Well, most mass murderers are known for a "signature" thing. That one could have been the Popper!

    That isn't a quirk!!!! Sigh...I can't win. hahaha

    And she doesn't get paid to be my friend. I'm a very good friend, during reasonable hours of the day. hahaha Kiddinggggg! She's the mommy, caring, get me out of trouble type. I'm the I'll get you in loads of trouble but make sure you have fun along the ride type. It's a balance!

  9. This is such an adorable post! I think that ice skating rinks are super fun places, even if you don't actually skate. I like the people-watching.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. I want to hang out with you guys! There's room for one more...right? Rightttttt

  11. She sounds like a keeper allright!

    My best friend never judges and always knows how to make me feel better, when I'm blue. We bonded immediately. I value her tremendously.

  12. it's the little things that really do make your best friends the best. love this!

  13. Now that is a good friend! Happy Birthday to her. I am LOL at the Pizza Men story. You two were and still are a trip. HAHAHAHA Glad you had an awesome weekend Jax!

  14. the pizza men races and the sacrificing of the hair are great details into your friendship. and the theme of forgoing sleep to help the other out if like forking over gold. i have some good friends in cleveland, but it's not a city i aspire to visit, which makes the road trip there all the more impressive for me-- and the fact that you all didn't make the game and that didn't disappoint her. the ice skating routine sounds like me as a teen hanging out at a yogurt shop i worked at (when it wasn't my shift) becuz my cute co-worker so happened to be working. this may have happened often. i also love the love women have for each other, especially staying up all night after a breakup. in that time somehow women plunge and recover and there's a genuineness about it that makes making up with the gal later impossible. women get their sh*t together in tears. it's a deep power men don't have becuz they are generally frightened of crying. this i have learned:)

  15. Perfect, sounds so like a love affair for the ages. I absolutely always adore hearing the stories behind forever friends. You guys sound hilarious together and clearly value each other much more than you do sleep :)

  16. The Popper hahaha him and Creepy Cupid would get along great.

    hahaha no you can't beat a rhyming cat, just accept it..haha

    LOL the reasonable hours of the day crack was great, if I drank anything at work I'd have spit it at the is what you need and figures you'd be the troublemaker

  17. This is a wonderful tribute to your friend and she sounds like a great, fun person.And not everyone would take a fall for you like that or dry your hair with a curling iron. My best friend in the world is my Hubby. He's my other half, the Yin to my Yang and the cream in my coffee.

  18. Ohhh I'm going to have nightmares of The Popper. LOL Well, about 2 more weeks until Creepy Cupid comes knocking on your door with that singing telegrams. I think I'll have him sing "I'm too sexy for more shirt." Yep, that song sounds perfect!! hahaha

    What is that supposed to mean?! I'm so NOT a trouble maker. I usually tend to myself and my own business. Pshhh...

  19. You know Elisa so I don't need to explain why I love that girl! lol Happy Birthday to your friend. I hope you two do something super fun today!

  20. Such an awesome and fun post - your BFF is lucky (and vice versa) to have you!

    Ilaughed at the pizza man race, hilarious... and the fact that she shrieks and hugs you like you haven't see her for years... that's just like my collection of BFF's too.

    Right now, I love that because i'm living in a diff country to my friends, I love surprise care packages of my fave things that I miss dearly.

    Happy Birthday to your girl!

  21. haha so you don't make the trouble you just get people into trouble, a fine line there somewhere..hahaha

    If creepy cupid shows up at my door, the popper is going to remember that. Does creepy cupid even wear a shirt? Bad image there,

  22. When I first read #4 "She showers me with hugs," I read it as "She showers with me." I thought to myself, Yes, that is a true friend.

    Very nice post. I get to see all of my best friends this weekend. For the past three years we have had a reunion at my place for St. Paddy's Day and the start of March Madness. I can't wait :)

  23. Like Melynda wrote, (lol) you already know Melynda ;)

    Your friend sounds amazing and like such a blast. Happy Birthday to her :)

  24. @Pat...LOL!! No, Creepy Cupid on wears a diaper...I'm too sexy for my diaper.

    This isn't going to end well.

    Please let me know how it goes!! hahahahaha

  25. Awww, besties are... the BEST.

  26. I'm lucky enough to say that I have many best friends, and each is incredibly special to me. Happy Birthday to BooBoo!

  27. She is adorable! I love that skirt/dress thingy. It is very rare to have someone in life who makes these types of sacrifices and can bring smiles and laughter where none are visible. I'm thankful for everyone who has friends like these.

  28. Awesome! I love hearing about friendships like this! :D

    -Barb the French Bean

  29. Oh no!! 26? One foot in the grave....
    Enjoy it...I still try to.

  30. Don't have a best friend, but that's probably because most people really annoy me. Oh well, I'll just order 5 pizza pies to amuse myself.

  31. Sounds like a great freind:-) happy b-day to her!...Btw, did you give a larger tip to the pizza guy/gal who came in first?

  32. Okay, you are the Queen of the lists. This is how you become famous. Your friend is adorable. She looks like she would be so much fun to be around.

  33. @Anthony...LoL No..we did not...I fear the race was unfair b/c it appeared the Pizza place at the corner of her road always won...hahaha

    @Cal...Queen of Lists? I like that!! Famous for my lists?? I like that even more!!

  34. nice your beautiful, kidnapped is really one of the worst lol

  35. Congrats to your friend =) My best friends are my besties because they are always there for me when I need them.

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  37. I thought I saw the ghost of Dave Thomas (Wendy's) once. Turns out it was really him. He's one of those guys I always got confused with being dead or alive. Like Bob Hope.

  38. aww this was such a good read! she is a great friend! but i´m sure you´re as awesome to her and that´s why you guys have had such a long friendship! :)
    being that i travel all the time and my only person to turn to on the road is my bf, i´d say he´s my bestie right now :).
    he listens to me when i feel like talking about amazing new make up products i´m craving (even if he couldn´t care less)... he let´s me go shopping while he stay´s alone at the job... he doesn´t mind if i take up 95% of the bathroom shelves and cabinets to put all my junk.
    i think he´s more of an angel than a friend lol-.

    XO jannine

  39. Jax, it sounds like you guys have an amazing friendship. Cherish it, because these things don't happen often. I hope she had a great birthday!!



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