Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sniff, Sniff, Sniff...

Do you see that cute, little, bucktoothed turtle??
He's clearly sad today...
Well that's me.
Add some long, burgundy hair and some killer eyelashes and you've found my twin.

Why is Jax so sad today?
Thanks for asking!!  I knew you cared!

As you are all well aware, I give up eating meat every other year.  Why?  Because every year you don't eat meat you save animals.  Plus, it's healthy to give your body an annual cleanse!  As it turns out, my daily consumption of a hearty salad for lunch followed by junk food at night has not been cutting it for me in the nutrition department.  I am now malnutritioned and as a result, my hair has been thinning.  I have not had a bite of meat for 7 months.  Throughout that seven months you could see my hair go from a nice, thick, full head to a thin, lifeless, dry mess.  I'm sure the straightening chemicals and hair dye didn't help.  I was given two options.  I could either go bald or eat a damn steak.  Clearly, I chose to chow down on some beef!!  You want to have the best burger of your life?  Give up meat for a few months.  You'll crave that red meat worse than a vampire longs for your jugular!!

I extend my sincerest apologies to all the animals that were counting on me to hang on for another 5 months.  I'll make it up to you somehow!!


Do you guys know Jannine from FashionistArg?
If not, you should.  She's pretty awesome!!
She knows that I have an uncanny habit of listing my entire life out.
She recognized this by tagging me in some fun post!

The Rules:
A)  Tell 7 truths about yourself.
B)  Tag 15 people to do the same.
I don't usually tag people.  I have a lovely little list to the right of all my favorite blogs!
That being said, Tag!  You're it!

1.  Lists.  To go along with the list thing, I list out everything.  Even if I already completed something I needed to do, I will write it out anyways just to cross it off my "list".  Some say I spend more time writing lists than I do completing what's on them.  Sigh...

2.  Housewives.  Although I won't usually admit it, I'm addicted to all of the housewives series.  Atlanta is my favorite!!  Nene??  Hollaaaa!!

3.  Queen.  I jumped up and down the other day like a little girl because I found out that Adam Lambert is the new lead singer for Queen.

4.  Questions.  In person, I rarely ever ask questions.  I feel like I'm being nosey and intruding in on your life.  I even feel weird asking "how was your day"!!  I'm not shy at all, just don't like asking questions.

5.  Move.  While I love NY and it will always be my home, I think it's time for me to move.  I love the excitement of NY, but I hate how everything is so hustle bustle.  There's no time to stop and enjoy life.  You just rush through it.

6.  Nose Spray.  For almost a year, I had a severe nose spray addiction.  It started out as a simple cold and ended as a full out intervention.  Yes, I used to sneak Afrin!!!

7.  Waterbug.  I found a lonely little water bug hopelessly wandering around my hallway last week.  I couldn't bring myself to squash him or to subject him to the freeze of winter.  Instead, he made a home out of a Gladware and has been living comfortably ever since.  Maybe it's time to name him?  I was thinking Winston...

What are 7 truths about you??



  1. Oh dear Jax, you've got to take better care of yourself. Eat some beans / tofu - that should help! My parents have both been vegetarians for over 20 years and I can give you some tips if you'd like

  2. Oh man, you surprised me with your #5. I had you as a lifer for that fast-paced City lifestyle. I left a big city behind a decade ago, and have not missed it since.

    I hope your waterbug enjoys the TLC.

  3. @Rooth...Tips please!!! Problem is, I'm not a big bean fan and I dislike tofu.

    I'll eat a few chicita beans, but that's about it. :(

  4. Sorry about the meat episode. I know it's bugging you, but I'm glad you will be healthier for it.

    Move to Florida. It's wonderful down here.

    Oh, and I'll be tagging you in a post tomorrow, and I don't normally do that either.

  5. If you want tips on getting protein without the steak email me. I was veggie for seven years. You do NOT have to eat a steak to make your hair more healthy. But you do have to eat dark leafy greens and legumes. Here's a list to check out for now:

  6. @Miranda...Can't wait to read it!!

    @Spork...Thanks for the tips! I'll send you an e-mail right away. I don't even know what a legume is?!

  7. Once I cried while I ate a kobe beef burger because it was soooooooooo good but I felt so bad for the cow. So I sat there crying, sniveling and stuffing my face. It happens - we need the iron. And please keep us up to date on Winston the Waterbug. You are so funny!

  8. I've been 99.9% meat free for about 15 years now.

  9. Moderation is the key! Instead of eating meat one year out of two, eat half the meat you would in a year each year!

  10. Yeah just cut down, don't take the meat out fully, then you can save just as many in two years, as you would not eating for one year. You're an accountant too, do that

    A nose spray addiction...hahaha that is funny, sorry. But the housewives addiction, that isn't so funny, how can you watch that?..geez

    Gonna move from the city? I'm with slamdunk, thought you'd want to stay there forever. Hustle and bustle isn't for me, I wish I could get out of this dump, not that it compares to NY but bad enough.

  11. I'm a huge fan of Morning Star! I seriously couldn't survive being a vegetarian without it. While it may not be as good as the real thing, it's pretty tasty and gives you the protein you need. :)

  12. @Pat...What's so funny about a nose spray addiction? It's tough to beat!!! The thing is, you get congested w/o it!!!

    and no, I'm not a big city person. It's fun, but it's not where I want to live. It's a place I would like visit often. Family is a GREAT excuse to visit. But to live? No. I'm constantly running around. It takes an hour to do an 10 min drive. People are nasty b/c they are constantly rushed. Plus, it shouldn't take me 30 min standing on line to get my coffee. I need to bring a coffee to wait on line for coffee. Awful!!!

  13. You are so cool for doing it but as someone else wrote you have to take care of yourself... I actually did the same thing as you and after a year or so I had to give it up because my imune system was so messed up.
    But you rock just so you know it =D

  14. Jax you are like how my daugther, if see a chicken say porr chicken is about 3 or 4 years she doesnt meat and chicken (only fish and seafood)
    I understand dears but she sometimes is really extreme (lol)
    I almost dont eat meat dear, maybe my cuisne is adapted more to my daugther, only cook some meat to the men of this house:)

  15. hi there! so happy you did your 7 truths. i laughed out loud when i read the first point was "lists". so funny. i´m sad to hear about what started happening to your hair and you had to brake your promise. but the fact that you tried is very valuable. and 7 months is still a lot of time. i´m sure it helped mother nature in its own way.
    again, thanks for jumping on board with the silly task.
    XO Jannine

  16. Wow never knew it was that hard to beat. I'll remember to stick nothing up my nose, as now I know how that goes. Yeah it sucks, takes me about 30 mins for a ten minute drive, not as bad. But when you're used to no traffic, besides the odd slow pokey, it is a pain. Need to find that shack in the woods..haha

  17. Yes, but a "pimped out" shack with lots of board games. To avoid food diseases, a garden would be needed as well. Forget traffic, we wouldn't even need to work!!!! hahaha

    I'll put a wanted ad in Craigslist. LOL

  18. LOL sounds like you have it all planned out well. Must have running water too though, using an outhouse would just be ewww.

  19. LOL Guess I do...I'd like to get there before doomsday.

    Maybe make a panic room like Bobby. That could be helpful.

    and NO to the outhouse and yes to running water. When I was in Greece, that's all they had was an outhouse per house and one shower for the entire little village. It was TORTURE!!!!!!

  20. Oh I got a plan for a panic room, find a shack near a mountain and build a big complex in the mountain that would take the wrath of God himself to get it open. Make it nice and cozy too with it's own greenhouse, air filter, water filtration system. May as well be comfortable as the world goes boom..haha

    That would torture my ocd, I would surely flee, hope the first train, plane, car, boat or horse out of there..haha

  21.'re on Operation Panic room. Apparently you got that handled. I was just going to dig a hole in the ground and line the walls with really thick Zinc Plating. I like your idea better.

    LOL!!! I can so picture a cat jumping on a horse waving goodbye to all the greeks complaining about their dirty habits!! They only shower ONCE A WEEK there. And then when you do shower, it's a metal spicket on the beach with ICE COLD WATER. The gypsies watch you as you bath. Very weird. I should post pictures, but I don't want to offend a riot. LOL!

  22. Well I guess when/if you move Greece is surely off the list..haha...I couldn't do that, have to shower, with a real shower, every day. LOL do it, I'm sure a riot it won't cause, but if it does the cat will ride his horse and trample them

  23. Yes, Greece is off the list!!!

    I went to a pyschic once who told me where I would move to. (Not telling tho b/c that jinxes it!!)

    But my favorite state is Massacheusetts. Beautiful there! Salem, MA is the single most adorable town. Would love to move here.

    A cat on a horse to the rescue?? I bet that'll never happen again in my life!! lol

  24. I can't remember the last time I ate red meat. My hair is fine. It sounds as if you need other sources of protein. How about salmon? I know some people think that fish = meat, but I don't consider the creature meat unless it can talk. I've never heard a fish say a word except in movies and I strongly suspect those fish aren't real.


  25. You and my youngest daughter would be the best of friends. We "rescue" bugs all the time because she can't stand to think they will be squashed, frozen, too hot, eaten by a bird, swallowed by a get my point. It's good to have people like the both of you in the world. And I just asked her about the name. She rolled it around on her tongue and said, "Winston the Waterbug. I like it."

  26. @Preppy Girl...aww I'm so glad your daughter liked it!! That's it then. You can let her know she officially named my waterbug Winston. :)

  27. i've been eating meat for more than a year now, mostly becuz i don't buy my own food. meat does not taste bad, that's for sure.

  28. I visited an abattoir when I was 20 which put me off meat for 15 years

  29. So now you aren't going to tell, how rude is that..haha. A psychic you say..LOL hmmm I will reframe from that. And of course I heard of salem, but only the witch stuff, never knew it was a nice place.

  30. Ultimately your health is important. I know a lot of vegans and many of them struggle with their health. You've got your heart in the right place!! I'll tell a few truths. I cannot live in a big city, I always live rural and drive as far as I have to. I'm really very shy. I don't own a telly or a mobile phone and I don't own a credit card.

  31. girl, it happens! i feel like i have no energy when i eat no meat. i'm still doing once a week meatless, but when it's that time i have to forgo my plans.
    thanks for reading and commenting on my blog daily. i just got caught up on yours. things have just been so bad lately around here, so i'm a little behind!

  32. @Pat...Nope, not saying a word!! I don't want to jinx my future. Come on now, it's not rude!! So far everything she told me 2 years ago has come true. I'm not going to start jinxing it now. lol

    @Anne...You don't own a television?!?!?!?!

  33. I used to be a veggie a long time ago and I'd like to be veggie again, but dude. I already don't have much more hair to spare!

  34. Sorry about your hair. It sucks that you have to start eating meat again. Did you lose weight when you stop eating meat.

  35. Where's the beef? In Jax's stomach! HAHAHA Don't deprive yourself for so long. Hmmm 7 truths! 1.perfectionist 2. dreamer 3. hate deadlines 4. ok, i can't think anymore hahaha its after midnight...the brain is on shutdown. lol Great post 4.giver haha

  36. When it comes to the hair *I know that feeling* bring it in now *I know that feeling* I know a bit about this subject so you're actually in luck.

  37. Hey, you finally got a new pet! Winston would make an awesome name! Oh, and your recent urge to move wouldn't have anything to do with New York celebrating their superbowl victory over NE would it?

  38. And this is exactly why I could never give up meat. I love it too much, sorry animals.

    Also, your name Jaclyn is a bit odd. The best way I can describe it is maroon with a bit of yellow. Like, sunflower yellow?

  39. @JOutlaw...Not at all!!! I've always to get out of here and see the world. Experience new things. Adventure!!!!

    Although, our loss didn't help! hahaha

  40. @DWeI...Maroon w/ a bit of yellow?! Well, yellow is my favorite color :) I'll take!!! lol

  41. Nose Spray is probably the best thing ever invented. Couldn't live without it.

  42. Love the turtle pic, he's is so cute. Bet he was picked on a lot in school. Poor turtle.

  43. Yes but how do you jinx it by saying it? If she truly is a psychic and saw it come to pass, then that means it happens and therefore saying it can't jinx it. Unless she was a fake and you took her words to be true and made it all happen because of you not her, then saying it still wouldn't jinx it, unless you believe it will jinx it, then by that you will jinx it and it won't come to pass. lol

  44. my friend used to have Nene specifically ask for her to wash her dog at the salon.
    talk about pressure!
    said she was a sweetie though


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