Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shellac & Placenta

Today I want to talk about two things that are high priority for us ladies.
Sorry dudes!  I'll talk about your priorities next time....
This post is all about hair & nails.

Raise your hand if you go for a manicure every week.
Every stinking week you have to sit in that uncomfortable chair with your arms held out while someone else pokes and pulls at your cuticles.
Contrary to male beliefs:  We love the result but dislike hate the process.
After spending 15 minutes making the ridiculously difficult decision of which color to don for a whole week, the polish chips after an hour.
The manicure lasts a whole whopping hour.
I tear up every time it chips.  My OCD hates it!

I've recently discovered that there is a such thing as a UV manicure.
It's a little more expensive and it takes a little longer to do, but it lasts longer.
My nails are dressed up with a pretty color that stays chip free for 2 whole weeks.
I even went 3 weeks one time and they still looked great!

I tried OPI, Gellaxy, and Shellac UV manicures before.
Shellac, to me, was the best brand.
They had the best color selection, longest wear time, and reportedly the healthiest formula.
Supposedly, the OPI gel polish contributed to some sort of nerve damage.

How do you take care of your nails?

Raise your hand if you hair is over processed from heat styling, hair straightening, and alcohol based products.
I know mine is thin, dry, and very unhealthy!

After dyeing my hair red for the 3rd time in one month, my hair got so thin it was like paper.
I freaked out and ran to my hair dresser savior.
Her name is Gail.
She ran her fingers through my hair.
She poked my scalp.
& she trimmed the ends.
Then she gave her diagnosis.
My hair was over processed and the only way to get my hair back to it's regular, healthy state was to sleep over night with a placenta mask.
Bleh, gag, barf!  I know...that was my reaction too.

I sat home and thought about it.
Rubbing animal placenta throughout my head was a small price to pay for healthy hair.
I grabbed Peaches and ran to the beauty supply store.
That night I fought through the gags and massaged the product throughout my head.
I then put on a shower cap, laid down a towel, and went to sleep.
It took a while to fall asleep thinking about the nastiness seeping into my hair follicles!

The next morning I woke up with the most beautiful, shiny, thick head of hair that I've in months!
From this point forward I'll keep up with my trims, stop with the dyeing, and use placenta regularly.
You're welcome, hair!

What do you use to keep your hair healthy?


  1. I use aquage. its the shiiiz. Shellac is suppose to rock.

  2. Okay you just sent a shiver up my spine. I'm sitting here trying not to girlie stuff I can deal with, but placenta in your hair...ewwww is all I can say. That surely causes my ocd dismay. Where's rumpology when you need it..LMAO

    Those poor lambs, oh this just didn't make my day, I need to go watch that walmart crack video again...hahahaha

  3. @Pat...How did you know is was LAMB placenta??? You so googled it, didn't you!? hahaha

    No worries, it skeeves me too, but wouldn't you rather me have healthy hair??? Unless my rump says that my hair will do a natural turn around, then placenta it is! I even started to get used to the smell. LOL

    LMAO How catchy is that Walmart video? That song is going to be stuck in my head again. Maybe I should watch the Cebu video and replace it with that! hahaha

  4. I usually just to olive oil treatments on my hair along with a warsh (hahaha) and shampoo.

    And I have to thank the nail gods, because I have healthy, strong and beautiful nails. No manicures necessary for me. They're long and pretty and hardly ever break unless I chip my desk (which I do at least once a week)

  5. i am so bad about doing my nails for this exact reason. i swear i can make it maybe an hour and then bash one into an edge or something and then it's just ruined.

  6. I'm so not a real girl. I mean, yeah, I have the body and have two children, so the plumbing must be right, but I won't go to the hair dresser or nail salon. Of course, when you have naturally long wavy, thick, lucious hair and nails that grow quickly and are as hard as a rock, you don't need such things. Lol

  7. And this animal placenta comes in a bottle? How much is it?! I'd love for my hair to be healthier. Is it gross? Like really gross?!

  8. Jax, I need to try BOTH of these products girl! HAHAHA I didn't know about Shellac UV polish. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. oooooh, im going to try shellac now! im convinced, ive only heard too many good things. b/c seriously, going EVERY WEEK to get a manicure sucks!! and oooooh!!!! gail i am sold on gail [yes i do OOOOOHHH when i like something lol]

  10. @DumbMom...A shot of it is about $1.50. Since I was just trying it out, I only bought two shots. Each shot is good for enough one use.

    They do sell larger bottles. I'll give let you know how much that is when I get it. :)

  11. Nothing quite that drastic, but perhaps I need to!

  12. LOL yep the power of google, still cringing here, ewwww.

    I suppose I'd rather have you have healthy hair than have a wig that sits on a desk for all the Japanese to see or just be smells too, bah now I'm really in ocd fit mode. God, the things people come up with. Who would think of putting lamb placenta in their hair? Gag, barf and whatever else..hahaha...I need to find you the best rumpologist so they can tell you it will all be fine...LMAO.

    Yeah the walmart video is really catchy, I played it a couple times. Cebu isn't bad either, and either one would get you weird looks, so whatever works best..haha

  13. I finally stopped painting my nails 'cause it got too much with the chipping. And I refuse to pay someone else to cut and paint my nails. I used to once a month but I don't anymore. I just keep them nice and short.

    My hair I use cheap shampoo and conditioner, but spendy after products. My hair is way thick so I have to use really good shine serum or moroccan oil products. Sometimes I even use pomade. But I have to be careful or my hair will look greasy. I hate the greasy look. But I'm addicted to shiny.

  14. @Pat...You forget the "bleh". It goes "Bleh, gag, barf!" And it has to be in that order. LOL

    Omg, that WIG!! I still have nightmares of that thing. It would stare me down!

    It doesn't just stink, it STANKS! Omg, it's awful. But it works so I'm happy :)

    I think you need to get your rump read first just to test it out. Then make sure to tell me all about it so I can crack up! lol

    I don't think I'd get weird looks about the Walmart video. That's accepted here. The cebu, that's another story. Peaches calls me up and says "do the sad one" and I sing "boo hoo moo moo, boo hoo moo moo." But as far as the Japanese know, it's english! LOL

  15. LOL see you've got me so flustered I can't even get the order right...hahaha

    That smelly? You're making me cringe even more. I guess whatever works, but still oh so nasty...haha

    LOL I'd do it without a second thought, a rump reading would make for a good blog post if anything..hahaha

    They accept the cracks but get confused by the cebu? hahaha I guess works to your advantage.

  16. yeah i think its the last plant shut down before the Cadillac's start pumping out in full force. and in in bodily health care, just water and soap and healthy eating. and beer...

  17. @Pat...Oh you have me smiling ear to ear right now!!! I love that I finally got some pay back ;) hahahaha It is smelly. I could REALLY make you twitch and tell you what it looks like. How about that?

    Please do it. Please. You can mail her a picture. LMAO I'll go half and half with you just so I can read her rump report. hahahahaha

  18. Thank you! This post made me so happy to be a guy!

  19. That sounds so disgusting but if it works - hey!!! Where does one acquire animal placenta?

  20. Well it smells and comes from a lamb, so what does it look like? Something that goes down the loo? karma caught up to me, had to come back around sometime...hahaha

    How the heck would I even go about taking a picture. The angle and everything..oh god, just thinking about knew you could mail a pic though..hmmmm

  21. @Michelle...They sell it at the beauty supply store :)

  22. @Pat...Not it all. It has a completely original look. It's a clear yellow liquid with chunky whiteness floating around the bottom. You need to shake before you apply. Twitching again?

    LOL Yes, you can mail a picture. Just ask someone to take it for you. Bend down and SNAP. Just pick your favorite Crack to take the snapshot. hahahaha

  23. I didn't raise my hand at any point during this post.

    I guess that is a good thing.

  24. I think I just threw up in my is just so nasty. Definitely deserving of a twitch or ten..haha

    For $600 bucks one would have to be crazy or just rich. I may be crazy but not that crazy...haha

  25. Huh, well that's something new I've learned today... I always thought getting a manicure was comfortable, since they always look so relaxed sitting in those chairs. Weird.

  26. all the placenta and hair talk at Pat's is making sense!

    I do my own nails...don't usually wear polish but I do a little routine on them every morning...cuticles, buffing and shaping. And I take Biotin. Really good for your hair and nails.

    I don't usually put any heating products on my hair...maybe only a couple of times a week do I curl it. It does keep it healthier. Placenta? Well, at least it made your hair beautiful! ha.

    I learned my lessons years ago about my hair...I got a perm while my hair was dry and damaged. It ruined it! I went back to my original hair girl and she cut a lot of it couldn't be saved...and gave me a special conditioner to put on it. I wonder if it was placenta and I didn't know it? hahaha. Anyway, never again...I learned my lesson and just go with what my hair wants to do naturally. It looks best that way and it's easy.

    If you wear that cow-milking dress, nobody will be looking at your nails and hair anyway. lol.

  27. @Betsey...Yes, the placenta deffinately rubbed Pat the wrong way. hahaha

    I take biotin as well. I don't see much of a difference with it, but I pop it every morning. lol

    The special conditioner probably did hair placenta in it! According to Gail (my hair dresser), every time she dyes someones hair, she conditions them with placenta and cholesterol. It's supposed to be great!

    The theory is gross, but it works so well that I don't think I could ever give it up! In fact, I think I will upgrade from the one time use shots to a giant bottle of it. lol!!

    LOL @ the cow milking dress! Please, don't give Peaches any more reason to shove me in a dress like that again. It would make her way too happy! hahaha

  28. Does anyone remember the song, "I enjoy being a girl" from Flower Drum Song? Naw, I guess that's too long ago, girls should enjoy being a girl.

  29. As a treat for my last birthday, I had false nails put on. They looked great and lasted for 3 weeks. But when I removed them, my nails were weak and brittle. It took ages for them to grow and get strong again. That experience put me off.

    If I do go back, it will only be for a manicure.

  30. I like to change up my shampoo every month..and every now and again I do a conditioning treatment.

  31. Oh that dress crack was good....hahaha big props to Betsy on that one.

  32. I'm a man and I like when a woman wants to do my nails. The cuticle pushing is actually cool feeling to me.

    I use Paul's Magic Touch from Hawaii on my hair and it stays so silky and smooth.

  33. Nice sharing..:) Very useful!:) Thanks jax..:)

  34. Placenta in your hair?! Wow, that is a new one. I might go ahead and shave it first (I know, I'm dramatic)

  35. I did shellac once but it took forever to get it off! I don't manicure often because I ruin a normal manicure in a day from all my hand washing.

    I love pedis though!

  36. haha, what girls do for the price of beauty. i'm glad it worked out for you, and your hair is thick and shiny! :) i would've never thought to try using placenta, lol. :)

    sadly, i have a poor hairecare regimen. that is why i always tie it in a bun.... i need to do something, lol!

    jax, hope you have a lovely wednesday!


  37. I tried that placenta mask and it didn't do anything for me. Humph. But I've got plenty of other stuff that works.
    And I've done the gel nails too! I've got a review coming up once the stuff starts chipping off.

  38. wow manicures chip-free for 2 weeks? score! i haven´t got a mani in like 2 months. my poor cuticles are screaming out for attention. manis are way more expensive here than at home or at Panama where I spent almost 6 months before coming here. i could get a mani-pedi for US 15 down there. can u believe it? my wallet was all smiles. i DO have to come to terms with myself and schedule one soon.

    as to the hair... i´m in complete despair! i dyed it a few weeks ago but it´s kind of like an orange shade rather than the brunette-red i was going for. i´m seriously thinking about going back to just plain brunette and stop asking questions when i look at myself in the mirror. i´ve always had thin hair... but i could try the p-mask (sorry but i can´t type the actual word.. it gives me the creeps... lol!). did it add shine to your hair? i need some of that!

    XO amiga!
    :) Jannine

  39. I wonder what she would say about my hair!

    Also, I do not go get manicures done for that very reason. Every time it chips I feel like I've wasted SO much money.


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