Friday, February 3, 2012

Part Dos!

It's Friday!!!  You know what that means!!  I get to share two really sexy pictures with you guys.  Introducing your weekly dose of the lovely Ian Somerhalder and Chris Zykla.  Are you high yet?  I've been since last night.  Yum!!

You're welcome ladies!!!
About a month ago I made a post listing a bunch of things that a man should never say.  They were words that will instantly turn any girl off permanently.  You can read that post here.  

I want you to picture the manliest guy that you could think of.  Got it?  Good!  Now I want you to picture them slowly walking towards you.  They give you that half smirk that says "I've got something good to say".   He looks up and does your worst fear.  He does that thing!  What thing you ask?  You know.. that thing that makes you cringe and giggle at the same time.  We all have a thing or things that we don't ever want to see come from a man.  The sight of those actions coming from that sexy he-man demolish any fantasy living in the mind of a woman.

I don't know what beast came to your head, but when I think manly man, the first guy that comes to my mind is Gerard Butler.  Maybe it's the sexy scruff, hot attitude, and the rippling abs...  Either way, I want you to picture the sexy Gerard Butler doing as follows.

Yum ;)

Gerard, when in public please refrain from...

...dabbing the sides of your mouth with a napkin...
Men don't dab.  They WIPE.

...punch a cement wall...
It's not manly.  It's dumb, Mr. Butler.  You will break your hand.  I've seen it happen.

...screech uncontrollably over Twilight...
For the Love of God, I'VE never even seen this movie!!

...making out with your straw...
Why would anyone even think that would be hot? Why?!

...burst into random Celine Dion ballads...
Your heart may go on, Gerard, but mine just stopped.  Sigh...

...bend and snap...
Thanks for rescuing my fallen hankie, but couldn't you squat??  Or even just skip the "snap"???

...cry over a lifetime movie...
For the love of God, you're an actor!!  Can't you tell the acting sucks?!  Man up.

There's a reason why you weren't casted in Hairspray, Gerard...

...paint your nails...
My old manager used to get his toe nails painted so he could flirt with the hot Asian in the salon.  #NoExcuses

...burst into hysterics because someone called you a meat sack...
Come on Butler!  Stop blubbering and go 300 on his ass!!!

Other than the typical cocky, player, controlling, lying habits that will turn any woman off, these are sure to do the job.  We can make excuses for the usual turn offs, but these things are automatic deal breakers. Gerard's not cocky.  He's just confident.  It was the corner of the mouth dab that made me realize he wasn't right for me!!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

What silly thing automatically turns you off about someone?



  1. Cocky guys turn me off. There is such a fine line between confident and cocky and if a guy is obviously full of himself I don't care how great he is, I'm turned off.

  2. I dont like it when boys check themselves out too much (like in every reflective surface they pass). CMON, get over yourself pal.

  3. gerard butler can be so sexy and then can be so not. it's kind of strange.

  4. damn yo, it is friday already. first guy looks gay. 2nd guy looks like my buddy mikey and 3rd guy looks like a cool normal guy. MADNESS!?!?!

  5. @Bart...tell me more about your buddy Mikey....LOL!!

  6. Yipeee I'm 100% free of all those things. Crap! I just said yipee, that has to be a turn off right? I meant to do it though, so I only lose half points?

    That punching a wall thing I have to agree with too. I had a roomate the idiot would punch the wall if someone looked at him funny. Real anger issues, another reason roomates suck!

  7. Bend and snap?! Have you actually seen someone do this? My gays don't even do that shit. Someone is watching too much Legally Blonde.

    I don't like when men take a long time to get ready. They should be able to throw some water on their hair, put on some pants and a shirt, and be ready to go. If a man takes longer to get ready than breaker.

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  9. @Pat...Yippeee??? I have to add that my list for part tres! For some reason, I can only picture someone yelping that in a high pitched, squeaky voice. Butler won't be happy w/ that!!

    You lose FULL points since I'm keeping track now. The cat was awful at it!! haha

    ok, random outburst time...
    I just asked all the manly men that I sit with at lunch to demonstrate different versions of the "face wipe w/ a napkin". I still have tears coming out of my eyes from laughing so hard!!

  10. @Sporkgasm....Yes, I've experienced ALL of these in real life. The bend and snap thing used to be done by a VERY masculine guido. I used to lose it every time. hahaha

  11. 'This is Sparta' Love 300 & Like me a bit of Mr Butler too, I will be having a very nice weekend now thanks to you huni, enjoy yours too :))

  12. haha... love how you wrote "yum" under g. butler. i must say he is pretty hot. :) now if i weren't married... lol!

    hope you have a wonderful wknd as well!


  13. Full points! How rude. My yippee isn't a high pitch though, just so you know.

    LOL you sure get those Japanese to do tons of stuff, now you can do a whole post on the face wipe.

  14. Lol funny post... btw mmm Ian ;)

    Hmm when a guy is using the mirror more than I is a turn off (my bf doesn't do that thank god)... oh and the fact that my boyfriend is a hand lotion freak is a bit meeh

    have a really nice weekend and thank you for all your lovely comments =D

  15. @Pat...Your Yippee had to be high pitched. There's no other way to say it. What's so "yippee" about a low pitched groan?

    These weren't the Japanese. These are the men that represent us overseas. The Phillipino I was telling you about, a Nigerian, an Ecuadorian, and two Chinese. We're an interesting crowd in this company. LOl!!

  16. +5 internet points for resisting the Twilight fandom!

  17. Wow now all you need to do it walk into a bar and you'd have a great start to a joke..haha

  18. Saying something really stupid or ignorant.

  19. Haha. I don't think I have any hard and fast dealbreakers.

    I go through the long and annoying process of getting to know someone.

  20. Looks like my curtsy and hand wave cuts the mustard.

    Being interrupted while speaking chills me when on a first date.

  21. Those pictures put a smile on my face.

    Something that annoys me is a man who makes stupid sexual jokes, as if I'd be so happy to be in bed with him. Sexual jokes with a buddy is one thing, but come on.

  22. Ah, men there are s many kinds... I absolutely cannot stand someone who lies to your face, big fat turn off!

    I hear you on the I hate Mondays thing girl! Hope all is rocking in your world!


  23. It seems more and more blokes are becoming obsessed with their this a good thing?

  24. those pictures are really temptating hehehehe... hope you're having a great weekend dear!!!! take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  25. Oh, nice pictures! Thank yooouuu, lady! ;)
    Farting guys (without being ashamed of it) are a real turn off for me. Sadly enough this includes my boyfriend :P



  26. wow tough chaps are tough i look like Mr Butler with the lights off.

  27. Oh I know what you mean about the napkin dabbing. Very pretentious. I also agree with you - it doesn't matter how hot a guy is, when he does something to creep you out, there's no going back!

  28. Great post!

    I hate know it all and smart mouth guys. Before you can even get to know them they already said something stupid.

  29. Uncontrolled egotism. Can't stand it!

  30. LOL, Jax! These are all good ones. I cannot deal with flakiness or a guy that spends more time getting ready that I do:)


  31. haha! if a guy is bending and snapping...RUN!!!! LOL

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