Friday, February 24, 2012

Mucho Gusto!

Yesterday after class I was browsing through
We all know how Jax loves some Glamour!
I saw an article about a girl that wasn't sure if her friend was a "true" friend.
Glamour responded by telling her to try and meet new people.
Ok, it can never hurt to meet new people.
New people means new experiences and a new adventure.
Count me in!

There was just one problem.
Glamour never told us how to meet new people.
There's no "next" button to hit when you want to make a new friend.
Well, lucky for Glamour, Jax is here to pick up the pieces!!!

1.  Work.
I've made plenty of friends through work.  Not just my co-workers, but other people in the building too.  Start yapping with people and you'll be surprised the relationships you can form!

2.  Class.
Take a class!  It doesn't have to be a college course.  It can simply be a yoga class or something done in your public library.  Either way, learn something and meet people!

3.  Gym.
Personally, I've never met anyone in a gym, but I've seen plenty of other people form friendships that way.  Maybe if I didn't go to the gym with someone already I would have better luck...

4.  Dry Cleaners.
You can always lurk around your local dry cleaners on the weekend.  I've met dozens of people that way.  I've gotten a few dates and a couple of professional contacts this way.   Ok, maybe this only works if your father is the owner...

5.  References.
Put the word out that you're trying to meet new people.  You'll be surprised who your real family and friends will introduce you to!  Hopefully it's a good surprise and not your friend trying to get a creeper off his/her back!  Kidding...

6.  Train.
Peaches and I think this one is a brilliant idea!  Just hop on the train and ride it back and forth.  You meet a lot of people that way!  Trust me, it works!!

7.  Dance Lessons.
Sign up for some dance lessons.  Then cross your fingers for a sexy, Ricky Martin look alike as your salsa partner.  Ole!!

8.  Vacation.
Peaches and I use  Go on a mini-vacation using a group tour.  You're bound to bond with all new people that way.  And who knows?  Maybe you'll even find a hot, long distance love affair!!  My girlfriend did!

9.  Fender Bender.
Who says getting rear ended doesn't have any positive repercussions???  I got rear ended at a red light once and made a decent buddy out of it.  Ok, so he was really a psycho that later admitted to crashing into me on purpose.  Don't do this one.  It's an awful idea!

10.  Regular.
Become a regular customer at a place.  Then go there the same time on the same day of the week.  I go to Starbucks every Saturday around 3 to do some studying.  It's crazy how people open up to you when you become a familiar face!

How do you meet new people?
Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!!


  1. what...have no clue what is. however new ppl = more sex amirite?

  2. Hi Jax, nice sharing..:) This is cool! Love it! Here at blogging I met a lot of friends through visiting their sites,blog and there it all started..:) Sharing thoughts is one way to meet new friends..:)

    Thank you Jax for visiting and dropping comment with my blog! :)

  3. This is such great advice, I am gonna bookmark this post and come back to it when I have enough of my mojo back (did I ever have "mojo" to begin with??) to try some of these suggestions. Some recent advice I read on this topic, went something like this, now I am paraphrasing: "Concentrate on doing what you love, and you will meet someone...blah blah blah" Does anyone know if that actually works?? Well, I am hoping it does... it seems like a lot less work than your top 10 list here. But honestly, your suggestions seem much more realistic.

  4. new people and maeeting new friends is always good.. for me i don't have enough way to do so.. i'm always at home gggrrrr so the only way for me is thru blogging :)

  5. He hit you on purpose!? holy intense stalking.

  6. I blog! Lol

    Last night met a lot of new people at my Uncle's funeral, but that's a bit depressing.

  7. Its kinda hard to meet new friends when you get older. ha I think at least

  8. These are all great ways to meet new people. I may try a couple of them, although bending a fender with my bicycle is going to be a little tough.

  9. @Bart...typical! LOL Well, I supposed it depends on the the types of friends you make. hahaha

    @Jimmy...Isn't that similar to the Laws of Attraction? I'm not sure if it actually works, but you can't lose concentrating on things you love. Whether you meet new people or not, at the end of the day you did something that you really enjoyed! I like your plan too ;) haha

    @Miranda...I met a guy at a wake once. That didn't turn out too hot. hahaha I'd stay away from the funeral lurkers. Didn't you ever see the end of Wedding Crashers? I'm sry to hear about your uncle!

    @Shock...The fender bender ended up being an awful idea. LOL Please don't do that with your bike. You might get seriously injured and then I'll get a call from your lawyer with a court date! hahaha I think you should stick to sitting at Starbucks. :)

  10. I used to meet tons of people through school; now I meet most of my new friends through work, but that can also be tricky!

  11. Fender Bender...hahahaha may I suggest if you are going to do that to do it with grocery carts, a lot less paperwork involved.

    No trains here, out of luck. No dry cleaners that would let me do that, screwed. References are scary! Never again. Vacation, there's an idea be nice to do it. Work pffft, errr, ummm, NO! Class, not sure what would work for my little rhyming you know. Gym, I workout at home. Dance lessons hahaha would prob kill a few toes. Regular hmmm I could make a crack there but I won't. Oops the crack is out of the bag. All cracked up and no place to go. I'm a regular at walmart that count?..hahaha

    You forgot blogging, that seems to work well too. Unless you want those real live ones that you have to actually open your mouth and talk too, but who wants that?

  12. I met someone that turned out to be my best friend at a bus stop. After getting to know her, I introduced her to one of my male friends. They got married, had two lovely boys and are still happy together.

    I’ve also met friends at college, university; work, in church and just walking on the street. I love meeting new people, because they all bring new experiences and knowledge with them.

    Have a lovely weekend.:-)

  13. I honestly meet new people on accident. I already have so many awesome friends I don't want any more. But then I'll go somewhere and BLAM, new friend. It's kind of weird.

  14. just hop on the train and ride back and forth, most of your tacktics will probably work but its a bit desperate isnt it ?

  15. @Pat...With grocery carts???? hahaha Then I can't play it off as an accident.

    You don't know what class? I thought you were going to teach a texting school and spread the word about "DD". hahaha

    Pat and The Cracks are a regular at Walmart!! LOL. You walk in & everyone turns around and whispers. The door man politely says hello and nods to each of The Cracks while relaying a message over the loudspeaker. "Pat and The Cracks are here!!!". hahahahaha Idk y that is so funny, but I see it all in my head. Get the cracks out of my head!!!

    and blogging is a give in! I met so many people on here. What do you mean who wants to open there mouth and talk??? You don't call me a blabber mouth for nothing! LOL!!! (But a jus a lil bit of a blabber mouth...)

  16. @Spork...That's because you have an amazing engery that people are attracted to! :)

  17. This is a great list, Jax. :-)

    It should seem kind of obvious, but to someone like me who suffers from the shys, it's not.

    Thanks for this!

  18. Wait how did Glamour get to that point if the girl wasn't sure if her friend was a true friend. Wouldn't the answer be a way to test your friends "friendness" and not just make a new friend?

    But then what do I know. I've only made friends in school and at work... though rear ending a girl's car does sound like a good way to pick up woman!

  19. People are always curious about my St Bernard. So many come and talk to me just to pet him. Also if I see something(no pun intended) in someones yard that is interesting or if they have a pretty necklace on or I like there hair I just say so.. Lots of times that opens people up to talking.. It's really easier than it sounds. It baffles my husband how many people just start talking to me out of no where. lol he lived in a house 5 years before he married me and knew no one. I lived there 3 months and knew everyone.

  20. Oh you can play it off as an accident quite well. Just casually look the other way and then oopsy, I'm so clutsy. Then go from there. Can you tell I did it before?

    hahaha not sure the texting class would work, as I'd have to talk in text. IDK and SS DD might not make for great conversation. Then again people coming up with what they mean would be fun.

    Well the doorman always says hello, I think that's his job cracs just keep on coming.

    Yeah just like blogging in a given. So is your little blabber

  21. @Beserc...It's Glamour! They always go to the extreme. If you think that's bad, you should check out Cosmo. It'll blow your mind!! haha

  22. @Pat...You've done that before?!?! How did it work out? Come on, share the juice! We won't tell :)

    No, the doorman does not have to say hello. You should be friendly and strike up a conversation with him. Who knows, maybe he can point upi in the right direction towards the best cracks! LOL

    I'm not a blabbermouth! :( You're just still pissy about the boy code. Sigh...

  23. hahaha oh yes I've done it before a few times. I think it's magentic that all I find is the crazies, which monday's post will attest too. It works well though, as long as you aren't blatant about it. Beats "How about those frosted flakes."

    LOL I'm sure he has the lowdown on the whole store, maybe I should hire him to scope out the talent. The best buy guy always greets me too, maybe he's trying to get in on the action.

    Blabbermouth just has such a nice ring to it, plus you brought it

  24. You yap? I would have never guessed! lol. :)

    The train idea reminded me of a guy that was looking for a wife on a cruise I was on. My girlfriend and I took several cruises together over the years to have a vacation away from the spouses and the 7 kids between us. This guy, even though I told him I was married and showed him my wedding band, still said he was interested in me and gave me his business card. Said he was looking for a wife. lol. He was traveling alone. He kept showing up where ever I was. Oh dear. We still laugh about it til this day.

    So yeah, people use travel to meet people. hahaha.

  25. @Betsy...
    Psh, I'm so not a yapper. What are you talking about??? lol

    so you had a traveling creeper???? Oh boy!!! That's awful! Did you tell your husband about him? That may be a great excuse for your hubby to take you on a cruise! To meet the guy and claim his territory. :)

  26. Oh yeah, I brought the business card home. His name was Ned. lol.

  27. and yeah, he couldn't believe a guy proposed to me ...and said the offer still stood even after I got home...and to call him. lol SO weird, huh? can meet NICE people being out and about, too...and I think you have some great suggestions here!

  28. I am very obsessed with my friends, and one of the reasons is because they love to meet new people! We are always meeting new friends and combining the different little tribes. I love it!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment


  29. You really do make the best lists in the world. This is the kind of stuff I should be reading than the usual balloon juice that Glamour sells every month.

  30. @Betsy...So you have that energy too? The kind of energy where all the creepsters just flock to you! hahaha Aww, poor Ned!

  31. You, too??? It's some kind of curse, isn't it? Had one in the grocery store today! Geesh! hahahaha.

  32. Yes, me too! I got barked at today. BARKED at. I did have Girl Scout Cookies in my hand. Maybe he wanted a treat. LOL!! Either way, my guy friend heard and it started an altercation. Creepy men are EVERYWHERE.

    But yes, it's a curse. Did you get any creepy ladies? That's happened to me as well.

    P.S. Creepers while food shopping are the worst. You should have an escort when you venture into a grocery store.

  33. Barked? Eew.

    Only one woman ever. I think that was the creepiest of all! hahaha.

    At least at the grocery you can use your cart as a weapon if necessary. lol. But I don't like it when they are following you...even when you skip aisles to get rid of them. If they start asking you stuff and make small talk, that's the worst. ha.

    ok...I'm getting the eebie jeebies! haha.

  34. Blogging is my favorite way to meet new people!

  35. I am actually not good at meeting people because im so shy. I do go to the gym but thats my "free" time to unload everything from a stressful day...
    Some people may think its sad but online is the best way for me =D

  36. @Betsy...Only one woman ever? That's not too bad! I've had a bunch. Well, I join my gay friend at the gay bars once in a while so I guess I'm asking for it. hahaha

    The CREEPIEST is the straight man hanging out at the gay bar to hit on the gay men's straight friends. Once they find you, they follow you everywhere all night long. Then you walk outside and they're on the Italian Sausage cart line whistling at you. I'd rather have the barking!! hahaha

    Ok...Maybe I do like to yap... hahaha

  37. Okay, I had to laugh when I saw #9. You never know when you're going to crash into your next new BFF!

  38. Nice tips! I think in a lot of cases I'd be too scared to actually go and try and start up a conversation in some of these cases simply because I'd end up coming across as a creepy stalker dude (but never the kind taht rear ends people)

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  40. Online, I meet new people by reading their blogs.

    In real life, I meet new people by reading their shirts -- getting really close and squinting at their chests.

  41. You put up drycleaners and that's a new one. That made me think of laundromats in the old days. I met girlfriends whilst doing laundry in the past.

  42. School pretty much decides who my friends.

  43. Wow you two have had some real creepers indeed! I had a man once, I was 19 and he was like 60, he was drunk too, very very very disturbing.

  44. School, and when that ended... the internet and through other friends.

  45. I didn't know that about dry cleaners

  46. Never thought of hanging around the dry cleaner neat idea though!

  47. Hmm... I never knew that about dry cleaners...

  48. i'm so shy, i never meet anyone running errands. it's always the friend-of-a-friend

  49. @Pat...Please share!!!! I need to hear this story. LOL

  50. Online for me. I find a lot of new people that way.

  51. Honestly, blogging has been such a fantastic outlet for me to meet new friends - I am so grateful for it!

  52. I see a lot of guys at the gym trying to 'strike up' friendships...normally with hot 20 something girls in the hot tub. It rarely ends well.

  53. What nice Jax, mmm lots to share and talk (lol) maybe one day!!

  54. great tips. Though honestly, the gym one isn't for me. that is a place that I'm super introverted in. I just don't want to talk to anyone. I just want to go in, focus, get my workout in and leave. I just switched Gym locations with my move and the one I go to now is like EVERYONE I know... ugh. I like them, but I just like my 'me' time while I work out if that makes sense.

    Great idea on the Fender Bender advice, hahaah. He sounds like a gem...

    and yes about being a regular, that is so true.

  55. I should try that Starbucks one. HAHA These are excellent suggestions girl! Love it! You need your own magazine or editorial.

  56. I've met so many new people through all of my daughters' sports programs. They have all been great and I enjoy their kids too.

  57. oh i really love this post!! didnt know you could meet some poeple in all these ways.. thats really interesting and nice to know. thank you so much for sharing :)

  58. I don't meet people at the gym because it's full of meatheads, mine is anyway. I did meet someone at a circus last week, and got her email, but lost it. We all want to connect to others, isn't that the reason for the success of all these social networking sites?.

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