Friday, February 10, 2012

May I have a few words, please!

Before I begin my regular post, my friend needs your help!  My friend requested that I post a picture of his plant to see if anyone can identify the species.  ...and to tell him how to keep it alive!!  Apparently he spent a whopping 40 bucks on this weed plant and is upset that it's dyeing.

He sent me this lovely picture message with his request yesterday!  Notice how the stem is sadly drooping...

Now I can begin with my Friday posting.  Yesterday two lovely people tagged me in a fun post where I get to answer all sorts of questions that they listed!  Is it weird that their questions are making me feel important right now?  Ahem!  Be nice...  Without further adieu, here are my answers!!

The questions were asked by Miranda from Miranda's Blog.

1.  If you could travel back in time what period would you most like to see?

Nothing too prehistoric.  I have enough problems without having to worry about dinosaurs...  I'm going to say the 50s.  Why?  Because I really like the move Grease...

2.  What is your favorite tree?

I don't know many trees.  It would be between a Willow tree and a Japanese Maple tree?  Growing up I felt the need to point out every Cedar tree that I ever passed by.  I thought it was so cool how their trunks looked like an army uniform!

3.  Do you prefer a sandy beach or a cabin in the mountains?

I love to relax on the beach and soak in all the sun rays.  There's just one problem.  I hate sand.  So, I guess if it's for a vacation then I'm going with the beach.  If it's to live, then the cabin in the woods sounds nice!

4.  Which celebrity do you most resemble and why?

When I had my spinal surgery one of the transporters kept asking me the same question.  "Are you that girl from that movie?"  Since I was clearly high on morphine, I responded with a droned out "yeaa".  My dad still laughs because I even scribbled gibberish on a piece of paper for the guy.  I have no idea who the transporter thought I was or what movie he was referring to.  You think TheViking would've stopped laughing and ask the guy who's autograph he thinks he got!!  Sigh...  To answer the question, I have no idea.  You tell me!

5.  Fill in the blank, I would never ________.
skydive.  ever...

6.  Coffee or tea?

In the morning, coffee!  In the afternoon, tea!  Everyday at 3 I make a strange concoction of black tea, green tea, and some honey.  Delicious and very healthy!

7.  A date with Brad Pitt or jumping out a plane? neither an option?  I can't stand Brad Pitt, but I just said I would never jump out of a plane.  I guess I would go on the date just so I could stay on the damn ground!!

8.  If you could donate $1,000,000 to any charity what would it be?

I would donate it to the Save the Animals campaign.  I tear up every time I see one of those sad, abused, and neglected pets.

9.  What is a place that you've never been, but would like to visit?

Italy!! No, Paris!!  No, Brazil!!!  Don't ask me to pick one, I want to see the entire world!

10.  What is your favorite sweet?

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie!!!!

11.  Who do you admire most (dead or alive)?

My grandmother.  She single handedly keeps my family together.  That's not an easy task!!  She's got 3 generations she has to keep after, a couple very ill children, and grandchildren that she raised like her own.  I pray for 1/3 of the strength Nanny has. 

These questions were asked by Zap McBlowfist from Pop & Gun Reviews.

1.  It's Xmas time, who would you most like to have round for Christmas Dinner?

My family!!  If I had to pick one person it would be either my brother or my Godson.  

2.  What is your favourite day?

Saturdays!  You can stay up all night because you still have Sunday to look forward to.

3.  If you could steal and idea and have it as your own and get away with it, would you?

No.  I have a very guilty conscience!!  

4.  When cornered with 15 Gypsys how would you escape?  Fight your way through or charm them with a dance?

I don't fight, so I guess I'm charm dancing!  Does anyone know the steps to an actual charm dance?  Now I'm nervous that this may actually happen...

5.  Do you love guns or pop music more?

I'm not a huge fan of guns, but I do love some pop music.  Britney Spears has been my girl crush for life!!

6.  When was the last time you nearly or actually got caught having a play with yourself?

...I play isketch with myself all the time...I never get caught because I live alone.  Thank God, because I'm an awful artist!!

7.  Describe your most passionate encounter with a delicious scone or cake.

Ok, don't give me a weird look, but what is a scone?!  Give me a slice of fresh cascada cake, and I get real passionate.  I down that thing slowly, and carefully licking each and every little bit of canoli cream off of the fork.  Yum!!!!

8.  Do you have spare money for me?

No, sorry!!!  I have a lot of shopping that needs to get done...

9.  Would you stop a fight in street?

It depends on how serious of a fight it is and how badly someone is getting hurt.  The only times I got punched were from breaking up friend's fights...  I'm that person that would feel guilty not being hurt while watching someone else get beat on.  If it's two people equally responsible for the brawl, then no.  I'll let them fight their own battles.

10.  If you could change the color of your wee as it came out would you?

Absolutely not!!  I need to know that I'm healthy, not that I could tinkle the rainbow.  Sigh...

11.  I love you, do you love me?

Psh...I love all my readers, including all of you!!!!  

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!



  1. These questions are making the rounds. I got mine at the end of December from Punk Chopsticks and they're still circulating!! I despise Brad Pitt too and I would jump out of a plane if I was trapped alone on one with him!

  2. That hospital story cracked me up. So funny.

    I'd jump out of the plane. Lol

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, you despise Brad Pitt, okay you are now up to 100% for that one..haha. I like Grease too, is that sad to admit? Bah I suppose it beats Pokemon, did I just say that? Damn!..haha

    But Britney Spears? If I didn't despise Pitt so much you might lose points again..haha Fun answers.

  4. Fun post! I love Ben and Jerry's too. I'm sorry I can't help your friend; I seem to have a brown thumb.

  5. I believe that plant is a type of fern commonly seen with wedding bouquets.

  6. I believe that plant is a type of fern commonly seen with wedding bouquets.

  7. I hope your readers will have an answer to your plant question--I just water and pray.

    Fun expose on your life Jax with the Q and A. You handled question #7 well. I can't imagine a scone being used for anything but an improtu game of baseball (scone = baseball).

  8. Girl, I took Botany and still don't know what that is. HAHAHA There's no sticker on the bottom of the pot? HAHAHA I love Grease! You know I dressed up as a pink lady this past Halloween. The 50's seem like a really fun time. They were discussing how Brad Pitt has aged lately. Must be Angelina! LOL Great questions and answers girl. Have an awesome weekend. Uggh, no football :(

  9. I think I split my side laughing at number 6. isketch. Good answer.

  10. That sure is a pretty plant.

    Anyway, I enjoyed this very much. I especially relate to never wanting to jump out of plane. Is that supposed to be fun? I don't think the possibility of going SPLAT on the ground sounds very fun to me.

    I also somewhat like Britney spears. I'm a slave being the more specific of the two.

  11. @Pat...100%??? Yesssss!! If I had a happy dance, id so rock it. Lol

    Wats wrong w/ Britt??? Sigh...

  12. words with friends. Next battle: isketch!!!! Lol

  13. I could send the zebra if you want to rock out with that's a bit of a nut case is all.

  14. Ohhh the Zebra!! I'll do the zebra happy dance with all the caboose shaking my readers want, IF you do the theme song. Wiggle Wiggle hahahaha

    and she's not a nut case! She just went through a little rough patch...

  15. +1 internet for growing marijuana at the work place :)

  16. how fun are these questions! have such a great weekend!

  17. Hmmm, the plant looks like a fern but I am not too sure. I don't have a green thumb so all plants under me die!

    Hope all is well my dear and have a great weekend!

  18. Brad Pitt...puke! He is just gross! I'm with you...give me Britney instead.
    Oh and how funny that you love the beach but hate the sand. I am the same way!! Drives my husband crazy ;-)
    Happy Weekend!

  19. LOL no wiggle wiggle happening my way. But I did get Tarsier man's them done, sounds so fun..haha

  20. Aww great post =D
    I know nothing about plants but it looks cute with that little troll or what it is lol

  21. tell him to take it to a plant depot or another plant store. if he cant do that he should buy fertilizer. If it is still dying after that, buy a rooting agent and use any live parts to make a new plant. if it really is a weed it should regrow no problem

  22. It's really cool that you still Isketch, though you believe you're horrible. Keep it up, and please make something and post it here.

  23. I really loved reading this... plus that plant probably needs a little light every now and again, I have no idea what it's called but have seen it a around... it does need watering regularly but not too much.

    Don't ditch it though, you can trim off the dead bit and add fertilizer etc like the above commenters have mentioned.

    Skydiving...girl you are so missing out, best experiences I've had ever. I helped someone overcome their fear of height by helping chuck them out of a plane at 15,000ft in New Zealand! Awesome!

  24. great blog!!! following you now...

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  25. lmfao i cant believe your an islander fan, i never even knew they existed :)

  26. That's such a nice looking plant! Hope your friend finds out soon.

  27. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's an Asparagus Plumosa Fern. Google the image and see if it's what you have!

  28. Me ha encantado conocer tu blog , si no te importa me quedo por aquí .
    Un Besazo .

  29. OMG did ni start a trend? and now the world is interviewing you! haha now you´ll be Little Miss Famous instead of fun (well, you can keep the fun too).
    i really enjoyed reading this, thought some of the questions were a little weird haha. btw i forgot to say i love Winston as a name for the waterbug! it reminds me of "Wilson" the volleyball that tom hanks has as a friend in Castaway. damn i developed feeling for Wilson! lol!!
    the good thing about this Q&A´s is that we get to know eachother better. and i think that´s nice! :)
    plain and simple.

    thanks for your lovely comment, i so want a clear umbrella! :)
    enjoy your wknD!

  30. hope you're having a great weekend my dear! this is nice post.. more things about you..
    when you'll come to italy you already know my address just give me a ring, our casa dolce casa is open for you :)

    xoxo, Haus of Gala

    ps. as for the plant.. i have no idea!

  31. interesting answers...I've no idea on the plant though...

  32. The species of that plant is xenophobius terrarius . This plant needs an abundant source of No2 to survive. One of the most readily available sources of this can be found in Comet cleaner. Just cover it in Comet for the next 5-7 days and it will be healthy in no time.

    Source: I'm a Doctor

  33. These sure are some fun questions! I like knowing unique things about people... Those list seven things awards can get old.

  34. @PrettyMeggy....Aww thank you so much girl! Now I can't wait to get to Italy so you can cook me some of those yummy thing you post :)

  35. Jax, until I forget!!! beauty pic of your avatar! nice!!!absolutely nice post dear!:)))

  36. No sunday funday? What is the blabbermouth out of gas?...LOL

  37. "He's dying! Is anyone in here a Botanist??" haha, hopefully that stupid joke made sense to you. But yes, I have no idea what kind of plant that is but I wish it well!

    That's funny you can't stand Brad Pitt.

    That is really funny you were just answering that you are the girl from the movie, hahah. I do want to know who she was referring to! I love a good doppelganger.

    I'm with you on the coffee and tea rotation.

  38. No idea what plant it is. Maybe he should go onto Reddit and ask there?

  39. you'd never go skydiving? Really? But it looks like so much fun and could be so fantastic!

  40. You are sooo hilariously awesome! I LOVE these answers. :)

    And as for the plant; I wish I could tell you what it is. I kill plants, though. Maybe I will keep just ONE alive by the time I die. That's a goal I've set for myself--seriously. :)


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