Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm Cute!!!!!

Guess what guys?!?!?!  I'm Cute!!!!  Well, at least my blog is...  How do I know that I am cute?  I won the "Cute Blog Award"!!  My friend Kim from one of my favorite blogs, A Very Sweet Blog, honored me with this award Friday.

The Cute Blog Award Questions

1.What is your go to make-up brands?
Foundation:  Clinque Stay True
Powder:  Neutrogena Bronzing Palette
Eyeliner:  New York Color
Eyeshadow:  New York Color
Lipstick:  I usually rock tinted moisturizers.  Currently I'm loving Nivea or Maybelline Baby Lips

 2.What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011? 
Is that a trend of 2011 or like 2009??? LOL!!  I have no fashion sense.  hahaha

3.What is your favorite dessert? 
Anything chocolate.

4. Favorite color? 

5. What is your middle name? 

6. What is the last song you listened to? 
Slowww Rideeee, Takeee it Easssyyyy
I so just sang that as I typed it.  Shh, don't tell! 

7. Cats or Dogs? 
I love my two little wiener pooches to bits!!!


For the past few months all that I've been hearing about was Pintrest.  I saw pictures of things people "pinned".  I've read blog entries circling around different ideas found from other people's "pins".  There was just one problem.  I had absolutely no idea what Pintrest was!  Am I supposed to feel old at 23?  Sigh...  I'm usually on top of the fads, but this time I was very far behind.

A week ago I made a promise to change that.  My web browser made it's way to  My mouse was ready to click away so I could get registered for my very own account.  That's when I saw it. What did I see???  Turns out Pintrest isn't just for anybody.  It's only for pin worthy people.  Before I could register for the website, I had to request an invitation.

For a whopping 4 days I sat of the edge of my seat waiting for the e-mail that would hold the invitation to this famous site.  For the love of God, what was taking so long!?  Was I not pretty enough?  Was I not smart enough?  Was I not COOL enough???  Talk about torture!!  Then, Sunday morning, I heard a familiar "ding".  I had an e-mail.  That e-mail was a personal invitation okaying my subscription begging me to join the site!!!  I made it!!  The sense of accomplishment and recognition I felt was overwhelming. 

I finally belong to Pintrest.
And just in case you want to follow the new cool kid on the block...

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  1. how fun! congrats on your cute award!

  2. Your Pinterest follow button on your post doesn't work. The one in your sidebar does. I had to go to Lord Google to find out what this is. And I think that may mean I'm not pinworthy, or maybe I'm just old (I'm telling you how old, but old). Your award is lovely and you and your page are both cute (and younger than me dammit).

  3. @Anne...No worries, I google EVERYTHING. And of course you're pin worthy. And if you're not, I'll delete my account and we can boycott together!!

  4. i saw an islanders fan last night, it was weird, cause it wasnt even at an islanders game. not even in the same country. he looked lost.

  5. Congratulations on the award and on getting on Pinterest! I hope you enjoy it. :)

  6. @Bart...LOL I told you that we exist... hahaha

  7. Congrats on your award. It's well deserved. :-)

    And now I'm following you on pinterest. Be careful. It's highly addictive.

  8. Dogs??? Pffft the cat makes you lose major points for that. 1 whole point to be exact. What? The cat has to take some offense to little weiner mutts..haha. Pintrest, saw it and have very little interest. Already on like 50 different things any more and I'll need to grow a set of wings.

  9. Can we be clear so I know where I stand? I lost one whole POINT or one whole percentage? If it's just a point, than I'm still beating you by about 1,046. If it's percentage, that makes me at 98%!!!!

    :( :( :( <-- Sad face x3!!!!!
    Sniff <-- AND a sniffle!!!

  10. Grats! Not only is your blog cute, but I love the name of it, and I haven't been following very long so I would love to understand the reasoning behind it.

  11. @aamedor...Thanks!! The meaning behind it is because I love Raviolis. It's also a link to the fact that I'm all Sicilian. The waterworks is because the crazies come to me. All they do is CRY. hahaha

    Love that you're following :)

  12. Congrats on the award! AND joining pinterest! It looks like quite the addiction.

  13. Very nice award, which I wholeheartedly agree with!

    I've been procrastinating on Pinterest. I've seen it make it's way around and I can't even keep up on Facebook and twitter. Lol

  14. Damn sad face stuff. well as long as I don't hear you bark or see you scratch your fleas. I guess it's okay if you like dogs better. But don't expect the cat to forget it..haha So it's 100% as it was a percent I meant.

  15. Congrats!

    And sequins did make a little comeback in 2011! ;)

    GM x

  16. I sent in a request to Pinterest. I see you've got your hot footballers pinned. I can already see how I'd use it. I found some great recipes on there and they have garden pics. I see a potential for addiction here!

  17. 100%!!! Wooo hoooo!! I learned the cats weakness ;)

    and I DON'T have fleas!!!

  18. @Anne...You did?? Great!! Don't get nervous if you don't get an invite right away. It'll happen :)

    Psh, football players were the first thing I pinned! hahaha

    Can't wait to see your pin boards!!

  19. Congratz on the award, you deserve it. Actually I'm kinda jealous. wondering why I didn't get one :(

  20. being a guy, don't think I'm welcome in the girls' club that is pinterest

  21. Congrats! You should've emailed me. I have invitations that no one wants. Tears.
    And my middle name is Michelle, too!
    Ok, no it isn't.
    But now we can pin things, yay!

  22. The cat just has to say that you have all your points back and more. working that many hours just sickens me at my shore.

  23. I love Maybelline Baby Lips! I went back to get more colors and the stores by me have sold out. Looks like a lot of people share our love for color that doesn't make your lips feel all nasty ;-)

  24. @Pat...Isn't it sickening? I hate it!! They want to work my poor little fingers and brain until they can't move no more. Then I have accounting lectures until 9. It's AWFUL!!

    How do people enjoy life like this? You can't! It just slips by!!

  25. Well if anyone deserves this award you do missy! I'm having a good eye day so decided to come visit. Thanks for sticking with me even though I can't come see you (no pun intended) as often as I'd like. BTW did you miss the part that I have a small horse in the house not a puppy lol

  26. Jax you are super cute girl in every aspect! That's why I gave you the award. LMFAO about Pinterest!!! When I first joined, I was like WTF??? But they approved it by that evening. I can only imagine waiting 4 days. Like you need a license to pin or something. It's crazy! Well, you're IN. I created one for my blog, I'll be sharing it soon. Enjoy girl.

  27. Oh man... gotta love that "cute" award!!! You deserve it!

  28. Exactly! You can't realy enjoy life and it just goes by. That is the one thing about my job, it may be boring as hell. But I can enjoy life, to an extent. Working so much and school, is just uncool...haha

  29. well done on the award...well deserved :)

  30. I just started Pinterest too! Squee! Going to follow you now. :)

  31. Kudos on getting the cutest blog award. It's well deserved.

    I dislike exclusive services just because I'm the same type of person that they would deny on sight.

  32. haha congratulations!! you did it! :) Pinterest is fun, just another way to waste time online.. dangit! ha.

    Blog makeover looks GREAT. I love it. And I sang # 6 too :)

  33. Ok, not sure if my eyes are deceiving me... BUT WOW great new layout sweetpea! Congrats on your award too! I also do that singing it in my head thing whilst typing or reading a song! LOL!

    Can never get bored of sequins, gimme sparkles any day any hour, anytime!

  34. so cute- this cute blog award :D fun fun fun :)
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  35. wow dear ok i have to write these:
    1.) your site is awesome love the new layout!!!!!
    2.) thanks for stating my site as one of your fav blog.. love you girl!
    3.) congrats for the award!!!! you're well deserved.. you're so cute :)
    4.) and for pinterest i would love to join but i really don't know where i can pull the time to pin hahahaha... maybe one day who knows :)

    take care and happy valentine's day!!!!
    do you have a date??????????????????????????

    kisses. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  36. Congratulations on winning the cute award. Well done!! I love the new look of your blog. It looks fantastic. I've grabbed your button and it now has pride of place on my blog :-) Happy Valentine's Day. Have fun.

  37. Jax, I would have totally sent you an invite if you asked. You didn't need to wait 4 days:) I am following you now!

    Congrats on being so cute:)



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