Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From My Valentine!

Happy Valentines Day!!!
Are you all feeling the loovveeee?!

I joined the Valentines day card swap and got paired with someone pretty amazing!
My partner is the lovely lady from Stars, Stripes, and a Military Life.
Click on that link to see my artwork on her page!  I made her a homemade Valentine's Day card too!!

I waited all week for my package to come in the mail.
I was super excited when Nanny called to tell me that it arrived.

I tore open the envelope and eeped at the sight of the red packaging!
Off camera I walked around with it in my hair.  Hey!  You all know I've been trying to become a red head...

Inside the envelope was sweets, chocolates, and POPCORN!  Yum!!!

I opened up my homemade valentines day card, and couldn't help but smile at what was said inside.

Hope your Valentine's is popping with Hearts full of L.O.V.E.
Tell me you didn't "aww" right there!


In the spirit of Valentine's day, I thought it would be cute to share our favorite Valentine's day memories.

I'll start.

All throughout High School I was always with the same boy.
During our Junior year, we celebrated out third Valentine's day together.
He offered to take me anywhere that I wanted to go.
Peter Lugers!!!! I kid, I kid.
I answered with my typical response and said "Surprise me".

His dad dropped us off at a local restaurant, that just so happened to be where my ex was working.
I freaked out and did NOT want to go there.
My Valentine laughed and said ok, we could go somewhere else.
We WALKED through mounds (and I mean mounds!!) of snow.
At one point I even lost my shoe in the snow.  He had to go and dig it out for me.

Our voyage landed us right in front of White Castle.
Freezing cold, shivering, and with a wet foot we settled on what was in our face.
We walked into White Castle to find the prettiest homemade decor I've ever seen.
The whole restaurant was completely empty.
There was a Valentine's Day waiter that handed us a Valentine's Day menu.
A sit down service at White Castle??? Legit!!

We ordered our food.  Ate.  Ordered dessert.  Ate again.
Then the waiter came out with a Polaroid camera for a complimentary photo shoot on our hot date.
I've never been treated so special at a fast food restaurant!

It may sound like a simple and silly night to you.
But to me, it was an adventure filled with lots of laughter that created memories him and I still joke about today.

What is your favorite Valentine's Day memory??


  1. I am floored by the new site. It looks fantastic! I might have to hire your site designer.

    That's a very adorable memory! Quite honestly, the best Valentine's hubby and I ever had was when we got engaged. On the beach. Such an adorable Valentine's day. :-) I'm smiling just thinking about it. NOTHING surpasses getting proposed to on the beach.

    Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day, dear. :-)

  2. Happy Valentines Day Jax. Check back on my blog because I have a gift for all the Divas. You were not patient enough on your

  3. ahhhh yay!!! How cute is she! Love the popcorn too.

    {loving the layout girl}

    New giveaway

  4. @B...That sounds adorable! Thanks for the compliment. I used Jenn from Munchkin Land-Designs. She was nothing short of amazing! Plus, she was super patient with my OCD. hahaha

    @Barfly...Valentine's day gifts for us divas?? You shouldn't have!! Heading over there now. :)

  5. What a sweet memory! I love going to casual places that people don't normally think of for special occasions. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. You changed your blog design - I love it! So adorable!

  7. awww! what a sweet valentine you got!! i love it :) btw, loving the new layout... almost thought i was on the wrong blog... and the RED!! your hair is gonna look so dope!! happy v day!!

  8. That is a nice memory, sometimes the best are just little things out of the blue that make up a fun adventure. Maybe Harold and Kumar ripped their idea off of

    And of course you had to go and show it backwards right! Geez and look at all this pink. I'm gonna hit the brink..hahahaha

    Oh and you rhymed on your card too, even if it was an easy one..haha

  9. @Pat...The cat thinks there is a nice V-day memor?!. Should I save this comment as proof for next year??? hahaha

    and aww, you liked my card!? I'm so glad. I worked so hard on it!!! (not kidding, it took me like 2 hours.) Damn, I should've asked you to make a catchy rhyme for me. Clearly I have zero rhyme skill!! hahaha

  10. Jax, Happy Valentine's Day girl! I love your new layout. It is gorgeous! The card you made was too cute and the card she sent was too. Amazing talent on here. Awww your Valentine date was sweet! It's not always the expensive things that make us ladies swoon. One time my Valentine took me on a riverboat cruise. It was really cute.

  11. Very cute. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  12. haha you'll forget when next year rolls around. Plus your dreaded planet whatever is going to come so there will be no next year right?..pffft

    Yeah it was very nicely done, even though blue and you is a tad easy peasy..haha

  13. How fun is this?! Wish I would've known about it... I totally would've signed up!

  14. @Pat...I never forget!!! Oh god, why do you have to make me nervous about the end of the world again?!

    P.S. I told mom about Canadian work hours, and she doesn't believe you! She thinks it's just your company. LOL That's unheard of here! She said "look into Canadian rent and let me know". hahaha

  15. what a fun way to celebrate valentine's day. such a cute card!

  16. I never forget either so we shall see. Tucked away in my brain now. Well it took your mind off the creeper cupid, right? LMAO

    Nope, the hours are similiar everywhere. Government jobs are even easier and more lax. Although like I said I lucked out with the Friday thing. But barely anyone, at least around this province works those God awful hours. If lord Google is right, your rent down there is sky high compared to ours too.

  17. Well, I don't have much to compare it too b/c I only kno NYs rates...BUT I pay $1,000 a month for a one bedroom apartment. That's great for NY, but it's also in someone's home. If I wanted an apartment in a complex, a studio is around $1500 a month and about $2,000 for a one bedroom.

    That's not including utilities or insurance.

    So, was Lord Google right? He's NEVER wrong. haha

  18. Your blog is looking really good! And the home-made Valentine's card is adorable.

    GM x

  19. That looks like a great Valentines day card!

    As for your happy memory I agree! Some times the best dates are those that are little adventures, where you don't know where your going and don't care cause the getting there is full of fun and excitment!

    I hope you have a great Valentines day!

  20. well i didnt actually meet em, just saw em in a distance, like across the hockey rink and was like no effing way. anyways grats on getting a pack of microwavable popcorn, thats what it looks like.

  21. Aww, sweet! And I love the new look!

  22. The new banner is so pretty!! And your valentine sent you a lovely package. Here's one of my valentine stories. The Hubby and I were still dating and he decided to fix dinner for me as a surprise. This is what he did. He took a half frozen package of hamburger, sawed it into quarters and fried it. But the pieces were so thick and frozen, it only cooked part way through, leaving bloody meat in the middle. I didn't eat it even though I loved him. I gave him a good shagging that night though!!

  23. That is really cute! Do you still have the polaroid? I think my favorite memory is my first valentine's day with the fiance. Without knowing it, we both wrote in our cards to each other "Happy Valentine's Day and here's to many more." awww - and since then there have been 7. :-)

  24. Sickening! I pay 600 for a one bedroom and I'm in a building. That includes everything except eletricity which is a whole $50 every two months. Then insurance $100 a year. LOL I am soooo glad I don't live in NY. For $2000 a month I could get an apartment the size of a house...haha that is just terrible. But I guess it's good old supply and demand.

  25. @Anne...I love that your hubby tried to cook. Adorable! And you also taught me a new word. "Shag". hahaha

    @Michelle...I do still have the poloroid! Can't throw things like that away ;) 7 years is amazing. Funny how things work out!!

  26. $600?!?!?!?!?!
    I'm moving to Canada.
    That's insanity!!!!

    For $1000 I live in someone's home. My living room and kitchen are in the same room. My bathroom is decent and my bedroom is average size.

    $50 for electricity all month??? That's like a WEEK here.

    Insurance isn't that expensive here either. It's only about $250 for 6 months. But car insurance is awful! $200 a month and I have a perfectly clean liscense. *Knock on wood* haha

    You're about to blow Madre's mind...

  27. Pffft my insurance is only $100 a month too..haha. That is $50 for electricity every 2 months, so $25 a month..haha. My place sounds about the same as yours, but I do have a wall between the kitchen and living But if it was in someones home. Up here it be like $450, $500 tops, if that.

    For $1000 bucks though one could have such a shiny apartment up here, crummy std loans screw me over there least now I get why you NYers work so much. Disgusting!

  28. Whoa, White Castle definitely stepped their game up for Valentines day... sometimes the unexpected moments create the best memories.

    Happy V-Day, Jax!

  29. Your electric is every TWO months?! Ok, now you're pulling my leg...This can't be!!!!! Is this all of Canada or just your parts?

    I could own a home up there with the all $$ I'm laying out every month. Plus, you don't pay for insurance though, right? That's not too bad here. My health/dental/vision is only about $200 a month. And food is probably cheaper by you! How much is a mani/pedi?! That's another $80 a week here!! & if you dnt get it done, you're "unprofessional"...

    Student loans? That stinks. School is very expensive. I hear you on that too :(

    You officially blew my mind. I'm going to go home and pack my bags. hahaha

  30. What?!?! Sit down service at Whitecastle? seriously? Not that it really matters to me cause I don't like whitecastle, but that's still pretty stellar.

    Happy Valentines day to you!

  31. Aww thats actually a really good idea.. wish I could have joined the valentine card swap =D

  32. First of all thank you for sharing my blog on yours. I'm so chuffed by that gesture and really grateful :-)

    My best Valentine's Day memory was when one of my daughters gave me a lovely bunch of roses and a Valentine's card. I had just separated from my fiancé and was feeling a bit low. It was her way of showing me some love and cheering me up. That really made my day.

  33. Wow all the money your putting out could easily own a home. Yeah we have none of that health insurance stuff. Can't say I know how much a mani/pedi is, that just isn't my you ARE not unprofessionial if you don't get it done here. No one gives a rats behind, first I ever heard of

    Food is prob about the same or similiar, but that's always going up too. No ,for most people in apartments the electric bill is never a whole lot, tops $100 a month if they are lucky enough to have a washer, dryer and all that fun stuff. Yeah those damn loans put a kink in me doing anything, oh well beats getting charged up the behind in NY...haha

    1. You just made me so depressed!!! NY is overpriced and over rated. I mean, I love it here. But for the amount of $$ that I could be saving, they could clean the place a little better. Or at least fill the damn potholes so the love bug doesn't get injured every other week!

      And you don't know the average price of a mani/pedi?? You're acting like men don't get those! Sigh...

  34. I like this new look a lot lol. Really slick and pretty :) ANd that was a sweet gift she sent you, really nice

  35. How fun :) I hope you had an awesome Valentine's Day :)

  36. wow that´s a very cool anecdote!
    what a lovely surprise you got in the mail... yay for candy but double yay for the popcorn! i bet you didn´t see that one coming! :)
    i hope your japanese co-workers treated you with -at least- a snickers bar! i mean after all you are lil miss fun and you should get credit/chocolate for that!
    in Argentina valentine´s day hasn´t been very big up until the 2000´s when globalization started and we ended up adopting multiple foreign traditions such as Valentine´s, St. Patricks Day, the Oktoberfest to mention a few. so i don´t really have many valentine´s stories.
    but i do have a really nice anecdote from my last Bday... my bf organized a "treasure hunt" inside our room and i had to guess clues and hints in order to find my presents. it was so much fun and romantic at the same time.
    BTW i love the new blog design!!! upbeat and cute! :)

    1. Aww I love that!! What a cute surprise for your birthday!! He's a keeper :)

      And the Japanese treated me very well. I got homemade heart-shaped cupcakes from my boss. Yum!!

  37. I love White Castle burgers; unfortunately, I don't have one near me. As for Valentines day, rather boring except for the fact that I am almost over my cold--that part is exciting :-)

  38. That was an awesome date! It sounded like a dream. And I did 'awww' at the card! Now I'm off to see your creation!

  39. awwwww, (yup, indead an aw moment!!!) that is so nice!! i love when the cardsd are home made, so much better!!

    love K

  40. Im happy you had a lovely and nice Valentines day, my special valentines? I think was yesterday, surprise and lovely (lol)

  41. That's so super cute. I like the new blog set up too btw!

  42. Loving the new layout, and you,mas always!

  43. That is such a great story. it really is the little, unexpected moments in life that mean the most to us.

    All of my best Valentine's days have been spent with my husband, sometimes doing not much of anything at all, but it usually involves laughing until we cry.



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