Monday, February 20, 2012

Forever Young

How was everyone's weekend?
Mine was lovely, thanks!

I spent my weekend with Peaches, Biff, and Brother.
Peaches and I were working on one of the big things on my winter goal list from here.
My makeover is underway!
I'm in the process of trashing all my old clothes and replacing them with new ones.
I can't wait to tackle the shoes!!

Talking about this with Madre led to a comment that's been lingering ever since.
Don't you hate when an annoying thought haunts your brain???
Madre said that no matter how I make myself over, I will forever look 16.
I have a babyface.
Not to mention, I'm only 5 feet tall!

That got me thinking.
My makeover has to get me looking my age, more professional, yet still fun.
It's hard to dress age appropriate when you're so tiny!
I could still fit in the damn children's department!!!!!!

So, do I really look like I am 16?
Let's see.

That is a 14 year old Jax.
What is with that eyeliner?!?!  Awful!
Maybe Madre was wrong.  I don't look 16.  I look 14.  Sigh...

That is a 16 year old Jax.
I look the exact same as I did at 14!!!

This is an 18 year old Jax.
I still did not change at all!

This is me present day, at a whopping 23 years old.
I look the exact same!
I look like I am 14 years old.

It's hard to work in a professional environment and be taken seriously looking 14.
My goal is to change my hair, makeup, and clothing to look my age.

Peaches has already volunteered to do the job!
I can't wait to be treated like an adult and not a little kid.
When I go out, sometimes the bouncers don't even believe the age on my I.D.
It's awful.
Here's to saying goodbye to my baby face!

What physical changes did you need to make to be taken serious?


  1. Those youthful looks should last you a lifetime! You'll be grateful to be ID'd once you gain in the years.

    I think Peaches work will be having people call you M'lady. That's above 16, right?

  2. Well, I think you're gorgeous. In 10 years you'll be glad you look young. I got carded until I was in my 30's. lol.

    Can't wait to see the new you. Maybe you'll look 20? lol...

  3. @Betsy..aww thank you!! I suppose when I'm 40 looking a whopping 18 years old, I'll be glad. LOL

    I'm fighting the "new me". She wanted me to buy some dress that reminded me of something that one would wear to milk a cow. Other than that tho, she's been doing a great job!

  4. No cow-milking, no. haha.

  5. LOL well with that dress you can move out on a farm and pull on those utters, because I know you sooo love milk...hahahaha

    haha yeah you don't look much different at all. Fitting in kids clothes is quite funny too..hahaha I still get friggin id'ed when I go to buy a damn lottery ticket. But oh well doesn't bother me, because as said when your forty you'll only look 20-25 or so. So hey, why let it bother you.

    I don't give a rats behind if no one takes me seriously, as I hardly do. So no changes will come for my little rhyming bum.

  6. It's a blessing to be petite and look young. Take it from me, when you're 40 and people think you're in your twenties, you'll cry and grab them and go THANK YOU!

  7. I have generally always looked the same as well, however I don't wear makeup to work or just generally. I've been told, in order to look more "professional" you should cut your hair to a manageable length, accessorize and wear makeup. I didn't want to do any of those things and that indicated to me what type of career I might not be suited for. In any case, stay true to you, do something fun and have a great time with it

  8. @Pat...I HATE milk. I think it should be banned from the universe. Blehhhh!!!!!! Gag!! Barf!!

    Fitting in kids clothes is AWFUL. I discovered a store for adults that I fit in. Want to know what size I am? 00PP. Double zero, petite petite. SO tiny that they had to put petite twice. Sigh...

    How old do you need to buy lotto? LOL!!!

  9. Looking younger than one's years is a curse I know too well.

  10. It's nice to start fresh and get a new wardrobe. I've done it a few times. I still have age inappropriate clothing I just can't let go of. I think I was born 5 feet tall though so the petite, petite thing shocked me a little. You are adorable and I'm sure you'll have fun with this.

    I have the issue of being between a regular and tall, right on the cusp. So I'll find a regular pant and it lays so well, I forget it is going to shrink up an inch or so. Must buy tall and get tailored! Some day I'll remember that, I swear.

  11. I feel the same way. I am only 4'10. I have more children's clothes than adults. But it helps that I wear a chef uniform everyday. It is so fusterating. But I think I'm going to change my hair soon too! New clothes are a must! Can't wait for spring clothes and some shopping!

  12. Not a bad problem to have Jax. I had the same issue till I was 44, then all of a sudden in the last two years, someone photoshopped my grandaddy's face on my body!!!

    Milk it as long as you can cutie.

  13. I grew out of my baby face when I was 26! And it was really annoying too! Cause I've been dating a woman in her fourties since I was 21! And always had to have a beard so I wouldn't look like a sixteen year old hanging out and making out with his mom!

  14. @Morgan...4'10? You may be my new favorite reader!!! LOL!

    @Bersec...That story just made me crack up!!!! A 16 year old making out with his mom may make people take you a lil less seriously.... hahahahaha

  15. It's strange, I get treated relatively well when I go out and interact with people, but when I try to have a drink or something, I'm often carded... and I have my card stared at for a while. I think it's how you act too!

  16. Sound effects once what milk can do.

    It must really be awful being in that size range, you can never say "I'm going to get my big girl clothes" and sound threatening..LMAO

    19 to drink and buy lotto up here. I always got id'ed at bars too, haven't been there in a while though.

  17. Retaining your looks like this leads me to believe you are a vampire. I'm sharpening the stakes.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. You are so purdy. Like, seriously. And you do have some youthful looks left, but I think you look your age. Sorry if that busts your bubble! :-)

    Did I mention you're pretty?

    Glad you had a good weekend, missy!

  20. I wouldn't say you look the same as when you were fourteen... 18, maybe, but if I met you I'd probably guess you were 20-21.

    As for being taken seriously, don't forget the whole mindset of acting professionally (when needed)... it's not just the clothes/hair!

  21. I think I'm kinda the same way. My 15-19 photos look pretty identical. Even as 23 year old I still get "oh you look so young" comments or requests to be carded.

  22. Haha I think you look a tad bit older now, but not a ton. That's funny- I really didn't see a difference in the 14-18 pics though.

  23. I think you look pretty. WHen you're 40 and still look like that you are gonna say THANK GOD! lol
    anyways looking forward to be seeing pictures of your new look ;)

  24. It's great to look young. You look fantastic. Enjoy your youthful looks.

    I'm 5ft as well and have always looked young for my age. A guy told me once that he wished he could pick me up and put me in his pocket. I don't think sooo!!! Ha ha.

  25. I started working out, but as long as you're happy with yourself I don't think any change is needed. And you look really good! :)

  26. Enjoy looking young! You'll always be the envy of every woman. I look forward to seeing how your makeover goes. :)

  27. oh dear you're so cute with those pictures and believe me you still look so young.. totaly agre with your madre :)
    but i can't wait to see your makeover.. just don't change too much stay sweet as you are :)

  28. keep looking 14...then let people in the professional environment underestimate you and then BOOM blow them away with your maturity and brilliance

  29. You're so absolutely gorgeous! And you look like you're the perfect age ;)

  30. Jax you are a cutie and have GREAT GENES girl!!! It's good to update. I'm excited for you and can't wait to see the transformation. Thank you so much for the birthday message. You are awesome ALL THE TIME! :D

  31. It looks like you grew boobs from 16 to 18 =p

    I'm 22 and I probably look about that. I'm a little skinny but I have a nice beard that makes up for it. Guess I could work out a little more though..

  32. haha aw, I think this is a "problem" that you will like the more you age :) I think you look adorbs every year! This year is no exception. But I am a sucker for a makeover so I'm excited to see what you do!

  33. @Axis...Nope, they're there. They are just hidden behind a bulky sweatshirt and long hair! LOL!!

  34. Since everybody is different, I don't really understand why society always puts such emphasis on how old a person looks. I guess the idea is conformity, and if you don't look like most people look then you are not conforming, and then you are upsetting people's views of the universe, and blowing their minds.

  35. I feel the same way. I am 23 and I look 12. I GOT IT ALOT WORKING AT THE HOSPITAL. ITS FRUSTRATING.

  36. Hmm, I wish I could say the same...unfortunate genetic trait for premature baldness ensured that something about me would change--Lol.

  37. At my'll appreciate it! I always used to get upset about looking younger than I was until now. Now...IT IS AWESOME!!!


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