Friday, February 17, 2012

Down with the Monkeys!!

Happy Friday!!
Since it's Friday, I have a great excuse to post some HOT pictures.
The CW was on fire last night and left me real high.
Ian Somerhalder and Chris Zylka?  More please!

I'm not sure what Chris is doing here, but I kind of like it...

Well, now that we are all high off of hot men, onto the next fix!

I got tagged by someone pretty awesome.
Bonafide Jones is one of the funniest bloggers on the web.
He pushes all sorts of crazy buttons just to make sure you get a laugh.  Check him out!
Besides, TheHater recently stopped by his page and got him disabled.  Boo!

Alright, here we go!!
If I don't answer every question evil monkeys are supposed to come and ruin me.
Basically, I'll be real thorough!!!

1.  Have you ever cheated on someone?

Sigh...I have to be honest, right?  Yes.  But I was a whopping 18 years old and I confessed.  I was even forgiven and continued to be monogamous with him for another 2 years!!  Would I ever do it again?  Absolutely not.  I believe in karma and I wouldn't want that to come back to me.  

2.  What do you think happens when you die?

I believe in spirits.  I believe in the supernatural.  I somewhat believe in past lives.  Basically, I'm real gullible.  I don't think our energy just dies.  I just think our bodies do and our energy takes on a new form.  Kind of like when a hermit crab outgrows its' shell.

3.  If female, do you think that you're pretty?

Jones, you're killing me with these deep questions!!  I don't think that I am ugly.  I don't think that I'm gorgeous either.  Being the perfectionist I am, I see about 5,000 things wrong with me and the way I look.  Would I change any one of those things?  Absolutely not!  The good, the bad, and the mediocre all make me, me!

4.  Stars.  Old light or new?

I have no idea.  Nor do I really care.  LOL 
I had a guy once ask me to go outside and look at the stars.  Why would I want to do that?  Let's stay inside with the AC and stare at a light bulb.  Same thing?  No?
I guess it's safe to say that I don't really care for stars! hahaha

5.  For a million dollars would kill another person?  They really aren't all that important and you will not get caught.

They are alive and that makes them important.  I could never take away the life of another human being.  Hell, I wouldn't even kill a mouse for a million bucks!!!  Pathetic, I know...

6.  As a rule, should all religions be treated/respected equally?

Yes.  Who are we to judge other people's faith?  If I want to worship a holy grain of rice, let me be!  As long as I ain't hurting you or anyone else, what do you really care?

7.  Think of something embarrassing that you did that makes you cringe every time that you think of it.  What is it?

I have so many.  I don't know where to start...
A few years ago I was in Pathmark with Madre.  I ventured over to the stationary section and was looking through all of the pretty papers.  Both my hands were filled with junk when I had the urge to sneeze.  I tried to hold it in.  That was a fail.  Before I knew it, I let out a huge freaking sneeze.  Just as I yelled out "Achoo!!!", some guy stuck his arm right in front of my face.  I sneezed all over the poor saps bare arm.  He jumped!  I jumped and dropped everything!  This is the worst part...  Instead of apologizing profusely and excusing myself, I started bursting out laughing right in his face!  I was laughing so hard that I had tears, couldn't speak, and my shoulders were flapping.  Madre had to come over to apologize, hide me behind her, and then burst out laughing herslef!
That story never leaves this blog!!!!!!

8.  If you knew everyone that you know is going to die tomorrow, who would you visit today?  It doesn't matter whether or not they want to see you.

My family.  Madre, Brother, TheViking, Nanny, Papa, GodSon, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins...and so on.  And they'd all have to spend the day together.  Maybe they all died because they were forced to be together in the same room!?

9.  Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?

Life is about making memories.  If you can't remember anything, what's the point of living?  I would never want to only live in the past.

10.  If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don't like and like so many things we don't do?

Because we are afraid and because there's a coward in all of us.  I want to see the world.  I would love nothing more than to get up tomorrow, buy a plane ticket, and meet new people  and new cultures.  Why don't I?  Because I'm afraid of  who's going to pay my bills.  I'm afraid of traveling without a plan.  I'm afraid of falling in love with a place that I can't stay.  The list goes on.  These are deep questions!  You're surprising me here, Jones!

11.  If Hollywood made a movie about your life, what actor do you think would be cast to play you?

I hope it would be Evangeline Lilly.  She is one of my ultimate girl crushes.  She's gorgeous, has a great head on her shoulders, and views life in a very similar way as me.  If you watch her in interviews, she herself is very captivating.  Her energy just sucks you in!  I would love to hear her stories about the creepers she attracts!!!!

And there you have it!  All 11 answers so you can send those evil monkeys away!!
I'm just glad that he didn't ask me about a baby in a microwave...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!


  1. LOL so now we all know you're an unapologizing sneezer, that hates the stars, won't kill a mouse for a million bucks, sooo, and you worship rice. hahaha but I won't judge..hahaha.

    I bet if it was a spider you'd kill it for a million bucks.

    Also agree with the 10. Add in a plane is a death trap you have no control over too and I agree fully..haha

  2. girl i can't believe you cheated!!!! and gosh that was really embarrassing moment.. i imagine your mom's reaction!!!! you naughty girl hehehehe
    hope you'll have a great weekend dear!!!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

    ps. Ian Somerhalder is so freakin hot and i will never get tired watching vampire diaries 'cos of him :)

  3. I went and read the post, but I'm completely out of the loop on what happened or who The Hater is. Get on a plane and go, quit your job, leave your friends and family...uh no, don't do that, it would be a disaster. Have a good weekend!

  4. @Pat...I don't really worship rice, it was just an example!! Everything else is true though...Sigh! Thanks for not judging. But remember, it doesn't leave this page!!!!

    @Anne...A couple of months ago, a few bloggers all got reported to Google at the same time. As a result, all of our blogs were shut down by some adminstrator. We had to message Googlea and bed for our accounts back. I referred to the person reporting us as TheHater.

  5. That poor guy and his sneezy arm! :P

    Most of the posts I've read with these Q's have chosen to keep old memories. But I'm with you on that one. Life is about making new memories.

    GM x

  6. What an incredibly kind person you are! I hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

  7. I'd say judging from your answers to these questions you are a good person who will surely get to heaven one day...after a little time served in Purgatory for the sneezing fiasco.

  8. Its interesting to hear what people think when they die. Most people I know do not think that's all there is to it when the light switch to our lives is turned off.

  9. is that first guy the guy from foster the ppl?

  10. nice post dear, have a nice week end!

  11. I just copy and pasted #7 to my blog, with a link. KIDDING!

    I have cheated once in my life too when I was young. I hated myself for it and never did it again. I broke up with him a week later because I figured if I didn't respect him enough to be faithful, I didn't respect him enough to be with him. I never told him though.

  12. Yeah I didn't figure you worship rice and never fear Pat isn't a blabbermouth, the cat though hmmm. I don't know.

  13. wow! that was a lot of personal content! i´m sure those questions got you thinking about stuff we usually choose not to think about haha.
    if you´d like to travel, you should totally do it. there are many places where you can go and do like a short term work experience. i did it 3 times. i worked at a ski center in europe twice, and i also worked at a restaurant for 3 months during summer in Barcelona, Spain.
    i was poor but endlessly happy. and those experiences were trully amazing and helped me grow and learn about life in different ways.

    of course the one curse that comes with those work-n-travel experiences is that once you´ve done it once you never want to stop! haha

    i´ll be happy to be your travel insider is you´re considering going somewhere... as to Europe and South America at least. :)

  14. Oh fun, I love posts like this, it helps me as a reader get to know you!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  15. @Jannine...I just saw your tweet and it made me smile so big. With all the bad wishes we're giving this guy, he'll be in the bathroom for a week!! hahaha

    My next trip I will be contacting you so you can let me know all the hot spots.

    Have a wonderful weekend girl :)

  16. It was his own lookout for sticking his arm in front of your face, no need to apologise.

  17. So, tell us about this baby in a microwave. :P

  18. nice answers you gave, these are really personal questions! you got courage to answer them :)

  19. All of these answers just show how awesome you are and prove why I always love coming to your blog :)

  20. Wow, those were some interesting questions. I loved reading all of your answers (with the usual Jax humor).


  21. Oh I loved this tag =P btw mmm Ian Somerhalder *drool*

  22. I wouldn't be able to kill a mouse for a million bucks either. And Evangeline girl crush on her too. Towards the end, she is the only reason I still tuned in for Lost.
    Have a great weekend! Oh and I LOVE THE NEW BLOG DESIGN!!!

  23. hahah right? that bastard WILL PAY for what he/she has done!

    i hope your weekend is full of lovely surprises to make up for the bad one you had this week.


  24. I'm really curious to find out what happens after death. Sometimes too curious.

  25. This is so full of win!!! Good job Jax.

    I have to be honest though, You didn't do it all. You forgot to post 11 things about yourself and to come up with 11 of your own questions. I was able to keep most of the monkeys bay, but a few did got loose :(

    Not that many though, just a few. You should be able fend them off with a big stick of some sorts. Just watch your back for the next few days and maybe carry a whistle.

  26. Great answers there, it's good to read others people views on the same questions, Hope you have a great weekend too :)

  27. I'm a guy but that first dude is pretty hot.

  28. its saturday and thers no cute guys to compare myself too... whats going on

  29. Seriously deep questions!

    Also, when did you change your layout? Love it!

  30. Jax, Your girl crush is hot!! She's got more than just a great "head" on her shoulders.

  31. Did a search and it seems many other people can't tell the gender of Frieza either, but officially Freiza is a he, just so you know..haha

  32. Your answer to Q10 made me think of my sister and her mad plan the one year to hitch-hike across south asia. Everyone thought she was joking until she book plane tickets and handed her notice in and went...4 months later she came back super chilled, waltzed back into her job, negotiated a pay rise and has never looked back.
    Still to this day its not something I could ever contemplate doing

  33. @Bart...Sorry to dissapoint!!! I'll make sure to find extra sexy men for Monday!

  34. @Pat...Is it sad that we are in our 20s and still watch Dragon Ball Z??? LOL!!! I don't believe it. Frieza is either a woman or a disgruntled transvestite!!!!!! hahahahaha

    @G...Your sister is my idol!! One day I'll get the huevos to pack it up and move somewhere more my style. :)

  35. Jeez so glad I dont get to answer these questions haha..I myself have some pretty bad embarrassing stories I would wish to keep secret lol

    I almost shit myself one time

    There I go..almost spilling all the details..

    Also I nominated you the Liebster Blog Award :) go to the link below to find out more and how to accept your reward

  36. Haha, catching up to see if they took your call on wishing the vandal poo fests. Your answers are great. Bonafide is great.

    I'm gonna stop now.

    Haha, Evangiline's creepers.

    Alright, I'm stopping.

  37. j, hope you're having a great wknd. :) it's always great learning more about my fellow bloggers. i admire your honesty... :) i love evangeline lily!

    thanks for following on pinterest. i lost my password... so hoping to get in again real soon... i definitely will follow also, j!


  38. Yowsers...I love that you're always sharing... and making me chuckle too!

  39. i wanna playyyy
    1. yup. and vice versa
    2. heaven
    3. nope
    4. old?
    5. only if they harmed my family (that sounds crazy, right?)
    6. Yes.
    7.the one i told you about on here!
    8. fam
    9.old mem
    10. same answer
    11. good choice. i'm stealing this one too.
    ps thanks for the eye candy!

  40. Love love love me some Vampire Diaries!
    And loved your answers - Evangeline Lilly, yeah, I can see it :)
    The new blog layout looks fantastic by the way!

  41. LOL yes it is very sad, although I guess there are worse things to watch. Many agree he sounds like a girl and looks like a girl, but he is a he. Your transvestite idea might be the case though.

  42. Jax, your answers were awesome! LOVE the sneezing story. HAHAHAHA

  43. I dug your answer to number 2, very interesting take.

    And I think it's cute you wouldn't kill a mouse :)


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