Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do The Cat Walk!!

As you all know, I made it an end of the world bucket list mission to give myself a makeover.
I told you guys why in this post.
Here's to it turning out better than the Car-Lashes!

I started my mission by cleaning out both of my closets.
Turns out I love to buy clothes that I'll never wear only to hoard them on a hanger!
After filling about 4 whole bags with clothes that I no longer wanted, I passed them along to TheViking's g/f's daughter.  For the record, she's 15 and fits in them perfectly!  Sigh...

The next step was to find a clothing store that is good quality, great style, and very petite.

My Aunt and I ventured off to the city to browse through the Macy's on 34th street.
Guess I was hoping for a miracle!  <-- hahaha get it?  Miracle on 34th st?? Ok, I'll stop...
After a four hour shopping escapade throughout that monster department store, I left empty handed.  Would you believe that I didn't fit into ANYTHING in a 14 story, jam packed store??  It took 3 hours just to sort through the petites section.
After a quick stop at H&M to buy a few cute tops, we headed home.
...with our heads hung low from failure...

That's when I had an epiphany.
There is a woman that works somewhere in my office building that is shorter than me by a few inches.  Even though she's shorter, we have a very similar body type.
I often admire her flawless sense of style as we pass in the hallway.
I hope she doesn't think I'm checking her out!
The following Tuesday I tracked her down in the bathroom and demanded to know where she shops.
That was it.  It was gold.  I finally found a store where I could fit into the clothes without even bothering my tailor.

That's a really happy turtle via.

Petite women need to shop at Ann Taylor.

That night I grabbed Peaches, drove like a mad woman, and skipped joyously into the wonderland of The Loft.
I asked the saleswoman to point me in the right direction.
There I was.
Holding a perfect pair of slacks.
I looked at the size to see 00PP.
Then a tear slowly slid down my cheek.
A happy tear.

I bought 2 tops and 2 pants to start.
I can't wait to go back and fill my closet.
I found my store.

How did you find "your" store?
And what is it?  Come on, I'm dying to know...especially from all my petite readers.  Hollaaa!!!  :)


  1. I discovered Anne Taylor when on a business trip to San Diego a few years ago. It is heaven on earth for us little women. And the fabrics, they are to die for. I bought as much as I could reasonably cram into my suitcase on that trip. Now I want to drive to a city and shop dammit!!

  2. Haha my store? Basically any store with electronics or toys.

  3. Nice! I'm a big fan of New York and Company. I guess my sis introduced me to that.

  4. Did you at least prove Santa was real in those four hours?..hahaha

    Me shop for clothes? Pffft what's in my closet is fine, if it has a hole or two I chuck it though. That good?..haha

    And you know Pat and The Cracks have to shop at walmart for new talent.

  5. So glad you found a place you can shop and not have to worry about the tailor. I've run across a few good places here and there, but it's all trial and error. And many hours at various malls.

  6. GIRLGIRL GIRL. I could've told you that a long time ago. aren't they the best

  7. As a medium build guy do I qualify to be able to answer this question?

  8. I don't have a store. I usually buy from jeans and shirt from a sale in some store in the mall

  9. @Pat...I never saw the movie, so don't quiz me too hard on it. LOL!

    You don't shop for clothes???????? Sigh...

    LMAO...Pat and The Cracks. Auditions coming to a Walmart near you!

  10. @Summer...Sigh!!! I've been on the hunt for so long. Maybe I should've just asked instead of hunting down some chick in the bathroom. hahaha

  11. I'm a huge fan of the Loft. I'm not small like you, but they still have professional, stylish clothes at reasonable prices. When I started teaching, most of my wardrobe came from there. I love the Loft!

  12. Loft petites are the best!! I just hate that everything is so expensive unless its on super sale. I'll keep my eyes peeled for inexpensive petites and let you know if I find anything. People of normal size do not understand what its like to find clothes that actually fit!!

  13. ps- I got a sewing machine for christmas so I could learn how to tailor my own pants...ahhh the joys of being short.

  14. Did you get a bathing suit for the pool party?

  15. @Michelle...LOL @ the sewing machine. If my dad didn't own a drycleaners w/ a tailor, I would need to invest in a sewing machine. Tayloring is super expensive. Plus, how embarassing is it to have your SLEEVES hemmed?!

    Props to you for taking matters into your own hands. Love when petites take control!

  16. @Barly...Not yet. I'm looking for the perfect suit. Clearly you know which option I took. hahaha

  17. Yay! Ann Taylor does make lovely clothes. I've always loved them. I'm glad you found your size. I shop Macy's Woman, but only the one downtown. The other one has hideous choices. Just because I'm chubby doesn't mean I want mom jeans! Luckily Michael Kors and Calvin Klein now make pants my size, that fit really well.

  18. Glad you found a store that you like - it's so important to find clothes that fit your frame. My store is j.crew. I am on point with their sizes there and don't even have to get tailored!

  19. I found my store at H&M, BR, and Ann Taylor loft outlet. I do have to say my go to store these days are Goodwill because they have everything from Escada to walmart. I've found some great deals there. I'm happy that you found a store because its hard finding clothes with great quality for a good price.

  20. You use a movie reference and you never saw the movie??? Oh serious loss of points there, you just can't tell a movie nut

    Bah I have enough clothes, no need to shop for any more.

    Rules and Regualtions: "Pat and The Cracks avoid all walmarts where getting shot, mugged or attacked by a zombie is a likely scenario."...LOL

  21. @Pat...Well, I saw some of the movie. Just not the whole thing! Do I get some of those points back?

    LMAO...Good rules. I see Pat protects The Cracks. That most admirable. Unless of course, you're just protecting your own crack. hahaha

    I can only imagine the hidden talents that your Walmart shoppers will show you. Oh no!!!!! Get them out of my head!!!!

  22. Haha aw- good!! You word things so funny, I love it. I love Ann Taylor and I have heard that it's great for Petites. I can't wait to see your new duds !!

    PS I just can't feel bad for you that a 15 yr old fits in your clothes- I'm trying but I can't! :)

  23. This is so beautiful. :-) Finding that perfect store is like finding a diamond.

    My store is NY and company. They make some amazing pants. They always fit me perfectly and I'm pretty tall for a gal. :-)

    Do you have any tissues?

  24. Okay you only lose half points for that one than.

    Pat protects his own first and foremost, the others are used to protect and See there you go with that oh so nice little mind coming up with these creepy shoppers. I'm sure creepy cupid wants some company

  25. beer store, its like 5 min walk away. and sells cold beer.

  26. Hive five to another 00PP! I get all my work clothes from Ann Taylor.

  27. @Pat...Come on now, if you're going to be the head of The Cracks, then you HAVE to find the best ones. I'm not talking no nasty plumber crack. You need a shiny, clean, and cracky cracks!

    Oh my. Well, this was on my page, so you can't use against me in the future. hahaha

  28. Wow, i'm impressed at your clearout! Sometime you gotta do it and lucky kid who scored all your purchases!
    Since i'm not your side of the pond, can't really help with the petites recommendations, but I will say ASOS have a petites range!

    You do crack me up lady... even your rhyming cat post made me chuckle...

    Thanks for your comment today...

  29. Glad to hear you found the right store for you! (as a guy any store will do for me)

  30. I sure cracked a smile at your knowledge of cracks that must come due...hahaha...if the shiny cracks are a hit I'll send a commision to

    Pffft that isn't a rule, I can use it how I see fit..hahaha

  31. @Pat...CreepyCupid taught me well. hahahaha

  32. Well, surprisingly I don't have trouble finding clothes in my size. Though they will have pants that fit my waistline (sorta)...but then the smallest belt is always just a tad too big. Well this doesn't make any sense to me. If they have pants that size...why not a belt too. Maybe this is one of those marketing tricks like putting more hot dogs in a pack of hot dogs than the number of buns they put in a bag of buns, to force you to go out and buy more buns... Or is it the other way around?? Anywho, I'm glad you found a store that suited your needs. It was one heck of a good idea to ask that lady where she gets her clothes.

  33. I'm so glad you cleaned out your closet! And that you found Your store.

  34. i've been constantly cleaning out my closet the past few weeks. the problem is i'm not adding anything to it!

  35. that is so good to hear, i really need to get down and do some work like this in my own life. i feel like i need to get organized and clean things out :)

  36. Today while I was walking to my next class totally out of it tired some random girl in the hallway lightly grabbed my arm and said follow your dreams and I turned around to see who it was and I didn't get a glimpse either. Just one of those annoying things, sometimes people say things and it bugs you for the rest of the day. I might never know who said that :(

  37. There are a lot of petite blogs around that talk about all the best places to shop. You should check some of them out.

  38. hey i´m so glad to hear about this! there´s nothing like going to a store and finding stuff that makes you feel good!
    i´m not a fan of just one store... being the fashion geek that i am, i´m sure you can imagine that haha. i do LOVE when i go to Gap and find these amazing ass-hugging pants on sale. i´ve scored 2 jeans there under $15 bucks! i also like h&m and Forever 21 because they are affordable and you can get a lot cute things. F21´s quality is sometimes disappointing, so you have to be careful when choosing. and lately i´ve been loving ASOS to track down amazing bags.

    you should post some pics of your new outfits! :)
    just sayin...

    and i also wanted to say how happy it makes me to read you! so spontaneous yet not random. its silly but i feel like we´re friends haha.

    anyhooo. XO amiga! :)

  39. @Jannine...Girl, we ARE friends!!! Spontaneous is good :) You are so sweet!!

    I'll try and take some pictures of my outfits..I'm not "photogenic" tho. hahaha

    I shop in forever 21 sometimes too. I so get you about the quality though. Sometimes those pieces just fall right apart. Sigh...

  40. LMFAOOO Jax! I'm so glad this story had a happy ending. I was getting worried. I'm 6 feet, so I wouldn't know where to shop for petites. Glad you donated your old stuff.

  41. Actually I do this a bit too, always buying shirts I don't like to wear.

  42. Loving the turtle pictures, reminds me of my girlfriend. :P

  43. I shop at the thrift stores. Not Goodwill, mind you, but honest to goodness second hand thrift. My style is one that must be assisted by the aged and worn wordrobes of others'.


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