Monday, February 27, 2012

Disgruntled Timelines

How many of you are on Facebook?
Or, as Papa calls it, TheFacebook!
Yes, my grandfather is on there...

I'm guilty as well.
I'm there and have been tagged in about 500 pictures that I would prefer people not to see.
I'm there and have been tagged in posts that would make my stalkers very happy.
I'm there.  In all my glory.  Sharing way too much information with the public.
Well, not anymore.  I spent my weekend clearing it all out.

I'm not the person that sits on Facebook and stalks everyone out.
Unless if I have a hot date!  I mean, how else would I know if you're a play boy or not??
I simply have it because it's a great tool to communicate with people that you would normally have lost contact with.  Think of it as a family and high school reunion all packed into one.
Ok, maybe that's more of a nightmare than a good thing!

The reason why I am bringing all this up is, Facebook is forcing users to have a "timeline".
This timeline will make it too easy to access all of your information from God knows how far back.
Many of us abused Facebook in the beginning because nobody knew it existed.
This was before it blew up and it was just you and your friends on there.
Remember the days when Facebook was private?  You had to be in a college network to even sign up!

Do you want your papa who now has TheFacebook to see who knows what posted from when you were a freshman in college?
Didn't think so!

Stop reading this post and clean up your Facebook.
Before your nanny, papa, manager, or stalker ex-b/f see things they shouldn't!


  1. I'm on there, but rarely post. I enjoy reading what others have to say. Sometimes, I find the funniest things on there. Luckily, I don't have a clean up problem to deal with. Lol

  2. Man, I totally agree with this!!! I left facebook sometime last year but I totally had embarrassing photos from when facebook was private and only college people were allowed (the good ole days) not good for the me that is now super professional career woman! I don't think anyone should see pics of us when we are 21 in the club!!

  3. Ughhhh I DON'T WANT THE TIMELINE. *runs off to facebook to check it*

  4. oh, hmmmm.. Yeah you're right on it!:) I deleted my account at FB few days ago because of those people who doesn't know the word 'private' and sometimes, surprised me with some that I don't know where,when and who tagged it .. So better to delete it!:)

    Nice post!:)Have a nice day!:)

  5. I don't have a clean-up problem either; however, I am sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer number of posts from "friends." I have to thumb through pages of posts to find one that interests me. Even though I am a huge technophile, I do get irked by that aspect of Facebook. Oh well, comes with having hundreds of "friends" I guess. Lol. :-)

  6. I hate F***** timeline. I am holding out as long as possible. God knows what is on there from the beginning. haha

  7. I have a RL facebook, but I hardly ever use it. With the news of this timeline crap, I might just delete it altogether. I'm not happy about the privacy issues related to Facebook.

    Thanks for letting me know!

  8. Honestly, from a dude's standpoint, I hate facebook. I have accepted so many friends in my gung-ho-ness when first signing on. Maybe 10% of these were ever considered friends. I now have a policy of accepting hot chicks as matter who they are. LoL.

  9. @Barfly...I expected nothing less from you ;) hahaha

  10. haha looks like we are a bit in sync today, stupid Facebook. I cleaned the sucker up going and deleting everything from a while back, now just a few things remain on my wall, no pics, as drunk days in university should stay it's just a salkers delight.

    Facebook is good for keeping in touch with those you want to, but adding Jim Bob from primary class and the town drunk just to say you have a bazillion friends to make yourself feel good is stupid.

    At first I liked it, but then they added all this crap to it and forced you to use it, so yeah now it's junk.

  11. I keep my FB G-rated. Sure, I posted some crazy stuff. Well, actually it was the late night vino, not be. But I deleted the content the following morning.

  12. @Pat... Adding Jim Bob??? Your Walton's obsession is starting to scare me ;) hahahaha

    There's a lot for me to delete. My friends love to post embarrassing pictures and what not. I was never one for "statuses" except for the ones to cheer my Patriots on and those are fine. My brother deleted his all together and will just make a new account. I may do the same. Let's see how much junk actually pops up.

    Are you private? I thought I was private until my moms friend told me my entire life story. Apparently now you have to make each individual little thing private on it's own. For the love of God!!!!!!!

  13. I don't have a Facebook and this is the reason why. The only photo's that exist of me on the web are the ones I've posted on blogger and I have it set up so that if anyone tags it, I get an email alert. Lord Google know nothing about me that I don't want him to know.

  14. A little part of me is glad I've already minimized the amount of crap I've got left on Facebook. Now all I use it for is to keep in touch with international friends and occasionaly try and remember what I did the previous night

  15. LOL hey you got me on the waltons kick..hahahaha

    I just keep it for the facts Facebook page or I'd have deleted the whole friggin thing ages ago. That is the best way to go, just delete it and start over, only adding those select few who you want to talk with and follow.

    I thought mine was on private too, I had it on there at some point. But then I was told half the crap on there, so yeah Facebook may say it can be private but they sure as heck make you jump through 50,000 hoops to do it.

  16. Don't blame me!!! I don't even like the Waltons!! They were forced upon me. Madre's the one with a pot dedicated to John Boy and crew. hahaha

    So you had the same experience with the privacy? I think I'm going to delete it and start over. But, then I lose all my pictures. I sort of used Facebook as free picture storage. LOL!! Sigh...There's a way to make the albums only visible by me though.

  17. I hate how Facebook has changed! My employer, my parents, my in-laws, everybody is on it!

  18. yeah i lurk facebook all the time, makes me feel like a spy...

  19. yeah, I spent a good 2 hours going through facebook cleaning everything out and untagging a bunch of stuff, the new facebook timeline i swear is made for stalkers!! cuz even i don't care what I did 4 years ago!

  20. Yeah I had someone I hadn't seen in ages come up to me and start yapping like I just saw them the day before. After that I deleted pretty much every thing in the timeline with talking involved in it. It is easier to start over but you can delete all the crap too, it just takes time. Yeah, you can make the pics only seen by you too.

    As for saving the pics you could easily get a thumb drive and send them all to that, works for me.

  21. I got rid of it altogether a few months back. I gave folks I cared about my email and phone number, and good riddance. Don't miss it one bit.

  22. @Pat...Sigh! My blocked list just keeps growing and growing. It's weird because I have about 300 friends on there. I go to clean it up, and don't know who to delete. I feel like these people are going to get insulted! These people that I barely even know!!! It's Facebook etiquette. I see a list coming on...LOL!

    What is a thumb drive? Is that like a horse town? I need to keep a Pat Hatt dictionary!!!!! The Cracks would be thankful for that. It'll also be available in pocket size.

  23. i think i have the debate to stay on or get off facebook daily.

  24. I still don't know how it works...people seem to put stuff on my Facebook and I don't have any idea how it got there... I am glad i am too bust to care!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  25. I ditched Facebook right around the time that the timeline was introduced... FB was nice, but 99% of the people I want to talk to I can just call / text.

  26. haha I didn't even know there was a blocked list. You've got me going through and getting rid of everyone now, was at 350, now down to 92...hahaha...I don't care about Facebook etiquette. Plus if their blocked what can they do?..haha As you say most I barely know and I don't ever talk to many either so very little point.

    Thumb drive = memory stick. All you'd need is probably a 8-16gb one and that be that.

    LOL just don't but The Cracks on the cover, you might offend some hahaha. Pocket size too, that sounds like a good idea.

  27. @Pat...350 to 92??? Well, if you could do it, than I can!!! I'm deleting as we speak. hahahaha

    Pocket size Pat Hatt dictionary for TheCracks is in the works! haha But I can't put them on the cover? Then what do I put on there?! Maybe I'll draw something for you. LMAO!

  28. I'm very FB boring, so I have little to hide. Now you, Miss Jax, may be a different kettle of fish!

  29. hahaha I created a facebook deleting monster..hahaha..well actually you made me do it first, so in a round about way you got yourself to do it..haha

    LMAO do you need me to pick out a word for you to draw? I'm sure many would like guessing your submarine, I mean last

  30. Had one, deleted it. Had another, and it went the same way. Now I've got a third and am waiting for another reason to delete it.

  31. @Pat...A Facebook deleting monster! lol All these poor people. I wonder if they're going to miss our Facebook friendship. haha

    Can you please pick a word? I'll borrow the baby's crayons. Except maybe if you say submarine I'll draw TheLastSupper. hahaha

  32. wish you could earn real money playing facebook haha! nice blog, following!

  33. I only keep my FB account open for my fan page (I have no friends, but a gazillion fans...go figure).

    I don't like the new timeline at all.

  34. I don't blame you Jax. I did that month's ago. It was hell going back through 2008-09 and deleting, but worth it. I'm hardly ever on there now. I dislike timeline.

  35. Had an account for god knows how long. Luckily(I guess)I never got into it so there's no need to panic over the timeline stuff.

  36. I've got most of my privacy settings set to a point where only a few select people can see my wall.

  37. I just joined FB this past summer. I didn't want everyone knowing everything about me but I realized I was missing out on a lot too. Now I only post what I know won't come back to haunt me or my family (or anyone else for that matter). Good for you for cleaning it up and caring what your Papa thinks about you!

  38. hahaha If you get post break-up Facebook friendship hate mail, feel free to blame Pat and the Cracks or the rhyming cat. I bet that will make them go

    Hmmmm a good word, hmmmm well since Pat and the Cracks would displease many how about, shiver. Let's she what you do with

  39. No Facebook for me. or's so cute! ha.

    One blog is all the social networking I can handle. And I agree...Facebook has so many risks. It's never appealed to me.
    I registered just so I could get onto Pinterest...which I haven't done anything with yet! ha.

  40. My buddy and I mapped out our entire friendship on there via posts on each others walls, pictures, and status updates. It was pretty damn cool.

    On the other hand, I suppose that anyone else could do this, which is kinda scary.

    I miss the days when it was just college kids. But I suppose that wouldn't include me anymore :(

  41. And that's why Facebook is nothing but a joke for me. All I do is dump random stupid pictures and say stupid things.

    Even the name there isn't real. :P

  42. i can still remember the simpler times... when you needed a .edu email to be on facebook. Those were the days...

    Now grandma gets to comment on my photos

  43. the facebook, i love it. i just saw social network so i know what you are talking about with the college network. i'm a little behind in watching films in a timely manner.


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