Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Cat's Outta The Bag

Many of us bloggers are exceptional at multitasking.
We all have to dedicate ourselves to our jobs, families, friends, school, and our blogs.
Many of us even visit other bloggers while at work!  Shhh, it's a secret...
The only thing that keeps me sane while analyzing billions of numbers, is visiting all the other blogs.  I love commenting on your pages and making friends with people halfway around the world.
I especially love this when it entertains me at work.

One of my favorite stops throughout the blogosphere is to a rhyming cat at It's Rhyme Time!
I'm sure many of you know him, but if not, head over there now.  You're missing out!
There's just one problem!
This sneaky, trouble making, little kitty cat is determined to get me in trouble.
During one of our spats trying to compute points to win nothing, the cat made his plan very clear!  He continuously rhymes about the glee he gets at my expense.
Sadistic much?!?!?

Here's a list of reasons why you shouldn't talk to a rhyming cat at work!!

1.  CooCoo.  The random, loud, obnoxious bursts of laughter at nothing will leave your coworkers thinking you're insane.  AReliableSource always teases me that I'm laughing at the voices in my head.  For the record, that isn't true.  It's the damn cat!!

2.  Commercial.  The cat will say something completely out of the blue that will leave you on a 40 minute google spree!  How about the time that cat got me caught watching videos on YouTube of the Wendy's man, Dave Thomas!  Why, cat, why?!  You try and explain that to the Japanese.  I dare you!

3.  Knees.  He'll give you the itchiest knees you've ever had in your life!  That silly cat tried to wish FLEAS upon my knees.

4.  Meetings.  That cat will give you a case of the rhymes!!  It's one thing if I go into a rhyming fit in the privacy of my own home, but how dare he infect me at work!!!!  A few weeks back that cat had me rhyming in a very important meeting.  I said "Bruce Lee's twin is making my head spin"!

5.  Spit.  Since I now know the danger of visiting the cat at work, I squeeze my lips shut real tight before heading to his page.  I fight the giggles like it's for an Olympic medal.  Then that cat has to say something so silly that the laughter just bursts out leaving SPIT all over my computer screen.  For the love of God, my OCD!!

6.  Monkeys.  He will single handedly turn an office filled with about 30 people into a complete uproar.  That is not an exaggeration!  He made my entire office come up with different plots on how to smuggle in an illegal monkey.  Hypothetically of course.  PETA, don't you dare send me nasty messages!  AReliableSource was talking about tranquilizing a tarsier and putting it in an anchovy jar.  Giggles was talking about tranquilizing a tarsier and putting it in a suitcase filled with other stuffed animals.  Peaches was talking about starting a conservation so I can obtain one legally.  That cat turned my office upside down for a full day and a half over an adorable Filipino monkey!!!

Don't take away too many points!!  It was all in good fun!!
I want you all to try and explain to your manager that you're not nuts.  You're not laughing at yourself and you don't have the hots for the Wendy's man.  You don't have fleas and have zero real intention of adopting an endangered monkey.  You're simply conversing with a Rhyming Cat.  Hey, that's totally normal, right?

What keeps you sane at work???


  1. Unemployed student here so I cant really answer but, when I have to do insane amounts of work I find that music, or background sounds keep me on track. I will sometimes play a movie or a show for noise.

  2. I have trouble not rhyming in my comments on other blogs after reading the cat's blog. I always wonder how so many bloggers get away with blogging while at work. What happens if you get caught?

  3. @Anne...I got lucky enough to score a position where I monitor other employees in different states. My managers don't micromanage at all. As long as I meet deadlines, they don't care what I'm doing during that time.

  4. LOL It's so fun rhyming about the glee I get at your expense by giving my ten cents..haha

    You actually got caught watching the Wendy's guy commercials..hahahahaha that is too funny. That must have been fun trying to even explain.

    Sorry about the knees, next time the cat will mix it up and go for the elbows..haha

    A case of the rhymes, you make it sound so bad. Like it's the runs or makes the whole world cheery, while the japanese thing your eerie...haha

    Maybe swallow a couple times to avoid that spit..LOL and a day and a half, wow not just a day but into another day. Damn the cat is good. Should really get extra points for that one.

    Sure it's more normal than having the hots for the Wendy's man...LOL

    I converse in blogland at work, only thing that keeps me sane, which is debatable...haha

  5. You two are too funny!

    I'm at work now. Shhh... Tell no one of this or else!!!

  6. Oh, you am that cat. Sometimesbi wonder of you two are having a secret love Affair in this virtual world. You talk all dag and wish fleas upon one another... Now tell me that isn't love.

    1. Forgive all of the mistakes in the previous message. Autocorrect seems to be working full force today.

  7. *raises hand*

    I blog at work. All the time. What? It makes the day go faster!

    Rhyme Time is the best. :-)

  8. @Pat...Oh, I'm SO glad that you enjoy the fact that you torture me!!!! And, yes, I got caught staring the Wendy's man down like he was some hot stud. My manager just went ooohhhh kayyyy!! I'm glad you find that funny as well!! Sigh...You don't gain points. You lose them.

    And leave my elbows alone!!!!!!!!! What are you going to wish on them anyways? Snow? for them to glow? a perched crow????

  9. @Alicia...You can't have a love affair with a cat!!!!!! Sigh...I sense some jealousy...I mean you and I do talk all day too. Hmmm...

    I kid, I kid.

  10. That's hilarious! I find that blogging provides a welcome diversion. :)

  11. Oh yes that fact is enjoyed much. I'm sure the Wendy's man is smiling upon high too. I lose points too, well maybe my goal is to get a huge negative from you?..hahaha

    Hmmm I can fill your elbows with creepy zombie foot toes. Toes that grow right out of the skin, would that be a win?..hahaha

    You realize one can have a love affair with a cat right? But that would put your creepy cupid to shame, as some sicko does it at their mat. It's legal in some states the images you just put in my head.

    Jealous of a cat? hahaha I must score big for that.

  12. @Pat...Legal, maybe? Accepted, I don't think so!!! Imagine going to a formal dinner and your +1 is a feline!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!

    If you wish zombie toes to sprout from my elbows, I will wish claws upon your paws!! ( have those already, don't you?? Apparently I'm bad at being mean!!)

    Or maybe you REALLY want positive points so you pretend to want negative points so I give you more points to make you positive. Sneaky cat...

  13. Oh man, I dare not visit this site this week. But next week, I'll browse all I want at full volume!

  14. Reading other blogs during my break...that keeps me sane. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration!

  15. Next time I seem to inexplicably burst out laughing for no reason, I am going to remember to use the "I'm conversing with a rhyming cat" excuse.

  16. LOL the cat would wear a little bowtie with his top hat and then run across the table eating a little of this and that.

    Hmmmm you need a alot of work on your insults. But hang around the cat long enough and you can add that to the list too.

    I suppose that could be my logic, but maybe by you thinking from my negative I want positive and am only pretending to want negative to get positive, I really want the negative and not the positive.

  17. hmm visiting blogs while at work, that is a good idea. since ive always got extra time.

  18. @Pat...Hmmm, you seem to know a lot about this! The states it's legal in, that it's physically possible...and now you even have your wardrobe picked out!!! Is there something you never rhymed about that you want to get off your furry, little chest?? hahahaha

    Do I need to add twitching to the list? You wanting negative points to get positive points but really wanting negative points to win logic is making my brain twitch! I don't need the Japanese thinking I'm epileptic too. hahaha

  19. The cat did a post on weird laws way way back. So he knows many, that is all. The cat has no want want to rub his furry little chest up against any human, unless they feed me, then the cat will make an exception...hahaha

    hahaha I'll have that list up to 101 before the year is done. Those Japanese already think your crazy, so why not work with that and add to it...hahahaha

  20. i totally visit blogs while at work too. i'm just waiting for the day i get caught. and then probably fired! i break our internet policy daily.

  21. @Pat...How do you know if they think I'm crazy???? They love me!!! (Unless they love me b/c they think I'm crazy.)

    Well, at least I'm not the girl that walked out with a garbage liner over her head or let her wig sit on her cubicle staring people down! The cat can NEVER make me do that!!!!!!

  22. haha I'd go with the second one but I'm sure they love you a ton..hahaha

    You have a wig? The cat doesn't need to see that...hahaha

  23. @Pat...I do NOT have a wig!! You're talking to the girl with 30 bottles of shampoo. Would she wear a wig?!?!?!?! Sigh...

  24. I love the rhyming cat. What you think about that

  25. Well the way you worded it, like "I'm not the girl that let her wig" made it sound that way..hahaha....just had to cause some dismay. Now you will go wash it fifty times, afraid the wig will come one day..hahahaha

    I like the love fits me like a glove.

  26. @Pat...If you only knew what I put in my hair last night. You may barf. But it was necessary for the health of my head!! Please don't trigger the hair OCD!!!!!!!! Sigh...It may be too late...

  27. Oh man - thank you for giving me my new obsession! When I burst out laughing at work, I try to cover it with some coughs. I'm sure people think I'm dying and contagious.

  28. i always try my best to visit other blogs espcially those i really like.. but you see there's a little small cat in my house who just get mad easily hahahaha he's the little boss and he just don't like his mommy use his laptop!!!! lol

  29. hey, jax! this is a fun post.... :) when i used to work, i loved taking my coffee breaks. we had really strict rules... blogger sites were monitored to see who is going on them.... and yahoo, gmails were all forbidden. i just loved leaving the building to take my coffee break.

    btw, i followed you on pinterest. :)

    have a great wed!

    i absolutely love the look of your blog--said this before, but it's just so pretty!!! you worked with an amazing company! good for you. :)


  30. Pat Hatt is great! I love his blog!

    As for blogging at work, I would if I had a job... I guess blogging is my job, so I do blog at work! Its fun!

  31. his ability to rhyme amazes me...and every commenter turns into a poet, its very surreal there (in a good way)...and I've been busted in meetings laughing at blog posts as well

  32. Okay I will not mess with the hair, I wouldn't want to barf, ewww...haha

  33. Great post...and great clip art...As for visiting other blogs, I try to do it as often as I can....tons of interesting stories, vignettes, diary entries, etc. Makes me feel as if I am a part of a larger community.

  34. Jax that was the name of one of my lizards :)

  35. When I was still working, I would definitely say that it was texting with my friends that kept me sane.

  36. I get half hour breaks every 2-3 hours, and it is almost never enough time to go through my texts and emails, respond to comments on my blog, and then check out other blog posts.

    Oh, and on top of all that, make my moves on Words w/ Friends.

  37. Hahah so many of these are true for me too.

    Thank you so much for your sweet, sweet comment on my blog. You're a doll!


  38. I love both your blog and Pat's. It's so fun reading the comments on his blog ;)

  39. the cat is hysterical. pat's voice is terrific, the comments as good as the posts. as for staying sane at work, i need more work and would love the problem of staying sane during that time. please.

  40. Yeah he's pretty awesome, and he's Canadian.

    We need more Canadians in the blogosphere.

  41. Alright, I'll go check out the Rhyme Time blog.

    I say that the secret to balancing sanity and work is to find what you love and find a way to get paid to do it.

  42. Blogs like this keep me sane at work....

  43. Hahah you are so funny. Unfortunately, my work blocks 98% of blogs that I read- including yours. I would love to be able to read at my desk sporadically- ugh.

  44. perusing the internet. luckily they haven't caught on. hahaha


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