Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All Growed Up!

Saturday is a very special day.
It's my baby boy's Godson's birthday.
He'll be turning a whopping 2 years old.
Holy crap did time fly!!

My cousin is planning a real special party for our special little man.
She even got a special guest coming.  Elmo is supposed to show, but shhh...don't tell!
We'll be serving all sorts of Italian yumminess, delicious Seasame Street cake, and fun party games!
My contributions will be making the desserts, helping set up, and smothering my little Cheese with extra love.

Being the awesome Auntie that I am, I want to spoil the baby rotten!
And not with unlimited hugs and kisses.  Ok..those too!
When he was born, I opened a college savings account for him.  My main birthday gift to him is a significant addition to this account.  Borringggg ZzZz, I know!
So I ran out about bought some Veggie Tales dvds.
I already volunteered to watch these on repeat with him.  That cucumber is so damn catchy!

While that may seem like enough, no baby boy wants desserts, money, or dvds!
They want something fun.
Here's what I came up with as the cherry on top of his birthday sundae!


1.  Ball Pit
An inflatable ball pit sounds so fun that I sort of want one for myself now.
They're safe right?  It's not like you can drown in there?!

2.  PlasmaCar
This just looks like something that a little boy would love!

3.  Fighting Betta Fish
Because nothing says I love you like a fish...
I think my little Cheese would love to watch the fishies!
4.  Swing Set
Every kid enjoys swings and going down the slide!
For the love of God, I still even walk to the park sometimes just to swing.


Well, those are my 4 ideas of what to buy a 2 year old for his birthday.

What are your birthday present suggestions for a toddler?


  1. Okay that plasmaCar is freaking awesome. He is going to love Elmo. I love how close you are to him. My Godson just turned two months old and it amazes me how much i love him. I never knew this kind of love before.. its so beautiful. Take pictures sweetness.

  2. I can't top that ball pit. That would be a great fun gift. You'd own that child and he'd never forget you either. Although the gift of the college fund is the best thing you can do and it is one he and his parents will appreciate when he's older. Have fun eating the cake, it's the best part of a kids party!!

  3. Swingset! Those are bestest.

  4. haha I want the bouncing ball pit for myself too. I feel so childish, as they all look cool..hahaha

    Watch them on repeat, oh God! Now you'll really have cebu and even more songs going..hahaha...after the 50th time you may start to regret watching them on repeat..hahaha

    That's a very nice Auntie too making a college savings account for him, may not be appreciated now but surely will when the time comes.

    And yeah you can still walk to the park and swing with ease, as you fit right in with all the kiddies LMAO.

    Oh and you didn't think a rhyming cat would let you down did you? This would be awesome too, I'd have one but Pat would prob break the ceiling..hahaha Haba Ship's See-Saw

  5. @Pat...LOL Right? I can see myself washing each and every ball though. I don't want my baby getting sick from some little, floating germy. bleh!

    As of now, I'm leaning towards the ball pit. I think he may be a little too young for the fish and my cousin might get pissed b/c then she has to feed it. LOL!

    LMAO! I've watched those V-Tales songs way more than 50 times already and never get sick of them. I Love My Lips gets me grooving every time. hahaha (Shh, don't tell!)

    Haba Ship's See Saw? I'm looking into that right now! I never doubted you, cat :)

  6. Toddlers love to jump and the ball pit would be a great way for them to use all their energy.

  7. Toddlers love to jump and the ball pit would be a great way for them to use all their energy.

  8. Dang Jax, I wish I was your Godchild. You give great gifts. You ever consider "Chards of Glass" From Saturday Night Live?

  9. LOL sadly I would wash each ball too, making sure I de-germed the thing good before hand..hahaha

    Yeah, plus the fish aren't as interactive so they may be fun to watch for a while but then they'll lose their appeal, where as the bouncing ball pit won't.

    Can't say I recall that one, will have to youtube it.

  10. @Pat...Sigh. We think alike.

    Please youtube it!!! Please, please, please! It's so cute! You'll thank me as you sit in your cubby singing "...I had to kiss my great aunt rooth. She had a beard. And it felt weird"...

  11. Your Godson is so incrredibly lucky to have you in his life. You can see how much you love him in every post you have included him in.
    I actually bought my Godson one of the toddler scooters and helmet for his birthday. He loved it!

  12. @Pat...That boat see saw is awesome!! Omg, do you think I could fit in it?! (Don't answer that...) He'd love that!

  13. My daughter loved the ball put at that age. I have pictures of her smiling in it. That's a great gift!

  14. i love that little car! and the fish of course.

  15. Dude, I love Larry. Silly Songs With Larry are the best Veggie Tales thing ever! At one time I had every punk rock kid in Sacramento randomly singing, "We Are The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything." Good stuff.

    I always bought art supplies and learning stuff for my nephews. Boring aunty!

  16. From what I've heard parents say there kid likes to play with my answer to the question is: the box any gift comes in.

  17. Okay, I'm an adult and I want that PlasmaCar!

  18. haha will give it a look when things settle down at the work nook, as I'm the only one, not.

    See the cat always comes through..haha...I looked at it and it can hold up to 172lbs or there abouts, so yeah could hold you with ease(like that was ever in It could even hold me..haha

  19. A college account??? Wow, you are awesome. That is so thoughtful beyond your years and I'm impressed. The other gifts are awesome too!!! Though I don't want the Betta fish to actually fight :(

  20. Lol! I love your ideas, and it's so sweet that you got him Veggie Tales and care about his future education. :)

  21. @Pat...Oh that stinks! They make you work your poor little butt off. hahaha No worries, once Pat and The Cracks get their breakthrough, you'll never have to work again! Well, except for crack scouting. hahaha

    172lbs?! Omg, I just hit 100lbs last month! We're golden. Me and my little cheese can see saw all day together!! LOL

    I remember you saying that you're an aries. That means your bday is coming up too. I think you should make a birthday wish list with that as #1. Veggie Tales dvd as #2. And a creepy cupid singing telegram as #3... hahahahaha Ok, I'm done now. lol

  22. You're a good auntie. Little kids love strange things like cardboard boxes. If you were close to me, I'd give you all of mine and y'all could make a cardboard castle :)

  23. Yeah some dumb meeting they are all in, explaining crap to the members, which will take a while as they whine A LOT. LOL I think I can handle crack scouting, would beat this anyday..haha..well almost, sure there are a few that would make me wish I stayed here.

    hahaha there you go, you can seesaw all day long, rain or shine.

    LOL well the cats would 100% take the seesaw over, the veggie tales dvd would add another to my wall and that last one, no way hosa. I'll barricade the door shut..hahahaha...take his age on saturday minus that from yours and then add that number to saturday's date and poof there you go. Or it's just one month exactly after the cat's or my favorite show, if you're tired of adding..haha

  24. Just so you know, the fighting Betta fish really do fight. When I was in undergrad the guys would host Betta fish parties and it was DISGUSTING! FYI

    And then I do love the ball pit. Reminds me of McDonalds before it was sketchy!

  25. @Pat...LOL aww, don't barricade Creepy Cupid! He just wants to sing you happy birthday!!! I take no blame for what he decides to do with his arrows though... hahaha

    You made me do all that adding just to say your favorite show??? Sigh...I should've known I would get a riddle out of you. LOL! I deserve bonus points for all that adding plus a few extra for remembering you're an aries!

  26. wow you have some great gift ideas. I got a book for my nephews 2nd birthday

  27. hahaha he will not get near me with those arrows and his over sized diaper. The Cracks will be out in full force to take the brunt of his arrows

    hahaha awwww that adding was soo much, I know it must have strained you out..hahahaha...not sure about the adding but you do deserve some bonus points for remembering. Whether or not you get them though, I don't know..haha

  28. get him some skates and a hockey stick :)

  29. @Pat...I demand my bonus points!!!! Or I really well send CreepyCupid over with a singing telegram. ;) hahaha

  30. That ball pit is amazing if you hate your cousin...she'll be picking them up EVERYWHERE. My 2 year old nephew loves his little roller skates that turn into roller blades as he gets better on them. He also loves wrapping paper and doesn't understand that its not his actual present. Have so much fun! Little bitty toddler peanut boys are the best!

  31. I remember flying off of a huge swing set when I was younger and smashing into a huge pile of mulch haha. Nice blog by the way following :)

  32. are an awesome aunt. Do you take on other families?

  33. I'd get him something that's okay if it breaks or doesn't break at all, seems to be what's best in the end.

  34. omg how cute!!!
    i have 2 nieces and they are the cutest too! i love to bring gifts for them when im visiting argentina... sometimes i bring them clothes, sometimes toys! but the best part is to see them of course! :)
    these days i´m sending them an actual postcard on the mail every week. it´s so much fun and they LOVE it! they´re expecting that mail man like crazy! and here in the US they have such a vast amount of card options!
    i think the swing set is a little too much for such a lil guy. prob that can wait until he´s 4 :) i think the ball pit is the best option... but mind that those can be very big! i really like those books that have like buttons that make soudns, so if you wanna spend sometime with him you can read the book and he can press the buttons :) talk about bonding ;)
    anything you give him he´ll probably love anyways... even if its a tupperware lid or the coolest toy.


  35. Aw. I am in a similar boat. My new niece will be born in the next couple weeks. A two-year old is one thing, but a zero-year old is entirely different.

    I want to get her something like a stuffed toy that she will keep for the rest of her life. But those things can't really be forced, I guess.

    Oh, and get him the ball pit.

    Like, 100%. The ball pit.

  36. LOL okay you have them, anything to keep that creeper cupid away...hahaha

  37. @Jannine...Thanks for all the suggestions!!! You're right about the tupperware lid. My baby cheese came across a giant ladel and thinks it's the greatest thing on earth. He cries for that silly thing!! LOL

  38. It looks like it will be so cute and fun!
    And since we're talking about Elmo... have you seen the clip of Elmo redoing LMAO's 'Sexy and I know It'? It's called 'Elmo and I Know It' and is hysterical! If you haven't seen it, go check it out on YouTube... it's so freaking cute! :)

  39. I hope you take pics! That's gonna be an awesome party. AND good for you for opening a college account fund for him. I think that's awesome! He's going to appreciate that when he get's older.

  40. well i kinda know a few things about children. i worked as a children´s birthday entertainer for like 2 years. aaaaaaaaand i have an 8 year old brother. i´ve seen him grow too! :)
    you´re the best godmother just for caring and loving him!

  41. You're such a good GodMother to have these gifts in mind for your little Cheese.


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