Monday, January 16, 2012

Well, if it's not the spark...

Happy Monday everyone!!  For those of you who were graced with a 3 day weekend, what were your big plans?  I spent mine getting my nails did a bright melon color, dyeing Madre's hair jet black, and annoying the hell out of my dogs.  There's my little weiner pooch, Sir Phillip Bluda, posing with his favorite lady :)

During the quality time I spent with Madre today, we embarked on a very interesting topic.  Everyone always tells me that Madre and I have a lot in common (God help me...), but today it became especially apparent.  Turns out her and I love to fawn over hot men, keep our homes in OCD living conditions, and giggle over every little, stupid thing!  The list doesn't end there.  Apparently we also both like to blame relationships not working on a random, stupid quirk or event.  Yes, we know this is dumb.  But life would be oh so boring if we just blamed it on the "spark" missing...

1.  Boring.  This is my usual excuse.  I need excitement.  If you can't hold a conversation, joke around about nonsense, or be open to try new things, then you're not right for me.

2.  Nose Hairs.  I'm 5 foot.  I spend the majority of my life looking up.  That means my view is normally the inside of your nose.  For the love of God, trim your nose hairs!!!  Sure I could've just bought him trimmers, but that would've been too easy...

3.  Spontaneous.  I'm all for sitting around watching a movie or a TV show, but I'm also all about spontaneity and adventure.  So what if I want to drive 3 hours to go to a Waffle House that Robert Downey Jr. ate at once???  Sigh...

4.  Clingy.  I'm independent and love my life.  If you need to be up my butt 24/7 then it's not going to work.

5.  Nail Clipper.  I once broke up with a guy for clipping his nails.  Don't give me that look!!!!  Imagine you're the passenger in a car when your man screams OMG and clips his nail going 60 mph.  Exactly...

6.  Superstitious.  While I may be guilty of this one, there are extremes!!  My ex's mother used to dip leaves in oil and than wave them in face.  I used to have some weird smoke machine waved under my armpits to ward off spirits before I entered the door.  I could make a whole post about the weird things they made me do...

7.  Bathroom.  Men in a bathroom...yuck.  Between shavings in the sink, pee on the rim of the bowl, and God knows whatever else they do in there, this is a classic excuse for me.  Bad bathroom habits kill my OCD...

Madre and I were cracking up over a cup of tea and a bowl of gingerbread men reminiscing about all these different things.  That's when she started talking about her current gentleman caller.  We can refer to him as TheSnitz.  Why TheSnitz?  Because I don't like him.  Just by the way she speaks about him, I can tell that "it" isn't there.  That's when Madre asked me the big question and gave me the go ahead to ask you:

How do you get a man to shave his head?
See where I'm going with this?  Like mother, like daughter...



  1. Plant lice in his hair?

    Or is that too much?

  2. If I can finish your sentences in my head I can't get away fast enough. I so appreciate your posts. You never just 'phone it in'. Thank you for being interesting.

  3. As a man who has a shaved head I can tell you that if you tell a guy he is losing his hair he will be more willing to make the jump. However the real key will be how his head looks without hair. I am lucky, I have a good head for it but boy I have seen some bald guys that need to wear a hat at all times.

  4. Your mother is just as funny as you Jax! HaHaHa I can't stand a man with long nails or nose hairs. Ewwww! Just go away. LOL Sir Phillip is just too cute. That's a great pic of the both of you. I can't wait to see who you marry! That's gonna be funny. The stories. The stories. We have to stay blogging buddies. HaHaHa

  5. Love the blog hun! Happy to be your newest follower <3

    Can't wait to read more!

    Visit sometime, and follow back ?


  6. Nose hair!!! I think I love you for saying this!! Nose hair trimmers aren't expensive.

    And clipping your nails in the car is weird. Sometimes people do it at work (I am in an office environment) and I grosses me out. I swear, some people act like they have never been out in public before.


  7. You need to take yor show on the road! Thanks for making me laugh and fee free to drop by me too, soon.

  8. A veiled promise of many kinky things will normally convince a man to do anything. Just don't write anything down on paper though and you should be able to weasle out of it.

    Also, I was really confused at the start of this post. In Irish, Madre means Dog. So when you said you had dyed Madre's hair black and had the picture of the cute little weiner dog I instantly jumped to the wrong conclusion.

  9. When I was single and dating, boring and clingy were the kiss of death. I like the nose hair one. I'm 5"1' and can relate to that. My hubby shave his head a few months ago. I tell him he looks sexy. Now I need to find a way to get him to trim his beard!

  10. Knock him out with some pills or something and get to shaving. Say he got drunk and did it and then walla! LOL I hate bad bathroom habits too and it sure as heck isn't just men, I've met plenty of women who have nasty ones.

  11. Oh yeah and cute weiner too! That sounds so wrong.

  12. i imagine you and your mom talking about this!!! but hey i can tell you we're more or less alike :)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  13. I love it. Maybe you can develop a handout for the next potential guy, and I can loan him our kids portable potty so he can keep it in his car--thus eliminating all the yuck guy things going on around the toilet.

  14. cute blog as a man i feel i need to follow this for more info ^^

  15. i can't stand the sound of nails being clipped for some reason. although, the person that has their office next to me clips thiers every morning and it drives me crazy!

  16. aaainnns! Im agree! but my son is nice and cute(lol) also in the bathroom!
    Love your picture!

  17. My husband bites his nails, and it drives me insane! He also has horrible bathroom habits. There's just some things I didn't find out about him until after we married.

  18. Hygiene = so key! You wouldn't think you had to actually list that as criteria...

  19. Aw...Sir Phillip is adorable. And he poses so nicely! :)

    Love your excuses here. I live with 5 men...yep the bathroom thing is a real problem.

    clipping nails while driving? are you serious?

  20. Oh my gosh, the nose hairs. I'm 5'1'' and know EXACTLY what you're talking about :)

    Since Im married now, I live with a boy 24/7 and let me just tell you... bathroom habits do NOT get better. I'm slightly OCD, too. Gross me out.

  21. Nice post! :)
    +1 Follower !

    Visit my blog ! :)

  22. I say she should get him drunk and when he passes out...shave it for him, place the clippers in his hand and then tell him he did it when he was all sorts of wasted.

  23. why does the head need to be shaved?

  24. Lol clipping his nails? Come on now. At least he didn't have grizzly cliff hangers. I'm giggling at this one. Thanks for the laugh.

  25. Well if that isn't the cutest picture of you and the pup then I don't know what is.

    Thanks for your comment today - love, the lady with 6th grade bangs


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