Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To PETA, or Not To PETA

So I get out of work yesterday and my friend, AReliableSource, was stuck in the parking lot.  The poor guy's battery died because he never shut his lights off.  Being the nice person that I am, I volunteered some of TheLoveBug's juice to jump start his monster truck.  Ok, so it was just a Blazer...but to TheLoveBug that's still monstrous!!  Turns out she just wasn't strong enough to give that beast a kick start.  My poor girl was left out of breathe and weak from that bad boy!!

While my innocent, little car was being violated by that he-man, AReliableSource and I got into a whole conversation about PETA.  You all know how I am all for animal rights.  For those of you who are new, I'm being vegetarian for a year to save animals.  I do this meatless cleanse every other year.  That being said, sometimes PETA is on point and sometimes they just goes too far.  

Do you recognize that cute, little Italian guy up there???  That's Mario!!!  PETA unleashed the hate on Super Mario Brothers and its' Tanooki suit.  Apparently this is against animal rights.  

Immediate Reaction:  A virtual (just to clarify, virtual means NOT REAL) character wearing a virtual costume is apparently against animal rights.   What's the Jax opinion on this?  Jax thinks that people need hobbies.  If people are so concerned with animal rights, go rescue a dog from an animal shelter.  Leave the damn video games to the techies.  And who's to say that Mario's suit isn't faux fur???!!??  

You can find proof of this
Warning:  Do not watch the video on the PETA website if you have a weak stomach or are easily disturbed.  That video had me in tears.

Educated Reaction:  I completely agree with PETA.  To skin an animal alive is not only cruel and inhumane, but it's sickening.  The research I did on real life Tanooki suits and fur has me sick to my stomach.  It's funny how your opinion changes after you educate yourself.   No living creature should be subjected to the fate of being skinned alive or bludgeoned to death for a fashion statement.  While Mario may be an extreme method of lashing out, it got people's attention.

I went from thinking PETA was being silly, to a full on supporter.
Was I manipulated by the organization, or do you agree with their stand?



  1. I've been a vegetarian for almost eight years, but I think sometimes PETA can go too far. While I agree that skinning an animal alive is cruel, I don't necessarily think that Mario should be the poster child for this cause.

  2. i totally agree. sometimes i think pete makes really great points and other times i'm baffled by the connection or think it may have gone just a bit too far.

  3. this is great post! i often hear some people being vegan just for the sake of not eating meat and not really know what the big deal with being vegan.

  4. well... i´m not a vegetarian, but i´m totally against the business of fur. i always say the same thing... being that humans have managed to develop clothing in a very smart way, with break through technology when it comes to designing fabric, it really makes no sense anymore to rely on animal skin for "warmth". you can´t blame cavemen, because they didn´t have "The North Face" back then to keep them fleece-d up. i think that unfortunately the fur business revolves around the fact that it represents luxury and hence, status. which is total bs.
    so i guess i´m a PETA supporter! i guess mario can wear sth else. even if its virtual, it could still "influence" in the wrong way.



  5. Yeah skinning animals alive is just sickening, even dead curls my stomach. Humans think they can do whatever they want, stupid. But the PETA blaming Mario? Is a crock of bs.

    How many kids see mario in a raccoon or frog suit and instantley think let's go skin a frog? Answer, only the nut case ones, who through bad parenting, that would do it to begin with. The worst thing any normal kid would do is want the suit for halloween, which of course would be fake. Any adult that plays Mario, is more than likely a videogame nut who sits around on their butt. The last thing they are going to do get off their overgrown behind and go out and skin an animal.

    It's the same with those nutcases blaming videogames for kids shooting people. The kid was a whack job or messed up before hand and the parents shouldn't use videgames as a babysitter and actually monitor them. It all starts at home, but people are to busy whining and blaming everyone else for their problems to wake up and smell the bs they are shoveling. There is my rant for the day...haha

  6. Yeah Peta going after Mario is pretty stupid. They need to understand Japanese mythology to get the Tanooki thing.

  7. PETA are such trolls!

    Their attention whory antics completely outweight any sense that they make as far as animal rights. If they were a legitimate, serious organization, they wouldn't pull such stunts.


  8. @Pat...Did my post get to you today??? Holy rant!!! lol I agree that Mario has nothing to do with making children skin animals. When I first heard about this, I was like omg how dumb. Plus, how do that know that Marios virtual raccoon suit wasn't virtual fake fur??? But, in the end, the stupidty peaked my interest enough to research what they do to those poor Tanooki animals!!! So in a way, they were smart enough to be dumb enough to get peoples attention. If that makes sense...lol

  9. @B...aww poor little Mario. It's not his fault they designed him that way!!!! Trolls? I guess it's safe to say that you are not a PETA supporter.

  10. I agree with you Jax! That's a virtual character. Unless they feel kids will want costumes that look like that and feel they will use the real deal. But a costume (even)? Doubt it would be real! Oh gosh they got on Reese Witherspoon about a snakeskin bag she was sporting. She stopped carrying it, but I watched the video. Ugggh horrific! I didn't know they did all of that. Horrible even to kill a snake. Great post.

  11. LOL smart enough to be dumb enough, love that.

  12. Love the comment about when you educate yourself your opinion changes. I"m not really into PETA but they do have some great points. I don't wear fur but I do eat meat. I'm I a hypocrite?

  13. Hahha I love the tanooki suit, he's so cute in it. For the record, I'm totes veg.

  14. PETA jumped the shark years ago. They're like the Rush Limbaugh of animal rights. Completely absurd and seeming to be outlandish on purpose, to garner attention. I was a member in the late 80s, and early 90s, but cut all affiliation when they started going overboard. Sad really, as they are what people think of first when they think of animal rights. I believe in animal rights, and I want nothing to do with them.

  15. I like that you took the time to research it after your initial reaction. I think everyone could benefit from doing a little more research here and there. I do feel that PETA crosses the line sometimes though. I may agree with some of their beliefs but not always the way they share them.

  16. I love animals and protecting them, but PETA is far too shady with their dealings for me to support them. I'll go for the WWF instead :]

  17. Oh god how I hate PETA. Ive had run ins with them at my health food store. Well PETA supporters im not sure. Anyway I hate hate hate hate hate PETA with a unholy passion.

    Like you said. If you care so much about animals go rescue them, go pay for vet bills for sick animals, do something. Bitching about animal abuse on the internet where most people think your crazy doesn't help the animals lol.

    Its nice they care about animals but dam..you go about it all wrong.

    Anyway rant over lol. Im not a vegetarian but I commend you for doing it.

  18. I think PETA does really good things, but sometimes they go a little overboard. However, I had no idea that there were real Tanooki suits. I cannot watch the video, because it will just make me cry.


  19. Peta are just extremists... I love animals and all that stuff and dont skin things but we go around telling ppl not to be so extreme and not to blow things up and then we have Peta for whom shock tactics seems to be the way they like to convey their message.

  20. I'm pretty much with you here.. I agree with them but sometimes they do go too far. However, like you said- they get people talking and I think that is their main goal. Which in fact, does highlight the issue.

  21. partners are posted. Go check it.

  22. Too far, but PeTa is known for doing whatever it takes to get noticed.
    Getting caught up on your blog, and I start sentences with SO a lot too! I had no idea I did it until a few years ago.

  23. Good for you for standing up for your beliefs.

    As with any large and money-making organization, I watch them closely--good intentions are sometimes lost.

  24. Yes, people do need hobbies. I concur. Mario is not real.

  25. if the goal was to get people to talk about the morality of fur in the modern world, peta probably did a good job of going after mario. i have one conviction on my record, and that's for peacefully demonstrating against fur in beverly hills. someday i'll write about it. i've been saying that for a while:) basically, i sat down in a fur store and asked customers not to buy fur. funny but true:) i cooperated with the police and took the conviction and did a small amount of jail time instead of taking probation. we can bicker about the morality of eating meat in the modern world and the use of animals in laboratories and entertainment, i suppose, but it's easy to see the evil in purchasing fur today. and, well, i want to go to the grave taking a few stands against some obvious injustices in this weird world. that's just me:)

    i agree with you, peta would have been better off simply announcing that mario was wearing a faux suit and invited the company to deny it. but they raised awareness, and that's considered a victory when you are aware of the numbers of animals killed in the manner they are.


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