Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sis Adore the Enemy

This was a birthday weekend.
It was Sis's birthday.
She has been my best friend since we were little kids.
She turned 24.
Friday, we all went out to a local bar to celebrate her getting old birthday.
Just to prove that we really are getting old, we were all home by 1am.

Happy Birthday Sis!!!!

She's a keeper!!

Has anyone heard of Adore hair dye?  When I went to the lady who does my hair Friday (because all of you with that shampoo rant had me paranoid...), she noticed that my naturally dark hair was finally getting hints of the red in it.  Well, it's 3 dye jobs later and it's still just a HINT of red.  To get the job done, she suggested the above semi-permanent hair dye.  It's supposed to stain your hair into a very bright color and then slowly wash out over the course of a month.  Since I'm brave and can always dye it back to black, I'm going to test this dye out today.  Here's to not looking like an Oompa Loompa!  Which I recently found out is the name of a gang in Queens.  The Oopmas!!  Sigh...


...and finally...As you all know, the Giants and the Patriots are going to the Superbowl.  My poor boys are being blasted here in NY, and I can barley say anything without getting jumped.  The cover of every Newspaper here is headlined with "The End of Brady" and "Patriots Suck".  I went into the deli Saturday morning, and there's a football pool labeled "Patriots, Boooo" and "Kill em Eli".  I listen to the radio, and it's all covered songs BASHING poor New England.  I'm surrounded by the enemy. 

Sending my boys some love from the shit talking NY <3

What did you do this weekend???



  1. Hubby's pals are coming over for the super bowl. And where will I be. Oh yeah. WORKING! FML.

    Never heard of that shampoo before, but since I have black people hair, I need to watch what I used. Some stuff dries the hair out and some makes it even kinkier than before. Depends on the ingredients.


  2. Happy Birthday to your sis Jax! Glad you ladies had a great time. You guys are so not old. HAHAHA Ohhh, I can't wait to hear about the new hair color! HAHAHA Ahhh, Brady vs. Eli I like both, but my favorite is Brady. The superbowl shall be interesting indeed. Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. Give it another year or two and the bars won't seem appealing much at all, lost my taste for them a while ago.

    LOL if you look like an Oompa Loompa be sure and take pics.

    You might want to duck and cover, or at least cover, don't think you'd need to duck much..haha...those New Yorkers sound mean, I hope they lose.

  4. ...Happy Birthday to Sis!

    Regarding recent years, the G-Men do seem to have Brady's number. They've figured out that if you pressure him with a heavy blitz, the rest of the team struggles. But who knows...Brady's due ;)


  5. You can rub it in everyone's face when the Pats win.

  6. Sound like dangerous place to be a Pats fan

  7. Happy Birthday to your sis! And yeeeahh, you definitely are in enemy territory in NY. Gonna be a rough few weeks for you...

  8. she should do something with her hair, it looks plain and boring in that pic :) get it styled for her as a bday gift

  9. It's refreshing to hear how close you are with your sister.

    Good luck with the dye. I have not heard of that before. You'll have to show pictures.

  10. Whatta babe! And the same age as me too, gotta love us twentysomethings.

  11. Happy Birthday to your sis Jax. She would most definitely qualify for the SHBD list as well, but you can keep that your secret if you like. ;)

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR SIS!! She's so cute! lol

    i have never heard of adore and it sounds really interesting. i dyed my hair BRIGHT red before and am dying to do it again but its soooo much bleach damage to me. and oh man... how can you live in NY and be a patriots fan? you must be getting killed! lol we here in jersey are giants fans [well my husband is, i am by association] so i cant help you too much lol but he told me to tell you "you're going down!!"

  13. send my greetings to your sister!!! she's beautiful just like you :)
    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  14. HAppy Birthday to your Sis...and go Patriots!

  15. Go Pats! I got your comment on my blog, come on into SL and I'm sure my wife will hook you up with a Hernandez inspired jersey!!

  16. I like how you worked everything in the title. Happy Birthday to your sister.

  17. Your sis is so cute! My daughter uses dye like that all the time. It comes out super-bright at first. But it does fade in time. When you do it, take a pic for us. I'm so out of the loop on the Superbowl, but can imagine how horrible it would be to live in the opponents State. We're the same way with rugby. I get vicious about it. I hope the Patriots win!

  18. I can tell you are sisters. You are lucky to have her. My sister had to move to Australia so that her and I could be as far away from each other as we could.

  19. If you are surrounded by enemies then it just means you have to struggle longer, harder and more in order to cheer your team to success! That way when they win you can point and laugh at everyone else!

    Also, Happy Birthday to the sister unit!

  20. photos of the dye if it goes wrong plz :D and she does look like a keeper ^_^

  21. Happy belated birthday to your sister.

    I guess all the sports reporters were stuck on how Gronk was moving when he departed the plane into Indy yesterday. Still in the walking boot, but will certainly play this weekend.

  22. I celebrated a friend's birthday! Happy birthday to your sister. :) I hope she had a lovely day!


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