Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scrub a dub dub, 3 Men in a tub...

Before I go on to today's post, I just need to say Holy Revenge!!!  This show just keeps getting juicier.  You know it's really a good show when I'm watching it for the plot and not for an!  I got so excited when part of my prediction turned out to be true!  If you haven't checked it out yet, you really should.  Like, right now...

I googled Revenge pictures and this came up.  It made me smile.  You're welcome!!

I've spent the past 2 months rekindling my romance with MrBikeRide.  Remember him?  He's my ex from 2 years ago that my father hates with a passion.  Having enough of the games, I ended things with him last week.  I flat out told him that we broke up for a reason and that things just weren't going to work out.  We were both rekindling our romance just because we were bored.  We both deserve better than that.  He barely argued against it so I figured that would be the end of that.

Saturday came and I went on to carry out my usual routine of sitting at my dad, TheViking's, dry cleaners.  This is where I socialize and man hunt.  Don't judge!  That's when I got a text message from MrBikeRide saying "Looking sexy behind the counter ;)".  Annoyed and a little confused, I put the phone down and never answered the text.  That's when he called and I realized that he was outside of TheViking's shop.  Sad part is MrBikeRide is WELL aware that TheViking does not like him.  Does he have a death wish showing up at TheViking's shop?  In attempt to stop a huge braul that was destined to go down, I ran outside and jumped in his car.  MrBikeRide wasn't having any of it.  He insisted on going inside and saying hello to the man that would love to knock him out.  Lovely...

As I hesitantly got out of the car, I spotted him.  Who's him?  Let's call him CrazyMan...  CrazyMan was walking dancing into TheViking's laundry mat to imaginary music.  He wasn't just boppin to the fake music, he was totally getting jiggy with it!  I try to avoid people like this, so I rushed into the cleaners under the protection of my daddy.

That's when CrazyMan snapped.  He turned around and started screaming at the tops of his lungs.  He called my dad, TheViking, every name in the book.  He threatened to bash us when his album drops in 2012 (He clearly has no concept of time...).  That's when CrazyMan let slip what was really bothering him.  So what was causing his invisible panties to bunch up? 

"I just want YOU to wash MY feet!!!!!"
Would you wash those suckers????  Gag, barf, twitch...
While TheViking still despises MrBikeRide, he has a new found respect for him.  My ex had my father's back and helped to escort CrazyMan from the establishment.  It's funny how things happen.  I end things and then CrazyMan assists in developing a relationship between them.  Oh well.  Better late than never...

What extreme circumstance took place for your (wo)man to get in with the family?



  1. When I first was dating my hubby, his sisters hated me. They did everything they could to cause drama. One day, things got really heated tween bro and sis, so myself, hubs, his mom and one of the sister's boyfriend's all had a little chat in the living room about why his sister was acting like such a meanie.

    Well, boyfriend tried to call me sweetie, and two seconds later I said to him "Don't ever call me sweetie". Looked at my MIL and she winked at me. She's loved me like a daughter since then. She said she knew right then that I had spunk and she liked that about me. :-)

    That's how I got my husband's family to love me.

  2. First of all, I hate you because the image of those nasty feet will be in my head for the rest of the day.

    My boyfriend met my family at Thanksgiving this year. We had only been dating about two months at the time, and he did really well. My folks are to the point that as long as a guy is nice to me, they're supportive.

    They don't love his religion, or the fact that he's broke, but they love the fact that he accepts me 100% for who I am, which is no easy task.

  3. Oh, my gosh! That's so crazy! Maybe it was a good thing after all?

  4. @Sporkgasm...aww I'm sorry about the feet! But I'm telling you, they were prob worse than that!

    @Leslie...It would've been a good thing 2 years ago. But I'm so over it now. Well who knows, maybe in another 2 years we'll try round 3! hahaha

  5. My parents liked my now husband from day 1. He came over to their house and cooked them dinner. He totally wowed them through their bellies...not long after he wowed them through their hearts.

  6. oh my goooooodness! those feet are enough to make me want to throw my fajitas from last night right up!



  7. HAHAHA! Jax, it's funny how things end up working out. What an extreme case though! LOL I wish I had a story to tell.

  8. Its weird how things can work out at the oddest time! Do you meet a lot of men working at a dry cleaners?

  9. @Bersecules...I don't work at the dry cleaners. I just hang out there for rush hour on Saturdays.

    Do I meet a lot of men? Yes. But very few of substance. Only went out with about 4.

  10. Hmph I need to go find me a dry cleaners, four is better then what I got going on lately..haha

    And those hairy feet, nasty. I never knew hair could grow that much down there. Thanks for the visual.

    Hey! Maybe you can hire him to go get your a Tarsier, he could hide it in his feet, customs would never find it..haha

  11. @Pat...Your little Philippine monkey had me cracking up all day. My entire office was in on it. They all had an idea on how to get one here. When they came up with the suitcase filled with stuffed animals, I was on the floor. The thing w/ them tho, I never know when they're joking. Watch them be serious and deliver!!

    and the feet thing may work. But that poor little baby will be scarred for life. That's the one I'll send to Canada. Have fun bathing that!! Hope it don't get foot fungus....

  12. I can just imagine that and the cat going at it..haha And foot fungus ewww, but I'm sure with your ocd he'll be clean upon arrival. Be soooo funny if they got you one too.

  13. I want to hang out at that dry cleaners! It sounds so entertaining. Once my dad hates someone, that's it. No budging ever.

  14. Gotta love how the tables turn and things end up in the end. I can't answer your question as I have yet to aquire such a creature as a significant other, but I'm sure once I do, it'll make a good comment for this blog post!

  15. yayy i love spogebob, he's my favorite =^_^=


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