Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Revenge of a Rumpologist Fridger!

Happy Thursday!!, who watched Revenge last night???  Talk about an amazing show!!  I already wrote down all my predictions and e-mailed them to my closest friends and family.  Psh, like you never did that!  What was that?  You haven't seen Revenge yet?!  Right after you're done reading this post, head on over to and catch up!!  It's such a good show so don't give me no excuses.  You'll thank me later for being so pushy about it.  ;)

Fridging:  Do you all remember what planking is?  I posted about it here in My Best Friend, Plank.  Well, planking is so two months ago!!!  If you've been keeping up on the trends then you know all about owling, plowling, and batmanning.  No worries, I'll explain...  Owling is to perch on something like an owl.  Plowling is to owl on someone while they are planking.  Batmanning is to hang upside down by just your toes.  I think they make special shoes specifically for this.  Sigh...  Don't believe me?  Well, here's some pictures!

Don't you feel so much more intelligent now that you saw those pictures?  Well, I'm about to blow all of your minds!!  According to Glamour magazine, (and for the love of God, we ALWAYS listen to Glamour!!), planking, owling, plowling, and batmanning are all things of the past!!  We as a society have moved on to more sophisticated and intelligent endeavors.  The new "it" thing to do is fridging.  To fridge is to sit in a refrigerator.  You're confused?  Well, here's some pictures!

All hail the original Fridger!!  Aren't you all jealous of her skill?!
Ok, well now here is my BIG question:  Do I get bonus points if I can fridge a mini fridge???

Oh wait, Snooki beat me to it!!  
Rumpology:  Just in case I didn't lower your IQs enough, I figured that I'd introduce you to something new I learned today.  It all started with AReliableSource and I having another one of our crazy discussions.  Remember the guy that taught me about Freegans?  Yea, him!  Well, we got the entire office talking about palm reading and whatnot.  All we wanted to know was which hand determines our destiny.  Is it the left hand or the right hand that brings messages of doom?  So what did LMF do?  I googled it, of course!  That's where I stumbled across the website of a famous Rumpologist.  Have you ever heard of Rumpology?  Let me introduce you...

Rumpology is very similar to palm reading, only it uses a different body part.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  Out there in the world there are people predicting the future based on the dimples and indents of the buttocks.  Who knew that your rump knew all??  You're too shy to moon a psychic?  No worries, I found a website for you where the rumpologist will take photographs.  Here's the link. 

Are you still not convinced this is real??  Well, being the person that I am, I did some serious research on Ms. Stallone's credibility.  It turns out that she made a few very famous predictions!  This rumpologist was able to predict the results of the presidential election based on the rump of her Doberman Pinschers.  Now I know you're convinced!!!

Would you ever consider getting your rump read?
If you do, I want to hear all about it! hahaha



  1. Without you, I'd never be up-to-date on these things, but I don't think I'll be taking a picture of my butt anytime soon. I don't think I'll be owling either, but I'd know what others were doing. Lol

  2. I am with Miranda--I don't have the patience to be hip in such things.

    I think a personally examination of me would end more than one rumpologist's career.

  3. hahaha this is so pathetic it's funny. Where to people come up with this crap? I guess I'm out of date too.

    Rumpology..LOL...I think I'd prob blind the psychic. Would I do it? I suppose anything is possible.

  4. i'm not sure i'd ever get my rump read. kind of interesting though that it's even a thing! and i've never watch revenge, but hear nothing but good things about it.

  5. @Slamdunk...I was looking through the link I've posted. There were some funky looking behinds. If that didn't break the Rumpologist, I don't think anything will!

    @Pat...If you do visit a Rumpologist, please post all about ittt!! hahaha

  6. i got a big butt and i cannot lie, so that would be my prediction!
    TVD tonightttt! i'll be wearing ian's fave color,purple. ok, maybe i don't know that for sure, but once i dreamed he said he liked purple on me.
    i digress.
    REVENGE! omg. omg.
    and i swear we always comment each other at the same time. twinsies? bffs? totes.
    note, i never say totes.

  7. LOL! owling, what next? cool blog now following

  8. i haven't seen this REVENGE.. i'm wondering if its in italian channel!
    but i've seen jersey shore :)
    about rumpology.. hmm this is really interesting hahahaha lol.
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  9. I don't know how I ever went through life without knowing all of that! Thanks for keeping me up to date in the latest trends! How ever can I repay you?

    And no, I wouldn't let someone read my rump. I just don't know how my rump could be used for any legit life altering predictions.

  10. This post has fed me my 'hipster's worth! Gosh I can't keep up with the new trends!

    As for Revenge, it's out here in a weeks time or so, hope it's good!

    I'll be sure to give 'Fridging' a go in high summer, as it's gets way hot in Greece! Plus I also have an industrial size fridge!


  11. Thanks for the updates on the latest trends. Lool!! I don't know if any of that stuff is happening in the UK. If it is, I'm out of touch with it.

    Anyway I enjoyed your article. You always make me laugh!! :-)

  12. This post made me die. I would love to see a rumpologist. I wonder if my butt says I'm going to be successful. Baaaahahahah. You know this weekend I'm going to have to much wine and try to fridge.

  13. Me and my bro tried batmaning and I fell on my face! derp

  14. i really do feel up to date on useful things happening in the world that i can bring up randomly in conversation, if i so choose. once i had a job where i crouched down on my haunches to rest when i could. who knew i was owling, right there on the floor. i don't even know what haunches are. i just know it's an expression.

  15. New meaning to the term "Smartass"! haha. Let's go back though, I have never heard of Owling, Plowling or Batmanning but they are all hilarious. Planking was so dumb that I actually really enjoyed people doing it. These are all so funny.

    But back to the rump reading, hilarious. And I love the Snooki picture, I remember that episode.

  16. I haven't caught Revenge yet, but I feel like I am missing out. I want to catch up on it.

    No, I would never get my rump read, but I appreciate those that would. Why not?


  17. These are all new to me... glad to know now:D I suddenly feel I am more up to date! hehe

  18. trends trends trends... hahaha stresses me out

  19. My parents are so hooked on Revenge. Everyone loves it. I watched it once...jury is still out but I am willing to give it another shot :)

  20. My parents are so hooked on Revenge. Everyone loves it. I watched it once...jury is still out but I am willing to give it another shot :)

  21. LOL Hell 2 the NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! A guy must've thought about reading a rump. Now I have that crazy ass rumpshaker song in my head. LOL

  22. I've surfed the net more than three hours today, these are all new to me... glad to find you blog:) thanks!


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