Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ready, Set, Go!!!

Usually I post my sexy Ian Somerhalder and Chris Zylka pictures on Friday, but they are too hot to keep waiting.  Talk about sexy, topless men with a full set of teeth!  Yum :)  Are we all watching Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle tonight??  If you need a good reason to watch those shows, just scroll up.  Ok...that's long enough.  Scroll back down now...

I'm sure you all heard about the Mayans, Planet X, and all the other silly theories why the earth is going to come to an end this year.  Apparently, December 21, 2012 is the day of doom.  don, don, doonnnn!  While I don't believe that civilization is going to suddenly come to an abrupt halt on that day, you never know what the future will hold.  There are so many things that I want to do before the world explodes.  With the clock ticking, I figured that I better start.  Here's my before the end of the world bucket list:

1.  Prioritize.  As I mentioned previously, my motto for 2012 is to "prioritize the people that prioritize you".  No longer will I go out of my way for the people that wouldn't do it in return.  Jax is a push over no more!!

2.  Strawberry.  I've never eaten a strawberry before.  Why?  Because they remind of a very pourous nose.  Ever do one of those black head strips on your nose?  When you rip it off, the gunk that comes out looks like the seeds to a strawberry.  Yuck!!!!

3.  Punctuality.  I am late for everything and anything.  I could wake up 4 hours before I need to be somewhere and I'll still be late.  Don't ask me what I do because I have no clue!! 

4.  Abroad.  Before 12/21/12 I plan to go to Europe.  I will be leave the US for a vacation sometime this year.  Paris maybe??  Oui, Oui!!

5.  Rdow.  I keep a typed out list on my dresser of every single movie that Robert Downey Jr. was ever in.  As I watch a movie on that list, I highlight it.  I need to watch every single one before the world ends. 

6.  Eyelashes.  The Love Bug has been dying for some nice eye lashes.  I keep saying that I'll get it done for her, but I never have the time.  This will get done this year!  Come on cute does that look?!

7.  Assesscories.  I wouldn't exactly call myself a fashionista.  I wear what I like and what I'm comfortable in.  Don't get me wrong, I won't go out lookin a hot mess, but I don't go overboard.  Before earth meets its demise, I want to perfect the art of  accessorizing.  You know what that means!!  More big rings :)
8.  Road Trips.  I have about 10 months to squeeze at least 2 mini road trips in.  The two places that I would love to visit are Chicago and Atlanta.  Ian Somerhalder stalking??? Yes, Please!

9.  Bleach.  This year I will stop keeping Clorox in business.  No longer will I bleach my apartment every week.  Did I tell you about the fly in the refridgerator?  Every week I bleach my fridge.  One day, a fly flew into my fridge and died on the spot.  The fumes from the bleach automatically killed the poor little guy!!

10.  Surprise.  Last but not least, I have so many surprises in store for my blog!!  Raviolis & Waterworks is going to keep you on your toes.

What is your end of the world bucket list??



  1. Your number two just may have made me inable to ever again eat a strawberry. (I said your number two. Gross).

    My bucket list is short: eat at the French Laundry, and laugh as much as possible.

  2. I never thought that about a strawberry. But now, I totally do.

  3. Bleach it every week, damn. Even I'm not that bad haha. My smiley old man still beats them, the cat will never surrender..haha

    Heck, I have never left the province or gone on a road trip or any other thing. Be nice to do that before the world goes boom, which it is NOT going to on dec 21 2012.

    Damn it! I still want to win the lottery..haha

  4. sorry bout the strawberry info ladies! Lol

    @Pat Lol!! Bring it, cat!!!

    Not even a road trip??? Wow..u need to book plane tix somewhere quick before doomsday!! U hve a whole world to see.

  5. But in order to see you need $$$$.

    You better not tell the cat to bring it. Or you may have quite the fit..haha

  6. You fly killer! LMAOOOO! Jax some of mine are the same. I want to go to Europe, but girl I can't do it this year...well maybe if i stop all the giveaways on my page...hahahaha I've been to Chicago, but definitely want to go back. I want to go to NYC later this year. Yeah, I'm into travel mode. Those eyelashes for the bug are too cute! Do that!

  7. i made a 30x30 when i was 18.
    did everything but get married/family and learn how to drive a stick shift.
    atllllll holllaaaaaaaaa
    i can find out when they're filming!

    ps glad u enjoyed the got worse, but i'll spare you the deets. most embarrassing moment everrr.

  8. Oh my goodness. You always post the yummiest eye candy! mmmmm!

    Those eyelashes on the bug are so stinking adorable! I've never seen anything like it!

  9. ok well despite the fact that you arguably just ruined strawberries for me GROSSSSSSS, haha, I love this!!! I too do not believe the world is going to end this year (knock on wood), I totally agree with you on #1No longer will I go out of my way for the people that wouldn't do it in return., YES, YES, YES! And #3!!!! Oh man #3, me too! I don't get it, I don't understand how I manage to be late like that. And that Robert Downey thing is hilarious, how cute.

    Poor fly, that's very Monica Geller of you :)

  10. 1. thank you for the photos. thank you.
    2. eeewwww!!! strawberries are like porous noses!

  11. I saw those eyelash in real life. they are so... neat?

    check out my yummy giveaway!

  12. thats some yum man-candy!;)
    i love strawberries, u should try some defo girl!! x

  13. Good luck with the great traveling involved in your #4 and #8.

    It should make for great blogging.

    My bucket list is a bit hazy after a decade with kiddos. I am just focused on getting to the next day.

    Enjoy your weekend Jax.

  14. What a great idea - the reverse bucket list. Love your stuff Ms. Jax.

  15. wow, well i truly enjoyed the end of the world bucket list! it got me thinking... i´m not sure what my 10 things would be, but i´m sure of a few:
    post more on my blog, go out and have fun more frequently instead of working so much... mastering a few new recipes (poor Bf got stuck with a lousy cook!) get one of those curler machines to get wavy hair... haha those are a few that popped into my mind.

    thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog and overall being nice to me always! it´s greatly appreciated. and if you do head to Europe anytime soon, let me know and i´ll email you a bunch of cool things from my previous travels there. =) i´m a really good travel agent LOL.

    have a lovely week!
    and Yes, google friend connect is going to die in march... or at least i was informed that through IFB (independent fashion bloggers) so make sure you get a bloglovin acct and let everyone know!!

    XX jannine

  16. Not one word of this post made sense after seeing the pictures of those two guys. I am almost 40...they were very distracting ;-)

    You have good taste!


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