Thursday, January 26, 2012

Playin Games!

Guess what?!
I got another award!!!!!
This made my day and had me smiling for a while :)

I received the Liebster award from the amazing Erin at Popcorn, Pugs, and Peonies.  Go check her out because she's pretty amazing!!  And no, she's not just amazing because she gave me an award.  I've loved her blog way before that!  

Liebster in German means dearest, beloved, or favorite, and it's for bloggers with under 200 followers.

The rules are: 
1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you
3. Copy & paste the blog award on your blog
4. Reveal your 5 blog picks
5. Let them know you chose them by leaving a comment on their blog

I usually don't link back to other bloggers because it's so damn difficult to pick just FIVE blogs.  If you guys look to the right, I have a list of some of my favorite bloggers.  That's where I give my shouts.  Today I am going to make an exception because it's for people who have less than 200 followers.  Ok, here are my five.  No getting upset if I didn't pick you!!  I promise that I really love you all!!


Well now that the dirty work is done...Onto my new obsession alert:  Ok, so maybe it's not a NEW obsession.  It's actually a pretty old obsession, but I still feel the need to share the love.

Have you ever heard of
No, it has nothing to do with Apple computers!

Isketch is an online computer game that is very similar to Pictionary.  You join a chat room with a group of strangers or friends.  You then have to guess a secret word that someone else in the room is drawing.  It will eventually be your turn to draw the secret word.  That's the hard part.  Last night someone guessed hammer to my picture of a chicken.  Sigh... 

This is what the play screen looks like.  I found this pic on Google!  That is NOT my artwork!  I draw so much worse than that... hahaha
At least once a week, all my cousins or friends will meet in an isketch chat room and play for a few hours.  We crack up!!  It's a great time.  A simple game that leads to a lot of laughs is ok by me.  Plus, I'm so over guitar hero and Dragonball Z.  Oh shhh, I play Manjin Buu like no other!  It's also a very interactive game.  There's an area to chat with the people in the room.  There's also options to hug, kiss, hit, and what ever else you want to do to your opponents.  I made a few isketch friends that way!  Does that make me an isketch whore??? hahaha

Will you be playing isketch???
If so, let me know!  I'll be there somewhere...



  1. Oh wow! This is so nice. Thank you so much, Jax! This put a big smile on my face. :-)

    *does the "you like me and gave me an award" dance*

  2. great post honey!
    i know some of this blogs but yours are so great, nice to meet your blog!

  3. Hi girl. Sorry I couldn't read most of this. I've got some bleeding going on in my eye today. Sucks. I'm assuming your got an award (which you deserve! Love your face girl and if I can't get back over here for a while know that I appreciate you and think you are amazing.

  4. Yaaaaaaaaay! An award. I'm honored, really. Thank you for the recognition. :)

    This isketch this makes me want to do it now. Like, stop in the middle of this sentence and do it kind of right now.

    *sigh* I have studying for my test tonight that I need to do, yet you tempt me with isketch.

  5. @B...I'm so glad that I can make your day! hahaha Plus, you know an award from is almost equivilent to an Oscar ;)

    @Melynda...I really hope that you feel better soon. Thank you so much for all your kind words. Your comments always make me so happy!

    @AliciaMarie...Isketch is so much better than studying. We should do a blogger round. One giant round of isketch! hahaha Great game...Addicting too. lol

  6. Whoring out blogs and isketch whore all in one're talented.

    Krillin is the man, Manjin Buu, is fun too, but as is the buu that eats you up.

    Never heard of isketch, sad part is that drawing is better than anything I could do too.

  7. @Pat...LOL Krillin???? Really??? The dots on his head scare me almost as much as Vegeeta's tail. hahaha

    and you've never heard of isketch? I suggest you drop what you're doing and head over there! Since you can't draw, it makes it that much more fun. I crack up as everyone struggles to figure out WTH I'm trying to doodle. LOL!

  8. i miss the days of the etch-a-sketch. now that device required skill to operate.

  9. Jax, Thanks so much for the shout out. It is kind of strange being in the middle blogs that are so innocent and sweet. You sure you want to step foot into the darkness like that?

    Thanks again! I will return the favor.

  10. @Barfly...Ohh, they ain't as innocent as they seem. B's got some spunk. And return the favor? That's what she said...I kid, I kid. But it was RIGHT there. hahaha

  11. I like the idea of isketch! But I prefer pictionary (cause most of my friends arn't computer sauve!)

    Congradulations on the award!

  12. SS Porch Party? I can't imagine what's going on there. I love the look of your blog, very eye catching. What the hell, following.

  13. Congrats!! I used to play a yahoo version of that, it was awesome. Until people just drew filthy things...

  14. omg lol i have never heard of isketch! it sounds awesome!! i have to play it now! lol

  15. Love the idea of isketch! Congrats on the award. :)

  16. not for the droid, eh? looks like fun though!! and the flat iron has a setting for fine hair. i would try it. if not, return it.

  17. Oh man I used to play isketch all the time

  18. aww that sounds fun! I will check it out. Ps- I went to a Japanese restaurant last night and had to tell my fiance a couple of your stories from your blog post yesterday. My favorite is the "leave the papers on my desk story" followed closely by the blowing on the eyeball. Sorry - they're so funny!

  19. @Michelle...LOL!!!! Glad you liked that entry. That leave the papers story is so embarassing!! hahahahaha I wish I could record some of these things for you guys. :)

  20. You NEVER get over guitar hero!

  21. I used to play iSketch constantly haha.

  22. oohh congratulations! good luck in the future

  23. Way to go on the award! I cannot play the isketch, for my time is being consumed by other things. I will recommend it, though.

  24. congrats on the award...might give the game a try as well

  25. online pictionary? today will be about as productive as the day i discovered online risk

  26. Great looking blog!

    I followed :)

  27. This is so fun, I haven't seen this before

  28. This could be a fun way for the family spread out far away from us to "do" more with our girls. Thanks for sharing this. I'm definitely going to check it out.

    Congrats on your award!!

  29. Congratulations Jax! And thank you so much for passing the award to me girl. I surely do appreciate it. What a cool game! I'm horrible at drawing. LOL I probably couldn't guess my own drawing. HAHAHA Have fun with it girl. That's a great way to connect with people too!

  30. congrats on your award that's in german!

  31. Congratulations! :D

  32. No time for iSketch I'm afraid but congrats on your award!

  33. awwwww thank you so much my dear!!! you just made my day. i'll post this later :)
    and congratulations to you too!!! you're well deserved :)
    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  34. i had never heard of this isketch! but it looks fun!
    congrats on the blog award!!

  35. Congrats on the award! That game sounds fantastic but I'm afraid to go check it out because I KNOW that once I start that I'll be addicted, and then I won't be studying for midterms or doing homework or cleaning house...

  36. I actually have a really bad imitation bad habit as well. I subconciously pick up the accent of whoever I'm speaking to. Most of the time it's fine and it doesn't come out very strong, but I have to actively avoid talking with australians otherwise it gets really bad!

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