Friday, January 6, 2012

Peaches & The Robot

I know you all tuned into Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle last night.  How crazy are these shows?!?  Talk about action, drama and hot guys.  As you can all tell, I'm still giddy off my Ian Somerhalder and Chris Zylka high.  Here are some sexy pictures to make sure that we don't come down too hard.  You're welcome ladies!

Omg, he is beautiful.  Bow Chica Bow Woww...oh Sry..That's inappropriate!. 

Now do you want to check out The Secret Circle?? The CW @ 9PM..You're welcome!
For the love of God,avert your eyes!!  You don't want to overdose...  Now that I got your attention again, I want to introduce you all to my good friend, Peaches.  I've mentioned her here before, but you've never been officially introduced.  Peaches is a vibrant, energetic, adventurous chatter box.  Ok, so we have many similar qualities.  Hello 2 hour phone conversations!  lol  She is a very fun person who possesses the skill of becoming serious when need be.  She is also one of the successes I was referring to when I went through my online dating phase.  She met her man-friend through the fishing website.

Well, now that we're all friends...Peaches has a problem.  She thought that she reeled in an exciting shark (The man-friend sneakily labeled himself as TheShark a couple of months back.) but it looks like she acutally caught a robot.  Being the fun, energetic woman that she is you can only imagine how impatient she is becoming with her robot friend.  How does she know that she's dating a robot instead of a fish?  Well, here's her evidence:

1.  All Business.  No matter who he is talking to or what the situation is, Mr. Robot remains a professional.  In the midst of a heated conversation, he replied to Peaches with this exact text message:  "Ty.  Point duly noted.  Will make effort to improve."  Robots only have one setting: Professional.

2.  Just Sayin.  "I got invited to jury duty" said Mr. Robot.  Who gets invited to jury duty?  Robots do!

3.  Texter.  Mr. Robot prefers to text than to call or to have webcam dates.  Robots prefer to converse in writing.

4.  Bald.  Ok, this one's a little weird, even for LMF...  He can't grow hair because it hurts him.  The phenomenon of hair pushing it's way through a follicle causes this man severe pain.  I don't have an explanation for this one, so I'm going with: Robot!

5.  Cockroaches.  Mr. Robot's apartment has a minor cockroach infestation.  Instead of calling an exterminator or beating the bugs with a shoe, he stepped on one BAREFOOT (Ok, so he had a sock on...but that's barefoot enough for me!).  Robots don't feel cockroaches with their metal feet.

6.  Dry Cleaners.  He gets all of his linens dry cleaned.  I'm not just talking jeans and t-shirts.  I'm talking sheets, socks, and everything!!  Robots don't do laundry.

7.  Work Phone.  According to Mr. Robot, work phones are used for emergency calls only.  If he only knew how long Peaches and I are on the phone at work.  His poor robot brain would pop!  Who doesn't use their work for personal calls?  Specially programmed robots!

8.  Statistics.  Ask him a question and Mr. Robot will answer with an accurate statistic.  Robots have computer brains filled with useless knowledge.

Are you all convinced that Peaches caught a robot in a shark suit yet?  The best advice that I was able to muster up was to give the guy a chance to open up.  Maybe if she keeps acting like her crazy self he'll eventually follow suit.  But even I'm getting annoyed now!  And we all know it takes a lot to get Ms. Fun annoyed...  Come on guys and help my girl out!!

How do you reprogram a robot into a shark??


P.S.  Does anyone know how to get rid of a spray tan?  I look like a tie-dyed oompa loompa.


  1. i had to watch my shows later. THE KISS!
    Is English the robot's native language? who says "invited"? that cracked me up.

  2. I am just glad you are finding creative entertainment now that the NFL season is winding down. I am just more available to annoy the family.

  3. *wipes drool off of face* :O Uhh...I''m speechless. Well, sort of. The only thing that came to mind was, holy hell they're hott!

    It hurts him to grow hair? ....WHAT!?!

    Maybe he was raised in a regimented way!?! I say give the robot a chance.

  4. I don't use work for personnal calls, unless they are long distance then yeah I use them but

    Reprogramming a robot can be tough to do, especailly with weird hair hurting, never have heard that one ever. Maybe she needs to upload a virus or something..haha

  5. That had me laughing sooo hard LOL!
    "He can't grow hair because it hurts him."

    I LOVE the evidence; so awesome :0)

    I'm glad your blog is back!

  6. i've stumbled upon some robots before... they suck!

  7. Throw water on him, see if he starts buzzing and sparking and shorting.

  8. Ugg, so grossed out that he can deal with cockroaches. I would not want to visit. I also think it's CRAZY that he get's everything dry cleaned. Maybe, it's time to re-evaluate?

  9. Now we need some pics of girls tomorrow! haha :)

  10. um, stepping on a cockroach with just a sock on gives me the chills. i don't know if that's robotic, but that's just unclean. must find a way to shift out of professional mode. it's important for him. it's sad some people, especially men, don't know how. i have someone very close to me who doesn't know how to express himself well at all, and he leans on corporate sayings, like win-win and move forward all the time. it's sometimes a struggle for me to hang in there without blowing a gasket. gaaaaaaaaaah! (like that:)

  11. nice pics (lol) Miss Fun my daughter not eat meat and you can see in my blog, almost nothing of it, but she love seafood and fish like you:))

  12. Haha. That's pretty funny. Seems like he's a little cold and disjointed.

  13. I wouldn't re-program! I would RUN...far away from him! LOL :D

  14. Sounds like he needs to chill out. Maybe she should tickle him or have a pillow fight! I don't know! Just something to get him to let his hair down and relax. He's too uptight. All work and no play makes a dull Robot :-)

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  16. Thank you. I thought I had issues till you hipped me to the robot infiltration. Does he drink motor oil? That's usually how you can spot on in the crowd.

  17. Thank you. I thought I had issues till you hipped me to the robot infiltration. Does he drink motor oil? That's usually how you can spot on in the crowd.

  18. That cockroach thing is just GROSS. I don't even think robots would do that... sick

  19. Spray tans come off with duct tape is what I hear. Sounds like the road ahead will be painful.

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